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My darling aunty

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  • September 21, 2015

Hi, i’ve been reading stories on desi papa from last few months. all I could say is ‘ it’s a great site with all the desi stories ( specially those one which mention sex with elder Indian women). I also want to tell my true sex experience with one of my favorite aunty though I’ve seduced many aunties but this aunty was my dream. Let me introduce my self I’m a young Indian guy( 21 yrs. old), this story goes back to my school days when I was in 12th class. we use to have a Gujarat neighbor , my sexy aunty (asha ,32 yrs old), was the most sexy and good looking housewife in the colony. we were close to them as we were neighbors. she use to wear tight sleeveless blouse with deep cut which reveled most of her breasts when she bents down, thin sarees which she use to wrap tight and very low in the waist which shows her deep naval on rather plumpy stomach. I always had desire to lick that naval hole and fat curves in her waist. the best thing in her body was her big ,fat ,plump gaand(ass).

I really love her gaand and had desire to rub my dick on her gaand with her saree on. She has no idea about my intentions and always use to treat me like her son but I always use to look at her with a passion to hold her in my arms and fuck her wild. For the knowledge of all readers of this story I’m really fond of Indian aunty’s and housewives. Sight of a aunty in a saree really turns me on. Best thing about the saree is , it covers most of the parts of the body but at the same time reveals the body curves in fantastic way. I always had desire to fuck her, I never thought in my dreams that it’ll come true this day when I went to her house to see his son for some work. knocked the door but no body answered, the door was partially opened. I opened the door and went inside, it was all dark in there but some light was coming through the closed windows. I checked the dinning hall and front rooms of the house to find out if any one is there. I asked in a loud voice if any one is there, but no one answered. I went near the door of master bedroom and opened it, to my utter surprise my aunty was sleeping there. She was in a deep sleep, I looked at her and she was looking very sexy, “usi samay mera lund khada ho gaya. Woh apne pet ke bal soyi hui thi. Unki moti , mansal gaand saree ke andar lipti hui thi. Unki saree unki safed jhaango tak aa gayi thi”.

When I looked at her in this state my lund started throbbing in my pants. I thought that this is my day. I went back to the main door and locked it from inside. I came to the bedroom and sat next to her on bed. I took out my lund from pants and started masturbating looking at her. I was afraid to do anything as she might tell to my parents and they will kill me if they know about this. But at the same time I don’t wanted to loose this opportunity. I took some courage and put my hand on her big, plumpy buttocks. Oh! man they were really soft to touch, I started to move my hands on her gaand and at the same time stroking my lund with other hand. She didn’t gave any response at all, this encouraged me to move further. I always had desire to rub my lund on her gaand so I took off my pants and underwear and climbed on the bed. I slowly bent down and lied on her with my lund on her big ,juicy gaand. I was feeling great, Touch of her soft saree on my lund was making me more horny. Then I slowly started to move and rubbed my dick on her gaand, I was feeling that I”ll cum. I was so busy in fulfilling my fantasy that I didn’t notice when she woke up. I was rubbing my dick on her gaand and when I moved to kiss on her cheeks I saw that her eyes were open.

I was shocked , I thought that this is end of my life. I got up suddenly and wasn’t able to say any thing. Then asha aunty turned around and asked me” Kya hua rook kyun gaye, meri gaand tume aachi ahi laagi kya? I was shocked to hear this from her. She then said ‘ mujhe pata hain tum hamesha meri gaand or boobon (breasts) ko dekha karte they, main sooch hi rahi thi kab tumhari ichha puri karoon aur aaj tum aa hi gaye”. By that time my lund became lump coz of fear , she looked at me and said what happened ” aabhi to itna baada tha, itne si der main baith gayya, aao main ise phir se bada kar deti hun”. after saying this she pulled me on the bed and started fondling my lund , it again grew to 9′ inches. I asked her if I can fulfill my long fantasy to rub my dick on her big gaand. she said that u can do whatever u want. I removed her saree and then asked her to stand against the wall so that I can see her fat gaand. when she was walking towards the wall I was countinously kneading her boobs with one of my hand in the blouse. now she was standing with her face towards the wall , I sat down and sniffed her gaand it was smelling great, I could clearly see that she had no panties on. I Put my both hands on her gaand and started kneading it, she was also aroused by that time and moving her gaand in circular motions to tease me.

She was screaming” dabaoo apni aunty ki moti mansal gaand ko jor jor se dabaoo, kato mari gaand ko, her words were making me more horny. I was licking and rubbing my face on her gaand, my salive made her peticot wet, then I stood up and put my throbbing lund on her gaand and started rubbing it again. my hands were on her boobs which were already free from her blouse. she was standing right next to wall coz of my pressure from back. Then I moved my hands down to her waist started carresing her plumpy stomach with some curves. I was getting really horny and started pinching her waist, I was saying” hai aunty aapke kamar ke bal to bade soft hain kya main inhe kat sakta hoon, she was in pain but she gave me permission. I sat down again with my face right next to her gaand( still in thin material of peticot). I opened the knot of the peticot and it fell down , I was happy and amazed to sse her big white gaand in full glory in front of me. I stated licking and kissing her fat thighs, leaving a trail of salive . I started kissing her gaand for which I was dying and after some time I started biting it. She was saying ” oh1 pls. aise mat karo dard hota hai, tumhare uncle ko pata chal jayega.then I pulled her on the bed and took out blouse off her arms.

