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My Cousin Took Advantage

  • desipapa
  • October 12, 2015

Hey guys! My name is Simran and this is my second story on DesiPapa. I am a 1990 born girl and I am pretty crazy for sex. I mean going a week without sex is really a challenge for me. Describing me now I am 5’8” tall and d cups boobs with a figure 36 24 34.

Now coming to the story, the story is of the time when I was studying in college in Delhi University. We had a three days straight holidays but my home was far enough that going there was a waste. So I decided to pay my cousin in Noida a visit. So Friday evening I took a bus to Noida and halfway my journey it started to rain. His home was a just a few blocks away so I got completely wet by the time I reached there. He welcomed me in and asked why didn’t I called if I didn’t had an umbrella or something. He took my wet backpack and tossed me a towel to dry me up.

He told me to get changed and by the time he will make me a nice cup of ginger tea. I went to the room he kept my back in to look for my clothes but they were all gone wet too. I was just rubbing my hairs with the towel when he came to the room and told me to hurry up or else I could get ill. I told him that my clothes were all wet so I didn’t had anything to change to change into.

He told me to get into the bathroom and at least take the wet clothes off and dry my body. After about 5mins he knocked on the bathroom door and told me that all he could find at his place that could be used right now was either a t-shirt or a bathrobe. Well during those times I was a little skinny so I thought a tee shirt would be loose would put me on display so I choose the robe.

But to my surprise I didn’t know much about robes I guess. Since it was a men’s robe it was kind of very low cut. I came out of the bathroom with one hand on my chest hiding the cleavage and other holding my wet clothes. Soon enough my brother was passing by the hall carrying two cups and he suddenly stopped with his eyes stuck at me. I became a little embarrassed and tried to avoid eye-contact. He then said “tea!” lifting the cups up.

I came out in the living room he has kept the cups at a small round table that had two chairs facing each other. He was sitting on one chair and I grabbed the other. I sat there with my both hands holding the robe. He told me to take tea and asked if I was comfortable or need something. I lifted the cup with one hand and the other still protecting my dignity if there was left any. And I asked him if there is anyway my clothes could be dried soon because… I didn’t needed to complete the sentence he told me that he is going to put the clothes in dryer right away after finishing his tea and then ironing the clothes will make them completely dry. Well that made me take a sigh of relief and made me comfortable.

Then we had a little chat over a cup of tea and I was no longer holding my robe. Well he started off with the classic question about how studies are going did I like my college hostel and Delhi city. We were quite close actually so it didn’t took him time to ask questions about relationship. He asked me a bunch of questions regarding that and answered mine in the same context. Just so you know he was a guy who was getting laid big time. He even gave me a little slideshow of the chicks she has nailed well that only meant one thing to me that either he is pretty awesome in bed.

We were almost at our last sip of tea when a big lightning struck and the power went off. The apartment went totally dark. He brought a lighted candle and stuck it on the table saying “it seems like you are stuck in the bathrobe for some more time.” I didn’t meant what I said next but it just slipped out of my mouth,” it’s better to be naked then to be wearing this.” He w seemed shocked and gave me a dirty look and then chuckled a bit.

We kept on talking for next half an hour we shared some dirty secrets with each other. Then he told a hilarious joke and I just burst into laughter so hard that I may have kicked the table and the candle fell on my robe setting it on fire. I took the robe off ASAP and there was a brief silence and stillness because of the fire incident as well as me standing there naked.

After a few moments he said that he will get me another robe with his eyes stuck at my body. I told him there is no need to cover up and that I am tired enough to go to sleep right away. He followed me to the room to make sure that I don’t need anything. He was holding a candle in his hand while looking for a bed-sheet and my eyes suddenly fell on his crotch. He was wearing shorts and I could clearly see a big bulge there. I called out his name and said, “Hey! Brother, what the hell is that?” pointed towards his crotch with my eyes. He said,

“What? My shorts?”

Me: “No. The thing that is trying to come out of it.”

He kept silent.

Me: “Are you turned on by watching me naked?” I asked in shock.

He: “I don’t know I can’t help it he said”

Me: “Well try I am your sister.”

He threw the bed-sheet on bed and came closer to me

He: “I know but…..”

Me: “but! But what?”

He: “But you are so hot and sexy and not to mention clean and smooth.”

Well I didn’t wanted to hear that but that words of him though felt a little good as all the time I was in his apartment all I thought I did was lose my dignity little by little.

Me: “Krish you shouldn’t think like that”

He: “Why? Why can’t I? Just because you are my sister?”

Me: “It’s not a just it’s a big thing”

He: “C’mon it’s not like we are siblings.”

Me: “So what you are saying is you want to “do it” with me!”

He held my hands in his and shifted his eyes from my nipples to my eyes.

He: “Yes, why not? And if you think then it won’t be a big deal now.” He rolled his eyes over my body to remind me that I was fully naked.

A lot of thoughts bursts into my mind “I thought that I had felt embarrassed about me all day having some sex can really help the night. I also thought that if all the things he has told me he likes to do is real the sex will be probably good.” Well I was ready to have sex with him I didn’t wanted to say it directly.

Me: “I don’t know Krish. We are cousins and such good friends I don’t want to ruin it. And believe me if it wasn’t for the cousin thing you would have stuck me in several time tonight. But I am not sure a part of me says “Hell yeah” while the other is a little confused”

He took the hint loud and clear and placed his lips on mine tight enough to make me struggle for breath.

Then he threw me on bed and took off his shorts and just landed over me like a fighter plane. He kissed me all over and kept saying “I love you simmi” and “you are the best”. He was quite fast and man did he liked it rough. He started biting my nipples and lips now. Believe me the pain is so worth it. I took my hand down and took his cock in my hand and felt every inch of it. It was thick and long and had very less hairs. I just couldn’t wait to taste it.

He lied on the bed and I took my mouth closer to his cock. I looked at him once in a dirty way that with his cock wrapped around my hand and then attacked his erect cock. I licked every cm of his cock and sucked it like a kid suck his thumb. He was making sexy noises himself. He then put his hands on my head and pushed it down so that his cock has reached my throat. He then releases the pressure and my head popped up like a spring.

He then again pushed it back and now he pulled my head by grabbing my hairs. He did the pushing and pulling for a while and the pace increased with time. Then he pushed my head hard, harder than he did ever and said, “I want you to swallow every drop of my juice like a good girl.” Then he said with his voice louder, “Are you a good girl? Are you?” He then ejaculated and I swallowed all of it. Then he told me lick his dick clean and then apply some spit so that he can fuck my ass.

It wasn’t my first anal sex but I never had so thick dick up my ass and the fact that he liked it hard scared me even more. He told me get on my knees and bend over. I lied to him that I wasn’t into anal sex and maybe he could just fuck my pussy. So he told me that everything has first time and told me keep quite. I told him no a few more times and he shushed me again and again. Then he told me in a serious tone that he is going to do it anyway and it would be better if I co-operated. I was full of fear of pain and just told him to try to be soft. He said you are not in high school honey and put his thumb inside.

He then put another finger in and it went easily too. He spanked my ass twice and said, “You slutty liar. This can’t be your first time anal.” And then he pinch my ass hard. Now that you have lied there is no way I am being soft he told me and put his cock head at my asshole and grabbed my waist.

Terrified by what he said last I was just saying “slowly slowly slowly ….” Soon enough he gave a jerk and put his cock partially in. I screamed as it went in and he grabbed my hairs and pulled it hard and said be quite I have neighbours or else I will have to put a cloth in your mouth. He then gave another jerk and it was all in now. Well I wanted to scream loud but I didn’t.

My Cousin Took Advantage

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