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  • desipapa
  • September 14, 2015

Hello people! This is Ekta. I am a regular reader of this site. I read other people’s erotic experiences and thought of sharing my own experience with you all. First about my self my self ekta chawala I am from delhi and my gorgeous figure is 34-38-36. It was a rainy day. And I was alone at home. My parents have gone to attend a relative’s marriage. So I was getting bore and watching a movie. Right then, I heard a car coming in my house parking. It was my boyfriend Gaurav. He came to in and asked me what are you doing alone.

I told him that I have to stay at home because there is no one at home so he got pleased and hugged me but I told him please don’t be silly because our servants seema and rammu were at home and preparing lunch. gaurav smiled and sat next to me in my room and started to watch movie. We were chatting and laughing. Time went very quickly. Suddenly I was feeling very bad. He felt that and came behind me. He began to rub my neck. I told him how good it felt. As I continued to encourage him, telling him how good his hands felt, I felt his breath on the top of my head. Almost imperceptibly, I felt a small kiss on top of my head. I leaned back against him, excited about what was happening and curious about where it would lead. But I told him that two cooks were in kitchen and they can come anytime and also can hear our talking. But Gaurav said there is no possibility of their coming because after all they are your servants. Then he began to nuzzle lower around my ears while dropping his massaging hands from my neck to my shoulders. As his kisses trailed lower to my neck, I turned my head and reached around to pull his mouth to my lips. As we kissed, his tongue sank into my mouth and I sucked on it hungrily, getting more excited by the minute. I wanted to stop, afraid of my servants.

Then his hands left my shoulders and began playing across my blouse. As he continued exploring my mouth with his tongue, he began lightly rubbing my breasts with his palms. His caresses became bolder. He began massaging my breasts, hefting their heaviness in his hands. I was getting very turned on and wanted him to touch me. Grabbing his right hand from my breast, I moved it back to the neckline of my blouse and guided it inside both my blouse and bra, so he was caressing my bare breast. He began rolling my nipple between his fingers, getting it hard and almost painfully sensitive. Suddenly he removed his hand from my breasts; long enough to open the three buttons on my blouse and pull my bra above my breasts so his hands could caress them completely. I took one of his hands and got his fingers wet in my mouth so he could massage my nipples. He began telling my how beautiful I was, how much he wanted me and how long he had waited for this. I knew that if things went any further, I wasn’t sure I could stop him. I was very afraid of the people in the house. So I suddenly stood up, pushed him back against the edge of my desk and stepped between his legs. I said I wanted him, but that things were moving too fast. I then kissed him, rubbing my still naked breasts against his chest as I reached down and rubbed his large erection through his pants. I didn’t want to tease him, but hoped he would give me some time for that. Continuing to squeeze his cock, I told him about the situation. He was disappointed.

But was very understanding and even helping me get my clothes back together before he left. As he was leaving, we kissed again. While his tongue reentered my mouth, he grabbed my tight ass and ground his cock up against me. We smiled and said each other goodbye. I went in the kitchen and found that lunch was ready. I had to go out for some work. I had just finished my lunch. After finishing lunch I sent Seema and told her to send rammu who drives our car And went again to my room for change I wore a silk sari and did up my hair nicely. I put my favorite perfume and dressed up. Suddenly I heard my door open and close very quickly and roughly. I was about to move my head to see who it was. But before that, two pairs of hands caught me. I screamed. But one had been shutting my mouth and just a little moaning sound came out. I looked up and it was my cook rammu and his friend raju. They just grabbed my hands and pulled me away on my bed. I started yelling at them and they just grabbed me and stuffed a dirty cloth in my mouth. The hands were smelling and very dirty. Aslam was now holding me tightly against the bed and I stared in horror as Rammu came forward. He yelled, “Sali kutti randi, Oos bahen chod gaurav bhosadike ko aapna doodh pila rahi thi, aur hum jo itne saalo se toojhko chodne ke liye pagal ho rahe hai, oos ka kya?” dekhte hain.” I couldnt believe that this was happening.

I now knew, gaurav had seen my intimation with my boyfriend and got hot for that. But I was in the point of no escape. I shouted Seema come soon and save me from your husband Seema came in but answered roughly AB KAHE KO ITNA NAKHRA KAR RAHI HO MEM SAAB ROJ TO ALAG ALAG LADKO KE SAATH TUMHE PARTY MAIN JAATE HUE DEKHTI HOO AB EK BAAR JARA HUMARE PATI KO BHI KHUSH KAR DO NA and she went out after closing the door. I couldn’t believe this is Seema saying. I tried to scream. But useless. Then Rammu came forward and took off his smelly dirt stained lungi. They tied my hands and legs to the bed with that dirt stained lungi which I think was never washed. Then Raju came near me. His clothes had dirt and oily stuff on those and he was smelling badly. He came near the bed. I pleaded with tears in my eyes, my mouth gagged. I was helpless. I looked at Rammu. He smiled and licked his lips with his tongue in a very obscene manner. I was horrified. They didn’t stop. Then Raju took out and started rubbing his cock. He had a smelly cock that was thick and very long. He started rubbing it on my face, straddling me over my breasts. Rammu started removing my sari as Raju loosened the blouse. I resisted. Raju slapped me. I fell back. Aslam opened the cloth and tried to push his dong in my mouth. I nearly choked. Rammu went for my pussy. He squeezed my ass flesh, his other hand slipped under my blouse in the front and explored my belly button and my stomach and it made its way upward towards my breasts. He began to move his hand over my sari-covered ass.

