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  • desipapa
  • October 5, 2015

Its me again Sam and I am back this time. Hope you all remember me, but anyways let me again introduce myself to you all. I am Sam I am 20years old, I from Hyderabad, India and I am doing computers, rearing to be software professional. All regular viewers of this site must have read and enjoyed my real life sexiting experiences.

Well today I want to share my sexual biography (well its still incomplete but I will share what all has happened in my childhood) with you all. How I was exposed to sex in my childhood and what made me such a Horny guy. Well I started masturbating at the age of 14 when I was in my 9th class. Before that I encountered many sexual chances (i.e.) in the summer I used to go to my uncles house (my moms brother) and his wife too is a sexy women as I was small at that time I used to sleep besides her in the night. They have a daughter who is a couple of years elder to me she used to put her hand on her mothers bare tummy kiss it and play with her navel as I was small my aunty also allowed me to play with her bare tummy and deep sexy navel, but I was evil and I found that this act made my little master (my dick) stand up as a flag post. I used to enjoy it a lot but I could not stop there I wanted to explore her body so in the mid night when every one would sleep I slowly used to keep my hand on her tummy (I used to act as if I am fast asleep) then I used to slowly move my hand above to touch my aunts sexy breasts she has sexy 38 size breasts then I used to touch them and slowly press them, she never used to get up coos she is a deep sleeper.

Then I slowly used to unbutton a few buttons of her blouse (as a typical south Indian my aunty used to wear sari even in the house but without bra and panty only a blouse petticoat and a sari above) then I use to slowly slip my fingers into her blouse and touch her nipples at that time I never knew about pumping my cock so I just enjoyed by touching them. Then still I never used to get satisfied by the upper portion I wanted to explore her lower portion too. One day it happen that I got a chance to bare her lower part I slowly started to raise her sari believe me I was so nervous and afraid that it took me almost an hour to raise her sari to have a look at the heaven yes I was successful at last I could raise her sari up too her waist height then I slowly touched her hairy pussy I think she felt it and turned to her left as I was sleeping to her right her ass faced me and I could not do any thing than just touch her bare ass then I got an idea I took out my little master from my pajama and made it touch her bare ass and I started rubbing my dick to her ass,this way I used to enjoy my sexual life in my child hood I got exposed to a bare women’s body at the age to 10.Well now I am an adult I cannot sleep beside my aunty anymore. I even made a hole to my auntie’s bathroom and watch her some times.

Now her daughter has also grown big and I even watch her take bath. Well years passed by and I was very much enjoying what I was doing to my aunty, when ever I got a chance I used to go to their house to spend my nights and each night I sleep beside her was a trip to heaven for me. As I started growing I became more and more honier and was deeply involved in sexual dreams. At the age of 14 when I was in my 9th class I started masturbating. At that time the Internet did not exist as much as it is today and as I was still a kid I had no chance to get a B.F cassette so that I could see it, the only source for me to see beautiful naked bodies were the magazines like playboy, debonair, fantasy, chastity etc. So I stared to buy those magazines and started reading them and enjoying them and hats off to all those stuff because I had learnt a lot from them I came to know about everything like oral sex, anal sex, straight sex and many more important things. And through those magazines I came to know about Masturbation. Now this was my only tool to calm down my sex urge. I still remember my first masturbating experience. It was a holiday for our school and that left me alone at home so I was free to read those magazines as I was going through one I read about a man shaking his dick with his hand and explaining how much pleasure he had. An idea struck my mind, why not I myself try it.

I took out my lund and started thinking about my sexy aunty and moving my hand on my dick uuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhh I still remember how I was feeling, what a new type of pleasure it was and as that was my very first time so it lasted only for a few second and then my sperms rushed out as if they were set free from a cage they jumped so high that I was surprised it was like a fountain but more importantly as all of you know it were the few seconds when they were coming out that has all the life in you. It’s really a different kind of feeling like some miracle is happening in you it’s totally a mind-blowing period that every male enjoys during ejaculation. So that was the very first time I had masturbated. Again days went by and I was enjoying masturbation. Now I was an adult and into my 10th class I was 15 years old and something exciting happened. Now I was feeling an urge to fuck my aunty. Once one of our relative in some other place had died and all my parents had to go so even my uncle got ready, they did not take me with them saying that I was in my 10th class and had to concentrate on my studies. This left me and my aunty alone, so I went to stay with my aunty till my parents and my uncle returned. Just a few days back one of my friends had given me some tablets saying that the one who eats it will go to a sound sleep and will have no sense for nearly 3 hours. I first tried it on my self and was sure about it as it worked out when I slept at an unusual hour. Now my next step was it somehow make my aunty eat those tablets.

So I made a powder out of it by carefully smashing that tablets and one afternoon mixed it in the daal, which my aunty ate. I made sure that I did not eat it. I was successful now my aunty went into a deep sleep and her body was fully mine and only mine for a few hours. So I carefully stated undressing her (that was after testing many times that she was sound sleep I even tried to wake her up by shaking her but in vain all I could hear was her mummer in her sleep) so I removed all her clothes first and then I too became nude now I slowly started to suck her nipples this was for the very first time and believe me friends I am unspeakable I just cannot express it in words how I was feeling I was out of my range. I slowly sucked and sucked her nipples until they were very hard now I played with her tummy and her navel for some time. I like women who r slightly over weight (i.e.) they should have a slight bulge on there tummy, I am head over heals on such women and my aunty is one of them. Now I explored her bushy cunt it was smelling heavenly I stared to rub it and lick it I was afraid to fuck her because for sure she will be knowing after she gets up and so I did not wanted to get into any trouble. I just wanted to enjoy as much as I could, then I took my dick and rubbed it on her whole body and u I was really amazed to have such a great feeling. After doing what all I had to I stared to masturbate then I rubbed my cum on her cunt and her inner thighs. Now I was fully satisfied so I dressed her back and was back to normal as nothing had happened that day she got up at 6:00 in the evening and complained of headache. I had many such interesting experiences where I enjoyed sex one sidedly with out intercourse. That’s it for this excusive episode I will be back very soon but only if you people respond.

Women who are in and around Hyderabad if u feel unsatisfied I will define a new meaning to your sexual life this is guaranteed. Secrecy will be kept and expected too. Especially I would like to enjoy with women who are between 30 to 45 years. JOnly genuine people please no time pass mails if you are interested ok else please don’t waste my time and your time. Women whose husbands are impotent and cannot bear them a child I am eager to help such families by fulfilling their desires, but that would be a deal. So if you want to talk more about it you can mail me at PLAY SAFE, ALWAYS USE A CONDOM Love and kisses, Sam

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