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My Darling Mom Rati

  • desipapa
  • September 4, 2015

Hi all desipapa readers, this is Sahil & this is my first & d very true story which m sharing with u all, before starting d story let me clear u few important things & d first important thing is, dont even dare to think that this is a fake story & trust me that every 2nd line will make u wet & all d blood pressure will rush to your balls(for males) & light up d heat in your vagina(for females) & trust me before finishing d story u will get discharge, so now let me cum to d story, first let me introduce my darling, sexy, sweet mom my jaan, her name is Rati & she is very similar to her name & even much better than her name,

Rati d goddess of love & a complete fire ball & y m saying this because my mom was miss ‘dehradun’ when she was 18 yrs old so, you all can imagine how beautiful she is, every 2nd men wanted to fuck my sexy darling mom as this was told to me by my mom later, but due to family ethics my mom was a simple typical Indian women & was strictly 1 men women, in rest of d story i will call my sweet sexy darling mom as my jaan cause as if now she is my jaan, my bed partner my life, my wife & my every desire,

So my jaan my mom got married to my dad when she was 22 yrs old & as my dad belongs to a well sound family that’s y my dad got my mom d goddess of love ‘rati’ ! My jaan gave birth to 2 very sweet children, me & my sister, m d younger one that’s y m much more closure to my jaan my mom, my sis is 6 yrs elder to me, when i was 15 yrs old my sis got married to an NRI,so left v r only 3 people in our house, my dad is n industrialist that’s y he always b on tours, so my jaan my mom got enough time to take care of her beauty & d most important thing is my mom always take bath in milk & rose petals so this is habit of

Mine also & y my mom takes bath in milk & rose petals because she says a body which has its own fragrance is much better than artificial perfume my mom has her own ways to maintain her beauty, m sorry her sexy beauty & trust me if somebody only even talk to her for a minute, he or she will feel d fragrance of thousands of roses around him, so u can imagine how beautiful my mom my jaan is till now, my mom always wears only silk clothes, like silk saree, silk suits, silk nigh ties & only imported silk lingerie’s,

I don’t know why but since my child hood I use to do everything with d help of my mom only, like she served me d food but m not having my food, I m in d washroom but not taking my bath so she has to cum & make me have my food from her soft fragrant velvet hands & has to cum to d wash room to take bath with me, just to make sure that I should take bath, my mom jaan use to do all this just because of her motherly affection only but later it became my habit & I started treating her like my girl friend & showing her ‘nakhraas’ in everything,

Like she knows well that I would not do nothing by my own but she didn’t know that one fine day she will get fucked like animals by his own son, just because of my habit I use to sleep with my mom, now let me cum to d main story, it all started when I was 18 yrs old & it was winters & as u all know that ‘dehradun’ is a hilly place so it was so chilled, we both were sleeping on 1 bed & in 1 blanket, due to so much of cold i started rubbing my 1 feet on d soft velvety texture of my blanket, I was feeling very cozy & was feeling heat on

My feet, suddenly i heard my mom’s sound hhhmm kya kar raha hai ye,i got shocked & nervous because I came to know that it was not d blanket, it was my mom’s soft & hot butt on which I was rubbing my feet, though i removed my feet immediately but d feeling & d heat was unforgettable & couldn’t sleep for d whole night, that was d longest without sleep night for me, next day I could not face my mom but she didn’t even react so I was really happy coz I thought she would b angry with me but in d night she did not cum to

My room as she went to my dad’s room on d terrace that night & trust me, I had only one feeling just to finish myself coz I can’t live without my jaan my darling mom as I was alone so I couldn’t sleep so late at around 2 in d night I came out of my bed & walking on d terrace & suddenly I heard some sounds coming out of my dad’s room & d sounds were aaah aaahh zzzzz mmmmm & fuk fuk, it was d first time when I was listening such sounds & I wanted to c at ne cost that what’s going on &

