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My faithful aunty

  • desipapa
  • September 17, 2015

To all the fans here I am once again dedicating a wonderful experience I had with my own aunty. I had got a very good response from you all for my last story published here. First of all an introduction, I am suresh working in Gujarat now as an software engineer in an MNC company here. My uncle and aunt stays with me in my apartment. My uncle is an machine mechanic and he is working for a pvt company here nearby. My uncle was jobless for 2 years at my native, so I brought him here and arranged for a small job in that company. As the accommodation here is a big problem, he is staying with me in my company’s accommodation. After a year he brought his wife and children also here along with him and so now we all are in the same house. To tell about my aunt, she is 31 years old and has two child, the elder is 5 years old and the younger is 2 year old. She has a homely look, but her body is of a typical Indian housewife’s body, has a good big boobs, a big loose belly and a good protruding ass. When she moves around the house, I would just watch how her ass sways here and there when she is doing her household works.

Even though she looks very homely, she is a sex bomb for me. I mostly help them out when my uncle runs out of money and get those Childs toys and dress, because of this they both love me very much. She is very casual when doing household works, even if her pallu falls away from her breast she doesn’t care to put it in its place if nobody else other that we are in the house. She never wears bra in the house as she used to breast feed the baby, because of this I on many occasions had seen the dark impression of her nipples and its surrounding through the transparency of her blouse. I enjoy these senses in the house and even had glimpses of her breast when she used to breast feed her child. These continued for 1 years and I was getting more hornier and hornier day by day and I was not able to withstand the temptation I was having within me. Every night I used to masturbate thinking of my aunt (indira). One day my uncle came home drunk and started scolding my aunt for not bringing the money from her house, which she had promised during their marriage.

This is usual whenever he gets drunk. But today I heard that the argument was getting heated up between them and suddenly I heard my aunty weeping loudly. I now came out of my room and went to their room to solve their problem and asked uncle whether he was doing is correct or not. He instantly told me not to interfere in his family’s matter, which I felt very embarrassed and left the room immediately. I knew that he was doing all these in the influence of liquor. The next day morning after he left to work I went to my aunt and enquired about yesterday nights incident. I saw that my uncle had slapped her on her face and she had a swollen face, I just examined it and ran to my room and took an ointment and applied it on her face. She was very happy the way I was taking care of her.

She suddenly broke down and started crying, I didn’t know what to do.. I just tried to console her by putting my hand on her head; in response she leaned over my shoulders and began weeping. I could feel the heat on my body and that her two big boobs were pressing my chest as she was leaning over me. As those two melons were pressing my chest, I was not able to control my cock which was gaining its strength inside my pants. I took this as an oppournity and held her like that for a long time in the pretext of consoling her. After 5 minutes she lifted her head and then sat near me and was telling me how my uncle used to torture her like this from the day of her wedding demanding that money from her house. After finishing her narrations I just tried to lure her by saying how adjusting wife my aunt was to my uncle and that I like to have a girl like my aunt as my wife. She was very happy hearing this from me. I told her that even if she was unmarried now, I would have married her. Hearing this she took hold of my hand in her hand and gave a naughty smile to me and said, even now I can be your wife than to be your uncles. Hearing this I blushed and put my head down in shame. She slowly lifted my head with her hand and asked me whether I truly like her. I just nodded my head in approval. She then just took my face in her hand and gave me a soft kiss on my forehead telling me that she too like me very much.

