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  • September 18, 2015

Hi I am rashmi 32 years and married having two kids who are in the hostel. My husband expired three years ago and I work for sales dept of a private but a well to do firm. Recently I got excess to the computer and visited desipapa. I would like to share a true incident, which happened just two days back, which has given rebirth to my dead sexuality.
I had not had sex since my husband expired. Even when he was there I did not experience what I had that day. I had completely lost interest and never thought about it. Till this day when every thing changed. I think about sex now always and at every moment.

It was 23rd january, 2003 and I was to meet a client from the gulf at a posh five star hotel. I had taken up this job because our financial condition was not that good.besides I had also two kids to look after . accompanying me was a colleague. We reached there at one thirty. The man was tall well built and muscular.he introduced himself as Rahim from Qatar. After sorting out our work details, my colleague excused herself and went into another room just at the side of our room as she had some one else to meet. I prepared to move when this tall guy said official work is now over, now I have some personal work do stay for some time. He went inside  I surveyed his room. In a corner lied a bag, which was full of pictures of naked girls. There were a few vcds and sprays and pictures of girls having sex. My eyes fell on a book out titled “how to  make your neighbors wife your sex slave”.i wanted to pick it up . just then he came wearing a brief and nothing else. I stared at his muscular strong body and guessed his size to be big.

A fear gripped me as he came close to me and pulled me towards him. I protested and tried to move. He pulled my sari and  hugged me. He tired to get my lips but settled on my cheeks instead. His lips were hot and burning with passion as they moved down on my throat. I pushed him away and tried to run as my eyes fell on the tent in his underwear. He new I was looking down. He immediately freed his member and it came out. He was about 9  inches and circumcised (he told me later) and thick. He pushed me on to the bed and kissed me on my blouse I was some how succumbing to his lust but still protested. He untied my petticoat and riped my open my blouse. I was feeling shy in only a bra and panty. I gave up, as I too had not had sex for years. Pushing my hands aside he unhooked my bra and squeezed my boobs. Vow he said and took my nipple in his mouth. His mouchstach ticked my areola, as I was getting ready for him.

I wanted him to suck more but he had no patience to wait. i  Closed my thighs to prevent him moving inside but he knew how to get it done. He would vigoursly suck and whatever space he got as a result of me moving in pleasure he would concur. Getting it back was impossible as he was strong. He pushed my legs apart and got into in-between. I could feel him in between. He touched my inside lips and without me expecting pushed inside. I cried in pain, as I was still not ready to accept a big penis.he was enjoying and was trying to get in more. I begged to get it out and he listened. He lifted my thighs and placed on his shoulders. Girls beautiful and of your age hardly remain tight he said and came over me. He kissed on my lips and took a great comfortable position. He also pushed a pillow me to get me on a suitable height. You are a best bitch I had he said and pushed harder into me I clenched him firm as I could not move on his weight.

Nor I could stretch more, as that was the maximum. He moved deeper and deeper as he had the best position. My cunt ached as he began his moves. My breast were squeezed below his chest as I scratched his back and tried to hold his buttocks. His pace increased so did a wave of pleasure inside me. He pumped and pumped as I raised my hips and exploded. He was still going. Amazing power he had. He cried and banged me harder as we both came together with he emptying deep inside me. After the act he moved away while I remained motionless exposing my cunt after the pounding it was given. He asked me my details and felt sorry for my husband. He complemented me on my tightness and also recommended me for a raise in my salary. He also showed me sites and promised to send me videos. The next morning I had to rush to the chemist for the pill, as I did not want to take chances. I am now addict to sex and want to try out more.
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