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My Desire With Aunty

  • desipapa
  • September 13, 2015

Before coming to Delhi I lived in Chennai. I grew up in a joint family. There were my parents, grandparents, uncle and his family and widowed aunt (my father’s elder sister, Sandhya). I used to call her athai. My athai lost her husband when she was only 32, left with one daughter. When my athai was 39 her daughter got married and settled in Bangalore. At that time I was around 15 years and studying in 10th. Soon after the marriage my uncle got a job in Australia and hence moved out with his wife and child. In our house there were two bedrooms upstairs, one of which was occupied by my athai and the other by my uncle and his family.

After my uncle’s family moved out, I was given that room. I felt very happy about it because I had already started to masturbate by that time, and a separate room was a great help for this. Earlier I had to do it only in the bathroom. I had to hurry up to avoid anyone suspecting. In school I had a couple of friends who used to bring the Tamil porno storybooks with pictures, which we used to see quietly in the class room by keeping it inside the text book. One of them was even daring to shake his dick while reading these books in the class (there were also girls in the class). No one could notice it, of course, because we used to always sit in the last bench. I got addicted to sex and was imagining all the while about women.. Even on the road I started to stare at women’s Mulai (breasts) and Kundi (ass). I found immense pleasure in imagining and masturbating. My athai, at 40 was still a great looking woman. She has a big build (5 feet 6 inches – certainly tall for her generation) with big mulai and kundi. Her tits are 38C size (I guess, because there was no bra to see the size). She used to always wear saree with Ravikkai (blouse) and Paavadai (petticoat). In those days she never wore a bra. She wore a garment called ul-body or inner choli ( a cotton sleeveless skimpy jacket sort of thing).

There was no undergarment for the Pundai(pussy) and kundi. She was very careless about the way she wore her blouse and saree mundhanai(pallu). In most of her blouses some hooks were missing and here ul-body(inner choli) was partly visible. Some times she would wear only blouse without the undergarment, and when the pallu falls, I could clearly see the big areolas and the thick nipples thrusting against the thin blouse materials. The colour contrast of the black areolas and the nipple against the while flesh of her tits was too much. I would immediately go to the toilet and shake it off. After I got my room next to my athai’s room, I was always looking for a chance to see her semi nude. Our bedrooms were the only rooms upstairs. Besides, there was one common toilet, and an open terrace. On the open terrace there were windows for the toilet as well as the bedrooms. The window for toilet was small one at a higher level.

To peep through this window a stool or a chair was needed. My athai was in the habit of reading magazines (Vikatan, Kalki, Kumudam etc) before going to sleep. One day I just went on the terrace (it was dark outside) and the light was on in my athai’s room. I saw my athai in bed wearing only inner choli and petticoat. I suppose she also must have felt at ease because only I was there upstairs and no one else. My parents and grand parents hardly came upstairs. The servant maid came up to the terrace only during the day to put the washed clothes on the clothesline and take them away in the afternoon. This must have made my athai bolder. I saw part of her tits and a massive cleavage were exposed. I was shocked and excited to see her in this condition. I was totally absorbed watching her and automatically my hand started stroking my prick and squeezing my balls. It was dark outside and so my athai could not have seen me. This was already too much for me. I started shaking my prick vigorously and within minutes I came in my shorts. I continued to watch her caressing my limp prick. She shifted her position lying sideways, facing the window. I got a clear view of her massive tits and the long line between her tits. Her petticoat had also moved up a bit showing part of her thigh, which she coved by moving her petticoat down. I continued to watch. When she got up to switch off the light I quickly went to my room and shagged again, bringing to memory the scene I had just seen. I was thrilled at the prospect of watching her everyday. Thinking about her I went to sleep. From that day on I started to walk on the terrace every night before going to sleep. This was noticed by my athai and she asked me with a mischievous smile, “manish, nowadays I see you walk in the terrace before going to bed.

