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My Cousin Fucked By Me

  • desipapa
  • December 21, 2015

Hi guys am Shashank again… As I told you how I fucked my atha and now we enjoy our session when ever we get chance …
Now am going to explain that how I got a chance to fuck my cousin .

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Now I will start the story…

Am in my engineering 1st year ..She is also in the same year but different place ….. We are close to each other ..

Then the day came he arrived hyderabad to our place … She came alone to our house .. My mom greeted her and she gave a smile to me and I too gave a smile to her…She then set her luggage in my room as we have only 2 rooms so she came to my room…

My mom trusts us so she let to her sleep in my room with me…

I was in drawing hall and then she went to room to refresh and then she came and sat with my mom and started chit chatting.. You know how girls chit chat..

Then I went to my room and was watching tv there … I saw her bag was opened .. My devil started so I went and opened her bag too see whats there and then I found ger panty and bra at top of the bag…

Blue color panty and black bra … I took them and smelled them.. It was a nice feel I ate her bra and kept those down in the bad as she might notice the wetness I made on her bra and panty …. Again I started to watch tv … Then she came to room and started talking with me .. We talked about studies and all then the day ended

Next day evening she said she was hungry and asked to bring something to eat .. So I brought her to some snacks … Dont know why she smiled naughtily towards me and I also did… Then we went to room that night while sleeping we started chatting about boyfriends and girlfriends … She said she had a boyfriend and out convo was like this

She – yea I have a boyfriend

Me- oh really what all did u enjoy with him

She – wow you are soo straight forward and asking everything

Me – nothing just am asking

She – okay … Yes we did kissing and all

Me – and all mean?

She – you must understand

Me- that mean he entered your club?

She – club ? Hahaha

No almost he used to but we broke up in middle

Me – then you dont have a boyfriend now

She – yeah

Me – so starve for sex then?

She – what ?

Me – nothing

And we slept … She wore a sleeve less t-shirt and a legging .. I slept beside her .. I woke up at night and saw her sleeping.. She was looking hawt

Ill explain you about her

She had a nice pair of boobs … Every man needs those boobs .. Her ass is soo sexy and smooth .. Her lips make us mad..

Her figure makes every man to die …

Then I slowly got her hand and started exploring her hand as it is sleeve less … I started licking her right hand…She moved slightly .. I got feared and left her that day…Next day night same when she slept I started squeezing her boobs slowly ..

Oh my god they were soo smooth .. I was squeezing them I like that only an hour .. I dint knew the time .. And I slept ..

Next day my mom went for vegetables and I was watching tv and then she took bath and came to watch tv ….

She asked me what did you night … I was shocked and then said her nothing was playing and she asked played with my boobs ?

And then I was stunned and told her boldly yes I love your boobs and you are sexy girl .. I wanna make love with you…Then she was shocked by my straight forwardness and then she laughed a lot and am confused…

Then she close to me and said am all yours and kissed my lips … We started sucking each other lips and we left as we heard someone coming and its my mom .. I was eagerly waiting for night and then it arrived

We slept and I kept my hand on her boobs and started squeezing her boobs she started moaning …. I shifted on to her and started kissing her passionately… We kissed for more time and them I lifted her t-shirt upto her neck and moved her bra aside and started sucking her boobs .. That feeling made me mad… I started sucking her nipples .. They were hard .. I bite them and she she shouted and then slowly I was sucking them and squeezing other slowly ..

Then I started licking her navel and then I dont want to leave her boobs and again started sucking her boobs and she started massaging my dick on pant then .. Suddenly power was lost… Suddenly my mom room door opened and then I cane down her and acted as sleeping

Then my mom asked her power lost so come to hall we all will sleep there and then she woke me up and we were walking towards hall … Then I grabbed her back near wall and started kissing her and again moved and then we started walking I grabbed her ass and did like I was doing doggy style and she laughed …. Mom asked what happen then she said I was about to fall so she laughed … Then we slept that day…

Next day my mom said that they are going to marriage and will come next day morning and they started in afternoon …

As soon as they left I started kissing her a lot… While kissing her I started squeezing her boobs and she moaned a lot … I took her to bedroom and removed all her dressed and then she also removed mine … We both are nude now .. I asked her to suck my dick and she agreed and went down and first gave handjob and then she kissed my dick head and started sucking… She is a pro in sucking … That was a great feel…

While sucking I squeezed her boobs and I came in her mouth .. She ate all my sperms and cleaned my dick by sucking again….I pushed her onto the bed… Climbed her and kissed her then started sucking her boobs and bit them…..And slowly went to her pussy …

I started kissing her pussy and licking her pussy.. She moaned loudly and she begged me to enter there and am the first to enter her… I took my dick and kept near her pussy and slowly entering her and she started shouting and started pumping her slowly and picked the speed … And she was enjoying it and mee too and I started kissing her and pumping her in missionary style …And I came in her pussy ..

Then I slept for sometime on her and sucking her boobs and then again my fick was ready and asked her for doggy style she accepted … Then I asked her to bend and then I caught her ass and her ass is sexy … Then I started biting her ass and licking it she loved it and then I started fucking her in doggy style and this time I was so hard and fucking her hard …

Again after 20min I cummed and then we slept … Evening I got a call so I woke up.. And its my atha she called and said that we have time to have sex I said her laughing come to my house and you get a surprise and then she said ok then will be there in 30min…

Then I went and sat in hall and watching tv

She came to hall we were nude itself and sat sat on me started kissing and we ever watching tv …. Then she started sucking my cock again.. This time she was awesome … Sucking it hard ….And then I ate her pussy and three her on dinning table and started fucking her hard again… And we moved to washroom and kissed and washed ourselves and sat nude in hall…:

Then the bell rang and its my atha …

I will explain you what happened next ..

Waiting for you comments

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