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  • desipapa
  • October 5, 2015

Myself Jugal.Age 21,6 ft tall. I belongs to an upper middle class family.I going to narrate a stray incident that happened in my life just 3 months back. That time , I met with one of our distance relative, the gentleman stood my mom’s siter’s hubby.He has only one daughter and she is doin her college.

That was the first time our family meet eachother.I was introduced to her and she was looking damn sexy.She was in her half-sareee and my xperience told me that she must be around 38D,30,40 fair, 5″ tall . Actually I am a silent-Romeo.I have been maintaining a good name among my neighbours and relatives, but ‘siteing’ is one of my favourite entertainment.I used to roam all over the city in my bike to all places where girls assemble and enjoy site-seeing. I wondered How I missed her eventhough she stood my relative. Since it was a family function , we had enough time to xplore each other’s minds.I was told that she stood in love with a guy in her college.I was dejected but still my curious mind was not running out of hopes. The function reached its climax and our relatives started leaving one-by-one.A kind of itching sensation was engulfing me so I went to the bathroom and took a nice bath.

After that I striped off our traditional dress and came out with a pant and a tight-fit T-shirt that xposes my well-built body.As u all might have guessed by this time , I purposefully did it).I could not find her in ground floor.I climbed the stairs and found her in the balcony. Actually in that house , there are 3 balcony , one facing the main road and the other 2 on either side.She was standing in the balcony that faces the road.I went there said “hi” to her.she smiled and replied.We were talking and she told that her mom and dad has decided to stay there that night and they will be leaving to their place the next day.In the meantime we had had a lot of glimpses and accidental touches, and I confirmed that i have caught her in the net. while talking i told her that it is my favourite balcony and that if i cudn’t get into sleep,i used to spend time there only.After sometime there I saw a fallin-star and i xclaimed her to see it.She came by my side and while watching it her left boob touched my right Lbow.She didn’t move at all and pertended as if she did’t notice it.We were standing there for sometime, all along her left boob was pressing my Lbow and had to move since my mom called me.I left. After that we were xchanging crushy looks and purposefull hits and the night came.her family was given a room to accomodate and I was instructed to sleep in the hall. It was the midnight , I was not feeling sleepy and so I went to the balcony and was enjoying good breeze.After sometime she came there and stood aside . we didn’t speak out.

Later I sat down in the dark.She slowly reached the door and closed it and locked it from our side.Then she too sat down.I didn’t know what to speak.So i kept mum. I planned to trick her and said “where is my ring?”.She replied “why r u asking me? I don’t have u’r ring”. I said “don’t lie.give back my ring”. She smiled and said ” c , i don’t have u’r ring.that’s all”. I said “look, i know u have my ring.u r hiding it away from me”.saying that I moved my right hand to her waist pretending to search my ring.she was at first reluctant forcing blocking my hand but soon she stopped blocking and was allowing my hand. I suddenly kissed her lips.I cintinued kissing her cheeks , neck , bit her ears .I leaned forward and pulled her pallu.she caught my hand but didn’t do anything against me. I slowly made her lie down Then I slowly removed her blouse.I began to shower my kisses , in her neck and her boobs.

She was wearing a black coloured Bra . I licked her boobs but could not access her nipples . I pressed her left boob with my right hand , slowly gave it a twist . I moved her bra downwards caught her nipple between my thumb and my forefinger . she was moaning heavily and was fondling my hairs . I began to lick and suck her mammaes , while doing this I lifted her ‘pavadai’ with my right hand up to her knee . She caught my hand on the way but there was no strength in that touch . I moved my palm slowly from her leg , thru her knee , on her thighs .I inserted my fingers into panty. Her head was moving on either side , her hands were fondling my hairs , sometimes i could feel her fondling , really hard . I guessed , she was unable to bear the ecstacy . I lifted her pavadai further up , and i couldn’t see her panty , but was not able to identify its color ,Since it was so dark . I left her right boob and took her left boob between my lips . I slowly encircled my tongue round her nipples making a heartin shape . Then I opened my mouth wide , with my teeth I rubbed her boobs and bite her and repeated this for several time . In all these time , I rubbed my palm inside her panty . she was holding my hand tightly . I was slowly rubbing her clitoris and her lovely hole which was already wet while sucking her left boob. I repeatedly sucked her both boobs . while i was sucking her boobs, I could feel her heart beat running too fast . As time goes on , her moan gained high pitch . I afraid , it would not be safe .i put my hand on her mouth .

She bit my palm which i felt erotic . She lowered her pitch by biting her lips and controlled herself and I again inserted my hand into her panty . Then I moved my hand thru her back and inserted my hand into her butt cleavage thru her panty . That was too warm , i felt it in my hand . I continuously did this to her front pussy and her butt cleavage alternately. She came in my hand as i was rubbing her pussy , since it was her first time , doin sexual intercoarse . My palm was full of sticky gum . I , after sucked her boob enough , I could feel that she wanted me do something to her pussy .Then I got further down , with my two hands I pulled down her panty . I saw her lovely triangle . It smelt good with lots of flesh around .I planted a no of kisses in her both thighs and began to massage her things with my both hands . In all my these activities she kept her eyes closed , bite her lower lip , and was massaging her boobs . I widened her legs and began licking her pussy driving my tongue deep in to her pussy . I continued licking her pussy.

She closed her eyes and caught my hairs with her left hand while her right hand was moving here-and-there , saying that she is screaming . I wanted to give her maximum pleasure , so i hungrily sucked her pussy and started biting her pussy occasionally. She was screaming , her body was shivering violently. Her breath , by now , has become so warm which i felt in my hand when i closed her mouth , fearing her erotic sound may leave us in an awkward situation . Then I started finger fucking her . She was sqiurming heavily and caught my hand tightly but i could feel her hand slowly loosening. I cudn’t remember how long i did it to her . I guess , i did it for about 15 mins . Then i slowly climbed on her and tried to guide my cock into her in to her pussy. When i Took out my cock she saw it and kept on staring at it . I was proud to show her my 4.5″ thick cock . I started guiding my cock to her pussy area .I slowly thrust my cock into the lovely hole , but it was so tight that it didn’t go first . As she had already cummed , her pussy was so wet that , i needed no more lubrication . I caught my prick and thrust it hard into her hole , this time I was successful to some extent , half of it gone inside . I pulled it out slightly and then I pressed in her hard , this time it went in fully . In that position , I laid myself on her and stood like that for sometime . Then I started pumping my cock into her hole.A strange sound came out “plunge ..plunge ..”. I kept on pumping my dick in her pussy , slowly at first and then slowly increased my speed .

She was screaming this time as she was getting her peak pleasure from it then . I felt that I was about to cumm , So hurriedly I took my dick out of her pussy and cummed my juice on her belly . I was completely xhausted and I laid myself over her for quite a long time.Then I stood up , we dressed ourselves and she left to her room.The next morning , when nobody noticed she whispered in my ears that she had kept a secret letter for me in the carparking area in the Electricity Box.After sending off them I went to car parking area and opened the box.Her contackt number at her home and at her college hostel and her mail-id and addresses were written on it. After that i mailed her my phone number and she called me.She has promised me to come to me for her semester vacations.I am xpecting her next month. my mail id is

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