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My Error Helped Me

  • desipapa
  • August 30, 2015

Hello Friends, I am Vishank Shah. This is my first story and I will be pleased to get your feedbacks. Even a friendship request will be enjoyable. My Email id is

I am new to this site but not new to the world of Sex. I used to keep reading stories on this site and keep thinking that when would I get such a chance to have sex with some one. But I did not know that my wish would be fulfilled so early. As I am engineering student and I was in my last semester of IT engineering and my projects were on the verge of completion.

I had a madam in my college named Sonia (name changed) she was my project in charge and in the past i had also studied various subjects under her. She knew me very well and from the first day I saw her and I had developed a feeling for here. Slowly that feeling got converted in to lust for sex and I think she came to know my bad intensions and behaviour.

I got to know this as she did not behave well with me since past 6 months. Due to this I also started ignoring her in the matter of doubts and various other academic works. Now one day during our midterm submissions she was the judging faculty and she pointed out an error in my project work done so far and I was angry at that, she understood that i am angry. The doubt she raised was correct and I was wrong at it.

Now, I needed help from some one who could get me out of this error. I tried to find out solutions for many days but could not find a solution finally I had to go to her to ask for the solution. She refused to help and told do it yourself. I disturbed her again and again for 2-3 days and finally one day with anger in her eyes she told me to wait till 4 in the evening and she would guide me in the extra hours.

I had no other option and I waited till 4 that day she scolded me a lot and i had to listen and she was still in no mood to help. I started begging her to help or I will fail in my project. She was happy laughing and enjoying. The she told me one that “You need to join me for my shopping today in the evening as my driver then I may think to help you” I was taken back by these words, but any how I need the help so

I agreed and went to her place with her. Seeing her house I understood she was a spoiled girl of a rich father and still not married at the age of 26. She had fig similar to that of Rimi Sen with litle sexta pounds on her belly and ass. Her ass was a master piece. Her boobs were revealing and she had a real styling sence. She went to get dressed and I was waiting in the hall. She returned back in half an hour and I was astonished to see her.

She was in Tshirt and jeans. She never wore this at College. She had a Tank top and tight white jeans with brecelet in hands and gold chain around her neck. Her boobs were revealing their perfect shapes. Then she gave me the keys and asked me to take the car out. I did what was said. Then I was waiting for her there and she ordered open the door. I got back from my seat and opened the door for her she got in and we drove to the nearest mall

She went for shopping, she asked me to follow her to carry her bags. Whole evening she used to do shopping try different clothes and show me weather it looked good on her or not. I had to agree all. Then she went on for buying Undergarments and finally billed every thing and took it home. I was too tired for the day. Finally I asked her for leave now. Then she said that the actual game will begin now and you have to wait.

I waited in the hall. She ordered some dinner for both of us from the market. Till then she went for the bath. When she returned from bath; Friends it was a jaw dropping scene. She was in newly purchased Nighty which was Silver transperent with red coloured Bra and panty inside. And she was totally shameless today infront of me.

Then the food arrived and we ate and then she told me to put a movie on the dvd and bring some fruits from the kitchen for her to eat. She also asked me to bring the Vodka bottle kept in the bed room and arranged for the ice and some wafers. Soon she offered me vodka and i readilly agreed as i was tired for the whole day. She made 2 small pegs ans soon we both were down to 3-3 each.

It started making effect on her. She started murmuring some thing and fell on me. Her boobs touched my hands and I was in the 7th Cloud slowly I made her sit back on the sofa. But she again fell. Then I gathered some courage and took her to the bedroom, I made her lie on the bed and sat there. For a while I went out to take some more vodka and ice. When I returned I saw that she had removed her bra and panty and she was now transperent.

Now, I lost control and jumped on her and started kissing her on the lips and all over her neck. Slowly my lips started exploring her sexy cleavage. It felt that I am waking on a dark road and everything there is attracting me to continue moving. My hands slowly started rubbing her boobs. There were so soft so big. Then I removed one of the shoulder straps and slowly the other one.

Her nighty was on the ground and she was bare naked in front of me. I took the right boob in my mouth and started teasing her hard turned nipple. I was pressing and sucking her both boobs turn by turn and she was simply asking for more in deep moans. She came upon me opened my shirt by tearing the buttons and started sucking me.

She was licking and pinching my chest and slowly removed my jeans. My hand reached her ass and I was rubbing and kissing her ass. Slowly my hands reached her pussy and I started rubbing her clitoris which was already wet. It was unuttrable moment for me as the sweet smell and slowly my lips came down and I kissed the pussy.

