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My Dream Girl My Sis

  • desipapa
  • September 9, 2015

Hi Friends,i m vivek & I m reader of this beautiful site. It encouraged me to share my experience with my lovely sister Aarti who is just a year elder to me. This happened 3 years ago. I and Aarti were always more of friends than siblings. Since childhood we use to love each other and care for each other’s needs. Our childhood was great fun. We use to cry, laugh and fight for each other .We use to hide each other’s mistakes from our parents. Always being helpful. We never use to hide anything from each other, even if it was bunking from college or a date with our friends. Now about my sister. She is a very sweet girl. She is not very slim but beautiful with round big tits & fair complexion.

This wonderful incident started when one Saturday we were playing video game in my room at night. It was almost 12 PM. But we were still playing. After about an hour or so Aarti started feeling asleep and said that she is leaving for her room. Our parents were sleeping in their room. As I was not sleepy, I asked her to be there for some more time for some chat. She agreed. After a long chat till 2 AM we were feeling sleepy and Aarti was in no mood to move. So she decided to sleep in my room only. I have a single bed in my room so we managed to sleep with heads on the opposite sides with our feet facing each other. As usual she was in her regular night dress; White loose t-shirt without bra and shorts .I switched off the light and went off to sleep. Suddenly I wake up feeling something soft on my foot. I realized that my foot was on Aarti’s boobs and she was sleeping. I felt guilty but relaxed that she was still sleeping .I removed my foot from her chest but was unable to sleep that night.

Next morning when we wake up I found that she was unaware of what happened last night. But then the guilty feeling was still there. The whole Sunday went with that feeling. At night I went to sleep in my room. As I slipped into my bed that incident started hitting my thoughts. My eyes were close and was again feeling that softness in my thoughts. Those thoughts were coming again and again to my mind and in few minutes I found my dick getting hard. My hand was pumping it gently. I was surprised of this sudden change in me. From guilty I had started fantasizing my own sister. But, it was all so beautiful. Her big tits and her soft skin….I had never ever thought of anything like that about my sister earlier. Today I realized that she is so hot and beautiful. That night I masturbated thrice thinking of her.

Since then I always use to search for a chance to touch her boobs incidentally. I never wanted to miss any chance. My attraction towards my sister was increasing day by day. I always try to hold her while playing, pillow fighting, etc, etc…One day I even tried to peek into the bathroom to see her bathing but was unable to view. As the days were going off I was getting out of control. I wanted to hold her, kiss her and make love to her. But was afraid.

Then one day our parents had gone out of station to attend a marriage. I wanted to cash this chance but had no courage to directly touch Aarti. It was a hot night. AC was on and we were watching TV in our parent’s room. Aarti said she is feeling itchy on her back and requested me to rub. As always looking for a chance to touch her I agreed and starting rubbing her back with my fingers over her t-shirt. In just seconds my dick was hard like rock. I kept rubbing her back and was feeling so hot inside. Suddenly a thought came into my mind and I suggested Aarti to put some talc on her back.

She agreed and I get the talc and asked her if she wanted me to help her putting it. She said sure. That was just a dream come true. I put some talc on my hand and inserted it through t-shirt neck and started rubbing her back gently with my palms. But t-shirt was hurting on her neck so she said leave she will do it herself. I said no it’s ok I will do it the other way. Sitting behind her I inserted my hand from below. Ohhh what a feeling it was touching my sister like that. I couldn’t resist myself and inserted the other hand also and started massaging her back with both hands. But with this her t-shirt was pulled over her stomach. This is what I wanted. She was quietly watching songs on TV. It was now unable for me to control. Taking courage I moved my hands from back to her stomach. My hands moved little up and a moan sound came out of her and her through her head on my shoulder. I was shocked to see my sister into that position. But it was a signal to me

To Continue. I moved my hands and slowly cupped her boobs with both my hands. Aaahhh…it was so soft that I was just feeling that will cum at the same time. Suddenly I realized there are lot moans in the room which were definitely not of Aarti. To my surprise there was a XXX movie running on TV and a guy was licking the girl’s pussy in it. I stopped and asked with surprise “Aarti didi what is this?” She replied with a naughty smile “Why mac? Don’t you like it? “. ” I had been waiting for these wonderful moments since days “she said. I was shocked. She said ” I was awake when your foot

I Was massaging my breasts and I had been masturbating every night thinking of you since then and waiting for this wonderful night” “Now please don’t stop…..let it going….please”. I was happy to hear all this from my own sister’s mouth.

I came in front of her and held her face with hands and kissed her lips gently. They were so juicy and soft. I smooched her. Our tongues met and started playing. I had never expected all this so easily but now she was all mines. I slowly removed her t-shirt and was amazed to see her round, big & firm tits. My hands were now fondling her soft boobs. I kissed her boobs and pressed her pink nipple with my lips and there was a loud moan out of her. I slowly removed her shorts along with her panty. Wooowww….its was a wonderful view of well shaven pink fresh pussy of my sister. I was now again

Kissing her and also moving my hands all over body. I had never imagined that things will go so easy. All my luck. I moved my hand on to her pussy and started rubbing it. Her pussy was all wet. She stopped me. “mac I want you to kiss me all over my body “she said. I smiled at her and went near her toes and started kissing her from toes to her ankle and legs and then thighs. As I reached between her thighs to kiss her pussy, she held my head with hairs and pressed it towards her pussy.