Don’t stay out too long otherwise I might catch cold and become sick. I cannot understand the sudden changes in you teenagers these days”. I thought she was suspicious that I might be watching her through the window.. I told her that I want to walk to digest my dinner and at the same time I am mentally repeating my lessons while walking. She did not bother much about it and left it at that. From the way she said it I felt that she might have suspected something fishy. I did not give it much attention and continued to walk and watch her. I thought that due to this suspicion she would become more careful and cover herself properly. But no! She on the other hand became more careless about her dress and I started seeing more. One night she unhooked her inner choli, and start to fondle her tits with her own hands. She was sometimes twisting her nipples. Her paavadai would be hiked up and she did not make any attempt to pull it down. She even loosened her paavadai nada put her hand inside. I think she was playing with her pussy. It appeared to me that she was exposing herself knowing fully that I am watching. Anyway I was enjoying all the exposure and shagging every night. After a couple of weeks another exciting incident took place. After reading the magazines for a while she went into the toilet and I heard her humming. I took a stool and peeped into the toilet. To my surprise I saw her removing her inner choli and paavadai. I got totally gripped by the scene and..My god! I saw her fantastic body. She was totally nude now and her tits were really big, round and the nipples were pointing down. The sight of white flesh and the black areolas made me go crazy. Her bush was big (unlike what I have seen in the pictures) with thick fur of hair and absolutely black. She took a scissor and started trimming her bush.

She kept one leg up on the toilet seat and was inspecting the pussy area. After trimming the hair, she washed the pussy area with soap and with the hand-shower she cleaned it thoroughly. I got a good view of her pussy when she opened it with her fingers and cleaned it. While she was bending and washing her pussy her tits were moving all over the place. It was a fantastic site, which I could never have imagined to see in my life. She finished and went out of the toilet with only a towel wrapped around her. I was hoping to see some more, because she went out only in towel. I thought she might take a bath. I got down from the stool to go to the window of her bedroom. While getting down, I saw her standing in the terrace looking at me. I was caught red handed. I was standing there with my prick out of my shorts and half erect. I stood in front of her totally nervous and not knowing what to do. She told me to follow her to her room.. I got very scared now, because she might tell my parents and grand parents. I was imagining all sorts of things. She knew that I was watching her nude, trimming her pussy hair in the toilet and must have felt furious about my behaviour. But how did she know that I was watching. It was dark outside. I did not make any noise at all. Whatever it is, I am in big trouble. I was now thinking how to pacify my athai. When we went into her room and she stood facing me. She was wrapped in the towel that hardly covered her tits, more than half of her tits were pushed up like two big white buns. The bottom of the towel hardly covered her ass and pussy. I stood there with my head hung down. I dare not look at her face. She held her towel together and sat on the bed. Her thighs were fully exposed. She did not speak a single word but continued to look are me. Now I looked at her face and quickly looked away. I did not see her angry. On the other hand I saw her smiling! I was a bit confused. I looked at her again and saw her looking at me with a mocking smile. She now said her first words after the long uncomfortable silence. “Tell me manish, what were you doing in the terrace standing on the stool? Were you peeping into the toilet?” Her tone was not angry or irritated, but cool and comforting. I was not nervous anymore. I still kept my head down and muttered, “Yess…. athai. I am sorry I did this. I will not do this again. Please do not tell anyone”. I continued to look away from her face still not totally comfortable with the situation. She moved her legs and the towel parted a little and some of her pussy hair peeked out.

She did not make any attempt to cover it. On the other hand she moved her legs wider and I could now see more of her black bush clearly. She started to laugh and said in a cool manner, “manish, tell me what should I do? Should I tell your parents about your adventure? If you don’t want me to tell them, then you should obey all that I ask you to do. Will you do that or shall I tell your parents”. I realized now that I was totally in her grip. If I disobey her she will tell my parents. I cannot allow that to happen at any cost. So I agreed to obey all her commands. I said, ” Ahtai, I would obey all your orders. Please don’t tell anyone about this”. She said, ” That is like a good boy. From now on whenever we are alone, I am your master and you are my slave. Ok?” I said ok. She got up went to the cupboard and took out a bottle of olive oil. She gave the bottle to me asked me to turn around. After a minuted, she told me turn back, apply the oil on her back and start to massage. I turned around and saw her lying on the bed on her tummy. She had her towel removed but loosely covering her kundi (ass). I was totally excited about this prospect of touching her and perhaps the chance to squeeze her ass cheeks and later her tits. Without wasting time I stood by the side of the cot and started to apply the oil on her back. I started to massage slowly from near her shoulders downwards. She closed her eyes and told me to go down to her lower back. She said she usually gets pain in the lower back and so she needs the massage in that area. I started to massage her lower back and in the process slowly pushed the towel down until part of her kundi was visible. I continued to go down until I was touching her ass cheeks. I expected some reaction, but she was still, but only started breathe a bit more heavily. I took that as a welcome sign and got bolder.