I saw I key hole in door & i placed my eye on that key hole & my god this was d first time when I was seeing my mom naked, completely naked though I didn’t c her cleavage even before but trust me I haven’t seen such amazing body ever in my life & even till now, I measured my moms figure from my eyes & it was 38c 29 36 & d boobs were so tight & hard like untouched or like a 18 yr old girl & wht she was doing, my dad was lying on bed & she was jumping on my dad’s dick & d speed was like a piston running at d speed of

1000 rpm my god she has so much fire in her & it same happened to me also cause in such a cold night I was feeling so hot & my face turned red & all my blood rush into my balls & I couldn’t even think of nothing, I simply pull out my penis & started masturbating & I was feeling like m fucking my jaan my darling my everything & this was d first time when I was fucking my own mom in my thoughts but what’s this, my dad got discharge & my mom was still left so she got pissed off & she immediately put her vagina on dad’s lips &

Said m not done yet so please put your tongue inside this & my dad was doing this just for d sake to make her satisfy not by heart & i was saying in my heart that leave this bastard & cum to me, I want to not only lick but want to eat your whole pussy & take u to seventh heaven but no worth it coz I couldn’t do nothing except masturbating & fucking my darling mom in my thoughts & trust me v both got discharge at d same time & this feeling that v got discharge at d same time take me more closure to my darling mom just difference was she got discharge inside d room &

I got discharge outside d room but i finely decided that i will fuck my mom at ne cost as soon as possible & that night i fucked my mom 6 times in my thoughts, next day morning i got a very good news that my dad is going to London for 2 months for a new project so it was d golden opportunity for me & after my dad left for UK i decided to impress my mom & I’ve made strawberry jelly for d first time in my life for which my mom was very impressed &

Said what’s going on & what m looking for & y m doing such bothering to her so I said there’s nothing like that & it’s just simple that I had food or fifteen yrs from your hand so today I want u to have this jelly from my hand on which she denies completely & said I have done this just because of my motherly affection & as I said due to our family ethics she cud not even think of a second men in her life as she was strictly one men women, so I just threw away d plate & push my mom on sofa & said I

Don’t want your motherly affection if i don’t have d rite to do d same with u wht you’ve done with me for 18 years, on which she got shocked & said y m reacting like this on such a small issue so I said if u can make me have my food from your hands than y don’t I, after this she agrees to have jelly from my hands but she couldn’t even imagine what’s going on in my mind, so I moved to d fridge & took another plate of strawberry jelly & sat next to my darling mom on d sofa than my mom said where’s d spoon so I said just have it purely from my hands on which she hesitated first but when

I said it will increase d taste of d jelly she winked on me that m feeling difference in your behavior but I never wanted to waste time in such silly things, than I took some jelly on my fingers & took into her mouth & my god wht a feeling I had, it was like she’s sucking my penis from her tongue, was on seventh heaven & due to such feelings I made a mistake, I started moving my finger on her tongue & she immediately pull herself back & slapped on my face & said how can i even think of it & how dare i have such kind of feelings for his own mother, I got shock & was shivering & thought that i student step forward so early but wht to do next,

I just ran away & decided not to try such silly things on my mom again, after that my mom maintain a gap from me & asked me that i should have d habit to have food & take bath by my own, after that i joined a gym in d evening started burning all my energies on d iron rods & trust me guys its not so easy to have your own mother’s pussy, after that I completely left d hope to have my darling mother’s pussy coz I knew that she is a typical Indian mother who cannot even think of doing sex with her own son ,not at ne cost, so with in six months

I maintain a very good physique which my mom appreciated only for once coz v stopped talking to each other & v didn’t speak to each other for more than 2 yrs & after that I finished my +2 exams & got d admission in a fashion institute in Delhi, it was 3 yrs course & I always came to my home after every six months coz it was d end of my semester or on some occasion, after completing my fashion designing course i got d first prize in one of fashion show in Delhi, on