I didn’t know what to do further; I was in a state of shock now. Suddenly her young child got up from the sleep and started calling maaa… maaaa… and was coming from the other room. He came to his mother directly and got on to her lap in half sleep and then was trying to unhook her blouse to get her boobs out to suck on those. On seeing this my cock was getting harder and harder as she was just sitting straight in front of me. Thought the child was 2 year old now he has the habit of feeding on his mothers breast even at this age. As the child was trying to unhook the blouse, she helped him out in unhooking the last 2 buttons of her blouse and lifted it up thereby letting out one huge breast out exposing it fully to me. Before having a clear look on her swollen black nipple the child put in his mouth and began to suckle on it with a loud muuuucccchhhhh mmmuuuuccchhh sound. I was just shocked the way she did it in front of me without any shame. In the mean time she was looking at the expression in my face. I gained up some courage and gave her a small smile and purposefully looked at her breast, which the child was sucking on. As if nothing is happening she continued to talk with me and I in the pretext of talking to her take chance and look into her exposed big breast. She knew that I was looking into her breast, so she positioned herself so that I can get a clear picture of her breast.

Suddenly she cut down her talk and asked me, hey suresh what are you looking at for such a long time, haven’t you seen a mother feeing her child before?? Telling this she reached her hand and patted me on my cheeks. I just put my head down in shame as she asked me like that. Ok suresh, why you have to have shame before your aunt, telling this she lifted my head with her hand and then asked me….do you like this – pointing to her breast. I didn’t know what to tell. I then nodded my head making her understand that I would like to suck on those breasts. She laughed and said, lets go inside and sit, telling this she got up from there with the child still in her hand sucking on those breasts and proceeded to their bedroom. With much excitement I also got up and followed her to the bedroom. As soon as she reached the bedroom she slowly removed the child from the clutches of her breast who had already gone to sleep and put him in the bed. During this process her one of her breast, which the child was feeding on was dangling out and she didn’t take care to put in it its place till she was putting her child comfortably in the bed. I was able to see the dark big nipples clearly wet with the child’s saliva. After putting the child in the bed, she pushed that dangling breast into its cups of the blouse and pulled me by my hands and took me to my bedroom which was adjacent to her room. I was just imagining whether all these were true or am I just dreaming something like this with my aunt. I was sweating profusely as if I am in a hot oven.

I had never in my life expected that my aunt had such a passion for me within her as I had been seeing her from my childhood. On seeing me sweat my aunt took her pallu and wiped the sweat from my face and neck and asked me – what happened suresh, why are u sweating like this? telling this she made me sit on my bed and she sat near me. I knew what she now wanted from me, but, but how should I proceed? We both sat like that for a few minutes, looking into each other, suddenly she broke the silence and said – suresh, I was fantasizing about you the day I came here, but I was afraid what you would think about me. But now a days I had seen that you on many occasions was watching and spying on me mischievously and that I was bored up with your uncle and his bad habits. Telling this she caught hold of my hand and pleaded me not to let her down. I just tightened the grip on her hand making her understand that I like her. But aunty how could I have such a relation with you, what would happen it uncle comes to know about it? telling this I just looked at her face as if frightened. Keeping her hand in me, she consoled me telling.. suresh.. no one is going to know this until we keep it safe within ourself. As she was talking like this her pallu had moved to one side exposing her big breast through the material of her blouse. I just happened to loose my concentration and was just staring on those exposed big boob. Seeing this she asked me, hey suresh , do you like to drink some milk from these – pointing to her breast.

Without wasting this oppournity I nodded my head saying yes. She said you naughty boy, come on lye down on my lap and telling this she positioned herself comfortably on the bed and made me lye down with my head on her big thunder thighs. Now just by looking up I could see her two big cups of her blouse hanging down with the weight of her big breast locked inside it. She at first kissed me on my forehead and then with her two hand unhooked the last three hooks of her blouse and pulled out one of her breast. Haaaaa… what a sight it was. A big breast with full of milk inside just hanging before me to be sucked. I without wasting any time, kept my lips on the dark protruding nipples and tried to suck it, but it was no use, no milk was coming out. On seeing this she burst into laughter and asked, suresh –have you forgotten how to drink milk from a breast, telling this she pushed more of her breast inside my mouth with the full areola inside my mouth and asked me to suck at that instant. As told by her I sucked on to it and I felt the sweet flow of her warm milk into my mouth. I was very happy as the milk started to flow into my mouth. So I started to suck and suck with much force that lot of milk was draining down into my mouth. Now that we both had lost the shyness we had within us, I slowly put my hand inside the other cup of her blouse and started playing with her other breast. I would catch her big nipples in my fingers and screw it with my fingers till it hurts her. I then pulled the other cup of her blouse up and took the other breast also out. Now both her boobs were handing down like 2 milk filled balloons.

