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My Dear Sis In Law

  • desipapa
  • September 4, 2015

Uma is my sister-in-law. This is not a true story but just a fantasy of what it could be like to fuck her she is a divorcee, got married when she was 25 and in 3 months, she returned to her father’s home because her husband or the ex-husband was a psycho, doubting on her for everything she did and she did not. so, she returned home and later found she was pregnant, gave birth to a baby girl 9 months later and has been alone since her parents dearly wish to see her married cause me and my wife had our own kid and we are all staying together.

Sometimes, the noise we make during love making make people uncomfortable. Mind you, we try to keep it low but my wife tends to moan loud when I fuck her hard at times over time I have had some wild fantasies of fucking Uma instead of my wife because that is just taboo! I know it is incest and should not be, but can’t help feeling it one day, my wife takes her parents to go to her native place and they all stay back there for that weekend. Uma has to come back because she has an office to attend to the next day and so do I.

We return by a bus and it is a 4 hour journey. it was 6 PM by the time we started back home and we got only the last two 2-seater places in the bus, rest of them being full with old people. so, we sat together and they were showing some stupid movie in the bus. so, everyone was glued to it we were rather tightly squeezed in the bus and were sitting next to each other. our thighs were touching and slowly I moved in such a way our legs were completely touching each other. Uma glanced at me once and I kept my cool looking casual. she did not say anything but blushed slightly, probably at a male touch after 3 years of marriage and no-sex.

I took my time, 10 more minutes, and placed my hand on my thighs tapping to the rhythmic film music being played. At times, my fingers would brush against her thighs as well. She was wearing a blue jeans and white tops with apparently a matching bra. Since her top was slightly transparent, the bra straps were visible beneath the slip-on. She was to my left in the bus closer to the window. On the pretext of closing the window, I moved close to her and while inhaling her freshness from her hair, closed the window. She very well knew what I was doing and started getting fidgety.

It was getting a bit cold, unusual for my place even in winter. But we had anticipated it and I had brought a blanket. I spread the blanket around the two of us and we two were watching the movie. The first one was an English movie which had a couple of love scenes – lucky for me, the movie was uncut and there was a scene where the hero sucks the lead actresses nipples and drives into her rather graphically. Every young couple let out an audible gasp at that scene and the bus suddenly felt much hotter – Uma was blushing furiously now.

I placed my fingers gingerly on her thighs and she just side glanced at me once and closed her eyes. wow.. never expected to get the approval so fast! I placed my whole palm on her thigh and started rubbing it slowly over the jeans. She felt soft and supple. I lifted her thigh and moved mine below her resting her thigh on mine. She was breathing a bit heavily now and I could feel the rise and fall of her breasts under the blanket. I then put my right hand around my stomach in a position where it was touching her tummy. She shivered slightly at that touch. I was not going to let go of this chance – Uma willingly falling for me and

I have already decided that I will fuck the shit out of her when we reach home. For now, I had to be content with moving my left arm around her waist and pull her a bit closer to me. With her right thigh over my left one and my arm around her, she was practically sitting in my lap now. The idiots in the bus either noticed and ignored it or were too engrossed in the movie. I could not care less. Even if there were a 100 more people in, I would loved to fuck her right there.

But I did not want to step it down, people or not. After about 2 hours, people started getting down at various places and most of the people in the adjacent, front and back seats to us had moved out now, I tightened my pull around Uma and she rested her head on my shoulders with eyes closed. For anybody who sees us now, we would appear like a regular husband and wife! I slipped my right hand into her top and my fingers were playing with her belly button now. She moaned softly into my chest and my dick was rising very hard her hands weren’t doing anything and were passive, so I brought her left hand to top of my zipper and made her feel my dick.

She did not do anything for a minute but then slowly starting feeling me under my pants. Once she felt the length and girth of it, she clasped it slightly that was signal enough for me that this bitch is in heat. I moved my left hand from behind her into the back of her top and touch her bra straps under the slip. She felt so warm and soft at that moment as if she was melting into me her breathing quickened and in a deft motion, I unclasped her bra. She suddenly felt uncomfortable with it and raised her head. I was bending down on her and when she lifted her head up eyes open, our lips accidentally brushed against each other.

She was so visibly taken back, I could see her eyes go big and then close as she bent her head down again. I knew I had her and had to do whatever I had to in the next 1 hour or so. I moved my right hand up on to her chest and with a slight tug and she bending her back a bit, the bra was loose and I was touching those boobs, the ones that had been concealed to me forever. She was shivering now, with excitement I think, and so was I. My hands were trembling till I got those lovely melons onto my hand – they felt so warm and wet with her sweat.

Her nipples started getting long and I was so wild with passion, I probably squeezed them too hard which is why she yelped slightly. I then slowed down and softly rubbed her boobs and nipples taking my time to tease her. She started hiding her face more into my chest and moaning into me. I caught her chin and lifted up her face kissing her down with such a force. She was blushing furiously now that her brother in law had her in the right place and was feeling her up! What I did next was probably something she did not expect.

I tugged on her left nipple with my left hand and with my right started going down towards her tummy. I then felt her pussy over the jeans and she felt hot, hot and wet slightly. I was smiling slightly and when I undid her first button, only then did she realize what was happening. She probably panicked and was looking wild into my eyes, but was comforted once she was the coolness in my eyes. I graciously undid her buttons and the zipper pulling it down without a single sound. My sis-in-law was getting her boobs mauled in my one hand and with my other hand in her pants, of course under a blanket, but in a public bus. that excited me a lot.

