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My Edathiamma Sulochana Seduced Me

  • desipapa
  • October 3, 2015

My name is Raju and I am from Kerala and this happened in 1973 November when I completed 17. I got my first sexual experience as a gift form from Edathiamma also my Teacher .Her name was Sulochana and she was my cousin brother’s wife. I was very good at studies but little back in Math’s. Sulochana, my Edathiamma was from kollengode, a place near Palghat and she got married to my cousin brother who was employed as a Sales Executive. She was a graduate in Science but very brilliant in Math’s also. I had very good impression on her as a student. But I was very much impressed by her body especially by her boobs. They were perfectly round shaped and resembled the statue of Ajantha. Her age was only 23 and had well shaped buttocks and a beautiful deep navel. I didn’t have bad eyes over her when I started tuition because she was my Edathiamma.

I used to go to Tharavadu for tuition, because she was there along with mother of her husband. Her husband, my cousin brother was working in Rally Laboratories and was traveling for almost 20 days allover Kerala and nobody else was there except her one year old son, Suresh. We used to sit opposite near a table. Once while teaching math’s she gave us a problem to solve. I could do about half of the problem and then I got a bit confused so I asked her what to do further. She came to me and since she bend towards me to explain me the problem, since she was standing near the table. She was not wearing bra so I saw her big and well-shaped boobs. I could not see them fully. Even I could not see her nipples but I saw the big and deep valley created by her two big mountains like boobs. It was really big because still she was breastfeeding her son. She had all her attention in the problem and I had mine in her valley. This was the day, which made me eager about her. Now on every day I kept trying to watch either her boobs or her thighs or her beautiful navel. She had a perfect pair of buttocks and it made me really mad when she used to wear Long skirt. Since she was wearing sari just below the navel I used to get beautiful glimpse of that deep navel. Though I had not been lucky enough to watch her nipples or her panties. But I kept trying to see it. She had taken total hold of my dreams. I used to fantasies of getting seduced by her and used to masturbate of thinking about her.

I fucked her every night in my dreams. Once I could not go to tuition and when I reached there next day she was cleaning her home as Thiruvathira was just after some days She was alone at home. She surprised to see me. But then she reminded of my absence on previous day. She was in her off-white sleeveless nighty. First time I saw her white milky hands. She had tucked the bottom of her nightgown up into her panties so that she could walk freely. It was that much up that I was able to watch lower part of her thighs. I asked her,” can I help you Chechi?” she replied, “No, I will do it. Don’t worry.” I said,’ I don’t have any work to do. I would be happy to help you.’ She said ok. She told me to go with her to bring a table from the last room. While we were going, due to lack of attention, she stroked with a wall and first two button of her gown broke due to the nail on the wall but she didn’t notice that. When we went to the table she bend to lift the table and there her treasure was in front of me. Suddenly her leg stroked with table and she moaned with pain and she started massaging her leg by bending. I went to her and asked her whether it was painful. As I bent in front of her I saw almost her full boobs because she didn’t have bra inside. They were amazing and my dick got straight up being hard rock. After some time she felt okay and we lifted the table and whenever she bents I kept watching her deep valley. After putting the table in that room she said me to bring a stool. She climbed up the stool and told me to hold its one leg. I set down and hold the leg and as I watched up I saw her white panty and her beautiful thunderous milky thighs and my dick was increasing with full speed. As the stool got a bit imbalance she smiled at me and told to hold it properly. I replied her with smile. Suddenly she fell down from the stool and I tried to hold her but in doing so I also fell down with her. During this whole process her breasts touched me so many times and once my hands pressed it also and the feeling sent a terrific feeling through out my body. When we both fell down I was up on her and we both were laughing. In this position my head was resting between her breasts but she didn’t notice, as she was busy laughing. After some moments she realized my weight on her and with a bit moaning and in sexy tone she told me,”Hey Raju, get up please. Your weight is crushing me.” I still could not gather enough courage to proceed further, as she was not a woman who will easily get ready for this and moreover she was my Edathiamma. After heaving a tea I had to leave.

