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My Dream Shoba Aunty

  • desipapa
  • December 8, 2015

Hi guys, this is Chethan once again…you can mail me at Last year this incident took place. I had a sexy Aunty just next door of my house. Her name is Shoba. She is damn hot, tall, wears low waist saree. She looks sexier when she wears black saree. Her age is 32 and she has 1 kid of just 7 – 8 months. But she seems as if she is just 24. Her figure is 38 28 38. Her hubby works at Mumbai. He comes twice or thrice a year. She is milky white in colour. Whenever she is at home I can find her pointed nipples being pressed in the wall of the bra. My mother sent me to her home since she was alone.That evening it started raining heavily. Then after dinner she asked if I have problems to sleep with on her bed. I replied that I don’t have any problems. So on one side I was there in middle she and the other side her daughter of 7-8 months. So we all slept. At night I woke up for bathroom. While I came back I saw her. She was sleeping. Her hips were really huge. Her pallu was moved down. So I can see her blouse. I found a little difficult as there was no light switched on. She was sleeping with folded legs and knee pointed towards the roof of the room. So her saree was below her knee. But it was damn dark so unable to see. Then I placed my hand on her blouse and pretended to sleep. I found no objection. May be she was sleeping.
I started moving my hand on her boobs. Still I found no objection. It was damn soft. I was moving my finger on her nipples. It was lovely experience. Then with little guts I sat near her and placed my face on her knee and pretended to sleep. And then suddenly she opened her eyes and said “this is what i was waiting for…” and hugged me tightly. And I fall on her panty. I started biting , chewing and sucking it. Then I unlocked the laze of her panty from the side and removed it all with my teeth. I can feel the public area and the curly hairs. But still she was unmoved and started sucking her hairy pussy. Then she moved a little. I rolled my tongue around the pussy lips. At first she was unmoved. I continued to roll my tongue for 5-7 mins. Then at last i got some noise i.e.” mmmmmmmm”. Now I got confidence. I started sucking the pussy lips. What a scent it was. Then I penetrated my tongue inside her vagina.

I can feel the heat inside her chut, I saw she closed her hand palm, I sucked her vagina.. Then I moved her legs, got my pillow pulled her buttock and kept that under her buttock. This helped me to widen her legs to the max. But she didn’t make any movement from her side. Nor even opened her mouth. With my fingers I separated the pussy lips and penetrated my tongue to the max and then sucked her clitoris. I sucked gently, chewed, fingered but still no response from her side. Then I simply moved, acted to leave her and then all of a sudden she grabbed my head and pushed it towards her pussy with force. I got that she became wild now. I sucked her clitoris to the max and got few drops. It was little bit salty but yummy. Then I sucked her clitoris wit max thus creating vacuum and suddenly got lots and lots of juices. I sucked it. It filled my mouth so I dranked and still sucking. Then I put my two fingers inside and started finger fucking her, sucking her pussy with huge force. Now she was unstoppable.

She moved her buttock backward and upward thus helping me to get more inside. Again I got few drops. Thus created vacuum. She pressed me with her thighs tightly and locked me. And again cummed. Now she woke up. And sat on my face. She was moving up and down and still I was tongue fucking her. I rolled my tongue inside her clitoris. she became more wild. She was pressing my face with her wet pussy and I was continuing sucking her. And at last she cummed again. This time she flowed much juices. I wondered how can a lady cum so much juices. But I didn’t wasted, I dranked all. She saw a little movement of her daughter. So she took her and fed the baby milk. Soon the baby fall asleep. She prepared bed for her daughter on the ground and the baby slept undisturbed. Now she came on the bed like a wild cat and said wow u r so good at it I replied thnx. Then without wasting I grabbed her and started kissing her. We smooched for a long. I sucked her upper lips and hold her tightly. Her bouncing boobs was pressed on my chest.

I can feel her nipple to be hard. And we exchanged our saliva. Then I sucked her tongue as well followed by her lower lips. Then I came down. I pressed hard her boobs with both my hands. And then i started to chew her blowse. Then with my mouth I unbuttoned the hooks of her blouse. And i found white bra. I loved it. I became mad watching that. I crushed it, chewed it sucked it for 5 mins and then unhooked the bra with the help of my teeth. I rolled my tongue round her nipple. She started to moan. And then gently i started sucking one boob while playing with the other with my hands. While sucking I got juicy milk. Believe its different from the cow milk. Bt what so ever it is it is awesome in taste. I dranked full her juice from both of her milk factory as if I was sucking her blood. Then I rolled my tongue a little below and reached the naval. Licked it and then I opened my zip and then pushed it into her pussy. I fucked her in different styles. First in doggie style then stretched her legs to the maximum and reached deep into her pussy and fucked her harder.

She was moaning in pleasure and simultaneously I was pressing her boobs. It continued for around 15 mins. And then i cummed inside her vagina. Now I was tired so we laid on the bed. And turned her back. Now i started pressing her buttock. it is also very soft. I felt that she was queen of soft.i pressed it harder. She cried and then departed her ass and found the hole. With my fingers I stretched her ass little more and started sucking it. Sucked for some time. By the time my dick is back in form. Applying vasline on my dick and on her ass hole I pushed my dick inside her ass. At first she started screeming but later she started enjoying it. We continued for another few minutes and cummed inside her ass. That night we were fully tired so dressed ourselves. And then went to sleep. If any 1 wants to comment or wants to be satisfied please write on

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