Which my mom was very happy & called me after such a long time & said when m coming back so i said after 2 weeks coz i have to attend a fashion show, on which she said I’ll wait for you, though in those 3 yrs i had sex with more than 100 ladies & girls but couldn’t stop myself or could’ not leave d urge to won my darling moms pussy coz my mom’s beauty is like a pearl in a shell so after completing my fashion show I went to my home & at that time also my dad was not at home,

I entered in my house & put my bag on a side & simply hugged my mom & in cheer I said I won d fashion show, so she got really happy & said I always wanted u to b a successful man & till d time I had very good physique as well, so my mom said what you’ll going to design for me than I said would u like to wear something design by me, she said yes of course cause i also want to c that my lovely son would design wht kind of dress for me but it should b according to my age & said though m not so young now but not even too bad also.

So I said i will design such a dress for u in which u would b like n angel or a newly wedded bride, on which she laughed & i was seeing my mom laugh aft 5 yrs.then i asked my jaan that i will design a dress for u only if u will wear that dress & spend that whole day with me, on which she agreed, so it was d most tough exam of my life to design such a dress for my darling mom, so I chosen d best designs for my mom for almost a month & I selected 4 designs for my mom but never shown her ne of d design, after 2 months I invited for a fashion show in Paris,

So I asked my mom to join me for that fashion show coz she was alone at home & she agreed cannot even express how i was feeling & how much happy I was, so on Wednesday v took d flight for Paris from Delhi airport & after reaching to Paris v took a room in a five star hotel, though v r very rich but his was d first time for my darling mom outside India with her own son, so she was very happy & this was again my chance to won my dream pussy, on first night.

I presented my first design to my jaan & it was a transparent nighty & up to knees only ,she refuse to wear that, on which i said c mom don’t take me as your son is watching u in such a dress, just think that it’s a dress design by a designer for you, she winked on me & said you r acting smart but I will not break your heart as it is your professional part, my jaan gone to d washroom & came back after 15 min wearing that nighty & oh my god it was d best design of mine & she had all d credit to add femine to my design, now let me explain u how she was looking,

It was a maroon transparent nighty with feathers on d neck & arms & with very deep low neck & completely backless with only 3 threads on d back & her boob were about to pop up from that dress, imagine only d nipples were inside d dress, rest everything was out & navel was like a star between two curtain falls & my god d pose she took, one hand on her waist & another was on d door & d cleavage was completely naked in front of me & than she walked like a professional model to me & suddenly she wrapped her arms around my neck,

I was like a statue & cud not even say nothing, she got my situation & laughed & said I’m not your mother, I’m only a model presenting your dress, so decided to encase d opportunity & said can I dance with you, she agreed & my god wht feeling I had not even words to express, I switched off all d lights except a red light & play d music & wrapped my arms around her waist & started shaking on d rhythm, slowly & gradually v became so close that even air couldn’t pass through us, she whispered in my ear that u have d same fragrance

Which I have in my body so I said m also a part of yours that’s y suddenly she turned & started shaking her hips on my man hood, oh my good I couldn’t even resist more & I kissed on her neck & she wrapped her arms back on my back, than my penis got into d position & just on d tip of her ass hole ,she started pressing her hips on my penis & I was feeling that my penis will tear All d clothes which r in between d ass hole & d penis & trust me, today d goddess of love served me herself, I started moving my hands to my darling mom’s belly & than slowly towards d mountains d boobs which were trying to tear & cum out from d thin stuff of nighty & d smell of my mom’s body was like thousands of roses around me oh my god I cant even believe that I m going to eat d best pussy & d best boobs of this world today, slowly I started measuring my mom’s boobs from my hands & suddenly she got apart fm me &

Said I agreed to wear your collection but that does’ mean v r going to cross our limits & turned to behave like lovers, I was presenting myself as a model but that doesn’t means v should forget our real relation & than she said which i can even think off, she said I’ve chosen a girl for u & u should get marry to her as she would make u happy & she would give u whatever u want, for which i got really shocked coz I was expecting to eat d best pussy of my life but my darling mom vanished all my desires, suddenly she started laughing loudly, I was’ not able to understand

