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My Desire For Mita Bhabhi

  • desipapa
  • September 9, 2015

Hey how are you desipapa fans. Her name is Mita. She is a sweet and sexy Bengali lady. I first came to know her around 4 years back when I started my career in a Multinational Company at a district town of Bangladesh, where her husband was working in a different MNC. Her hubby was around 10 years senior to me by age but as our working place was same, we developed a good friendship and rapport. Her hubby took me as a younger brother.

After a couple of months in that district town which was totally new to me, her hubby became very close to me, so one day he invited me to his house to have dinner together. That was the night when I first saw my Mita Bhabi. She was then in her late twenties and mother of two kids. I found her to be very beautiful Bangali Lady with nice communicative eyes, sweet smile

And a very lovely face with a few extra pounds. We took dinner together when her hubby gave a brief introduction of mine and I had small chat with her. That was the D day when I first met her but right that day I could not think that once she will be my one of the most desired sex goddess and intimate partner of the most enjoyable play of human life.

Days passed on, I got closer and closer to that family. Kids liked me very much still they are though they are now much grown up. As we came closer and closer and as I could observe her more frequently I found my Mita Bhabi has got very nice big tits and heavy round ass. While she walks it’s a great pleasure to see her from back side, the tides of her heavy ass is really horny. Over the time I got a deep desire to get her more intimately, but was not sure what’s the level intimacy?

A number of occasions when she was busy with household work I could see her sexy cleavage and felt hot but did nothing as we were still maintaining usual respectable distance. But while I was in my bed at night sometimes I used to masturbate fantasizing her. In early days of my masturbation fantasizing her, while I used to meet her next I used to feel discomfort to look at her face directly.

Over time that went of I started fantasizing her more frequently and while meeting her I used to observe her with my thirsty eye more and more closely specially her sexy parts. Sometimes I kept eyes on her lively communicative eyes and try to read something see some thing but could see nothing.

We got closer and closer, she started talking different things of there conjugal life. She even told me her mismatches with her hubby. But these were all with out any intention of sex. So sometimes I got encouraged but most of the time I remained as it was, just looking at her and fantasizing kissing, licking her ass, tits, pussy, thighs etc. We maintained a respectable Bhabi Dewar relationship.

Always I was to eager to meet her see her more frequently and if possible alone, with lots of plan in head. Seldom I found her alone but could do nothing as I was not courageous enough and also as she never showed any kind of sign so that I can move forward to seduce her or fuck her.

After three years her hubby was transferred to Dhaka. They all moved. I was feeling alone in that peripheral district city and fantasizing her more frequently and was trying to make some other relationships, those are other stories. Many nights I fucked her in my dreams. I fucked her in all position in my dream, most frequently doggy style as her ass is the most attractive one in the world so far I saw, but those are all in dreams.

Whenever I used to come to Dhaka for official or personal reason I used to get meet her and her hubby. Nobody could understand my inner desire. I few occasions I stayed at their home in Dhaka. After another year her hubby quit the job and left for US to make fortune. Now she is alone with her kids in Dhaka and me in the peripheral district.

During this time I several times came to Dhaka and went to meet her with a desire to stay at her house in absence of her hubby. But she never told me to stay in her house so I could not. Each time I left her house, sometimes I had to go back my place and have to jerk off of my cum thinking her. In dreams now I fuck more frequently. I fucked her on bed, on sofa, in kitchen, in bathroom, but only in dreams.

Another year passed, now I got promotion. My promotion make my way to Dhaka, because this was a head office position, and as usual our head office is in Dhaka. This was huge delight to my life, not that I got a very attractive promotion but as I could stay at Dhaka and meet my sexy Mita Bhabi more frequently means getting more chance to meet her alone and increasing the chance fucking her in real.

I moved to Dhaka. Most of the days after office hour I go to her home and chat with her long having plans in mind. By this time Mita Bhabi, gathered few more pounds in her sexy body. Her tits & ass become more sexy and gorgeous. As a whole she became a sex goddess. Thinking of her unmet sex desire due to absence of her husband each day I go with new idea but come back with out implementation.

We sit together on sofa even closely, talk long hours, touched her hands, and looked in to her sweet eyes with plan in mind. Going back home either masturbate fantasizing her or fuck her in dream. Meantime my parents were telling me to get married, I was neutral to their proposal but in my mind I was mostly thinking to find out a way of fucking Mita Bhabi.

