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My Dream Project Of Life

  • desipapa
  • October 12, 2015

Nowadays I don’t find incest category that much good so I thought of writing my story. Its not a story true thing of my life. Being a fan of incest I didn’t like this stories guys please don’t submit waste stories and defame ISS. I request u.

Well I am Rohan, 20 yrs old from Hyderabad and this story is about my seduction of my lovely sister. My sis age is 23 and she is married now. She has a kid too.

Forgot to tell you her stats 34-28-34. Now you can imagine my bomb. I dont make you feel bored. Coming to the story . At that time dont know what sex is but I was observing my sis from childhood her body is getting developed and her boobs are increasing a bit I observed a change but did not ask any one.

Then at a very small age I got an idea of touching those bulges underneath my sis top she didnt wear a bra at that time. At night I use to get my hand on her stomach and then slowly going towards her boobs but I couldnt succeed because she use to remove my hand. I dont know that still weather it was accidentally or intentionally.

I was growing up along with my sister and I dont remember the class but I remembered that my relatives came to my home and we all are sleeping in hall suddenly I dont know what happened it became morning but we didn’t woke up as it was sum vacation. Then I and my sis were about to come in one blanket and we are cuddling each other as it was a winter morning. We are hugging each other. Then v felt like touching body and felt very hot and she too did the same. Again v saw each others body parts that morning and someone came to wake up us.

And from then v use to do that occasionally and my darling sis use to blackmail me even wen I didnt list to her works. She use to tell me ” mummy ki chepta poddunna em chesaavo adi ” then I got feared and listen to whatever she say.

As the days are passing she came to intermediate and left to hostel and I became alone. I was growing up and I remembered my childhood things still. And sia was away from me what to do. From then days passed I became big enough and I am ready to do sex as I was getting sperms in my sleep and I came to know what masturbation is.

I was feared to approach my sis but I have lot of lust on her. Whenever she use to bath and come out I ll enter and smell her inner wear and I ll b out of senses. I masturbated many times in her panty and washed it in water as no one should get doubt. I even saw her used pads and think that how lucky that blood is because it is traveling through my sexy sister pussy.( thanu taage water laakoni nenu taage vadni, koncham mundu thanu tagina water thana pooku lopala nundi vastai aaaah lucky kada ankune vadni.).

Inka naaku control avvaka I thought of showing her my body.

But suddenly I got a break because she is getting married to a guy who do job in Bangalore. I was like crying many times I thought myself as unlucky. But their house was also in Hyderabad near to Singapore city. I use to go there as my jiju is working in Bangalore she will stay alone as she is studying still. I use to sleep beside her as their mother in law still think me m a kid. She wore a velvet nighty and its very soft I was rubbing my hands on her body and there was no reaction from her its like opening a knot so I opened the knot and smelling her body from top. And my heart beat started raising. Now m writing the story but still when that incident comes to my mind I find my heart beat raises.

I was in cloud9 when I touched her panty line from top. I was rubbing my fingers all over her body her boobs are going up and down I was out of senses and smelled her cheeks and chin. And I somehow got her pussy line by rubbing here and there it was so soft I think that was a beautiful pussy of the world inside my lovely sister nighty…

I masturbated and slept that night as I was getting out of control. Next morning I woke up late and she already had bath and waiting for me to do breakfast I woke up late and went for bath and came to room in towel with nothing under that. I was observing the door side so that when my sister comes I should drop my towel wantedly but she should think it was an accidentally. So she was coming my heart beat started rising. I dropped the towel and was wearing my underwear at the same time she has seen my dick and my hair around my dick. But she was silent and left.

She gave birth to a baby and when she is breast feeding her baby I use to stare at her boobs. And many times I have seen her boobs.

I made a plan of watching my sis body so I ordered one cam and I kept in one room while she was changing her dress it was like a pen cam. I later took that and put it on my pc and watched my jaan sister. She came in and she opened her hooks of top and then she took off her top. Aaaah…. I saw her only in bra for the very first time…. The feeling is awesome… I wanna hug her at that moment itself but I cant fear kills me. Then she took off her leggings I saw her in panty. M thinking and praying god please maje her nude pleaseeee … But god dint accepted me. She wore another dress and went. I felt sad.

Like this many things happened between me and my sis excluding fuck there are many things will happen between many brothers and sisters.

Guys I told you in d beginning that v played under a blanket at that time she has matured mind though I was a kid. Does she remember that? Can I approach her? If so how? I need you are suggestions. Please do mail me at

Hope you like the story. And if you like and if I get my sis in my bed I will thank each and every guy who encourages me here. Hope you loved my story.

My Dream Project Of Life

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