What’s going on with her & y she is doing this to me, she suddenly came near to me & wrapped her arms around my neck & said what u thought m I going to b your sex & bed partner cud not find new way to resist so I straight away said that what all u r saying is totally crap for me & I can’t even think of ne 2nd women in my life except u & if I would not get u than I promise m going to finish of my life, she smiled & kissed me on my forehead first & then on my eves,

My god that were d sweetest lips touch I ever felt on my forehead & on my eyes & then she said honey I was just joking & I also wanted to b yours from d very first day of your jelly wala ‘harkat’ but at that time your studies were more important for u & c just because of that you’ve joined d gym also & burned all your energy in d gym only, if I could’ve served myself to u at time might b u could’ve spoiled your entire life just because of this & she pointed to her vagina(choot) & said since that day I didn’t have sex with your dad & decided to have sex in d rest of my life with u only & serve

This (vagina) to u only, god damn this is called a truly Indian mother who wanted her son so madly but just want to make his life she resisted & stopped herself for more than 5 years, oh god pls. forgive me for this sin which m going to commit with my own mom but can’t hold myself more but yes before committed this sin I had a very strong feeling to respect my mom for d last time as mom & son, as you won’t believe wht I’ve done next,

I simply hold my mom’s hands in my hands & kissed on them & then I lifted my mom into my arms & place her on d bed & den I took my mom’s feet in my hands & first I put my eyes on her feet’s & than I kissed on her feet for more than 5 to 6 min & trust me I really wanted to cry but control myself somehow but my sweet darling mom couldn’t hold more & tears started coming out of her eyes so I just hold her in my arms & drank all d tears from my mom’s eyes & started kissing her eyes so madly that

I cannot even express in words, oh god man it was like kissing d pure silk & her skin was so much soft like velvet or a rabbits skin & damn so fragrant & than I started kissing all over her face & my jaan also welcomed me purely form her heart by spreading her arms to me, I just couldn’t control myself more & i kissed her lips madly, my god it was like walking in heaven, so

Tasty & sweet lips I’ve ever tasted in my life, I was kissing her lips so madly that I even bite on her upper lip & it was started bleeding & I drank d blood as well & do u know what, she enjoying d way I was sucking her lips & d sound was coming mmp ppppuuuuaaaa then she just put her tongue into my mouth & I was liking her tongue like nothing, god man it was d sweetest saliva I’ve ever tasted & trust me it was d longest smooch I’ve ever had with nobody coz it was for more than 20 min smooch & believe me my jaan’s pink lips turned to dark maroon same as d nighty color & than i tore all d 3 threads at her back & tear d entire

Nighty into pieces & took her boobs in my palms & started snatching d nipples like n animal & at d same time my jaan started moaning like mmm aaaahhhh aaaah thn i started playing with her nipple by my tongue & than started sucking like a cub, my god it was light pink in colour & d taste was like a strawberry & smelled like a rose oh god I was going mad like n animal, I sucked her both d nipples for more than 45 min & they also turned maroon in colour & also got increase in size trust me d boobs & d nipples were about to burst & den

I hold my jaan so tightly that even air couldn’t pass from between us & my jaan started breathing so heave & she was spreading so much heat from her body that d whole body turned red & also she started jumping slowly her waist & also she snatched all my back from her nails, my god I didn’t know & didn’t even imagine that my mom my jaan has so much fire in her & than d last step after which our relation is going to b change forever & d union of a true mother & son in a new form of relation, I slowly pull of her panty & trust me it was d most beautiful vagina I’ve ever seen, a true baby pink colour & smell was unforgettable mmm