Now I started thinking how to get her. We had a chapter in General Science for Pre degree first year and it was about human body’s sexual organs. She further told me that it was very important chapter not only for exams but also for life. That day my Mother went out for a wedding for 4 days with my brother and they told to go to Tharavadu to stay. I was very happy because I can watch my fantasy woman for all time since it was holidays. When I reached her home she was packing a bag and I became sad thinking that she might be going out to her home at Kollengode for few days. She told me to sit for a while. I waited for a while and then her husband, my cousin brother came outside and told me that I have to accompany her to Kollengode since he has to attend a Business conference at Madras for one week. Now I was very happy. Her husband left at about 8.30. Then she sit besides me and relaxing a bit said to me, “Sorry Raju I have wasted your time but I was not knowing about this tour in the morning. I informed her that my Mother had gone out and no one was at home. So she advised me to stay there for the night and I at once accepted it.

Then she asked me to have dinner and we went to dinning table. She was in sari that time. While she served my plate her sari slipped from her shoulder and I saw her deep valley between her breasts. She seemed to be smoother from inside, with white milky breasts. After dinner at about 9.00 she took me to her bedroom and started teaching me. First of all she said me”Raju you have to be frank along with me while teaching this lesson because this chapter is fully about sex so don’t be shy at all. You can ask me anything without hesitation.” then she asked me what I knew about sex. I didn’t answer anything showing that I don’t know anything. She asked me what are the sexual organs of man and woman. With a bit hesitation I told her that I don’t know particular words for them. She told me to say whatever words I know. Showing a bit hesitation I said man has cock and woman has vagina. She saw me with a sexy and naughty smile. I also replied with a smile. Then she told the words penis, breasts and vagina. Further she asked me weather I have seen breast and vagina and again told me to be frank. I told her that I have seen breasts in some magazines and movies but not uncovered. It was in 1973 and there was no blue movie or something like that. She told me” that means you have not seen a woman naked in photos also”. I said” no”. She got impressed by me and appreciated me. I asked her could I ask you something. She said, “Of course, you can.” I asked her,”Chechi, how a baby born?” She said,” During the fucking process man’s semen enters woman’s vagina and that’s how the process of baby begins.” I acted such that I am surprised and asked,” What is semen, Chechi?” She, with surprise, said ” you idiot don’t you know semen! That means you don’t know masturbating.” I said her chechi my knowledge is very poor in this and I continued my acting that I don’t know anything about sex. [But I was mistaken at that time of her willingness to explain regarding sex to me because after our first lovemaking when I was resting in her naked beautiful breasts she told me that she was already decided to seduce me so she has taken that subject purposely]. She explained me that semen is a thick liquid that comes out from penis and also told me that a liquid is produced in woman’s vagina also. I acted as I do not understand anything and I said,”Chechi I am very much confused.” She again explained me and I responded the same. I further asked how these liquids come out and she said that it comes out due to excitement.

I again said that I can’t understand and said,”Chechi I have not seen Vagina and shape of the vagina as I haven’t seen it.” I said how we will get excitement” She said,” A woman can get excited by kissing her lips, her breasts and other parts of a body.” When she was telling this I was dreaming me doing all these with her. I still kept showing confusion on my face and she was 100% sure about my ignorance and innocence in this field. She got tired explaining me theoretically.

