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  • desipapa
  • September 16, 2015

Hello friends Sameer is here again. All the friends liked my story (SEXY + ABLE = MY MAID) a lot I guess because I got so many mails about that story that I was confused which to read and which not to read thanks for liking that story many friends have requested me to send her my some more experiences with her but friends I can only say that it was the story how I get her and fucked her for the first time and now I fuck her when ever I get a chance today I will lead u to my an other experience which happened recently.

I have told u some thing about me in my first story but for the new reader I think I should give my brief intro again. Folks I am 21yrs 6.2feet enough well built body having enough killing looks and a great personality and a dick of 7 inch long a Lady of every age can die for. I think this will be enough about me . I have a great attraction in me for which I am very humble and thankful to God

Well the story starts. This happened this July when I received an e mail of a girl from Lahore she has read my story and was very attracted the way I fucked Noreen she thought first that it is just a fantasy but I cleared it in my reply to her that it was all true and Noreen is my maid and my best and first sex partner also so she desired to meet me and have a good fuck with me she was a bold girl any way as she immediately gave my her telephone number and address of her home. I thought at the moment that some one is trying to fool me but I took the risk of (do or die) opss I forgot to tell u about her I asked her to tell her name and figure also by e mail so she replied me with my answers her name is Saba (this is not her real name) age 19,5.6feet figure 36 26 36 the most beautiful and desired one by all the men one day I had a work in Lahore so I told her that I will come on that date in the evening I told my parents that I am going to my friend and will return the next day I then took the bus as the car was in use of my dad so I had no other way did my work spent some time with my friend and went to her house in 6 15 in the evening.

I rang the bell the door she opened the door I knew it was she b coz she has send me her pic in the mail she was wearing blue dress with white embroidery on it and she was looking gorgeous in the dress there was no body home she told me that her mother and father are doctors at a hospital and have there night duty she was really very beautiful I could just imagine about her beauty She offered me a nice cup of tea then she asked me that is my story was really true I assured her that it is a true incident and not a fantasy. After the tea I asked her that how she courage to mail me as she don’t know me very well she replied that she wanted a fuck badly and can do any thing and can take any kind of risk for that so I went closer to her and said so let us start then she said ok I put my lips on her pink juicy lips and we went for a French kiss the best kiss of my life I guess. Our tongues were fighting each others we kissed for at least 10 mins her mouth smell was making me mad she was very tasty and it was my luck that I was going to her cherry.

After the kiss I asked her how she was feeling when she knows that she will not remain virgin any more she said I am feeling exited and my head is also I told her it happens after all it was her first time She then lead me to her bedroom wow that was nice there was so sexy situation created in the room with some perfumes and dim white light I again put my lips on hers and lead her to the bed in the same position we then fell on the bed our kiss longed for 5 mins. She was giving me more pleasure than Noreen had given After the kiss I started undressing her first I opened the zip of her kameez from the back and loosened her kameez her white milky boobs began to peek from the pink bra. She was breathing heavily which was enough to show that he had not even been touched by any man like that before and never got naked also before any man well any way I took her kameez off and she began to breath more heavily I was doing it very very slowly coz I wanted to take her on the verge of ecstasy. As I put my both hands on her each boob she shivered a bit her body was getting hot and chilled both at the same time that was something amazing I was experiencing.

I then after few seconds unhooked her pink bra from behind and the bra fell on the ground I began to suck her right boob and explored her body with my hands finally I opened the knot of her salwar string the salwar fell down on the ground also she was wearing a pink panty which was drenched with her love juices. The aroma of her pussy was just out of this world I undid her panty and saw her pussy. Man I don think that I can describe that pussy I have never seen such in my life and I don’t think I can see one the pussy was freshly shaved the pussy lips was more then tight it looked like then will not open at any cost I was so excited at the sight I, without wasting any time moved down to the pussy the smell was making me mad I began to lick the pussy by opening the lips with my fingers a bit I can not tell u guys and girls about the taste of her cum and the smell I was just out of this world. She was moaning lightly I enter my toungue in her pussy and began to toungue fuck her she was only muttering some voices like AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH…………………….. UUUUUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM…….OOOOHHHHHHHHH …………………….. after 5 mins of pussy sucking she came heavily in my mouth her cum was very tasty I tried to drink all of it but the amount was so much that much was spilt on the bed sheet.

