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My Cousin’s Wife, My Angel

  • desipapa
  • October 12, 2015

Hi all. I am a regular reader of ISS. This is my first story. Please excuse for the mistakes. This story is about the encounter happened between me and my cousin’s wife. She is slim with 5.3 height milky white complexion with assets of 34b 26 36. About me I am a software developer working in Cochin away from my home town with height 5.10 fair average build of age 25.she was married to my cousin 10 years ago. My cousin works abroad and will come home only once in a year. As I said I am working away from home town I visit home only on weekends. Whenever I visit home I used to visit cousin’s house as he told me to help his wife for purchase and other helps.

Coming back to story. One fine afternoon I went to her house. I found nobody on the ground floor of house. I went to upstairs. Their I saw my angel was changing her dress after shower. She was in her bra and pants of salwar. She has forgotten to lock the door.

Seeing that I had an instant hard on. She didnt saw me as she was not facing the door. I quickly went downstair and waited there for her to come down. She came back after 5 mins. I was waiting there reading newspaper. When she arrived the smell of her fragrance made me mad. I want to fuck her at that time but I controlled my emotions.

I asked her where are the inlaws. She said that they went to daughter’s house as there grandchild is no feeling well. They will be back only by 7 pm. Then I said that I will come by that time. She insisted me to stay with her as she will be bored being alone. So I agreed with her and stayed with her as there are 4 more hours I can be with my angel.

We began to chat about my work life and all. She asked me about working atmosphere and I said that its great as everyday is so much fun being working with so many girls around.

Let me quote it as conversation

She: so you might have enjoying a lot.

Me: ya enjoying. But not that much.

S: what about girlfriends?

M: I have many friends. But not one in particular.

S: I don’t believe it. Normally a guy at this age should have a gf. At least interested in someone.

M: I didn’t find someone as per my wish.

S: tell me so how do u wants your girlfriend like.

M: don’t get angry with me

S: never

M: I need a gf like you.

She got blushed hearing this

S: are you kidding. I don’t think I am so good.

M: you are beautiful. If you weren’t married I will surely marry you.

S: stop kidding.

M: I am not kidding. I said the fact.

I saw hearing this her face glowed.i realise this is the time. I planted a kiss on her forehead.

She didn’t respond. She went upstairs without saying a word. I was afraid as what will I do if she inform this to someone. I went to upstairs to check what she was doing. I found she was lying in bed. I went near to her and said sorry. Please don’t avoid me. She didn’t spoke any word. I said please say something.

S: is main door closed.

M: no

S: pls go and lock the door.

I was confused whether she was telling me to leave or come back after closing door. I locked the door from inside and came back to her room. She was still on her bed. I sat beside her.

M: I am so sorry. Please forgive me.

She didn’t say anything.

M: please say something

She got up from bed and sat next to me

S: do u love me?

M: what?

S: don’t you get it?

M: yes I do. I love u a lot.

Hearing this she planted a kiss on my lips. I was stunned as I was in a dream. Her voice bought me back.

S: I know you had seen me topless

M: wat ,how?

S: I saw you coming in while you open the gate. It was intentional to be in top less. I already knew that you are interested in me. So I planned this.

M: you naughty. So that u also need me right?

S: yes I want it badly. I am starving for 7 months.

M: y don’t you said it earlier. We could have been earlier.

S: there was no situation till now to express but today was ideal. We have only less time. I need complete pleasure from you. don’t waste our time.

M : sure.

I slowly removed her top and began to care her boobs through bra. Ohh god. What a great pair of boobs she have. Her 34 b size boobs were trying to escape from her bra. It was a transparent lace type one which almost her boobs are completely outside. I slowly planted a kiss on her lips while one of my hand was caring her boobs.

She was rubbing my cock over my jeans. It was in its size which wants to come out of the jeans. We kissed passionately for 5 mins. I slowly began to undress her. I removed her pants. Ohh she was in her panty which just cover the pussy. It was a red thong which is transparent. Her body was like a goddess. I slowly began to lick her from top to bottom. Apparently she removed my dress and I was in my boxers. My cock was trying to come out. She took it out by removing boxers.On seeing my tool of 5 inch she told ouch.

M: your husband tool is not this much big.

S: its of almost same length but your size is big.

Then she began to kiss and lick my cock. After few minutes i removed her bra and panty and made her lay on the bed and began to suck her pussy. It was wet. I licked it hard. She was screaming ahhh oohh please don’t stop I need more like that. I knew that she was about to come. I suck it hard. After a few minutes she comes on my face and I licked it hard.

Then I guided my cock to her pussy and rubbed over her pussy teasing her. She became horny again and said dont tease me. Please fuck me like a slut I am your whore. I didn’t expect this kind of words from her. I got more excited after hearing this. I slowly inserted cock into her pussy. It was tight as it wasn’t fucked for 7 month. I got real pleasure of fucking tight pussy. She was screaming like hell. She was unable to control her pleasure.

We continued it for 10 mins. Then we changed to doggy style. She said she is new to this as his husband will only fuck her in missionary style. I adjusted and fuck for other 10 min and both of us where about to come. I told that I am about to come. She told me to fill it in her as she is in safe period.

After that my cock came out of her pussy. She began to suck it like a pro. I became hard on again. I asked whether her husband fucked her ass. She said no. I asked can I? She said I am all yours. Do whatever you want. I then began to insert her ass. She was screaming with pain. It was too tight as it was virgin. I fucked in her ass for around 15 mins and I cummed inside it. We both we exhausted and lay down on bed.

After some time the phone rang. It was her in law’s. They told to go to her to sister in law’s house as they won’t be back today. She said that I am here that so there might no be issue staying here. They agreed with that as I am an innocent guy in front of them. She smiled and winked me saying this. After disconnecting the call she jumped towards me and said that we got more time dear.

We had then 3 more sessions that night and further continuing whenever we get chance.

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Please excuse for mistakes.

My Cousin’s Wife, My Angel

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