Then she told me leave all things to me I will show it you practically. She told me fingering her self that,” See, I am a woman and I can get excited even if you slowly kiss me on my lips or neck or any where on my face. She asked me if I would like to try. I went near her and she stood up and then I kissed her on her cheek. She smiled and that encouraged me. I started kissing her neck taking her in my hug. In the beginning I kissed her slowly as she said me but then I became a bit faster. I pressed her in my hug and she was still smiling with a sexy smile. Now I looked in her eyes and slowly began to go nearer to her face and slowly put my lips on her luscious lips and began to suck them. I kissed her for about 2 minutes and during that I didn’t touch her breasts by hand because I didn’t want to let her know my intention. As I was taking my lips from her she slowly covered my face with her hands and taken my lips fully to her mouth and sucked it as if taking juice out of a ripe mango and that feeling was incredible. As we finished kissing she went a bit far from me and again that smile came on her face. She asked,” Have you felt excitement?” I said yes and asked her whether she got pleasure. Then she told yes little. She said,” yes I also got little excited.” I asked,” not full excitement Chechi?” She said,” the excitement can increase still more.” I asked,” can I also get more excited? And if yes then how?” She said,” by breasts or vagina-by touching and sucking them.” Then she asked shyly,” Would you like to touch my breasts?” When I replied positively she said,” then for what you are waiting for! Come on.” I went nearer to her and again hugged her. I slipped her sari from her shoulder and touched her breasts from outside and they were fully stood vigorously in her chest. My dick was getting rock hard and with her permission I slowly slid my hand inside the blouse. Since no bra were inside I felt that precious twins in my hand. While feeling that twins she told me unbutton it and watch and watch and feel l it fully. Slowly I unbuttoned the blouse and a perfect pairs of breasts revealed in front of a 17 year aged boy. It was his first experience and the feeling was incredible. I slowly started squeezing her breasts and I took her nipple in my fingers and started pressing them. She started moaning now. I brought my lips down to her boobs took her nipples in my mouth now she had her fingers in my hairs and her eyes were closed. I gathered bit courage and started sucking both breasts one by one. And since she was breastfeeding his son milk was flowing to my mouth. I started sucking her breasts mercilessly and she was moaning with great pleasure and her hands were pressing my head to the breast very hard. The flow of milk from her breast made really me mad and I continued it till both of them become empty.

Now the situation changed and she forgotten the entire moral side and become very hot and decided to seduce me even though I am his husband’s cousin brother and aged only 17. She has taken my face in her hands and slowly very slowly started to take my lips in to her mouth and sucked it very hard and bitten it mercilessly. I was losing my control. She noticed my situation. She pulled my head closer to hers and slipped her tongue into my mouth again. Her tongue probed my mouth wildly plunging it in and out. I met her exploring tongue with mine. It seemed like a contest on who could stick the tongue into the other mouth the furthest. Then she finished the burning kiss softly licking my lips.

Outside heavy rain started pouring in and she slowly laid me in her double cot bed and removed my shirt. Her wet lips started traveling all over my face then to my ears, neck and then to chest. She slowly taken the erected nipples to her mouth and slowly bite them. I was trembling like a fish in land. Slowly very slowly her lips traveled to abdomen and she removed the trouser. I was without underwear and her hand circled the fully erected cock. She was watching it with full of anxiety and wonder because she never expected such a big cock for a boy of 17.That was rigid like an Iron rod and length is near 7″ and really fat and was pulsating in her hand like a hot iron rod [this not a lie but later she measured it with a scale in one of our wildest love making occasion and she told me that her husband’s cock is only 3.5″ in erected position and she was not getting full satisfaction when he was entering her]. While keeping it in her hand her wet mouth was traveling inside my thighs and down and the pleasure from that was immense. She was playing with my erected cock by biting it nibbling it and slowly she has taken it to her mouth and started to suck it as if there is no tomorrow. A boy aged 17 was getting his first sexual experience from her Edathiamma, that too his fantasy lady. She slowly started to make move faster and wetness of her mouth and saliva really made me mad. A feeling that I cannot describe was passing through my whole body and nerves. She also enjoyed this since she was seducing a boy, which was in her dream for a long time. Later while resting my head on her breasts after the first experience she told me that I was in her dreams from the very beginning so she provoked by showing her terrific body. Her movements become faster and faster and I was in seventh heaven. Suluchechi hold my face in her hands and she told me ” Raju take me and do what you like. I am ready for you and explore each and every corner of my body, as you like”. Slowly I got up. The round shaped breasts were very perfect and not drooped a little, perfect ness resembled the naked statue of Ajantha and beautiful golden hairline parted her abdomen into two and was going to the perfect navel. Her face was red with passion and I kissed her slowly and then taken those voluptuous lips fully to mouth and her hands circled my back. Slowly I licked ear lobe then licked her neck and then slowly my mouth reached that perfect round-shaped breasts. Those big nipples erected and stood vigorously in the brown areolas. My mouth circled that nipples and while taking it my mouth she was trembling in ecstasy and her nails were making marks on my back. My hands were crushing that twins and she was hissing like a snake. I made dental and nail bruises on that twins and slowly my lips traveled down to that deep navel. It was big enough to carry a small cup Ice cream and later I tried it so many times with honey and ice cream. In my dream I always licked it and now it is fully in front of me do what I like. Then I reached that triangle and white panty was covering it.