Few months after I came to Dhaka a disaster happened to Mita Bhabi, suddenly her hubby died from a road accident in US. The incidence was a huge shock to me as well. Actually I liked Mita Bhabi’s husband a lot, he was really a elder brother to me. My all sexy intensions with Mita Bhabi went of, I was more concern about uncertainty and insecurity of Mita Bhabi & her two growing boys.

The early days after that sad incidence was really tough for her. But time heals every things. By this time I was more frequent to her home. She also was calling me more frequently for different kind of help and support for her family in her day to day matter. Several times we traveled from one place to another place of Dhaka different reasons by rickshaw. My desire fucking Mita Bhabi came again.

Different times in her house and while traveling by rickshaw I touched her smooth belly, tits and ass. those were mere touches. I was expecting her response after each touch but she was unresponsive. Now a days I meaningfully stare at her sexy lively eyes she also keep her eyes, sometimes she smiles while looking at me but not more than that. Sometimes she says when you will be marrying my dear Dewar?

Will you give time to me once you are married? What kind of girls should I look for you? I usually answered nothing but keep smiling looking at her meaningfully at her such query. Sometimes I gave non-specific answer, while seducing her in my mind. One day while she was asking me what sort of girls I would like to marry again and again, I answered like you. Like Me? What do you mean dear Dewar she asked with a nonspecific smile. I answered I mean beautiful like you.

She smiled again and told don’t be liar dear, I am not beautiful, and tended to leave the room. I pulled her holding her hand and told firmly, I am not lying, You are the most beautiful lady in my eyes. Instantly her eyes started talking with me with joy but with in few moment she became sad and told dear Robin, I am unlucky, don’t say something like this again, go back home and she left her drawing room.

After waiting for 15/20 minutes for her return as she did not came back again, I left her house and exceptionally she did not come to say good bye to me, her maid closed the door.Next day I came and had regular chat. She laughed, she smiled, I stared at her eyes she also kept her eyes on mine. Days passed on. Now I more frequently touch her, she sometimes holds my hands. In different occasion I come with small gifts for her she accepts those with childlike joy, thanks me.

Each time I go to foreign country for my official reasons I bring special gifts like perfume, body lotion etc for her and chocolates for her kids. She hugs me sometimes but I was not still sure about her sexual intension. Once after coming back from a foreign trip I went with chocolates for her sons and a nice pack for Mita Bhabi.

I gave the chocolates to my nephews they with joy went to their study room then I gave that pack to her hand and told her not open the pack in front of kids or any body else. She told why not? I am excited to see it, what is in it? I smiled its only for you that’s why only you should see it, saying this I left her house.

It was a very costly set black bra and panty. The size of the bra was 36. Once while I was using toilet in Mita Bhabi’s house, I saw one of her bras hanging in the bathroom from that bra I could know the sizes of her nice fully grown lotuses. So I was sure it will be nicely kissing her tits while she will be wearing it. Regarding the panty I was thinking it may be a bit tighter for her heavy ass but that’s better if its tight the panty can kiss her ass and pussy mound more closely. I was not sure about, what will be her reaction once she find it in the pack. Was not sure whether she will wear it or not.

The whole night I could not sleep. I was thinking of different reactions of Mita Bhabi, some were angry reactions, some sexy, some normal neutral. I masturbated a couple of times fantasizing her tits, pussy and ass.Next day I could not concentrate to my office work. I was eager to meet Mita Bhabi to understand her response. So after office hour I rushed to her house. I found her sitting on sofa in drawing room with her sons.

While I entered in the room she looked at me and gave neutral smile and told me to sit. I started chatting with nephews, they were still excitedly thanking me for the chocolates I gave them the day before. After few moments they went out to play. Mita Bhabi was not talking and was looking to TV screen. I was a bit confused. I changed the sofa and sat beside her (by this time it was usual for us to sit beside her even closely on sofa).

Few moments later keeping eyes on TV screen Bhabi asked me “Robin you brought something for me that I only expect from my hubby”. Her tone was sad. She continued “nobody else should give me something like this”. I told, Sorry Bhabi, are not those good? Don’t you liked those?

Bhabi : These are excellent. I liked those very much. I never had such costly things Robin. But why you brought it for me? I only expect it from my husband and he is dead. She was almost weeping and whispering.I hold her hand and told “Dewars like me can brought this thing for beautiful Bhabi like you”.Mita Bhabi looked at me told thank you very very much its very nice.

Did you tried it Bhabi? Are those OK for you Bhabi?She laughed, her eyes started talking some special language, ” You naughty how you know my size”? Pulled back her hand from mine. She is smiling, eyes glittering.I guessed dear Bhabi, I pulled her hand again, I pulled her as a whole to me, and she came to the closest to my body. Me feeling her warmth and nice scent of her sexy body.

