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  • desipapa
  • September 18, 2015

Dear readers, I’ve read a lot of the experiences posted by others and I was prompted to narrate my own true experience. I’m Geemon from Kerala and now staying in Indore (Madhya pradesh). I had always been a fan of erotic stories and I am willing to share my experience with the web. This is the story of my friend’s wife kavitha (fake name). First I will describe about her. She is 26 five years elder than me, with a gorgeous figure of 34-28-34. She is my friend’s wife who’s working aboard. This happened when I visited Kerala last year.

When I visited Kerala my hometown I had also visited my friends house we are very good friends for many years. He is elder to me when I visited his house his mother was very happy to see me after a very long time. She introduced me to her law kavitha. We are seeing the first time. His mother also complained a lot for not attending her son’s marriage. Kavitha go and make tea for everyone and we sit in the dinning room and have a chat. She said to me that always my friend said her about me. She was very glad to meet me. After sometimes I said I have to go somewhere else so I will visit them later.

After one week I decide to go there when I reach there the door was locked. I knock the door and after some times kavitha come and opened the door. I asked about mother she said that she had go to her sisters place and she will be back after a day. I said I am going and will come after wards. She said me that if his husband know I will leave the place without having at least a cup of tea he will scroll her. And said me to sit there and go to the kitchen after locking the front door.

I sit there and began to watch television.  After sometimes she comes with a tray with two cups of tea and places it on the table and gave me a cup of tea. And sit near me on the same sofa, and while having tea we have a small chat about my present place etc. after completing the tea. I said I am going now but she said the lunch is ready she did not like to take food alone so shall I give her a company. I said ok and we two have food together. While having lunch we chat and come to topic of there marriage. And after lunch she began to show me the cassette of there marriage. She was sitting near me. I said chechi (In south India people call elder one- chechi “Same as Bhabhi in North”) I have no enough time for seeing the full cassette so show me the photographs. She said ok. And bring two big albums and sit near me. And opened the albums and placed it on my knee and began to show me. While showing the photograph she touch my leg instantly. First I think it was accidentally but after some times she do it more often. And by her body moment she touch some times on my cock over the pant. I feel uncomfortable. And my cock began to wake up. She noticed that and gave me a sexy smile and come closer to me. Now her tights are touching mine. I can smell her. She was making me mad, I am little afraid to take a first move because she is my friend’s wife and I am calling her chechi.

I control myself and try to shift a little. While doing so my hand accidentally touched her boobs. She caught my hand and places it on her left boobs and asked me why you are trying to go away from me if you did not like me. I did not say anything and she touched my cock gently. I in a state of shock and fascination started moving my hands on her boobs over her nighty. And also stared pressing them, she stared producing sounds. And then she kissed me on cheek and placed one of her leg on my thigh and turned her face to me and kissed me on lips. By the time I was turned on. And both of our tongues touched each other’s and we kissed deeply for a minute. And then I started kissing her face neck and lips, and also placed my hand under her nighty and tried to grab her boobs underneath the nighty and there was her bra, I touched her boobs and kissed her once again. She said in my ear let’s go to the bedroom and she took me to her bedroom. After sitting on the bed we started kissing again and she had placed her hand on my pants right on my cock, which was very hard now and started pressing it over the pant. I got a great feeling and I removed her nighty and she laid down to the bed and I unhooked her bra and there were her tits in front of me very beautiful, big and white with brown nipples. It made me mad and I started sucking her hard nipples like crazy, and grabbed her boobs very hard.

She started making sounds I placed my hands under her heavy tits, it felt so good and after some time she asked me to undress completely and I took off her petticoat and now she was only with a rose panty, I placed my hand on her cunt from above the panty and I started feeling it she placed one leg on the other pressing my hand in between her legs and on her cunt, it was really hot down there I took my hand out and put off her panty exposing her beautiful cunt, round ass. I could not control the sight of her lovely leaking cunt and the odor of her cunt. I stared kissing her cunt lips. I started licking her cunt like a hungry man when I was sucking her there, she was moaning loudly. Then I inserted my middle and forefinger in her vagina and started stroking, simultaneously started sucking her clitoris. She could not hold it for long. Within a short time she came. I tasted her love juice like honey. She said me that your friend did not do this and she enjoyed it very much and by saying this she takes off my pant and shirt. Now I am in underwear. With a sexy smile she put off it and took my hard cock in her hand and kissed it head and said it is bigger than her husband after that started sucking it, as it there is no tomorrow.  She laid on her back on the bed and asked me to come over her and when I was there she kissed my lips and placed my dick on her pussy lips, and asked me to insert it in. I did so and slowly my dick, went inside her tight pussy. It was very hot and moist inside and I started moving slowly in and out.

She started moaning with pleasure. Slowly I increased the speed and her moans became louder. And by doing it suddenly I felt something happening inside and I realized it was her orgasm and she came for the second time and I took my dick and say her to be in the doggy style. She placed her arms on the bed making her ass high in the air and I took my cock in the hand and inserted it from behind. She shouted a bit in the beginning as I entered but later as it went inside it was ok for her. I held her butts with both my hands. And started to move in and out slowly, and then in fast. She began to moan loudly, I grabbed her boobs, which were moving quickly. After some times she got another organs and I felt that I was coming too, so I took my dick out. And she wanted to take it inside her mouth. So I pulled her back. I stood up by the bed. And poured my hot cum inside her mouth. And she was really enjoying it. She swallowed every bit of it and She was smiling looking at me. We were both exhausted and we rested in the bedroom holding each other passionately. After a few minutes she got up and went to bathroom and came back and lay beside me and turned her face to me and started kissing once again. I placed my hands on her ass and stared replying her kisses and also grabbing her ass cheeks. I found that my dick was again getting hard, and she noticed it as it touched her belly. She smiled at me and said me to place it again in her pussy. I placed my dick once again inside her pussy and stared moving. After some times we changed the position. I lay down on the bed. And she came upon me. I was between her legs, and she took my cock and inserted in her pussy. And then she began to pump her pussy on my cock very fast. Her boobs were dancing away.

I caught both her boobs with my both hands. And slowly started to massage it. She went on ridding, and went on moaning. I stopped her for a movement as if I feel that my foreskin is going to break then we changed the position to doggie style, she had two organs in a very short period and I come all over her ass. Then we two go to the bathroom and take a bath together and we had sex in the bathroom also. After bath we slept in each other’s arm and I left the place at 5. And I promise her that I will come tomorrow. She made tea and after having it I leave the place and we used to have sex whenever we get a chance. I had sex with her many times. In the night also when her mother in law was sleeping in another room. (I will write that story later) But now I am in Indore and she is in Kerala. I missed her a lot. I hope you all enjoy our story. For any comments or contact mail me at

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