I moved her towel more towards the thighs and started to massage her lower back and once in a while move to her ass and squeeze the cheeks lightly. She was really enjoying it because she had her eyes closed and was breathing quite heavily. After a while, she opened her eyes and lifted her head slightly and looked at me. She said, ” manish, you have wonderful hands. You are doing a great job. Now I want you to sit on my back facing my legs and massage my lower back. I was too happy at this command; I quickly got on her back and started massage her lower back and her ass. Now my hands were on her ass for a longer period than her lower back. Slowly I started to move my hands on her entire ass and at the end of every move inserted my fingers in between her legs to try and touch her pundai (pussy). She fully understood my intention and slowly parted her legs. I got bolder, removed the towel completely. I stopped coming to her lower back now, concentrating fully on her ass and upper thighs. I asked if the massage was ok, she just muttered, ” manish, it is too good, don’t talk just continue till I ask you to stop. Remember you are my slave.” I continued with pleasure, now my fingers were regularly moving to her pussy and with her legs parted fully, I had easy access to the pundai. I moved to the other side and sat on her legs. I saw her pussy from behind, parting her ass cheeks. It was beautiful. The pussy lips were big, puffy and the pair of flowery flesh that peeked out from the lips was big and protruding out. It was covered on the sides with a thick tuft of black hair. I was in heaven feeling it and looking at it. She had already become wet and the juice was flowing. I gently rubbed the pussy lips and slowly inserted one finger inside. She was already moaning and breathing heavily. When I inserted the finger, she jerked a bit and lifted her head and said in a commanding tone, ” manish, do only what I told you, don’t exceed the limit. I will tell you when to do that.

Ok, now you go to your room and sleep. Keep the oil bottle in the cupboard.” I felt a bit disappointed. I thought that she was enjoying it and so will not ask me to stop. Anyway I went back to my room. Thinking about what all happened that evening, I was totally excited. Involuntarily my hand went inside my shorts, took hold of my semi erect penis and started to stroke it. Slowly, with the scenes of that evening running in my mind, I increased my speed and exploded in a blissful orgasm. I went to sleep peacefully. For a few days my athai only allowed me to seeing her back. I could only see part of her tit flesh that was squeezed on the sides. She never turned around to show me full view of her tits and pussy. I was even tempted to forcibly turn her over. But never attempted it because, I was scared that she might tell my parents about my peeping into the toilet. So, one evening I went to her room and asked her, ” athai, please you allow me to touch you pussy, why don’t you let me see your mulai (breasts). Please athai…., please. I will only see, I will touch only if you allow me to. Please athai….., please. She laughed and told me, “manish, I understand your impatience. Anyone in your place would have not waited it this long. Anyway I was going to let you do it all. But if we do everything in one day, you and I will lose interest. We must build it up slowly. Ok, since you asked me, I will let you see my breasts and pussy fully. Today you can only see. Ok , no touching. Also you should not take your prick out and start shaking, which I know you are doing every night. I agreed immediately, because I can atleast see her tits fully. She was then fully dressed with her saree and blouse. She got up from the bed, and slowly removed her saree. She told me to sit on the chair and watch. In her petticoat and blouse (there was nothing inside her see through light blue blouse), she stood in front of the mirror and started to comb her hair. I was enjoying the sight of her huge blouse-clad tits. I could clearly see the contrast of her white globes and the black areolas and nipples. This show was also exciting her and her nipples were clearly hard and thrusting against the thin blouse material. It was getting hot and spicy. She slowly removed the hooks of her blouse. First the top three hooks. Released partly, her big and heavy tits that were pressed together came out looking even bigger.