After while she pulled back her, went away from me, whispering what you are doing Dewar? kids or my maid may come any time.I laughed and told I am doing nothing just holding my Bhabi’s sweet hand. She laughed and told we should not cross limit.What’s the limit?

Again she pulled her hand back and sat in another sofa laughing. This is the best possible signal I received from her to date. I was thinking many options at a time. Should I proceed further? Is it my first day after so many days of fantasy and dream to fuck her. Do we have enough time right now to complete the whole fucking here on sofa before kids or maid come? Is it safe to start here? Will she be angry if I proceed further? Will she be so angry that our relationship will be an end?

Thinking so many questions I decided to be patient. After a long patience of around 5 years to come up to these I can not loose my relationship by showing impatience. Possibly from now I may have to be patient only for few days or if it is couple months, I would not mind. Because I know such kind patience pays back compounded (it is so, my this patience paid back really compound, that I will tell later in the part of this story). Sitting in other sofa I started chatting with her and actually praising her beauty.

I praised her earlier as well but those more generalized, now I am specific. I told how nice and appealing she is, how sexy her figure is, and her ripe great apples, how horny her ass is. She laughed, smiled glittered and told you are naughty Robin.Limit is limit, she told try the new bra and panty Bhabi.I will
Please now, no not now, should I change in front of you? Smilingly, how dare you are?Not in front me, go to your bedroom and then change and come.
How you could so accurate with my bra size again she asked.

How many girls and ladies you came to know? How closely you know them? What kind of relationship those were?By this time her maid came. We changed our subject. After 10/15 minutes I intended to leave. She came with me up to road walking beside me up to the parking lot where I parked my bike and talked a few more minutes and told me be careful while you drive your bike and smiled.

It was really difficult to concentrate in driving after this kind of exciting evening. I came home, could not concentrate anything till I went to bed. In bed I could not sleep. I wanted to masturbate, but could not, now I can’t fantasize her. I just need her, with her all sexy treasures. I want kiss her lips, eyes, lick her body, suck her and fuck her. At mid night I phoned her after few rings as the phone is beside her bed as is mine.

She was a bit surprised and I think was happy as well. As we talking, I felt she is beside me. I again started praising her, she was laughing. Suddenly voice changed, it seemed a very horny voice. I thought she possibly started fingering her pussy, this thinking made me to start stroking my dick. We were talking usual matters, but from my side whenever I was talking,

I was relating it to praise her body, her beauty. I could not keep track as I was stroking my dick, neither she, sometimes she was breathing heavily. We did not talk directly sex. But it was sex I know. Its peculiar, its different, its enjoyable. When ever due to stronger movement of my hand, my voice changed she inquired what happened, I

Answered nothing and then again concentrated in talking. Same happened to her, she also responded as I. It was a long around 2-hour chat, sex chat, in the form of normal chat. During the whole session, while she talking horny & breathing heavily, many times I was feeling she herself squeezing and rubbing her bare apples, nice smooth belly, navel, fingering her tight juicy pussy, her thighs.

Many times I was about to ask her the color off her nipples, whether her pussy is hairy/shaved, but did not ask. She is black beauty, not black I can say tanned, not tanned she is sexy shama lady. At the end of our great telephone chat she was almost whispering, I thought she is enjoying her orgasm, me also started rubbing, stroking hard, and also moaning a few times as she was, and I burst out. It was the most exciting masturbation of my life. I also started whispering. Bhabi told Robin we both are sleepy, lets sleep.

Next evening I rushed to her house. She greeted me smiley but she cloud not looking at me, neither I. We alone sitting in drawing room, maid in kitchen kids outside. We talked haphazardly. I told her whether she tried the bar and panty, she smiled and not looking at me told,

Bhabi : I will wear those on special day.
Me : Special day? Which special day?
Bhabi ; Special day is special day, don’t be naughty. Lets talk something else.

Next half an hour we could not talk consistently, most of the time kept silent, sitting side by side, touch each other nothing else. Under my zipper my dick was hard. But I decided to patient as maid is in house. Then I left, she again came with me up to my bike and then said be careful while driving.Next two days neither I went to her nor called. Thinking different exciting thing but could not make up the plan for next step.

On third day I got a call from her to my office. She talked briefly, ask why I have not called her, why I have to her house. Then she told to go her house this evening, because she needs some help from me and then told bye. I committed to go to her home around at 5:30 to 6:00 PM. The rest of the time I could not concentrate in office. I was only thinking what kind of help she needs? Does she meant I should help her in satisfying her body need by a good fuck? Will she keep her house free from maid and kids for a nice long fucking so on….