I just place my lips on my mom’s vagina & 2 d same moment her vagina pull my lips inside her, so i just put my tongue inside d vagina & believe me it was d sweetest sperm I’ve ever tasted d most delicious juice I’ve ever drunk & d vagina was throwing so much heat as like a true fire ball, i didn’t even imagine that my mom is so hot & has so much fire in her, the vagina was pulling my tongue so badly inside her that i can’t even tell here, i liked my jaan’s clitoris for so long but she didn’t get discharge than i came to know that how much heat

She has in her deep valley but i decided to discharge her for d first time by my tongue only, it was more than 1/2 n hour while liking her clitoris mmm i was slurping & slurping d vagina so madly & trust me i had no mood to fuck her just wanted to slurp all d juice of my jaan & than it became to d destiny, man d moment she got discharge she acted so madly coz my entire back & both d shoulders got scratched by my jaan but even than that pain was amazing mmm aaahhh ahm coming ah mera bachha aha eat muma’s pussy aaaah & d juice came out of her fire valley & she got discharge,

trust me she need a really good fuck to get discharge & than she hold me so tightly that I couldn’t even breath, it was a ten min rest & than v started again & this time v started in 69 position & believe me it was d best sucking I’ve ever been through coz mom sucked my penis for more than n hour & y I was holding myself in every round coz I wanted to leave n unforgettable mark on my jaan’s memories & she was not only sucking my penis, she was literally slurping my dick pp m tttttpppp ffuuup mmmm & after approximately n hour I rushed all my sperm in my mom’s mouth which she drank like a shake & said god damn

It was d best sperm she ever tasted & again after 5 min gap v started playing with our favorite parts of body i masturbated for some time in her cleavage in between my jaan’s firm & tight boobs & at d same time she was kissing on d head of my manhood on every stroke & trust me those were d best & sweetest kisses I’ve ever got on my manhood after fucking my jaan’s boobs for some time my sweet jaan automatically put her legs on my shoulders indirectly she said that she cannot not hold ne more so aft getting her legs on my shoulders

I first rub on d mouth of her fire valley than she cud not bear d heat as she took d penis & pulled it inside her fire valley & at d same time she was breathing so heavily & d mountains(boobs) were getting up & down so heavily just moved my penis inside my jaan up to its head only & got amazed to know that even at d age of 42 & even giving birth to 2 children & even have so much of sex, she has so much tight pussy but later on I came to know that she has d art to shrink & squeeze her navel along with d pussy, god man it’s so amazing,

Have u ever seen such a tactful women, I’m sure not but I was d most lucky person on this earth who is getting d pleasure directly from d goddess of love ‘rati’my jaan my everything & than I pushed some more part of my manhood inside d most desirable pussy of my life & she just bite her lower lip, I immediately put my lips on my jaan’s lips & tongue inside her mouth with d left hand on her left boob & than d rest of my manhood completely inside my jaan & than I felt that my more than 8.5 inch manhood is touching on her womb d exact place where I started taking shape to cum into this world & trust me my dick was flicking inside my jaan’s fire valley,

I just wanted to feel d rhythm in my manhood & after that I started fucking forth & down slowly, she spread her legs some more & do u know what she said ah mera bachha aaaaaaaaaaa please mera baby wapis aa ja apni mumma apni jaan k andar & aft listening to this i couldn’t control ne more & a thunder, a storm, a tornado came for more than 45 min with only sounds like aaaaahhhh mera bachha wappis apni mumma apni jaan k andar aaja aaaahhhh aaaaahh fuk & after around 45 min it was like a

Fall with d heavy rain of love on d deserted fire valley by my manhood & after that it was a great feeling of unforgettable pleasure on both’ face & my jaan’s was sleeping but d smile on her face was showing that she got d best pleasure in her life for d first time, as she told me d same next morning & many more things about her which her husband even don’t know about her, my god wht a pleasure v both got & a great new union of a mom & son, next day morning my jaan received a call from her husband(my dad),rest I will tell u in d next story & please if u don’t like my story then read my real story again & do tell me how much u liked my true & real story, wait for my rest of d story & unraveling truths of a new kind of union of mom & son, goodbye.

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