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My Dream Come True With My Mami

  • desipapa
  • October 6, 2015

Hi! My name is Yagnesh. This is my ever first story i am narrating to my fans.Well let me tell you someting about me. I am an 18 year old studing in in Banglore. I have huge 8 inch penis and have fair complexion. The night with my mami was a dream come true for me. Let me tell you about my mami. She is 40. Bit small at height, fair complexion, huge 36c cup size boobs and a big and very hairy pussy.

The story starts from here. My parents went out of station to attend the marringe with my family. I got my exams so i stayed back home. As i was alone my parents asked me stay with my mami in her house. I was very happy & fortunately my mama too was out of station due to some work. This is the story of just 15 days before. What a night that was! I and mami had some conflicts before as when i was small i tried many sexual ideas with her.Once when she went for pissing i went to the toilet and tried to see her through a small hole at the door where she noticed me.and many other things. Now as i have growed up her attitude towarsds me had changed. That night we were siutting and watching an english movie. The movie had some sensual scenes.When the scene came i was sexually aroused and she too. she saw my erect penis in my pants and gave a naughty smile to me. then we completed the movie. As she lives in the small flat i was suppose to sleep with her on the same bed.But she had diffrent ideas in her mind.

When i was getting ready for the sleep she came from behind me and began to move her hands on my penis area. I was just shocked. then she called me to the bedroom. I couldnt wait and i followed her.Then I closed the door of the room and the game Begined. I approoched to her and gave her a pasionate kiss on her lips and began to move my hands on her back. Now we got really hard and she began to kiss me hard and vigoursouly. Then i started taking off her clothes. she had worn a green sari which i first took off. Then she was now in blouse and ghagra. then i went to her back and unbuttoned her blouse. Now i could see huge boobs buldging out from her pink silk bra. NOw i again came to front and unclipped her ghaghra. Her ghaghra fell down and she was against me in bra and panties. Now she took off my chlothes and i was too now in underwear only. Now i came bit closer to her and unclipped her bra and took it off. What a huge and creamy white her boobs were! i struck my eyes for some moment on it only.

Then i took off her pantie down and what a hardcore hairy pussy. The pelvic hair of her were upto half of the thighs. Then she took off my underwear and my hardrock 8 inch cobra was out and erect. Now she came to her knees and started blow job. She took my penis into her mouth and started sucking it hard.this continued for 5 min. Thus by now i took her into my arms to the bed. There i FIrst slept on the bed facing front and she inverted so as her pussy comes to my mouth and my penis to her. We now both started liking eachothers organs. Her juice came just in seconds which was sweet. This continued to 10 min. Now i made her sleep on her back and started liking her clitoris. In the second picture of pussy what you see a erect part at the top is clitoris. I licked it.Hard and fast.Then i made her position in the dog style and started fucking her ass. During this she moaned like anything and then i and herself really enjoyed it.Then it was the real time i made her sleep on her back , took her legs apart to provide space for me and then i drew my penis into the vagina. To my surprise she was virgin.I forgot to tell you she had no kids. Her husband means my mama may have some problems. I got ready and gave a really hard stroke and she was in pain and the blood flowed from her pussy. NOw i started seducing her. I kept an fucking in diffrent ways and syles for an hour and she moane aaaaaa…… shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …….. yeahhh…………. oh ram……… he is killing me, NOw from that day we have a regular sex. and every time i enjoy more and more. For any beatiful lady who wanna have sex with me can mail me back at

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