Just at 5:30 I rushed out of my office. Again while I was driving my bike, I was thinking of her house to be empty only she & me and…The elder son open the door. Entering her house I found every body in house. I got disappointed. After few moments she came. I got mum. I could not say anything. She is looking stunning. She is wearing a deep blue shari and low cut blouse, a set of ear ring and necklace of white pearl, slight make up on her extremely sweet face.

Her eyes laughing. For a better sight of her necklace she kept her breast a bit open, I can see her great cleavage through her low cut blouse. And most importantly both the Shari and the ear ring necklace set were gave my me, I never seen her to wear those, though she was very excited while I gave her these. She is looking like goddess. I felt she is sweet mild beauty of moonlit contrary she is also hot, hot, horny and sexy, I got mad, and I can’t talk.

She smiled, and told, Robin I have some work outside, lets go, and you have to accompany me. Many times I went with her for different work purpose so it was normal to her kid and maid.She came out, I followed. Asked where we have to for your work.No where, we will roam around in rickshaw. ( She never rides bike, so we usually move on rickshaw or scooter)

It was around 06: 15, darkness of night just approaching, but it was darker, I looked to sky, it is heavily cloudy, it may rain. Its mid June so each day there are some rain. I told there will be possibly heavy rain with in 10/15 minutes.She told, so what, I want see rain. Call a rickshaw.I told what should I tell to rickshaw-puller to go. Anywhere, as you wish.

I called a rickshaw, told the rickshaw-puller to go to Shahid Minar because it is a bit far from her house, I wanted to get her close to my body as long as possible. The rickshaw started. I am sitting close, I can feel her warmth, softness, smelling sweet scent of the mixture of perfume and her hot sexy body. Whispered in her ears, you are looking gorgeous.She smiled, whispered in turn what ever I wearing today is yours, the perfume is yours, soap, shampoo, I used while bathing is yours, lotion I rubbed is yours, only thing is not yours is my shoes.

Bra and panty Bhabi?You are smart Robin why you asking such foolish question? I told you every thing is yours. I never used any thing given by you before this day, but today its everything.I whispered is it a special day.
Yes it is.I know your birthday, today is not your birthday, why this day is special then.She told I made it special, it’s special as today I will roam around with my lovely Dewar with out reason, I will see rain, I will shower in rain.Meantime its stated raining. The rickshaw-puller stopped to give us a curtain. The started again. We are now behind curtain, its darker outside, I am excited and undecided.

She kept her right hand on my thigh, I hold it. She hold me in reply. We are tightly holding each other looking to darkness and rain. The rain started growing, suddenly wind also started blowing, and we are not speaking. Just sitting flesh to flesh, feeling warmth over cloths, holding hands tightly.
When we reached Shahid Minar, the rain was so heavy, I told the rickshaw puller to go in front of the near by Dhaka Medical college Hospital.

We entered in to the hospital lobby. Few people are standing here and there to save themselves from heavy rain and wind. We found out a quite place on corridor where there is some sort of barricade like wall. We went behind the wall. Nobody was there. We standing close flesh to flesh. Heavy wind rain is out there, its dark as well accept the low power bulb of corridor.

Suddenly electricity went off. Immediately I embrace her, she as well, my lips on her. Her legs I felt opened. For the first time I drank her. It was long kiss. Then I started sucking her lips, she also, we forgot any body can come, but was secure as it was complete darkness.

Both breathing heavily, she started sucking my tongue, I got mad, her apples pressed against my chest. I tried to make some distance between us while keeping sucking tongue, so that I can squeeze her breast. But could not, as she was holding me hardly against her body, pressing tits against me. I started rubbing her back, squeezing her sexy hot ass. Many days I wanted to touch her sexy ass, now its mine,

Playing with her ass over Shari, kissing licking her chicks, neck shoulder. Bhabi breathing heavy, heavier, heavier, slightly moaning as well, trembling, embracing me tightly. My man is hard hard harder under my pant. For how long we were in that condition we don’t know, suddenly I heard sounds of some bodies footstep, we stopped standing close, flesh to flesh, holding hands tight, no talking, only breathing.

The man passed away and did not notice us in the darkness, We started again. We repeated the same thing several times but now for brief time. By this time rain slowed down, wind was not there. Bhabi whispered I have to go back, my sons are waiting.