After what seemed an eternity, she removed the other hooks and slowly removed her blouse. She covered her tits with her palms and slowly started to move her tiny palms on the heavy globes. It was a fantastic sight. I just could not contain myself. So I moved my hand down and started to squeeze my erect prick and balls. I dare not take it out and upset my athai. My 40 year old athai was there standing in front of me and playing with her tits. She was now squeezing them and twisting the nipples with her thumbs and forefingers. I got up and went closer. She did not object to it. Her nipples were erect and long. They were about an inch long and as thick as my fingers. The areolas were big (about the size of small saucers) and had plenty of goose pimples on them. I was very tempted to hold them and feel them. But I just contained my self and went back to my seat. After a while she undid the paavadai nada and slowly let it slide down. Her pussy was visible in all its glory. It was a big bush with a heavy growth of hair. The pussy lips were not readily visible. She then sat down on the bed. Opened her legs and started to finger her pussy. She opened her pussy lips with her fingers and looked at me with a mischievous smile on her face. I was longing to hear something from her. She saw me squeezing my prick and balls. She told me, ” Hey manish, you look very excited and you want to do something with me. You feel like touching me. Do you want to feel my cunt from front?”. I said, ” yes athai, please let me see and touch your beautiful pussy fully.” She laughed and said to me,” ok, I will let you touch my pussy, provided you agree to lick me there.” I readily agreed. She then lied on the bed with her partly folded legs kept apart. Her pussy was now in clear view. She told me to start licking her. I went on the bed, and slowly moved my head in between her legs. I held her legs up on my shoulders and started to kiss her pussy. There was a huge bush of hair. I licked over the hair, then the puffy lips and the entire cunt. I slowly started to lick all over with my tongue. I then forced my tongue into her cunt. Wow! It was great. It was soft and tender. At times I also slightly bit the puffy lips on their sides. Her cunt was very big. I ate for a long time until she came. There was helluva lot of pussy juice flowing. The odour was strange and nice. I enjoyed every bit of it and I knew that athai also did. She asked me to go back to my room. I went back satisfied about the progress. I shagged like hell to release all the tension. The very next day I got the chance to feel and suck her tits. It so happened that the next day, my parents and grand parents had early dinner and retired to bed early. I came home a bit late, around 9 PM. Athai was waiting for me. We had dinner together.

During the dinner she let her saree slip down. She had already opened all her hooks except the bottom ones. Most part of her tits was exposed. I was bit scared that my mom or dad might walk into the dining room. I told her about it. She said, ” don’t worry, they went to bed long back and are fast asleep. Today you are going to play with these. But before that you must lick my pussy until I get satisfied.” “She is fucking tease man”, I told myself. Any way I was enjoying the sight of her beautiful globes and gave my dick a squeeze. After a while she put her pallu back on her shoulder. I was excited. I quickly finished my dinner and went upstairs to my room waiting for athai to clear the utensils and come up. Soon athai came up and after keeping the water jug in her room, she came to my room. She got up and stood behind me and put her hands on my shoulders. She pressed her massive tits on my back, and she kissed my cheek and said a few loving words. I was thrilled and excited at the prospect of touching her tits. As I was enjoying her touch, she just stood back, unhooked her choli and pressed her bare tits on my neck. Each tit was on either side of my neck nudging my ears and lower cheeks. It was fantastic. I put hands on them from the sides and started to caress them. She slowly moved her hands down, unbuttoned my shirt and stated to caress my chest. Slowly she moved her hand down to my crotch and started to rub and squeeze my erect prick and balls. I just could not take it any more. I got up and hugged her hard. Her tits were crushed against my chest. She took charge, and kissed me on my lips. She thrust her tongue into my mouth and created fantastic sensations. I was in the heaven.

Suddenly she pulled herself away and sat on the bed. She told me that she was not sure if she should continue this. She told me that after her husband died, she has not had sex with anyone. When she knew I was watching her, she became excited and wanted to continue with it. That is why she started to show more. But now she is worried if this is correct. I did not know what to say. But I was not willing to let go this opportunity. I sat next to her and told her that I was very excited to see her nude and very thrilled to get this chance to have sex with her. I told her that we could keep it totally secret and have fun. I reassured that I would not do anything that will hurt her or make her pregnant. She laughed and told me that, that was not the problem. She was only worried about her own guilty feeling. She felt that she might be corrupting me by doing this. But after convincing her for a while, she felt better. But she told me again that I could only see her tits and pussy and touch and suck her tits. She said no fucking. I said’ ” do I have a choice?” We then got into bed facing each other; She had her choli hooks open, but kept her paavadai in tact. she gave me her tits to suck. I reminded her of the condition that I should lick her pussy before she would allow me to touch her tits. She told me it is ok, we are not master and slave any more. We are like lovers. So I trust you and you trust me. No problem if you play and suck with my tits. My tits are longing for some one to feel, press and squeeze them. It is about 8 long years since I enjoyed all this. I don’t want to lose any more time. So saying, she lifted her left tit with her left hand and gave it to me to suck. I started sucking and kneading the juicy and creamy tit with my right hand. With my other hand I got hold of her right tit and started to squeeze it. I shifted sucking and licking her tits from one to another. I kept biting the flesh all over the luscious globes and the nipples. The nipples became harder as I kept sucking and biting them. It was too good to stop. In the mean time athai moved her hand into my shorts and found my erect prick. She kept holding it and stroking it. After a while both of us were very excited and she started to shake my prick very fast. I just could not take it anymore and exploded into a fantastic orgasm. After that I continued to play with her tits and she was just stroking my hair and back. We both enjoyed it for a long time, before we decided to call it a day. I went back to my room to sleep. We continued this way for many days. No one suspected anything.