I then told her to take off my clothes and give me blowjob she did the same she undid my shirt and my pants then then underwear which was like a tent at that time with the pressure of my 7 inch monster She said this is so big it will not go in my pussy I said just wait and enjoy and do as I say so she went down to suck at my cock while I was laying on the bed I don’t know where she learnt from how to give such a major and enjoyable blowjob but she gave me when I came in her mouth very heavily she also drank most of my cum and some same out of her mouth from her chin to her beautiful boobs I spread it all over her chest now my cock was limp I told her her make it erect again as I wanted to enter her pussy she sucked at it again and my cock came to the same size I stood up from bed and told her to lay down on the bed and relax don’t think about the pain just think about the pleasure u will have and every thing will be fine I then put my cock head on the mouth of her love hole and pushed a bit and she began to feel the pain a stopped at once b coz I knew that it is not as easy I layed down on her top having my cock in the same position I put my saliva of the cock to lubricate it and began to suck on her boobs and in the same time I was rubbing my cock head on her pussy gate when she forgot about the situatuion and began to enjoy my socking on her boobs and the rubbing on the pussy I gave a push to my cock again now the head of the cock was in her pussy she was at ease so she let out a light moan only when I saw that she was some more relax I pushed some more now her soft moan turned into a shriek I again stoped for a moment.

I was feeling some kind of wall against my cock head It was her hymen when I saw that she is no more aware of my cock in there I gave a mighty push and broke her hymen my 3/4 cock was in now and she was crying with pain a lot she was in a pitty able condition she was nearly fainted I saw down then was blood triklling down from her pussy and she was crying in pain and begging me to let the cock out of her pussy I stopped moving my cock & put my lips on hers again and make her busy in the kiss she began responding by opening her mouth after 5 mins she forgot about the pain and stopped crying I pushed all my cock in one push she bare the pain now and let out some moans neither soft nor hard I began with a slow pace and started to move my cock in and out her pussy her eyes was shut and she was enjoying very much.

She opened her eyes and started responding with the rythem after some time she announced that she is cumming and came after few seconds I controlled my self by slowing my pace the session continuoued for 30 mins after 30 mins I with drew my cock from her pussy and came allover her chest boobs in all this session she came 4 times we both were exuasted I spread my self on her and began kissing her again aftre kiss I asked did u enjoy she said that she has enjoyed very much then after 15 mins when we were able to move we went to bath room and started having bath together suddenly her phone rang she went out and received the phone and came to me with a smiling face and told me that it was her dad on the phone that they have a very serious case in the hospital and the will not be able to come till 4 00 pm next day I was very happy at the news also we had a nice bath I fucked her in the bath also then we make each others body dry and came out we both were naked and we decided to remain naked till we are with each other as she liked my order to Noreen to stay naked in the house when there is nobody home she took she bed sheet and threw that in the washing machine which was placed in the bathroom and washed the blood from the skeet and placed a new one on the bed the food was cooked we ate some food and went to the room again and started watching I kept fondling her boobs and she was playing with my cock telling me that that she enjoyed her first fuck very much and she will never ever forget that it was about 11 00 pm the cable guy put some nice xxx that was enough to make us full hot again we were also much hot by fondling each others body that xxx made us very hot she started sucking my cock i cummed in her mouth this time she drank all the cum she then went to doggy style facing the TV. We were fucking and watching the movie both at the same time and changing our positions with the movie when movie ended we had tried many positions she had cummed 4 times in the whole session and I cummed 2 times both time out of her pussy coz we did not want any kind of pregnency trouble

We then went to sleep my cock was still in her pussy We decided not to fuck her ass coz we had tried it during movie the ass was more than tight so we deiced to let her virgin from ass at least some thing for her hubby will remain virgin in her when ever we got up in the night we have some humping but we did not cum I woke up at 8 00 in the morning when I felt that she was riding my cock we had a quick morning fuck and went to bathroom and had a bath after the bath she went to kitchen to bring some breakfast she was not able to wake properly b coz of fucking so many times I turned the TV on there was a hot movie on MM2 she bring the breakfast we had our meal and then she began to ride my cock again b coz she was hot again by watching the movie we both were very exuasted B coz of fucking so many times in one day I had fucked her 6 times in that day which left no energy in me after 12 00 I bade her Good bye with a long and deep French kiss I took the bus and came my home.

Till that day I call her almost daily I asked her if she had sex after that day with any body her reply remains the same always that she dont want to fuck any body else she only want to be fucked by me and only me I had promised her that I will fuck till that day when she say me to and she said that there will be no such day.

So friends that was my another story actually it was not a story it is a fact hope u have liked it I think most of u have cummed in ur pants and salwars most of the girls are fingering there pussy they also want a cock badly b coz they can also do any thing to get the best fuck of there life.

Any one wanna spent night with me is welcome I hope I will get some one again specially Girls from Lahore , Gujranwala , Gujrat or in surrounding areas. Comments are also welcome the IDs and the names will kept secret and that is a gentelman’s promise hope to get comments in my mail box and plz send ur full information with ur mail otherwise the mail will not be replied e-mail address is Bye friends Wish u a good Sex life.

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