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My Cousin Drilled Me

  • desipapa
  • December 24, 2015

Dear Desipapa readers.. I am Natasha from Kerala… I am going to write a story which happened with me when I was just 13 years.. This all happened when my cousin brother came home for the summer vacation at that time he was around 21 I believe. oh talking about me I am 25 yrs now.. n committed n my cousin is now married and living abroad… and guys n gals.. This is not any kind of story making or anything.. This is real life story and no hard core sex and all..Just how a girl feels when she is being touched at unwanted places without permission.
And I have never told this to any one too.. so I thought I will share to this so, you can also enjoy. I always used to fantasy about having pleasure, as right after I got my periods I started becoming more attracted to guys and have got some kind of changes in my body , as like my boobs started growing, and becoming more conscious about the curves. And having more sense before I used to be real dumb as never had the knowledge of how you will feel when a guy touches you but once I got it.. oh its d best in d world I can tell you, nothing else is there is as good as that

Then to begin my story usually during summer holidays, my dad used to plan for some vacation somewhere.. Sometimes even to this cousin house. But all those times, I never thought a devil was there inside him… so he came home with his mom and dad.. He has got a elder brother too. But big bro didn’t come as he had some exam or something… at that time my house had only 2 bed rooms now have 4.

In one bedroom, my mom, his mom and my granny decided to sleep.. and as I was a kid they told me to sleep with my cousin and my dad.. His dad decided to sleep on the sofa in the drawing room, as he said.. he will be just fine there is a reason for my dad also to sleep with us , coz he had got a heart attack at that time.. And so was not allowed to move around just a little bit… As it’s a double bed, and had only one entry, cause the bed was moved to a corner and so who ever wanted to sleep inside had to crawl first

And I always love to be in middle, so I told my dad, that I will be in middle.. and my cousin didn’t have any other choice rather than being inside, as my dad wanted to go to bathroom in d night and for the easiness he was at the right side… afterwards so my mom gave us all bed sheets to cover… but my cousin told me that his was pretty big and so I could share his.. so as I believed him and said k n so we both were under one sheet… we all slept by around 10.00 pm .. all of a sudden I felt that his hand was on my stomach..

But I thought it was just because he is deep sleep, in sleep even I do that putting my hands n legs on my mom.. so I didn’t care it but slowly I felt that my t-shirt was going on top… was wearing a t-shirt and a skirt… n he started fondling my boobs and I was feeling good… I didn’t tell anything.. n pretended as m in sleep.. And slowly he was just brushing his hands rite from my boobs to my pussy.. And then I understood tat something is going to happen, and so I just to be safe just turned and lied on sideways.

The things became easy for him actually.. he got access to my pussy as well as my ass… he slowly put his finger in my pussy.. my pussy was really dry and he was keep on pushing harder inside my pussy.. I got up and asked “what is it” .. he just closed my mouth and told me to lie down… my dad was in good sleep at that time.. .. and so I just did as he asked me to do.. n as I felt like he is searching for something inside mine.. and he found it..

My clitoris.. oh man… he slowly was pressing it.. n I really I didn’t know it cud give me the pleasure… something I wanted…then he asked me how is it.. I could not tell anything.. 1st time something like this happening to me.. that also when I am next 2 my dad… and he increased the pressure.. and it was giving me more pleasure.. and slowly he used his rite to put in my ass.. mine is damn hard.. so he didn’t have access to go inside.. Still he tried his level best.. n all of a sudden I said oh god.. n so my dad got up n asked what is it… I just said..

I just sneezed that’s all. And then again my dad went to sleep again.. And again my cousin started drilling his fingers inside me.. So his left inside my pussy and the rite one in my ass… it was like I was in heaven… and even after caressing my clitoris he finger fucked me.. And my hole was really small at that time… n his fingers was really big. And so it was a good feeling, that his fingers was drilling inside my pussy….

And after a couple of seconds ,my pussy was full of water.. n he asked whether I leaked.. I said.. I don’t know.. He asked me 2 touch my pussy… it was full with my cum itself… oh good.. it was a good feeling… and so he took his hands off.. n asked to hug him.. n when I did.. he slowly in my ear asked to hold his cock..I just did as he asked.. And he asked me to move it up n down.. I just did the way he asked… and then he told me.. To leave it and asked to go 2 bathroom… and when I went he came after me.. n told this is the secret between just u and me…

I said k.. n he just took some cum with his finger n licked it.. n asked me to do the same.. I said No, he didn’t force me but he cleaned my pussy with his tongue.. as I was sitting on the toilet cover he was on his knees later told me to go to bed, I just did the same. he came after 2 min. and lied next to me and hugged me so tightly I could not breathe.. n then loosened and told.. I love you, I didn’t utter a word and we both slept happily…

Till the time he left back, v were having like this every day…. that’s the first orgasm I had.. n even my boyfriend don’t know about this.. Have never told this to him. So guy n gals this is my true life experience. And have shared with u all.. Soon I will be writing to u about the real sex I had with my boyfriend. And hope u liked it.. Kindly send feedback to .awaiting your letters dear friends…

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