She moaned with her hand in my hairs. I started licking her and the love juices were flowing like vodka running down my throat and that was the best drink I should ever have. Slowly she reached my jokey and inserted her hands inside me and started playing with my penis. She asked me how much is your size I replied its 7.5 inches.

She told that she is confused weather she would be able to handle some thing such big. She continued to play with it. She was sucking my balls and the warmth of her mouth made me fell awesome and finally I cumed in her mouth and she drank every drop of it. Now again started kissing her all over her boobs were just like mountain in the sands and I kept pressing them and bitting them.

Slowly my hands reached her ass and i slowly inserted a small finger in her ass and she said “What are you doing? She was laughing and asking in a silly tone, how do you dare to enteee r rrrr a finger in your teacher’s ass? You naughty boy? I knew your Bad intensions and finally I could not resist I did not knew how to make the thing reach here

So I had to play all this game sorry for all I did to you today none of them were my real intensions please fill me I am yours fuck me in the way you want. I am totally yours. I replied I have no issues in mecoming the driver of sucha beautiful madam if I am gone b awarded this ass and pussy every night. She replied you dirty minded I willl kil you now please fuck me you bastard come on quick mean while

I inserted two fingers each in her ass and pussy and applied some saliva on both to lubricate them and she was moaning aahhhhhhh don’t aaahhh stop fast hurry up fuck me please. Now I slowly put the tip of my cock on her pussy and started to enter it stroking 1, 2, 3 4 5 6 and aaaahhhhhh she was so tight, so wet, so warm inside.

I started slowly with my movements starting to move my dick inside out and holding her sexy mangos and bitting them. With every stroke I increased the pace. She was getting aroused and speaking bad words. She said chodo dal mujey, aaj le el teri madam se sara badla char sall me maine tere bahut mark kate hai aaj puri kar de har kasar phad de meri chut.

Mai randi hi hu chod kas ke mujey meri gand me bhi dal dena tera lund me issi k layak hu bahut time se tadap rahi hu bhar de tere rus se aaj ye chut ko. I increased my pace more and now she was on the verge of cumming, she was screaming aaaaaaah fuck me like this aaaaahhh cuming uuuuhh mummyyjiiii no one fucked me like that ahhh shhh aahh ahhha yes yes like this like like this ohhhhh mam

I am cumming I am done and finally she was shaking with fear and her ass and legs were trembling and she had the best orgasm in her life and but I had not yet reached my point and I was still busy pounding her hard and she was still tight to support me. She knew the art very well and she was on the verge to get another orgasam and I started to poun her hard and started using dirty words le sali randi college me gand

Matka matka ke chalti hai na le iski saza aaj teri gand ko bhi nai chodunga aur le na lund aaj teri chut faad dunga then I was nearing an orgasm and we bothe cummed at the same time and we rested there finally like it for 10 mins and then I removed my penis from her, pussy and slowly she was playing with it and it again grew in size in no time and then i inserted my fingers in her ass and lubricated it with saliva.

Oil when it was big enough to accommodate 3 of mi fingers I started to insert my penis in her ass fear was there on her face she knew it would be hard. She said I am feeling that I was a slave and being punished for my mistakes over life. I said keep it like this and you will enjoy every thrust of it in 8-9 strokes slowly my dick was completely inside her with

My one hand on her pussy and other fondaling her boobs she was completely in my ccontrol my strokes were making her cry and she was crying and moaning at the same time aaaahh maar gai bachaoo ab mai nahi sah sakti aaajjiii mar gai vishank please muj pe daya kar de aaahhh mmmmhhhhu aaahhhahha muje bachaoooo apls muje chodo meri gand phad do ahhh aaj muje mar hi dalo aaahha uhhhh aaahha meri jan nikal jayegi.

Finally I had another orasam and i put all my jucies in her fat ass and took my penis out of her ass and slapped her saa with my hand saying randi aaj maine tuje puri tarah chod ke khus kar diya hai aur mai khud bhi bahut khush hu. Then she took my dick in her mouth and licked it clean and I too licker her ass and pussy and kept licking her boobs with two hands exploring her lower holes.

We lay like that for whole night and in the morning we had Bath togather and in the bath also we both peed togather and had lots of fun washing each others genitals and fuckin once again in the bathroom with cold water flowing on ourr boddies. She said Darling”I had the best night in my entire life and will remember it for my entire life

We behaved like teacher and student and all my problems of project were solved and I got good grades, finally I was happy. That one night had changed our bonding and we had developed great relationship of fuck partners and this continued many more times. I would like you all to give me feed back on my First story. My email ID is I am from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. If any body want develop a friendship with me then to I am open for it. Thank you

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