Now I was sucking on one breast and playing with the other. After 5 minutes as one breast got empty she pulled the breast out from my mouth and kept the other one into my mouth. I was not only enjoying the breast and milk from my aunt, but the fire within me had made my cock stand up like a iron rod inside my pants. On noticing this, aunty slowly kept her hand on my crouch and caught hold of my rigid cock and asked me, suresh what is this, cant you let it free from your pants, telling this she started to unzip my pants and put her hand inside it to my underwear and caught hold of that raw rigid meat. As soon as her hand touched it I could feel the pleasure that was building within me. She started to play with it from the inside of my underwear and was teasing my cock with her hand. She then told me, suresh what a thickness u have, I am not able to hold it properly, telling this she was feeling each and every inch of my cock. I was getting exited as time passes and at some point used to bite her nipples in excitement and she used to make a hhaaaaa haaa noise in pain. As I was playing with her breasts she was in turn playing with my cock. She slowly bends a little to unhook my pants, but during this process her full breast was on my face suffocating me under it. She unhooked my pants and pushed it down to my knees and then pushed the underwear also down to my knees. My iron hard cock sprang out and was standing like a flagpole facing the ceiling of the room. On seeing its size and thickness she was stunned and she was starring at it for seconds with her mouth open.

I knew that she was thinking how this big meat is going to fill her cunt. I felt shame as soon as my cock was standing like that in front of her, so I covered my face in-between her boobs and was playing with it. Ooooohhhhhhh suresh, this is the first time I am seeing a cock of this size, ur uncles is very small compared to yours, only now I came to know that men’s have cock like what I see now, telling this she held it with her tender hands and began to stroke it up and down in a rhythmic movement. My precum had already started to appear at the tip of my cock and it was lubricating the foreskin of my cock as she was moving her hand over it. As she was playing with it I could see the happiness in her face, as if she has got the biggest treasure of her life. I was reeling in pleasure, which her hand was giving to my cock. I was smooching, kissing, biting , pressing and doing all kinds of thing with her breasts as I was not knowing what’s going on. Within a few minutes I was at the top of my passion and I could feel my crotch shrinking in and within seconds I shot loads and loads of cum in the air which fell on the floor and bed sheet. I just wrapped my hand over her and held her tight and was still for a minute till my pleasure subsidized. She did not expect me to shoot my load so fast, so she looked a little worried. You should have told me that you are going to shoot your load, then I would have prepared myself with my mouth on it and would have taken the full load in my mouth, telling this she stared at me as if I had done a big mistake and she has lost something precious. She took the hand from my cock and tasted the cum which was on her hand and said- suresh beta, it tastes very good.

I was stunned at what she did before me as I had not expected such acts from my aunt. Slowly she lifted me from her lap and we both got up and went to the bathroom and cleaned our self and came to the room. I came back from the bathroom first and was waiting in my bed for her to come as I was once again horney as I was not able to fuck her previously. She came out from the bathroom with the open blouse the pallu of the sari tucked in her waist. Her two big breasts were hanging down and was swaying to the left and right as she was coming towards me. She came near me with a smile and removed her blouse completely and threw it to the floor. I just got up from the bed and put my hand around her hip and held her tightly towards me and started to kiss her all around the face and neck. As I was kissing her she was giggling within my hold. I slowly put my hands on both her breasts and was playing with both her boobs . I could feel the milk oozing out from the nipples of her breast. I kissed all over the face leaving a trace of saliva all over her face and neck. I then put my tongue into her mouth and was playing with her tongue and tasting her saliva which was making me more hornier. Meanwhile she was digging her sharp nails on my back and then she put her hand down and was searching for my now erect cock. After 2 to 3 minutes I slowly took my mouth from her, which was smeared fully with her saliva and then wiped it on to her pallu itself. I then pulled the pallu away from her hip where she had tucked it and then removed her sari and threw it to the chair nearby. Now she was only in her petticoat and was looking more sexier in this outfit.

