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My Cousin My Sex Partner

  • desipapa
  • September 22, 2015

Welcome to the world of desi stories. I am Rajan, 19-year boy from Ludhiana(Punjab). I also had a mind-blowing experience with one of my bua ji’s daughter. Her name was Richa. She was two year older than me. Her figure was 36-28-36. She was a goddess of sex on earth. This all started at my sister’s marriage.

Ever thing was going perfectly. As you know at marriages lots of traditional functions are there. I never feel this thing ever in my life for my sister but that day I was fascinated by her. I was looking for chance when I could touch her. First few times she feels as it was accidental but as my courage goes up she also came to know that something bad is going on in my mind. Then she also started to give response to me. We both of us started teasing each other by touching each others body accidentally. But due to great rush in the house we were not getting the right time to do what we want. After lady signet all of us were dam tired. So after taking dinner we decided to sleep early. Richa and me were asked to bring rajai from the storeroom. As both of us entered the room lights went of, we got the chance that we need. I hold her hand and pulled her to me. We started kissing each other, as we had not eaten anything from years.

Slowly my hands started to go on her booms and beautiful round ass. We both were enjoying very well. To by bad luck as I was going to remove her shirt lights were back. We left each other and started laughing. I said to her that this is not the right time, wait for the better chance. Next day I was the wedding day. So it was busy day for me. At night when barat came my father asked me to bring some goods, which were at home. I was taking my car from the parking; suddenly an idea came into my mind. I knew that there would be no one at home at this time. So went to Richa and asked her to come with me. When we entered into the car she asked me where we are going? I told her in “Jannat”. She understood that. Marriage place was quite far away from our home. So I drive at full speed. When we reached home I rushed to the door and closed it from inside. Both of us were looking into each others eyes. I caught her by her waist and pull her towards me. Now again the kissing round starts. This time it was carried to 20 minutes.

Meanwhile I was pressing her booms and ass. She was enjoying it. Then I removed her choli. She was wearing so many ornaments that as her marriage is going on. It takes some time to me to remove those ornaments. Now she was front of me only in her black bra and panty. She was looking a porn star or a model. I could not resist any more and started to remove those undergarments also. Now that was a sight to watch – a beautiful young nude girl waiting for me. I grab her booms as lollypop and started sucking them. Her nipples were getting hard. Then my hands move towards her magic hole. As my fingers reached there she started to get impatient. I started to finger fuck her. Then I moved to her hole and as my lips reached there she started to make sounds like aaaaaaaahhhhhhh………..aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh. After some time she released her juice which I like very much. Now she said to me that she also want to give pleasure to me. I said you can do whatever you want. She removed my jockey and there comes my lun, which was saluting her. She grabs my dick and started sucking it. I was feeling as I was on seventh heaven. It was great. After some time could not control anymore and come right in her mouth. She drank all my juice as she was having cold drink.

Now I was looking for something more for that I spread her legs and bring my dick close to her hole. She was begging me to fuck her. I slowly put my dick inside her hole. It was very tight. I was using lot of force to enter into her. At last I won and it was easy going for both of us. I fuck her for more than 20 minutes and then I came on her booms. We were lying as a dead duck on the bed. After some time I came to remember that my father must be waiting for me. So I asked Richa to get up and wear clothes. We reach at marriage place on time and every thing was normal. Next day I was sleeping and Richa went away with her parents. Now I am waiting that when will she came back and we have one more round of heaven. Any girl or unsatisfied women can contact me at U can have faith on me that I will not disclose our relationship to anyone.

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