“Lick me mac…Lick me…Lick me hard…” I started eating her pussy like a dog. The thought of doing it to my sister was making me hard. I continued licking her and now she was responding with bouncing her bums. “Aaaaahhh….aaahhhh, Ahhhh…. ooooohhh…” her moans were making me wild.

Suddenly she came all over my mouth pulling my hairs with that wonderful pain. I had never seen a girl with such a big orgasm. My face was completely wet with her perfumed juice.

She was exhausted. I asked” Aarti didi, can I ask you something? Did ever had sex earlier?” She said “mac, this is the first time any guy has touched me there. And I always wanted it to be you.” She was blushing. This was making me wilder. She asked “mac, would you like me to give you a blow job the way that girl is doing in the movie” pointing towards the TV. I wanted it badly but was still hesitating, as she was my sister. “Didi, I surely want if you don’t mind” I said. She said “Oh come on mac. There is no need to hesitate, so what if I am your sister. Now we are friends, and you helped me with it. So a friend in need is a friend indeed. Just forget our relation and let’s enjoy this moment”. She held my cock in her soft hands and started moving it up and down. She was looking in my eyes and my eyes were raping her body. She slowly moved her tongue on the tip of my tool. Uuffff… was like a dream. She covered my dick with her lips and started playing with my balls with her one hand. It was amazing….her head was slowly moving up and down giving me the best blow job of life. I was finding her uncomfortable taking my big dick in her mouth. But she still continues. She was trying to take it completely. She started moving hard up and down. Aaaaaa……. Aaaahhhhhh…… Aaahhahhhh I was feeling that I was about to cum……aaahhhhh…. Didii… Aahhh… Faster… Faster didi…..don’t stop…..didiiii… I was moaning….I was about to cum but I wanted Aarti didi to eat all my cum. So I didn’t inform her and she didn’t get to know as it was her first time. She was faster and faster to make me enjoy…..aaahhhh… Aaahhh….and in just another one minute I shooted all in her mouth…..she chocked and pulled her mouth…I was still shooting my cum and it spread all over face and boobs. I was totally exhausted……
Then she said the she wanted to loose her vignette (she haven’t took the cork in). It was waiting for a rod to be broke open. I pressed her breast hard. She screamed a bit. I sucked her nipples so hard that I nearly bit it. Then I applied my saliva on her cunt and on my dick for lubrication.

Then I guided my rod through her legs into her pink pussy and in one blow broke open her lock. She screamed with pleasure and me too. I started the to and fro motion slowly. She was saying stop, stop and moaning like a wild bitch. I did not care and I was ramming her .and had pinned her. I could see the love juice coming out and Preeti was enjoying every bit of her life at that time. I told her that another load of cum was going to come out. We did not care and I shot the load right inside her vagina. Both of us were exhausted till that time. And then she fell on me and we fall asleep. This went on for about 30-40 minutes. And this was just a beginning of our sex tour. After 3 hours of sleep. We woke up again. And arati told me to fuck her. She didn’t have to give me a blowjob or anything. My cock was already rocking hard. I got up and put her legs on my shoulders and started giving her in her clit. My cock went in and out and in and out… And faster and faster every minute. She was moaning in pleasure…ooooooo mac…ooooo mac… She was calling out my name….”ooooo mac…fuck me…fuck me fast…ooo ooo mac do it…” then I laid on her and started kissing and fucking her at the same time…my hands rubbing in her hair…..mmmmmmmmm…it was soooo great…then she got on top of me and started jumping on my dick… Up and down…mmmmmmmmmmmm ooooooooooohhhh oooooooyesssssssss… It was great….mmmmmmmmmmm….

I was holding her hands tight…and she was holding mine tighter… I opened my eyes…and saw her beautiful face covered with her beautiful hair. It looked soooooo sexy. We fucked like that for over 10 minutes then I told her that I was going to cum…and oh oh…she went there again on my cock… Ooooooooo she is the best cock sucker…uuuuuuhhh she just sucked it sooooooo fast, without stopping for a second….ooo arati, arati…oooooooo I was holding her hands sooooooooo tight now….oooooooooooo and then suddenly I came on her…she licked it and eat it… And gobbled it… I was feeling really very tired so I lie on that couch or on her bad and she went into the bathroom for a while but kept the door open.

I could hear the sound of her pee going down the flush. When she came back from toilet she gave me along kiss on my mouth and a deep hug and said, Now I want you to fuck my virgin ass. I think wow, virgin ass” I open her buttocks and saw a very tiny hole.

I asked her if she was sure about it and she said, “shut up and fuck me” at first I just inserted the head and she cried out loud with pain. “Do you want me to stop” she replied” no, not at all push it all inside’ with a bit if hesitation I forced my way into her tight rather very tight ass. About half of my prick went inside. She was begging for me to insert the whole thing. I pulled it out a bit and then with a massive jerk got the whole thing deep inside her ass. The experience of anal sex had always fascinated me. After a few times the penetration became easy and she was moaning and screaming. Her face was buried in the pillow. I held her breast from behind and with a fast continuo’s pace; I fucked the woman first time in the ass. We fucked for at least minutes in the same position and finally I came inside her and filled her ass with my cum.

I stepped off the bed and she resumed that position not saying a word. “Oh, my god, are you all right” I said. “Yeah sure” she got up and stood on the bed with a grin. and then she went to sleep again l last year she got married. I haven’t seen her since then… I had the best sex in my life only with arati nobody yet has given me more fun than her.

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