I then caught her and made her lye down on the bed and took my seat beside her. She was now lying with her back to the bed and was facing the ceiling. I removed my shirt and banyan and threw it to the floor and then crawled over her and began to kiss her from the navel upward. I played with her deep navel in her loose belly which fully bears the scar mark of her pregnancy all over for a brief time and then proceeded up towards her big breasts. Oh. …. What a sight it was…. I was rock hard now and like a mad man started to fondle each of then and then kept my mouth one after the other and began to suck her boobs dry. As I was playing with her boobs she began to mourn in pleasure and was pressing my head more to her breast and making me take more of her nipples into my mouth. After 5 minutes of playing, her both breasts turned red in colour due to my rough handling, and her nipples was standing erect with painful pleasure. I played with her boobs like that for more than 5 minutes and after emptying both the boobs of their milk I turned my concentration towards the triangular spot between her legs. As I was lying on top of her, I could feel the heat generated from her body and legs and the way she was giggling under me made me understand that she needed my cock very badly. Oh suresh don’t teast me like this………ohhhhhh…. Please put your cock into my itching cunt, please… please…..

She started begging me like that pressing me more closer towards her body. I started to kiss her on her face and neck and during this process I put my hand down and started to pull her petticoat up. Her petticoat was now above her knees and then lifted my self a bit from her and with one pull I pulled it fully till her waist. What a sight it was…. Her triangle was clearly visible which was fully covered with thick bushy hairs. I kept my hand over her hairy bush and rode my hand over it here and there. She was making pleasure sounds ohhhhh,,,,,aaahahhhhhhh……aaaahhhhhhaa as I was exploring her cunt with my fingers. As I was exploring her cunt with my fingers I found the slit of her cunt into which I inserted my middle finger. As I put my finger in-between the slit of her cunt, I felt the wetness all over my fingers. She now started to mourn loudly as I started to play with her cunt. I now slowly dragged myself down her body kissing each and every inch on its way and then came down to the spot between her legs. As I came to the spot between her legs, she began to feel shame and in the same time she was hot for my cock inside her. Aunty please spread your legs a little wide, let me see your cunt properly, telling this I tried to push her legs apart. As she kept her legs tight together, I with a little force parted her legs wide and then with my fingers moved her bushy hairs apart to get my first view of her beautiful puffy cunt.

As I moved the lips of her cunt apart I could see the rose colour flesh within it smeared with her love juice which was flowing more and more as my hands were working on her cunt. The fragrance of her sweat and her cunt juice mixed together was intoxicating the air with romance. She was mourning aaahhhhh aaahhhh ooohhhhh oooaaaaaa as my fingers were playing with her cunt. I without wasting anymore time, I slowly lowered my face to her cunt and then put my tongue into her slit and tasted her cunt juice. The romantic fragrance and the salty taste of her cunt juice had intoxicated me to the fullest. I now buried my face fully in-between her legs and then started to suck and lick her cunt with great interest and happiness. I inserted my tongue into her wet slit and began to lick the cunt juice which was flowing out from the crack of her slit. The more I licked the more it was oozing out from the cracks. As I was licking it she was moving her hip here and there to the sides and was making oooohhhhhhhh ,,,,,ooooaaaaaahhhhhh,,,,,aaaaahhhhh…. Suresh please don’t stop it ,, please don’t .. telling this she was pushing my head deep between her legs. Few minutes of sucking and licking made her cunt to release more and more of the juice and without wasting time I took all into my mouth.