I touched her pussy with all its hair on the outside. Since her legs were a bit spread, part of her legs being on me, access to her pussy was made easy for me over her panty. I touched her there and she moaned trying to spread it more. I got the first twinge of wetness and brought it up to my face. I licked that finger looking straight into her eyes which got wild with passion. I put my right hand now straight into her panties and felt her pussy raw and put my middle finger right through her cunt. Damn, was she hot and wet down there!

And what a fucking pussy – it was so tight. Could not believe this woman had given birth to a baby and was still so tight! Probably due to no fucking in the last 3 to 4 years…well, that would change today for sure. I slowly rocked her with my right hand and with my left was teasing her nipples. She could not hold it longer as she was holding on to me with her dear life and panting. she bit her lips as she came, all over my palm in 5 minutes over finger fucking and was trembling harder. I brought the palm back to my face and licked some of her juices. She smiled shyly at me and I brought my palm to her mouth.

She looked at me in eyes and with my whole damn palm, sucking her own cunt juices from my hand. She was a bitch in deed. I was not finished yet with her, I had unzipped my pants in the mean while and my cock was out looking for a hungry cunt to consume it. I did not have it yet, but I thought I will do with her mouth for now. So, I put my left hand on back of her head and slowly pushed her down towards my stomach. She resisted first did not understanding what I was trying to do, but I was very strong compared to her.

Once she was dunked into the blanket, she saw it and to my surprise, just bent so fast that she bumped onto my cock with her lips. She just caught it with her mouth like a candy and started licking it. I was surprised how slutty she was even after so many years of being without sex! She licked the sides and my hairy balls and slowly was licking her way up to the head. She caught the head with her mouth open and just sucked me in with all her might. Most of my cock entered her mouth and she kept sucking. slowly rocking her head, she was giving me such a wonderful blowjob that my wife has also not given to me in a long time now.

It was tough for me to hold back long and I just held her head in position as I blew myself completely into her mouth. the bitch did not even finch and took it all in, not letting a single drop out. When she came out, she had a smile on her face, with a slight dribble along her lips, her hair all disheveled and looking like the perfect cock-sucking bitch she was. Yet, when she kissed me open mouth this time, it was so soft and her nipples felt so hard in both my palms over her breasts.

I broke up and smiled at her. For the first time in the bus, we spoke. I asked her to dress up as we were to get down in another 20 minutes. She nodded her head silently and kept quite till we reached home in a taxi from the bus station the moment I locked the door behind me, she was walking towards her room. I just rushed behind her dropping my shirt and pants along with only my jockey left and hugged her tight from her back. She did not realize I was without dress until she smilingly put her hands behind me and felt my bare back. She yelped a bit in surprise, but did not protest when I lifted her top and slip-on.

She looked so sexy with her bra only on her back. I knelt and kissed her on each of her bums and bit her slightly. My hands reached out to her front and dropped the jeans pulling it down with such might that we both did not realize her panties coming down. I first felt it when I moved my face back to her buns to bite them and felt the raw flesh. She too realized it and moaned audibly. I just turned her towards my face and put myself right onto her cunt lips chewing them. She could not stand any longer and was dropping to her back with only the bra and it looked so damn sexy. I ate her pussy to my heart’s content and she was moaning all along.

I started kissing my way up, though she was not finished and took her nipples into my mouth hungrily chewing them and mauling them now with my mouth. she then unclasped her bra completely, took it off and fed her boobs to my mouth. What she did not realize was in the mean time, my cock was primed up hard and was ready. So, when I sucked her entire boob into my mouth, she got so ecstatic that she did not realize my cock pushing into her cunt lips. The moment she felt the head entered completely, her eyes flew open in panic and she writhed. But what she rather ended up doing was impaling more of me into her –

I thought her eyes could not be bigger in panic till the time I saw they go Big when she realized how deep I was already in. I shushed her for a moment, and slowly rocked into her. When I pulled and pushed, that was when she realized what she was missing all along…a good hard fuck, from a good hard cock. I started pushing roughly into her and knew my way enough in sex to last beyond 20 minutes easily going even at that speed cause I would slow down occasionally. She was moaning hard and was pooling around her cunt with all the pent up juice flowing out in such a gush. She must have had at least 2 orgasms before she even opened her eyes.

I was on my arms pumping away into her and she just blissfully closed her eyes. I could feel my balls raising now and a familiar tinge in my dick. my baby batter was to come out and I told her. She said ‘uh-huh’ and then realized what I was meaning. But by the time, she realized, opened her eyes and looked at me in panic, I was gushing out in gallons, with all my seed going right up her cervix into what I was hoping an egg to make a baby in her. Wouldn’t that be something, my divorcee sister in law having to explain why she got so fucking horny, fucking her own sisters husband and becoming his whore,

Now bearing his child! She moaned as she felt the hot cum in her and that pushed her over the edge for the fourth time in that day! I still was hard after coming in here and panting out of exertion, but was not done with her yet. I kissed her hard and crushed her boobs under my hands as if it was the last time I would get to touch them – who knows, it would probably come true! she cooed softly as I pulled out of her still semi hard and the cum oozing out of her. She touched her cunt, the ooze and licked her fingers clean.

I got the bitch upright sitting and stood up with my dick in her face. With my hand behind her head, she caught the clue immediately and started licking our joint cum from my cock into her mouth. I got hard soon after that, turned her to doggy position and fucked her hard holding her hips in the back. I was pumping her boobs from the front and it turned her on so much to let out the expletives I loved to hear “fuck me, fuck me you bastard, fuck me like the slut I am, I am your whore from now on, fuck the shit out of me.

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