Slowly I removed that panty and the love triangle was covered with beautiful hair and I parted it discover to see vagina. I buried my face there. Woman’s smell made me mad and my tongue and mouth started exploring that triangle which contains honey. My tongue was trying to go deep while my lips swallowed the outer lips. Her hands were pressing my head very hard and I nibbled, bitten that and sucked love mount very hard. And she was crying in happiness and wetness of her honey spot become more and more and I tasted that saltiest cum with great pleasure and her body was moving very fast and her hands were pulling my hair in ecstasy and at the end she had a fantastic orgasm. I sat on that bed and was watching her terrific naked body, which was full of sweat drops and I licked all the drops from that. And I was enjoying each and every inch of that body with much happiness. This time I concentrated mainly to her thighs. It was a perfect pair of thunderous thighs While I started making dental bruises inside thigh she was moaning with pleasure and I was also happy because a beautiful naked body was in front of young boy and he was enjoying each and every inch of that body with much pleasure. My lips traveled to down and she had a clean and beautiful toe. When I taken her small finger to my mouth she lost control. Slowly I again came to back to the abdomen and then to those twins and to her face. She kissed me very hard and told “Raju, enter me little prince I am waiting for you.”

. She pulled my head closer to hers and slipped her tongue into my mouth. Her tongue probed my mouth wildly plunging it in and out. I met her exploring tongue with mine. It seemed like a contest on who could stick the tongue into the other mouth the furthest. Then she finished the burning kiss softly licking my lips. I puckered up my lips and kissed the fatty flesh of her tit lightly. Then she grasps my penis with her hand and showered passionate kisses on that and I became tingling again with the orgasmic sensation. She started jacking me off, as I continued to suck and lick her big nipples. She gasped deeply as I sucked on her nipple. She immediately started pumping my penis more seductively. This only made me suck her nipple even very hard my hot saliva was dripping down her breasts along with the milk and she moaned “OH GOD THIS FEELS GOOD!!! Oh baby, yes, you’re making me feel so warm and tingling inside.”

She made herself free from me, still holding my dick. She opened her lips again and slid my penis down her throat. This time warm rush of feeling the slippery saliva drip down my balls sent every muscle in my body into ecstasy. She moved her head perfectly down my penis and paused with it all in her mouth. I could feel her warm moist tongue then lapping my balls. And then I came. Chechi had my penis totally in her mouth. Her upper lip was pressed tightly against my stomach. Her lower lip was open and she was lapping my balls into her mouth. My balls slid in and she closed her lower lip on the underside of my ball sack. Chechi rolled my balls in her mouth gently. I let go. Cum was starting to pump up from inside my testicles. She could feel the spasms of my cum pumping muscles. She could feel the fluid with her tongue as it was draining through the tube of my body. The pulsing of the muscle contractions that was forcing up the cum and bulged Chechi’s cheek. I heard my dream girl moan with pleasure because she knew that in the next few seconds she was going to taste her young lover’s cum. I felt like my balls were going to explode with each pump. It was almost violent the way my body was reacting to pump the cum into Chechi’s mouth. And she started to swallow. While I was pumping my cum into her mouth, it felt like it would never end. But, it only lasted a few seconds as Chechi’s throat gulped the virgin cum down to her stomach.

