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My Cousin Plan In The Bathroom

  • desipapa
  • August 30, 2015

This is a real life incident that happened with me 3 months back. Ok, first of all let me introduce myself to all of you reader’s present here and I am Alifa a 26 year old doctor in Brussels. I was born in India but after that have always been in Belgium and other European countries only. My niece was having an account on this website and I’m using her account for sharing my incident with all of you which I was looking forward from a long time to share with all.

I live alone in my home 3 months back my 18 year old cousin brother came to visit for some of his work. He was staying in my home and his name is Aarish and he is 6 feet 2 inches. He is a boxer and so he has got a brilliant physique as well for which any of a girl can die. He is extremely fair with brown hairs. So, when he arrived at my home and I saw him after 10 years and I was surprised by the looks of him and he was a grown up man now.

The first day since he arrived here and I was pretty sure that he’s having an eye over me and as I live alone in the house and so I don’t put generally close my bathroom door while bathing and also and I use to drop my all clothes before going into the bathroom once and I was going for taking a bath and so I dropped off all my clothes oooh ok I have not tell you about my body and well I am 5 feet 11 inches long with measurements of 42 25 38 most of the guys I met with consider me very hot and sexy.

I am also extremely fair like my cousin ok now let’s switch back to the story as I dropped my clothes in the room and got naked and I was heading towards the bathroom. I was not having any idea that what would be happening with me after this and I opened the door of the bathroom and I was shocked to see what was in front of me. My cousin brother was under the shower totally naked and he was masturbating both of us were naked at that time and in front of each other.

He was holding his cock and I was amazed to see his huge cock and his dick was 11 inches long and for a moment I can’t take my eyes of his cock. He was also continuously watching my boobs but he was also shocked and he tried to hide his cock with his hands and I also put one of my hands on my boobs and the other one on my hole and I asked him why he did not locked the door of the bathroom and he said that he forgot to do so.

I asked him to continue his bath and came out of the bathroom but and I was still thinking about his huge cock that was in front of my eye just a minute before after that incident I saw him watching me over several times for various reasons. I was pretty sure that he was falling for me and I was also curious about his cock but there was nothing like sex in my mind for him.

One day when I was in the kitchen doing some foos stuff and he came in shorts and a vest and he just stood behind me and we then started talking to each other. I was wearing my small shorts and a backless and sleeveless white top and let me tell you this and that the cleavage of the top was really huge and also I was not wearing any of my bra and panty at that time after some time he came closer to me and put his hand on my hand.

He came further closer to me and he just stocked his huge cock behind my ass and I was kind of shocked at first by getting the feeling of his cock on my body but I did not say anything to him. I could feel his huge cock at my hips that time but I stopped him and went to straight to my bedroom after some time and I heard a voice of something falling on ground and I ran to see what happened and I found my cousin all naked lying on the floor of the bathroom with his hands on his cock.

He was crying and saying that his cock is hurting like hell and I did not knew what to do at that time so I just gently put him on the chair but his pain was not decreasing at all. So, he asked me to massage his cock by seeing his condition and I agreed to do and I brought olive oil and started to give his cock a hand massage at that time I was in the tiniest ever possible clothes his cock grew even more bigger like a rod of steel just in front of me in my hands and he said that I am a doctor,

I should help my cousin he asked me for giving his cock a mouth massage so that he can feel comfortable. I was hesitant at first for his cock but then I took hi cock in my mouth and started to give him a blowjob when I was giving him a blowjob and I also started feeling excited for him as he was continuously rubbing his hand over my bare back then he cum suddenly in my mouth and I said that what has he done. So, he said that he wants to apologize for it and he just took me on his lap and gave me a tight smooch.

I was stopping him but he hold me so tight and he then removed my clothes and I was completely naked on his lap on a chair giving him kisses. Now, I also started to feel horny, He was pressing my hips and was sucking my big boobs then he took me to the bed and started sucking my pussy and playing with my boobs and now I was dying for his huge tool as he was rubbing it outside my hole and I was getting desperate for it and he then in a one stroke just inserted his cock in my pussy hole.

I screamed at that time but he did not stop and started giving me strokes and more faster strokes. I was screaming like hell at that time and both of us were moaning at that time and his hands were pressing my boobs and his cock was penetrating my pussy hole. I was moaning heavily now and I said that I am going to cum and he was also done till that time and so he took his cock out and we again went on for kissing madly all over the body of each other. He fucked me again after some time of that.

We did sex for the three rounds and after that I went for sleep while I was sleeping I feel some thing on my legs and as I woke up I was shocked to see the person on me. It was his elder brother my elder cousin he is 23 years old and once both of us used to be in a relationship. So, he was not a new one for me but I was shocked as he appeared from nowhere also I was kind of happy for him because I really used to enjoy sex with him when we were in a relationship and his brother called him asking for double fun,

He came over me and holds me tightly from my waist and kissed me. He then sucked my boobs like a child and suddenly inserted his 7 inch cock in my pussy and his other brother also came over me and he also pressed my boobs. He also inserted his 11 inch long tool in my ass hole. I was having 2 cocks of my brother’s in my holes at a same time and then they started to give strong strokes.

I was moaning like hell and just saying one word at that time ohh yeah fuck me ohhhh yeah fuck me and was riding over two of their cocks after all of us were done and they took their cocks out and spilled all of their cum over my face. That night all 3 of us did sex for a very long time and still now whenever they come over my place they fucks me real good.

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