As the flow increased I came to know that she is going to reach her orgasm, so I reached my tongue as deep as it can and began to give her the pleasure of her life time. Oooohhhhh suresh I had not experienced such pleasure in my life time, ur uncle never used to lick me like this….. ooohhhh aaahhhhhhhhhooooo….. please don’t stop it, please…… as she was murmering like this I came to know that she is in the edge of an orgasm. After a minute of so, her body shuddered violently, she left a low cry of pleasure and simultaneously she was letting streams and streams of juice flow down the crack of her cunt. I keeping my mouth locked to her cunt drank almost everything and kept licking till the last drop. After a minute of so, I lifted my head up from her cunt with my face and mouth smeared with her cunt juice and cleaned it with the bed sheet near by. As I saw her face she covered it with both her palm in shame. I just climbed near her and took away the hand from her face and then asked her how it was…. Oh suresh I could not explain how much I enjoyed it, thank u very much for the pleasure you had given me. I was totally in heaven for the last 10 minutes, telling this she put her hand around me and held me tight towards her and kissed me all over my face. At this time she was able to feel the thickness of my throbbing cock, which was just between her big thunderous thighs. I at this point of time squeezed my legs between her legs and spread her legs wide apart and was rubbing my hard cock on her cunt.

This was making both of us exited. As I was on top of her, I was having more control over her, so as I was kissing her face, breast and neck, I was also rubbing my cock simultaneously over her moist cunt thereby lubricating my cock. She was on fire at this stage and I was also not able to keep this like it for a long time. Suresh please put it inside it, don’t tease me like this, please put it in and fuck me and tear my cunt with your big cock, telling this she was kissing me all over my face. I took my cock in my hand and placed it at the entrance of her cunt and then slowly pushed it. At the first time it did not go inside and my cock slipped out. I once again caught hold of my cock and kept it on her cunt hole. This time she also helped me by spreading her legs little wider and kept my cock at the correct spot and asked me to give a push. Don’t wait anymore suresh please push it inside me… ooohhhhh,, please push it now. I after getting her nod pushed my cock into her waiting cunt. As the cunt was moist, it slipped into her cunt very little resistance. As soon as my cock was buried fully into her cunt, I just kept it like that for few seconds and then started to move my hip up and down. I could feel the heat generated around my cock from within her cunt. I closed my eyes in pleasure and began to move my cock in and out of her juicy cunt hole. Just by looking down I could see how my cock was moving in and out of her well-lubricated cunt with ease.

As I was pumping her like that, my pleasure was raising step by step and I could see how my aunt was enjoying each and every stroke which I was giving her. As I was giving her those slow strokes up and down her cunt, she was moving her palm all around my back and at some point burying her nails deep into my skin. With pain and pleasure I was pumping her like that for another 2 – 3 minutes. Then slowly I increased the speed of my hip and started to pump her with more vigor and strength thereby my full cock would go in fully inside her cunt and my crotch would bang her ass hole with each of my trust. The sound of her mourning increased with each trust. Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh oooooaaaaaahhhhhhh, ooooooohhhhhhh, slowly slowwwwwllllllyyy suresh , you are hurting me oooohhhhhhh, I kept a deaf ear to her mourns and began to move my hip up and down at full phase. I was afraid whether her child or her neighbours would know what was going on here as she was mourning very loudly, so I kept my mouth of her lips to lock her mouth and then began to fuck the same old way. Now she was flooding her cunt with more juice which was making pllluck, pluck, chuluk, pluck, sound with each stroke, and she was raising her hip to receive my cock to its fullest into her cunt. I knew that she is going to reach her next orgasm in a couple of minutes and I myself was also at the brink of exploding.