We came out, called rickshaw rode in it with holding curtain in front to save ourselves from shower. Sitting more closer, flesh to flesh. Not talking, her hand on my thigh resting, my left busy to hold her apple, she whispered No, I told Yes. Right hand holding curtain, left hand in the softness of sexy right apple of Bhabi, caressing, fondling, squeezing. Sometimes she rubbing my thigh, squeezing, I whispered please rub a bit right between my legs my penis is throbbing, she stopped rubbing, took away her hand from me and told No.

Me squeezing with left hand her tits, she heavily breathing, moaning coming out but she is controlling. My hand is looking for the nipple over Shari, blouse and bra. We continued till we reached her house. We got off, Bhabi told, you should not come in, just go back to home. I told its still raining, I want to wait, as I have to drive my bike back home. Bhabi told no, you just go back home, Robin we should not cross limit and then entered house. It seemed her voice is rude. I was surprised.

Just few minutes after I came home back, Bhabi phoned, she just asked whether I could came back home safely and then disconnected. I was confused, what’s wrong? Me still feeling hardness and also feeling slight wetness in my underwear, dick still throbbing.

Went to bathroom. Jerked of. I jerked of but still fully unsatisfied, took shower, came out, locked my room, fired cigarette, opened locked drawer, brought out my favorite Kamasutra of Rekha, but could not concentrate. I just rewinding the whole thing, getting hard again, whenever I see the sexy nude body of Kamasutra actress I think Bhabi is much better, much sexier.

At mid night I phoned her back a couple of times, each time I found busy tone. Possibly she willingly disconnected the line, she does not want to talk with me. Whole night, I jerked of 4 times more, but still unsatisfied.Next evening I went her home. The kids said mom went out as she has got some work. I waited long long long 1 hour, she did not came. She never goes out with out me specially at night times. Even she tells me, if she need to go out. But now no clue. I left, mid night tried again with phone to talk to her but found the line busy again. Masturbated.

Thought was it wrong to tell her in rickshaw to rub my penis over pant? Is it that, what she say limit? Will she never hold my dick. Will she never permit me to see her nude? Was it wrong to squeeze her apples in rickshaw? Will I ever be able to suck her tits, lick her pussy, ass? Will she never take my dick in the softness, wetness & tightness of her pussy? So many questions, no answer. I could not sleep well. I got angry, I decided not to meet her, till she does not phone me.

Three more days passed. On fourth day, she called me and told, what happened, why you are not coming? I told I went and phoned as well, she told sorry. Come after office.Rang the doorbell, Bhabi opened the door smilingly, my dear Dewar come in come in she told. The house is quite, I asked where is every body? She smiled and told everybody is out for couple of hours. I became excited, but decided not to be proactive. She told me to sit down and then went in.

Moments passing away. Me alone sitting in sofa, thinking man things, why she called me when no body is in house, did she tactically sent everybody out? Is it my D-day? I am also rewinding the hospital & rickshaw matter. After few moments she came with two cup of Teas, gave me one, took one for herself, sat on other sofa. We started sipping tea. She in low voice asked, what you think of me Robin?I love you Mita, You are my goodess, me worshiper

Stopped sipping tea, looking at me sadly, started weeping. I put down the cup on table, come to her sofa, asking why you are crying? Pulled her u, embraced her. She holding me hard against her body. Started kissing her neck, chick, lips, she responding, sucking my tongue. Long long minutes we were doing this. Her eyes closed. I kissed her eyes, forehead, back of the ear. She breathing heavily, moaning as well.

I loosened my embrace, pulled me back from her body, and pulled down her Shari from her breast. She standing in front me, eyes closed. Her apples are in bra and blouse, no Shari on it. Cupped her both breasts, squeezing, she, moaning, Tried to unhook her blouse she pulled back her, saying NO, I said, I will not be opening your blouse, again squeezing and caressing. Now my fingers found her nipples, squeezed with fingers, moaning loudly, embraced me hard.

Me squeezing her ass hard harder, she moaning loud louder, Me and my goddess alone, in home with in TV there is a football match, nobody can hear her moaning from outside house because of TV sound. Rubbing my finger in her great ass furrow over Shari, she biting my lips. Pulling her Shari up to get the touch of her round fleshy ass, my dream ass, she pulled me back again saying No. Told me go back to your sofa, sit down there calmly.

Disappointed and angry me sitting in sofa, she opposite to me, sipping the tea which is already cold. Told me take your tea, I did not. She tried to talk I was not responding. Fe moments passed. She came to me, sat beside, told ” why you are so impatient dear? Don’t cross limit. You should get married and start happy life with wife. I was not looking at her and nor responding. She also told, I know how much pain I am giving these days, I know can’t sleep, neither I can, but dear we should not cross limit. I was still not talking.

