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My Confession

  • desipapa
  • September 14, 2015

Hi everybody. I am Rohit from Trivandrum, Kerala, India. I am a software engineer working in one of the leading software companies in Technopark, Trivandrum. This is the first story I am writing to this site. This actually happened to me two years back when I was doing my final semester B.Tech. I don’t have any thing to hide and I declare that what I am writing is absolutely right. Even the names are not changed. I want dear readers to read this story and to give me necessary guidance. I am expecting reply from only those who are considering my situation seriously and who really want to help me. Reply is expected from both men and women.

My family is a small medium level family consisting of five members. My father, mother, brother, sister-in-law and me. Two years back my brother got married to a girl named Renu. Even after two years of married life they don’t have a kid. They almost consulted each and every doctor here and all of them reported that they don’t have any problem in getting a child. My bhabhi was like mother for me and I loved her very much. She also returned me the love in full and takes care of me when my mother is not at home.

One day while nobody was at home me and bhabhi were watching TV and it was some program regarding test tube babies. When I was about to change the channel she stopped me and said that she want to see that. I saw her desire to become a mother badly in her eyes. We both watched the program and she went to her room after it is over. That whole day she was there in her room thinking about something and never even came out for evening tea.
Next day it seems alright with her. But I can see some problem in her face. We two were alone at home and after lunch we were watching TV and now the time has reached for the second part of the same program. Now she told me to change the channel and she said she don’t want to see it. I enquired her why she doesn’t want to as she was showing full interest in seeing that program the other day. Then she told me that the previous day she was interested because she was interested in having such a child and when she told her husband about that he was completely against her thought. After saying this she started weeping. I came close to her and sat beside her. I said her that everything will become OK and told her to pray to god to show some way. Now she started weeping badly and lay on my shoulder. I tried to relax her but was in vain. All of a sudden she stopped crying and asked me whether I can give her a baby. I never thought of her like that, but she was like mother to me. I got confused and angry at the same time and went to my room and locked my room from inside.

For the next few days I didn’t talked to her and even in day time we were alone in house either I will prefer staying at my room or I will go to some of my friends house. After three four days when I was in my room after having lunch she knocked at my door. When I opened the door she was there staying in front of me with her head pointing the floor. She said sorry to me and said that the mother inside her made her to think and tell like that. I told her that she is my brother’s wife and I can’t think about her like that. To this she said that she badly wants a child and also she can’t live without a child to love. And if it was from one who is inside the family then it will be okay. Also she told me that she is proud to have a brother like me. Then she went to her room and me in mine.

For the next two days I was busy thinking about this and finally I reached the conclusion that she is more a woman than my bhabhi and there is no problem in giving her a child. Also it seems something great to give a woman a child when she is thirsting to become a mother. On the third day when all our family members went for job I went to her room. She was there in the bed reading some magazine. I sat near her on the bed and said that I want to talk to her. She moved the magazine to the side and looked at me. I told her what I did for the last two days and what my decision is. On hearing this she started crying in joy and hugged me. She said she want to have a child as early as possible and told me to make it fast.

I said her OK and gave her a mild kiss on her cheeks and on her fore head. She closed her eyes as if she were waiting for some time. For the next few minutes I kissed her all over her face and now it was her turn to give some for me. We kissed for about ten minutes and ended up in a deep throated French kiss which lasted for another five to ten minutes. Then I made her stand in front of me and looked her for some time. She was wearing a red colored sari and a black colored blouse. She asked me what I am looking. I answered her she is very sexy and this is for the very first time I am feeling how sexy she is. She smiled at me and told me to make it fast.

I removed her sari and it fell on the floor. She was now in her blouse and petticoat showing her deep navel and her cleavage for me. I love deep navels very much and loved her too. I kissed her navel for some time and told her to get some honey from the kitchen. When she returned with the honey I spilt some on her navel and started to lick it from her. She was now almost not in her control and was moaning heavily like hmmmmmmmmm aaaaahhhhhhh etc. Now she was lying on the floor. After licking all the honey from her navel I started to unhook her blouse and petticoat. Now she was in a bra and panty. All this time she laid like a dead body on the floor moaning and calling my name to make it fast. I squeezed her boobs over her bras. Her panty was all wet with her juice and was smelling good. I removed her bra and panty and now she was in front of me completely naked. I can’t believe what I am seeing. I never thought of her having a sexy body like this. She measured 36-26-36 at that time. Her boobs were correctly shaped and she had a small pink colored nipple on top of each boobs. Even without the bra her boobs is not hanging on air. Her nipples got hardened by this time.

I played with her boobs with them by sucking and squeezing them. After some time changed my attention to her pussy and her pussy was all wet with her love juice. I licked all over her pussy to make it clean. But still lot more juice is coming out. It smells and tastes really good.
I made her sit on the bed and made myself nude and came near her and told her to suck my dick. At first she hesitated. Then I said her that’s OK and I went to start fucking her without making a complaint. On seeing this she stopped me and takes my dick in her mouth. It is for the first time she is giving blowjob to some one with her consent, she said and added that her husband will not wait for her desires and will usually insert his disk in her mouth rashly and fuck her mouth. She sucked my dick for some time and when I was about to cum she took it outside and told me not to touch it for some time without cumming. All this time I was finger fucking her and she ejaculated two times.

Now she told me to fuck her as she can’t wait for long. I then made her lay on the bed with her legs wide spread and placed my dick on her pussy lips. Since her pussy was full of her juices with a single thrust my dick entered her. She made a loud aaaahhhhhh on my entry. Then I started to ride her slowly. Since I haven’t cum yet I know that I can’t last for long without coming. So I tried to make it as slow as possible. But she complained me about it and told me to make it fast. So I started to increase my speed and now I can hear the sound of my balls beating her ass. She was in joy and was making sound like aaaahhhh uuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhh hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. With in no time I came inside her with a loud cry. By this time I was thoroughly exhausted and I collapsed on top of her. I lay on top of her for some time with my dick inside her.

After around fifteen minutes we both decided to have a bath and we entered the bathroom. She washed my dick with warm water and thanked me for everything. By this time my dick was ready to have another round and asked her whether she want one more. She readily agreed and I fucked her under shower in the doggy style.

After that day this continued until she got pregnant. Now every one in our family is very happy especially my brother. She thanked me very much. After nine months she gave birth to a boy who looks exactly like her. Now her son is one year old. But now she wants me to give her another child or at least continue what were doing. But I don’t want to do that since it may be cheating my brother. Also I got a feeling that I did something wrong fucking my brother’s wife. I even thought of telling my family about the truth. But don’t have the courage to do it. I don’t know what to do now. I am writing this story as my confession and I would like to know your thoughts about my situation. Please help me take my decision. I don’t know what u think bout me. I am hoping for a friendship through email that can help me take my decision. Please send your reply to

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