Within minutes she had her orgasm and she let a big loud cry and clasped me tight toward her with her arms around my back and her legs wrapped around my hips and locked me tight within her. I could feel her cunt exploding into orgasm by letting out hot juices which was overflowing out of her cunt. After a minute of so she let me from her tight grip so that I was able to continue fucking her. As I continued to fuck her, I could feel the lips of her cunt tightening its grip oh my cock as if trying to milk every thing out from my cock. Within a minute or so, I began to move my hip uncontrollably up and down, letting my cock in and out of her cunt with my utmost speed and strength and then with a final big trust I plunged my cock fully into her cunt and then shot loads and loads of my cum into her waiting cunt. As my cum was flooding her cunt she once again clasped me in joy and kissed me all over my face. We laid there like that few minutes and then got up from her thereby slipping my limp cock out of her cunt. As soon as my cock popped out of her cunt hole, cum along with her cunt juice was leaking out from her crack down to the bedsheet.

She immediately cupped her cunt with her palm so as not to spoil the bedhseet and got up from the bed smiling and hurried it to the bathroom. As she went to the bathroom to clean up, I laid fully stretched on the bed exhausted and dreaming. After cleaning herself up, she came out of the bathroom only in the petticoat and a towel around her shoulders to cover her boobs. The smile on her face shows how satisfied she was. She came and sat near me and told me, suresh you had shown me what pleasure is, in my 10 years of marriage I had never experience such a sexual pleasure in my life. Your uncle use to climb over me when ever he feels sexually urges and fuck me for a minute or two with his small cock and then go to sleep. Only today I knew what a real sex is like, telling this she took the towel from her shoulders and cleaned my limp cock of its juices smeared over it and leaned over my chest. After a few minutes she once again stimulated my cock to its rigid form and had sex with her once again. This time I laid down and she sat over me with my cock in her cunt and then after that I made her to be in the doggy style and fucked her from behind.

In-between this act once we had to stop it and hurriedly dress up as her child got up from his sleep, and then we continued after a gap of 15 minutes after putting the child to sleep. That day till evening 4.00 we had 5 rounds of sex and we were totally tired and laid down for a small nap. For that full day we had break only for our lunch and then to put the child in our friends house when he got up in the afternoon, and the rest of the time we used it fully to satisfy each other. We continued like this for another 6 months without my uncle suspecting us, I used to come home for lunch now a days and have a quick fucking session. Even when when my uncle and child is at home we used to fuck like rabbits doing some quick sessions without their notice. When my uncle goes to take bath or to the toilet and when the child is watching t.v, I used to slip into the kitchen quietly and then raise her sari and petticoat up and give her a good licking session or else pull her to a corner of the kitchen and push her blouse up and have a good milking session from those boobs. As my uncle leaves for his work early at 7.30 am and her first child to school by 8.00, we used to have mostly morning sessions daily before I leaving for my office at 9.30. Two months back my uncle got transferred to a new plant which is some 40 km from here. The company had given my uncle a bachelors accommodation, and because of the schooling of his child he had let his wife and child stay here with me. He used to come her every weekends to meet his family.

Now this has even further given us more freedom and time. Now a days, after putting the child to sleep, aunty would come to my room and we used to sleep together with a good fuck before going to sleep. During the normal hours without any fear we would fuck all around the room just keeping an eye to her kids. I used to sneak into the bathroom and bath together, go the kitchen where she would be busy preparing the food and then bend her to the platform there and pull her sari and petticoat up to the waist and fuck her like that and when feeling thirsty, just pull her blouse up and squeeze the milk from her pots. Now only to the neighbors and to my uncle she was my aunt, but inside the house we are like husband and wife who enjoys life. After her adamant demand to have my child, I made her pregnant. She is now 3 months pregnant and she made my uncle believe that he had impregnated her. Even now we practice safe sex. Any aunties or housewife’s in and around Gujarat or mumbai who are unsatisfied can contact me on Confidentiality and satisfaction assured.

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