She stood up, came in front me, hold my face, her lips came down on my lips, my lips not responding just feeling hers. She jerked my head told what happened, and started sucking lips, and telling please please, My lips started responding. She got mad. Kissing me every where in face. My hands pulled her Shari, she told no no, but kept kissing and sucking me.

My hands under her Shari, rubbing her great ass, thighs. Ohhhh Ohhhh. I can’t say how I was feeling, she is moaning, biting. Me rubbing, fondling, squeezing her ass. She stopped kissing, holding my face against her breast, me sucking her breast over blouse and bra, hands roaming around on her silky smooth ass & thigh skin. Rubbing hard her ass furrow.

She moaning aahhhh! ohhh! My hands are moved to her front side. Oh great its hairy, its bushy, Me rubbing her pussy mound. She is trembling, shivering, moaning, standing in front of me, eyes closed,aaaaahhhh,aaaahhh,

Me pulled her hand, placed between my legs, where my man is throbbing, she started rubbing it over pant. My fingers rubbing her hairy pussy lips, it wet. After few minutes of rubbing I pushed in my finger in the tightness of her pussy.Wow!. In out n out in out in out, my right index finger. Pushed two finger in.aaahhh!! Pushing finger deeper deeper, in out in out in out in out, Ouchhhhh!

She rubbing hard and harder my dick, sometimes squeezing hard.Pulled out finger from pussy, my hands are busy to open my zipper, she stopped moaning opened her eyes, told no please Robin no, don’t bring that out. I stopped. Tried to push my finger in again her pussy, but she told no no more today. Moved away from in front of me. Sat in opposite sofa, breathing heavily, sweating as well, trembling. Same me in other sofa.

We sat together in front of each other, no talk, only looking at each other, after 10/15 minutes bell rang, I understand here is today’s end. One of her relatives came in, after sitting for more 15 minutes I left. I can not leave immediately as the guest might get any clue regarding what happened in this room few minutes’ back. As the guest is well known to me we chatted, Bhabi came with tea again, by this time Kids are back home, I said good bye.

At mid night, when I was stroking and rubbing my man to tame him down, my telephone, rang. I know who is she.How are you robin?Bad. What about you?Why bad? What you wanted, you got. Me good.No I don’t got it all. (I was stroking and talking so was not able to talk spontaneously)

Dear Robin there is limit she said laughing. What else you want?
You understand dear Mita, Miiitttaa (hand busy with hardness of my penis)
I know what you are doing now?
What you are wearing honey?
Maxi, why? She laughed
I told please suck my dick.
No I will never do that, laughing…..ok I am kissing your lips
Me also kissing you, please be nude.

Laughing no, dear, you make me nude. I am here for you.Should I come?
How you can come? Its midnight.
I can come, I have my bike.
Don’t be silly,
Then please suck my dick
Ok I am rubbing, holding your dick, can you feel?
Ohhhh yes, yes

Up down up down rubbing your dick.
Let me suck your tits.
Its yours honey do that.
Please suck me.
Ok! dear me sucking great!
We had phone sex for an hour, when two times I came out.

Few more days passed. We met. But situation did not permit anything but holding hands only or touching briefly her tits and ass. But each night over phone I fucked her. But she told me she will never let me push my dick in her pussy.

Then it was a Hartal day. My office was closed. At around 10 AM, I started for office to check some mails. Due to hartal, I was taking rickshaw a few KM, then walking for a while then again rickshaw.. While I was close to her residential area on way to my office, I suddenly changed mind and started walking to her house.

Rang the bell, she came and opened the door, with smile she said dear I was thinking of you. I asked is not there any body house.No, sons went to their auntie’s house to watch cricket match with their cousin together and the maid went to her village, but don’t think anything she laughing, let’s watch cricket together.

I was fan of Cricket I told Ok. I just forgot today there is important match between Srilanka & India. I was just thinking how could I start our play. Today is the golden chance.We sat together on sofa, flesh to flesh, sipping tea, watching cricket. But none could concentrate on TV. Looking each other.

Suddenly I moved a bit and embraced her from side, she just fell on me. I started kissing her lips. She also. Hands rubbing her back,. Licking her shoulder, biting slowly. Sucking her tongue. Breathing heavily. Pulled shari up. Rubbing silky ass. Caressing thighs. Squeezing ass. Pushed finger in pussy from behind. Ohh she moaned. Bite my lips. Holding me hard. In out in out, pussy getting wet, wow wow wow, ouch ouch oh oh

At one point she pulled her back and went inside the house. I am waiting in sofa. Thinking next step. Pulled my hard dick out the zipper, thinking she will be excited seeing it, so she will not able to protect herself to get in her pussy.
She did not came back after 10 minutes even. Walked in to the bedroom of her, my dick is out zipper, its not erect or hard, but not soft as well.

