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My Fantasy Was My Mom’s Too

  • desipapa
  • October 12, 2015

It was a winter day when me and my mom were sitting together and were having a cup of tea and was talking on a hot topic of sex. We were discussing about how now a days girls and boys be in relation only for sex. The season was chilling but the topic and tea was hot. While talking I was checking out my mom’s cleavage, her red lips, her dark eyes. Her age is 49 but she looks like 40. Her boobs size is 32 with a lean flat tummy and perfect round, soft ass of size 36. Her skin is very soft and smooth without any hair on it.

I used to fantasizes about her when I was in std 7. I used to think about her and masturbate. Me and my mom use to share a friendly relation. She use to change in front of me without any hesitation. I have seen her boobs and vagina many times. As I grew up my fantasy turn into my desperation of fucking my mom. But I didn’t know that it will come true. I shifted to Mumbai for my professional work. I use to tell her about the life of Mumbai and she use to get excited to see and enjoy as my mom is very open to all this.

So I thought to bring her to Mumbai and try my luck out.So according to plan I called her to Mumbai for staying with me for a week. I took her for shopping and bought her new clothes which were a pair of thongs, sexy colorful bras, a low waist jeans, a tight fit t shirt, a backless one piece and a pair of heels. She was very happy. I told her to wear and show it to me. She wore them and came up to me:

Mom – how am I looking?

Me- you are looking gorgeous. But I thought you will show me everything.

Mom- so I m showing it what else?

Me- I m talking about your inners.

Mom – shut up.

Me- common mom I bought u all this don’t I have any right to see you in those clothes?

Mom – of course you have and I’m showing u what u should. Don’t dream of more.

Me- (going close to her) I dream more than I’m saying.(plant a kiss on her lips). You looks sexy mom.

Mom -(with confused reaction) thank you.

Me- now at least change in front of me.

Mom – no are you crazy? What happened to you today?

Me- common mom u didn’t wore them in front of me at least change in front of me.( after lot of request she agrees to change only her top).

When she took off her t shirt she was looking like a sex goddess. I was looking at her boobs and her cleavage. I got erection but I controlled and after she changed we started to talk with a cup of tea which I made for her and talked about how now days girls and boys be in relation only for sex. Then we had dinner together and slept.

I asked her can I sleep with her. She agreed and told me was “ok”. At night I kissed her good night on her lips. She told “U have changed a lot with a cunning smile” and also added ” But I like the change”. At night I generally don’t wear my inners and be bare body. So I hugged her and slept with her and cupped her boobs. She didn’t react so I went more near to her and with my erect dick I touched her ass. I could feel her heart beat going fast. But I thought it will let go, if I do everything today it may be a risk. So I left her and slept.

Next day I woke up told her that we will be going to band stand in evening. We went and saw there were lots of couple sitting in between stones and kissing and hugging. I told mom see mom here its so cool. Mom said yes. I told her i wish i could also come here with my girlfriend some day and she gave me a smile and kissed my I thought let’s give my plan a final shot so I asked my friend to make a guest list for club.

Next night me and mom went to club. She was looking dam hot with that one piece. She did little make up with kajal, eyeliner, lipstick and compact. While we reached there every guy took a look on her ass,back and her legs. I told mom that she is looking very sexy and all guys are starring at her. She told me shut up.(inside the club)

Me- mom I’m feeling so humble that you came with me

Mom- I Luv this kind of place and wanted to come.( kisses on my cheeks) thank u.

Me- can we dance mom?

Mom- yes why not

We both started dancing and while dancing I started feeling her body. We hugged and danced

She was on me and I told her mom I wished you would be like my girlfriend

Mom – why ?

Me- I would not have danced this way.

Mom – then dance the way you would have danced with her.

Me- ( shocked) and felt happy.

Started feeling her and danced with her by feeling her ass. My hands were all over her ass back then I turned her felt her vagina and made her felt my dick on her ass and danced. I smooched her many times. She touched my dick. I felt her vagina with my thighs.

Then after clubbing we came back to home and while coming back home I kissed her in auto smooched her and squeezed her boobs in auto.

Me – mom I was waiting for this day for such a long time. I will not let u go.

Mom – who told u to leave treat me as your girlfriend and do whatever you want I want to be in your arms.

Me- kissing her while entering the room.

Slowly opens her dress. Kiss her back and lick it. She was in her thongs and bra in front of me. I kissed her cleavage, her armpit and licked her belly button and kissed her arms. Then I open her bra and licked her boobs and squeezed them. And she moan lightly ahhhh…ufffff…do it I wanted this. I was dying for this for so long.

Then I went down and licked her belly button to her thighs and sides of her vagina uffffff……can’t control she shouted loudly ahhhh……fuck……you are so good in licking, lick it hard. And she started flowing her Siemens. I licked all her fluid and made it dry and she pressed my head in between her leg more.

Then I took my dick put it between her boobs and fucked her. She then licked it, kissed it and said now I can’t wait pleasee put it in my pussy. So I started fucking her. She was moaning like ahhhh….uffffff…hmmm….yesssss go on, go on yessss……do it hard fuck me more …….and I was going more harder with every thrust.

Then I fucked her in more two style and was about to cum so I told her to take it in her mouth and she obeyed and she made me cum in her mouth. Then we smooched each other for more than 10 mins and kissed each others body and slept hugging each other. This way my fantasy came to my dream and still now we enjoy sex with each other. If u liked my story and wanna share it comment please write it on

My Fantasy Was My Mom’s Too

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