We stopped for a few minutes. Then I started to massage her thighs from the waste to the knee. I went harder each time. We both looked at each other and kissed. My lips touched her lips and she put her tongue in my mouth and I was sucking it hard and hard. I moved slowly towards her neck while she stretched it out for me. I kissed her through the neck to her right shoulder to her bust. I grabbed them and pressed them hard with my hands. I then put my arms around her back and sucked her nipples. Then I sucked her belly button with all my force and my tongue tried to enter her deepness while my lips sucked the outer lips of cunt. When I tired to swallow the entire cunt to my mouth she moaned and cried.

“Yes,” she sighed. “Yes!” “What a beautiful cunt!” I cried. “And it’s all for you, my darling!” she whispered. I grabbed her by the butt and pulled her closer. She opened her legs to welcome my tongue, and finally I tasted what I’d waited for all of my life. She spread her lips for me. Chechi’s pussy was sweet tasting and soft, the juices were running down my face! She moaned and pulled my head in jerking motion as if she were facing my face. I buried my face in her pussy and tried to crawl inside. I licked, nibbled, kissed and bit every delicious fold, crevice and crack of her hot wet sticky pussy. Then I came to her aching clit. It was huge,

begging to be attacked, to have its lust satisfied. I stood up on my knees and used my stiff prick to rub Chechi hard little dick. I rubbed and rubbed till her breathing was rapid and her moans became screams, then I buried my face in her hot pussy again and I teased her swollen clit unmercifully, tiny, fluttery sweeps of my tongue taken slowly to the climax she desperately needed. I slowly licked her pink slit until she couldn’t take it anymore. She then twinkled in pleasure and instantly had one, two, or maybe even three or more orgasms.

I shifted my position and climbed on top of my beautiful darling’s hot, willing body. I jabbed my tongue into her ear and she moaned with pleasure. Then I covered my darling’s mouth with my own, thrusting my rigid tongue between her lips. Chechi opened her mouth wide and pressed her tongue against mine. She sucked loudly and wetly on my hot tongue, pressing her sensuous lips harder and harder against my mouth. I felt her huge tits pressed against my chest and my cock grew even harder when I thought of the pleasure awaiting me. “Ohhhh, yesssss, do it! Fuck me!” Chechi cried wildly. She felt my large cockhead pressing against her and she spread her legs even wider, as wide as she could, as she wriggled her hips impatiently. She just couldn’t wait for my cock to ram its way up her hot, wet cunt.

Slowly and teasingly I fit my huge prick snugly into the wet slit of her tight cunt. I rubbed my cock to her cunt hole at the same time I ran my fingers to her asshole. Then, I gave a hard, deep thrust, which sent my large prick-shaft shooting all the way into my darling’s sucking pussy. “Yessssss!” she moaned. Chechi thrust her butt high in the air and drove her tight, wet pussy-hole all the way down the full length of my throbbing cock. She ground her pelvic bone against my body, feeling my balls mashing against the lower part of her small cunt. As I began to slowly grind my hips, moving my ass in lewd circles above her, Chechi began to pump her cunt up and down on my huge cock, clenching and unclenching her tight cunt-walls as tightly as she could around my thick, hard prick. I could feel my darling’s huge tits pressing against my chest and it turned me on even more as I continued to pump my cock deeply into her hot, grasping pussy.