She was lying completely naked , with a big red bidi on her forehead, some bangles in her hand , payal in her foot and managalsutra in her nack which was right in the centre of her big juicy melons. I took out all my cloths and looked at her with a passion to fuck her bad. I went near her, and started rubbing my dick on her face. it was fantastic xperience, I was rubbing my lund all over her face, on her juicy lips , her chin, soft cheeks and her neck. she closed eyes and enjoying the feeling of my erect lund on her face, it seemed that uncle has never done this to her. Then she held my lund in her hand and started stroking it up and down. it was too much for me , her colorful glass bangles were makig sound as she was moving her hand on my shaft. Then I moved towards her legs and started licking her fat thighs, I looked at her pussy, she had a thick bush around her pussy lips (I really love indian aunty’s as most of them have this kind of pussy n’ I ‘m mad for this). I started to lick her pussy and darted my tounge deep in her love hole . I was going mad by the the mix smell of her pussy juices and sweat. then I moved towards her neval hole and started licking all over the plumpy stomach, I put my tounge in her naval hole which tickled her ” she grabbed my head with hairs and pushed me down back to the pussy ” she was saying ” pls.

Meri phuddi chato na, pls. aaaah main mar jaongi pls. , tumhare uncle ne kabhi bhi nahin chata hai ise’ I said aunty ” aap chinta mat karo main woh sab karoonga jo aap kahengi’ and started licking her pussy again. she was moaning loudly and abusing me . She was saying ‘ madarchod kha ja mari phuddi ko, meri phuddi aaj se tumhari hui , bhen ke lode haamesha meri gaand aur boobs ko ghoorta tha , aj se mera pura badan tera hai aaah aaah aur jor se chaat aaah ooough……aah…aaah…aaaaah bahut maaja aa raha hai”, then she tightened her grip of legs around my head and started rubbing her pussy on my face and suddenly she shuddered with a big orgasm. she then looked at me and said ” jaaeman aab pls. apna lund mere anadar daal do ab aur intzaar nahin hota, tumhara yeh lumba mota lund muje abhi chaiye”. I moved on top of her and holded her face in my arms and started chewing her juicy lips ,I kissed all over her face and neck . she then started sucking my nipples, I started moaning loudly “haa…n aunty pls. rukna mat haaaan …. aaah …. pls. dusri bhi chooso na and she stated sucking both of my nipples simultanoiusly. It was the greatest feeling in my life, while she was sucking my nipples , I was holding her big her boobs and kneading them very hard.

Then she said,” aab aur intzar nahin hota pls. apni aunty ki phuddi ki pyaas bhujao, apni aunty ko chodo na.i was getting really horny to hear these words from a lady of 32 yrs. of age. I pointed my lund to the opening of her phuddi and stared moving to and fro, it was going in very easily due to the lubrication of her juices and my pre cum. She wrapped her legs around my waist and moving her big gaand upwards with my thrust. I took one of her mooma in my mouth and started sucking it violently. She was also moving her hands on my bare ass and back. asha aunty was moaning loudly saying” maar aur joor se mar… aaaahaaaah majaa aaarahaaa hai…. pls. apna pura lund andar gusa de …… phar de apni aunty ki phuddi ko….” while saying this she was movig one hand in my hair and with her other hand she trusted her other boob in my mouth and said ” pls ise bhi choos,, joor joor se choos……han apni aunty ka doodh pi le…. ough ….hgh…hhuuo……. ” I was stroking her her hard and violent . I looked at her , she was looking very sexy with bindi on her fore head. I started sucking her lips and at the same time fucking her hard. it seemed that she never experienced such hard fucking ever before and she was loving it. She tightened her grip on my waist and her pussy wall contracted and expanded which gave me immense pleasure I shouted loudly’ aunty I love u aaah…..aaaahh meri jan asha meri bahoon main aaja janeman and with last hard strokes I spurted my semen in her womb and she came at the same time.

I laid on top of her for some time licking and sucking her boobs. she looked satisfied , she said ‘ tum jab bhi mere saath sex karna chaho , yahan aa sakte ho, main tumhari sari ichhayen puri kar doongi, after hat she got dressed and gave me deep kiss , but at that time as well I was kneading her gaand which I like most. how I made her to scream and cry when I fucked her gaand will come in next story very soon but only if i’ll get feedback about this story. All indian aunty’s,bhabhi’s, chachi’s , mami’s are welcome to give their comments and suggestions. I would like to hear from u. also I would like to meet a clean and hygienic indian women or girl for a descreet sexual relationship in australia or india.cofidentiality is guranteed and expected. I can fulfill all ur desires and fantasies

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