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My Cousin Anjali

  • desipapa
  • September 25, 2015

It was during March, after completion of college. I was then 21. I always visited their home during vacations, and the main reason behind that was my cousin anjali, She was 19 is very loving and adorable. My uncle is a government officer posted at different town, so he is usually not home. My aunt runs a boutique and it is situated approx. 1 hrs. drive from their home, so she had to leave by 8:00 am and returns by 6:00 pm. So vinnie and me used to stay back at home. We were really close to each other and were good friends. During humid and long days of March we talked of many things, she is frank and never hesitated to talk about any topics.

It started like this, one-day as usual we were chatting, the topic changed to sex and its activities. We were deep in our talks and we proceeded on and on till X- movies. She insisted on seeing those types of movies so I rushed to the nearby shop and got one. We started the movies and sat beside each other, we were so engrossed on seeing and were on top of the world. We didn’t realize when our hands caught hold of each other and we were caressing each other. After long, we did come back to sense and let go each other. I was bit scared and nervous, as this was my first encounter with her, but “surprisingly” she spoke “ don’t you want to carry on”, that’s it, it was my best welcome throughout life.

I held one hand on her head and started kissing her beautiful lips, she responded very passionately and at the same time my other hand was fingering her gorgeous breast. She was moaning lightly, after long juicy kiss, I removed her T-shirt and my goodness those precious tings were budging out of her bra and her nipple pointing straight at me. I kissed and licked all over her body. She then helped removing T-shirt off my body, she was so Horne that she at once started to suck my nipples and rest parts of body. I then proceeded towards her bra; I slowly kissed her back and removed her bra. “My my”, those round boobs drove me crazy, I responded quickly and grabbed her boobs and started pressing hard, she was moaning hard, I then sucked and licked her boobs simultaneously. We were kissing and sucking each other least for 15 min. I then went down and undid her jeans, what smell of her underwear, those lovely ass and those hairless thighs. I could make out her cum through her underwear. I explored her thighs, her ass and her belly and then I undid her underwear, pussy lips wide shut with few hairs was gone red. I too got rid of my jeans and underwear quickly and now we both were cloth less.

I asked her to lie on the bed and spread her legs; I then started to explore her pussy hard and fast, she was screaming loud and wild, I could make out her cum flowing and took all inside my mouth. We went on for about 10 min. then I asked her to take my manhood inside her mouth, she obediently did so and what a sucker she was, she satisfied me completely. We once again started kissing and I told “my dear, I now will explain you 69” she said “alls yours”. I made her go the other way and once again started to lick each other’s property. We both were out of sense, screaming loud, we went like that for few min. now it was time for the real show, I whispered in her ears, “My love, ready for the wild ride”, she whispered back “Just tare me apart and I won’t complain”. I made her lie on the bed and spread her legs apart, then I wetted her pussy with my mouth so it would be easier to fuck her as she was virgin. She moaned lightly, I started slowly and steadily so it wouldn’t hurt her and myself also. I started moving slowly up and down, and one big jerk, half of my manhood went inside, she screamed desperately and wanted me to take it off, but I refused and held her in such a position that she couldn’t let go, then second jerk, hole of mine was inside hers. We both were crying in agony and at the same time moving up and down, she too was in rhythm with me. I started faster and harder, she now tend to enjoy that and was moving rapidly, moaning loudly. She was screaming, “ Fuck me hard, and Tear me apart, go faster, more faster”, those were her words and it made me hornier and gave energy to fuck her hard and fast. After few min. we both came and fell asleep hugging each other.

After around 1 hrs. We woke and once again were ready for next round. We went on like that and at the end of day we had done 5 times………

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