I felt him outline the edge of my panties. Despite my resentment in my helplessness, I felt my cunt beginning to get hot and moist. His one hand dipped into the crack of my ass and fingered my asshole while his other hand cupped my right tit. He played with my nipple through my bra, making it hard and erect. His one hand had pushed my bra cups aside and he had a finger well up my asshole. Then his hand left my breast and dropped to the front of my sari. He hiked my silk sari up and ran his fingers along my inner thighs. My cum flowed from my pussy as he rested his hand on the front of my panties and rubbed my cunt slit. He moved to the top of my panties and dipped his hand inside. His fingers moved through my pubic hair as they searched for my cunt hole. I was being finger fucked from sides, my cunt and my ass. Rammu pulled his finger out of my ass hole and ran his hand inside of my panties around my hips. He located one of the bows that held my panties to my body. As he continued to finger my cunt, he untied the bow, then moved to my other hip and untied the second bow. He slid my panties off, removing them from under my sari. He was now freely finger fucking me in my pussy. His movements became more rapid. He brought his other hand to my back and slipped it under my blouse. He moved it up to my bra strap and undid my bra. All this time Raju was rubbing his smelly dick on my face and mouth and lips. I was helpless. My mind was in a daze as I slowly opened my mouth. He realized the end of my resistance and that between my lips. I ran my tongue over his cock head, as I sucked more of his prick into my mouth.

Then Raju said to sajid DEKH KUTIA GARAM HO GAYEE CHAL ISKO KHOL DE PHIR OR MAZAA AAYEGA. And they freed me from the bed. Raju forced the entire shaft down my throat I moved my head back and forth along his hard cock. I reached up and touched his balls as he freed my hands from the bed. He took my head in his hands and guided my head to suck well. I continued to suck his cock from head to root. I flicked my tongue all along his shaft. He pulled and loosened my hair. My lips were at his cock head. I moved my mouth to the underside of his prick and licked down to the root. When I got there I sucked one of his balls into my mouth. I worked on his balls for a short time. Meanwhile, I felt Rammu spread my ass cheeks. A beautiful sensation built up when I felt him lick, kiss and suck at my tight asshole. He made his tongue as rigid as possible and probed as far into my asshole with it as he could. It was enough to make me shudder in a strong orgasm. Raju was holding my head steady and fucked into my mouth.

His cock pistoning in and out of my mouth rapidly. I used my tongue on his shaft as best I could. He suddenly buried my face in his smelly pubic hair, his cock down my throat and shot his load of warm sticky cum into my mouth. I licked up every drop his semen as I could. He held my head and kept his cock in my mouth. I felt his prick go limp between my lips.

He wouldn’t let me go. Still he held me there. Rammu had, in the meantime, pulled my sari with petticoat and pressed his cock against my cunt. HE WAS SAYING SOME ABUSIVE WORDS HAY SALI SUNITHA CHUDAIL TUJHE NANGI KARNE KE LIYE KAB SE TADAP RAHA THA AAJ MOUKA MILA HAI. His hands moved to my ass cheeks. He guided his cock over my pussy, and slipped his hard, dark skinned prick into my cunt hole. I had an orgasm as he pushed deep into my pussy. His hands on my ass guided my fucking motion up and down his cock. As he thrust in and out of my cunt, he lowered his head to my breasts and sucked a nipple into his mouth. I came again. He ran his tongue over my nipple, then lightly chewed and sucked at it. All the while he fucked me and squeezed my bare ass. I felt his thrusts become more urgent and knew he would come soon. I flexed my cunt muscles around his prick desperately trying to milk his cum from his long, hard cock. He grabbed my ass cheeks hard and pushed into me as far as his prick could go. I felt his cock pulsate as he filled my smooth silky shiny pussy with his cum. Seconds later I came once more. After he pulled out of me, he wiped his cum and my cunt juices from his cock onto my silk sari. which was kept aside Raju all this while was fingering and lubricating my ass hole with my pussy juices.

When my asshole was wet enough he finger fucked it while he continued to play with my breasts. I’d never been fucked in the ass before, but I was overcome with sexual need and as he spread my ass cheeks. so I did myself in bitchy position and uplift my ass for his convenience He guided his cock head to my asshole. I was shamelessly moaning and told them ARE NAMAK HARAMO APNI MEM SAAB KO CHODO USKI GAAND MARO JO KARNA HO KARO LEKIN USKI PYAS BUJHA DO. as he pulled my hips back and slid his prick into my virgin ass. He slowly worked his cock up my asshole. At first, it hurt as the large prick filled my tight rear hole. I began to move my ass along his prick on my own. His hands left my hips, one returned to my exposed breasts and other fingered my cunt. As his finger touched my cunt lips I came in his hand. He fucked my ass and fingered my cunt. Then his hands returned to my hips and he moved me hard along his ass fucking prick. I felt him tense and seconds latter, his cum was spurting into my asshole. He held me close as he shot his load. He did not pull out of my asshole. Instead, he rocked slowly back and forth and played with my breasts with both of his hands. Raju turned me around to face him. I felt his lips touch mine as he kissed my opened mouth. His tongue passed my lips as it found mine. He kissed me passionately for a minute or so, then, he moved his hands from my hips to my shoulders and pushed down firmly. my mouth was full of raw tobacco juice and leaves and I felt nauseated, but I was helpless. Yes this went on for about 2 hours. I was exhausted and used.

I begged them to stop and they yelled, “Randi, kutti, abhi hame kabhi mana karegi? hamari baat kabhi talegi? haramjadi tu to hamari laundi hain. phir kabhi hame mana kiya to dekhna. haramjadi ab dekhte hain tujhe.” From that day, I became their sex slave and now however I am married with Gaurav but in his absence they both come together or individual and fuck me they use me whenever they want. But I still remember the day of my experence. It was one of its kinds. If anyone want to have sex pls mail me at

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