I tried to slow my fucking movements because I still wanted to fuck her slowly so she would enjoy it all more. But she wanted none of that. The way she was pumping her cunt up and down on my rigidly fucking cock-pole, I had no choice but to keep pace with her. Again and again, I stabbed my prick into her cunt, matching the fucking rhythm of chechi’s grinding pussy. It was as though the horny lady was fucking even raping her young lover and I loved the lewd sensation. With a groan of lust, Chechi pulled my head down to her bursting tits and I sucked her tits again and again as my cock continued to pound its way in and out of her wildly humping pussy. Her ass shook under the impact of my prick. Her cunt-walls burned and tightened with the hot wet pleasure she felt from my driving prick. I was ramming it in and out, in and out, deeper and harder with each forceful thrust into her pussy-hole. “Ohhhhh, I’m commmmmiiinnngg!” Chechi suddenly squealed, grabbing me tightly and pressing my hard body against her soft one. She moaned and tossed her self back and forth, almost making her lover’s prick slip out of her coming cunt.

But I held onto her, scooping my hands under her shaking ass and jerking her hips up toward my prick. I rammed her deeper and harder as she continued to come, clenching and unclenching her powerful cunt-muscles around my steel-hard, pleasure-giving cock-rod. “Ohhhhh, God, it feels soooooo ‘ gooooood!” she cried, thrusting her hips up even higher, shuddering violently, and gasping desperately for air as her climax smashed through her again and again. “Ohhhh I am commmmiiinnngg!” she moaned loud and long. Her hot body thrust and humped upward, driving higher and higher. Her tightly clenching cunt-walls sucked at my cock, trying desperately to milk it of my hot, thick jizz. She pumped her ass off, feeling her gigantic tits shaking and bouncing with her every lewd move. Her cunt-walls spasmed and gushed out her hot pussy-juice, filling her cunt and trickling down her firm thighs and splashing onto the bed between her legs. “Oh, Honey, fuck me, fuck meeeee!” she yelled. It was the most exciting orgasm of her life, long, hard, and immensely powerful. Her long, sharp fingernails clawed her young lover’s shoulders and back as she came and came, grinding her pulsating clit up and down along the thick shaft of my hard prick.

I felt my orgasm approaching. I jammed my cock into her cunt, pumping her full of my thick, creamy cum. Burning jets of hot jism blasted into her pussy. She gasped aloud when she felt the hard, hot spurts of cum shooting into her from my cock-head. The creamy spunk burned deeply into her cunt-hole and on into her churning guts. Her cunt walls spasmed violently as her pussy sucked my cum from my jerking prick. She grunted hard as I pounded into her cunt, pumping her full of my hot cum. She slammed her legs flat against the couch, her body flattening under the lewd assault of her young virgin lover’s hammering prick. “Ahhhh, yeses, yessss! Fill me full of your cum! I love it! I can feel it! More! I want more!” she yelled happily, tears of pleasure streaming down her lovely face. As the last of my cum-load shot into Chechi’s pussy, I dropped my head to her tits and once more sucked her nipples with my thirsty mouth and breast milk poured to my mouth like rain and again I emptied both breasts.

She was enjoying each and every moment and me also. Both us were enjoying the lovemaking for the first time. I was also happy to know that she is enjoying lovemaking with a boy aged 17 only and that boy was taking her to extreme pleasure. After few minutes we both reached the extreme climax at the same and a boy aged 17 came inside a beautiful lady aged 23,that too his Edathiamma and this experience was a rare one to both of us and it was my first experience and I lost my virginity to my Edatiamma.For her this experience was terrific since she never had such a pleasure before from her husband. Her husband was interested in his pleasure only and immediately after ejaculation he used to sleep with out giving her care. But a boy aged 17 has taken her to exotic and intoxicating pleasures of sex. Eventhough this was my first experience and I was seduced by Edathiamma. More than me she was enjoying this since in her life she got fantastic and beautiful orgasm from me. While we were lying soaked in sweat she taken me to her lap and cuddled like a child and given me that breasts again to mouth and cooed “Raju, drink my boy. Empty this again it is all for you only”. While sucking she was caressing my face and her face was full of happiness and it was her first experience where both the persons got the extreme pleasure from lovemaking.

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