No one came upstairs. No problem at all. Life was great. After a few days I borrowed some Tamil porno books from my friends and showed them to my athai. She was surprised that I have been reading these books and that I already know everything. I told her that it was all because of my friends and that I am addicted to sex. I asked if she could agree to more than just seeing and feeling her tits. I asked her if she would give me a blowjob. She agreed reluctantly and told me that she would do it on her own when she felt like. Within the next couple of days it happened. As usual I was sucking and playing with her tits, and she was stroking my prick. She suddenly moved down, pulled my shorts, took my prick in her hand and started to slowly lick the head covered by the foreskin (I am not circumcised). She slowly started to lick and nibble at the foreskin and in between gave a few light sucks. She made it wet by licking it all over. She gave me a fantastic blowjob and sucked me until I came. She did not take the cum in her mouth. Instead she wiped it with her paavadai. I asked her why she did not drink the cum. She said she never liked the cum in her mouth. It is totally against what I read in every story. Anyway in the first time itself I knew that she was an expert in giving head. I later asked her if she used to blow her husband. She smiled and told me that she could never sleep without sucking him for a while. I then knew that she would also be a good fuck. I decided to somehow fuck her. But I did not want to force it.

However the day that I would fuck her was not too far. I knew that she was also longing for a good fuck from me. She has told me that my dick is longer and thicker than her husband’s. I knew that it would not be difficult to make her agree. After that I started treating her as my lover. I started to get her chocolates, or some small gifts for her from my pocket money. I even brought flowers for her. I had great difficulty in taking it upstairs without anyone coming to know. After a couple of weeks it happened. My parents and grand parents decided to go on a trip to Madurai to visit some relatives and also to go to the temple. I took this chance to make my athai agree to total sex. I brought a blue movie from the video rental and kept it in my study locker. My parents and grand parents left as scheduled by Pandian express. So I was left alone with my beloved athai. The day they left, we ate dinner out in a restaurant and returned home around 9 PM. On the way I bought mallipoo (Jasmin flowers) without my athai’s knowledge. We saw TV for a while. I then brought the blue film and put it on and I gave the flowers for her to wear it on her hair. This pleasantly surprised my athai. She said that I will make a very good husband and that the girl who is going to marry me is very lucky. I took all the complement, kept my head on her lap and started slowly put my hand inside her saree pallu and touch her blouse-clad breasts. They were really huge and every time I felt them I was telling how lucky I am. I felt the nipples hardening and teased them. The blue movie was now playing and being a hardcore one, there was not much story. There was sucking, fucking, licking and orgy going on all the time.

But it certainly made athai hot, she slowly found my prick and started to stroke it. She then made me to sit and she lied on the floor with her head on my thigh. She took my prick in her mouth and started to lick and suck. I told her that today I wanted to go all the way and be her husband for the night. She looked at me, smiled and said, “manish beta, you are a very smart boy. You have made things in such a way that I cannot refuse. Ok. It is your day. I will do anything you want.” I then told her that we move to her room upstairs and continue there. We went up. My athai then suggested that we take bath together first. I said it was a great idea. She then started to strip. She took off her saree and blouse and exposed her tits. I immediately took her tits in my hands and started to lick and suck them. She told me not to hurry up like this. She then took off her paavadai and stood stark naked. She was a superb looking lady at 40. She was like the temple sculpture.

She had the perfect hourglass figure with big tits and wide hips. I just hugged her and kissed her on the lips. She told me that I was still wearing my dress. I then quickly removed all my clothes. We then went to the toilet and started to take the shower together. We had a great time soaping each other’s body. I was rubbing her tits and ass and pussy. She soaped my erect prick and balls and after washing took it in her mouth and blew it for while. I controlled myself from coming. After bathing for a while we dried ourselves and went to the bed room. Athai told me not to hurry up. She said we must have the foreplay for a long time. It was then decided to go into 69 position. We were sucking and licking each other for a long time. She then told me to come on top of her. I did as she told me, she guided my dick into her pussy, which was already wet and slippery. My prick went in easily and I started to move it in and out. She asked me to go slow and steady. After a while she told me to take it out. She wanted to be screwed in doggy style. She went on her knees and pushed her ass up. Her pussy was clearly seen between her legs and it was red and wet. I inserted by hard dick into it and started to move it in and out.

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