She is standing in front of her Almirah, possibly looking for something. She looked around, then told, no no Robin, close your zipper. I stopped for a while, placed my dick in pant and closed zipper. She is again doing something, I slowly came up to her, embraced her from behind, supped her both breasts, my face on her shoulder, whispered what are doing Bhabi?

I am looking something.
What’s that something?
I don’t know, but I don’t want to cross limit.
I said ok. Me licking her shoulder, squeezing tits, Feeling her ass with my thighs.Licking behind her ears, biting. Pushed my hand in her blouse and bra. Oh that’s great feeling. I feeling the flesh now directly in my hands. Its softness, hardness, its warmth.

She breathing heavily. I don’t know for how long I did that. May be 15 minutes may be an hour, I have no idea. She is moaning.
Sat down behind her. She told don’t pull up Shari. I told ok. Kissing ass over shari. Biting. She moaning ohhhhh! Kissing ass over shari, hands under shari in front. Rubbing pussy hairs, pulling. Ohhhhhh!wow!

More time passed, I don’t know how much, she turned around, softly told me honey, I know you are tired, just take rest, you came walking in this Hartal day. Lay down for a while in my bed.No I am not tired. I don’t need rest.

Please take rest Sona. She walked away from me went to the toilet. I sitting for a while on ground, stood up and then lied down on her bed. Me smelling her, feeling her in her bed. After few minutes she came out, seeing me lying on bed, told, good boy, then came and sat beside me. Playing with my hairs, rubbing my head, softly told, Robin you don’t know how much I owe to you but we should have some limit. I should not,can not pay you back by doing these things with you

I told why you are saying this.
Its true you did many thing for me and my kids since many days.
Me lying on bed holding her round her waist. Rubbing her silky belly, slowly my hand went up under the blouse and bra. Ahhhh great great apples those are. She is on me kissing and sucking my lips, tongue. Pulled up shari, she told nothing. Me slowly rubbing her thighs asses, ass furrow.

Whispered please let me see your lotus full. She told these are yours. Immediately my hands became busy, front side her blouse is open, my black bra, I pulled it up, Apples jumped out. Great great beauty. Hanging ripe apples in front of, just few inch from my lips. I pulled her down. Started sucking the flesh of lotuses. She is Shama or tanned, her tits are a bit brighter, areola brown, nipples deep brown. What a beauty. Nipples are not too big not too small, just the right sight.

Her right nipple under my teeth, left between my fingers, she shivering, trembling, moaning wow! ahhhh! ooohh! Her two breasts are wet with my saliva, my whole face with her. I whispered sweetie please please, my dick.She quietly came down from me, breathing heavily, unbuttoned my trouser, pulled down it. Pulled down underwear, my man jumped out, wow she cried, great, great she immediately hold it. Smiling horny she told Robin your asset is big. Ohh!

Feeling her hand along the length of my erect dick. I will go mad. She kissed on it, rubbing my thighs. Told don’t move let me do, we will not cross limit ok.
I smiled, laid back, feeling her warm hand, moving up down up down my dick length. With movement of her hands her lotuses are dangling, dancing, I can’t express the beauty in writing here.Some more times passed on. I sat, she still playing with my dick, I again sucking her tits. She moaning a bit louder ouch aaaahhh! Robin!

I wanted to make her full nude, she told no. Me licking her belly now, hand on her pussy hair, pulling those, ohh! aaahh! Her hand moving faster along the length of my dick, that’s great, each move making me more and more hot
Left index finger entered in her wetness, tightness and softness of her cunt. in out, in out, in out, she stopped moving hand, moaning loudly ouch ouch ohhh ahhh, she sitting, legs wide open me lying,

My face is behind her ass, finger in pussy, pushed two fingers, in out in out in in in out in in out in in out, her apples dancing, eyes closed, biting own lips, moaning ohhh! dear ooh wow! pussy flooded, her inner thighs also wet with pussy juice because my quick fingering

How long I don’t know. Time passing like storm or its stand still, I don’t know. She suddenly pulled her pussy away from my finger, pushed me back again in straight lying position, thinking possibly I again crossed the limit, thinking possibly this is end of this session.

No this was beginning, she started sucking my dick, oh, me feeling her warmth, her wetness through out my penis. Me moaning. Feeling her tongue on glens penis, on shaft, own every mm of throbbing dick. She is setting her own limit. Its immense pleasure its not possible to express. It only can be felt, enjoyed.

I was about to cum, I told her to stop, otherwise I will come out. She stopped, said no no you don’t. Just keep quite.I kept quite lying on her bed. Slowly she came on me, pulled up Shari, I can see her hairy pussy, I wanted to kiss it so tried to sit, she pulled me back, her two legs are across my body, on my dick, her pussy just inch up of my hard throbbing dick,

She hold my dick, placed it in her pussy, my body electrified, she sat on my dick, my dick entered in her softness, wetness & hotness of pussy. Its tight as well. Oh I felt I am dying, I am drowning in pleasure, immense pleasure I can’t speak,

Me lying, she is dancing on my dick, her pussy and my dick is making sound posh posh posh fos fos fos, she moaning moaning, kill me kill me Robin Robin, ohhhhh ahh, Her apples dancing dancing how long?, again I don’t know. I felt my dick about burst, I told Bhabi, please stop or otherwise I will come out, I want to fuck you longer. She told I can’t stop my self. She moving her ass up down up down, me feeling her warmth and wetness along the length.

I quickly sat, embraced her hard stopped her movement, she moaning Robin Robin, more more, hard hard, oh oh oh. She sitting on my lap now her legs surrounding my waist, her pussy fully engulfed my man. Me started squeezing her ass, sucking tits, she again moving her ass, me also moving forward backward, with her each push. Creating another limit we, worshiper and goddess busy on white bed, making love, its love only this you can say love.

After some more time of her forward backward movement of her ass, she rested her face on my shoulder, moaning, stopped forward backward movement, she is moaning and resting on my shoulder her whole body is against me, eyes closed. I understood, she had her orgasm, a stormy orgasm, she can’t move, just sitting on my lap, pussy full of juice, with my dick throbbing inside, her apples pressed against my chest, She create her own limit.

Slowly pushed her backward, keeping my throbbing ding in the juiciness of her pussy. I made her lying on the other side of bed. She is lying, legs wide open, shari around her waist, blouse open bra open, apples laughing, her eyes closed, she moaning softly.

Now me on her, legs wide open, dick in out in out in out in out, pos pos pos fosh fosh, fonch fonch, sucking her tits, fucking her pussy, she can’t respond, only moaning, suddenly I am started seeing many colors, every thing in front of me started trembling, my dick is bursting, I rested on her body. My still in her, semi hard.I don’t know how long I was lying on my goddess.

She slowly pushed me, I pulled my head from her tits, looked at her eyes, she smiling with ultimate satisfaction told darling please let me free. I pulled myself from her body, my semi hard penis came out of the juice filled pussy. Our mixed juice came out of her pussy, making white be sheet wet. She quickly get down from bed, came with a piece cloth, wiped our mixed juice from bed sheet, then mopped my dick, me lying back, after finishing the mopping my dick she entered in bathroom.

Me lying, eyes closed hearing sound of falling water from bathroom. After a while she came out in her petticoat and blouse with towel wrapped around her head, looking fresh, possibly she took a complete bath, looked at me smiled and told dear take rest. She went out the room.I got down from bed, I also want to take a bath. I took a complete freshening bath came in the dreamland, took my trouser and underwear, put those on. Whit bed sheet is stained and wet with our juices. I lay down.

After few minutes Bhabi came in smiling with a glass of milk in hand. Softly told me to have that. I denied, told I hate milk from child hood, I only want to drink milk from those showing her apples. She smiled, I know, I gave chocolate in milk, have it.

I took the glass, sitting on bed sipping the glass, Bhavi standing beside me, pulling my hairs told, ” I never thought I will taste a second dick after your brother’s one. Today I feel, what loss it could be. You have so big asset, you are so good fucker, It could be real big loss if it did not happen today.

I asked what is the Limit?She laughed, told don’t be naughty, yes still there is limit, finish the milk quickly. I finished the milk. I told do you want to change the bed sheet, its stained. She told just lay down quietly and went out of room with glass.

I was feeling sleepy. After a while she came back, my eyes closed, she laid down beside me, suddenly I felt her hand on my dick she is opening my zipper, I looked at her, she smiled, your brother was selfish, he never looked at my satisfaction, you satisfied me most in my life. I want your so nice big asset again..I asked what about limit.

She smiled told yes there is limit, she was busy with my dick. Did I took too long time to tell the story? What can I do, I wanted to tell this real story sequentially. That’s why it’s a bit long. How you found this story. And yes my patience paid of. Those are other stories

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