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  • October 6, 2015

I am Nuzhat Parveen from Delhi. I am 20 years old. I am vary fair in color. My height is 5 feet 4 inches. I have a terrific figure of 36-24-34 and innocent oval face. In collage every guy look at my boobs with greedy eyes. My areola ‘s size is almost equal to the old one rupee coin. They are light brown in color. I am doing Bsc. Sunil is a good friend of my brother and he has computer hardware business. From few months Sunil has been coming around quite regularly. They always joke around and behave like small kids.

Sunil’s a very good looking guy, nice athelete’s body as he used to be the best swimmer at school. I have been noticing that sometimes Sunil likes to undress me with his eyes when my my brother is out of sight. I was so used to Sunil’s company when my brother is not around and he always making me feel comfortable, without worrying about being taken advantage. One day, my brother rang me up from his office and told me that Sunil i! s coming around to deliver a new computer which he bought from Sunil’s shop. Half an hour later, Sunil was standing by the door with some boxes. I let him in and showed him where to put the computer. I was wearing a very short skirt at that time and I knew that Sunil couldn’t help looking at my crotch whenever I squatted down to pick up something from the floor where he supposed to put the boxes. I didn’t really care as I feel comfortable with him. I gave him a soft drink and asked him to take a break. We sat down next to each other by the sofa drinking our soft drinks. I was feeling sleepy after a few sips and decided to have a quick sleep as I was feeling very tired from not having enough sleep the night before.

I told Sunil to help himself if he needs anything from the kitchen. I went to my bedroom and threw myself on the bed. I was in the middle of a deep sleep and suddenly I felt something was touching me. I opened my eyes and saw Sunil’s head in between my legs. He! was actually licking my pussy and his fingers were sliding in and out of my vagina. I was very shocked and pushed him away and asked him to go away. He came sitting next to me and grabbed my face to kiss me. I tried to push him again but I was too weak. I felt helpless and he carried on kissing me. I must admit that I was turned on and made me even weaker. I responded to his kisses. Sunil slowly caressing my breasts from above my T-shirt, playing with my nipples. I was thinking about brother at the same time and wondering what if he finds out. Kissing me softly. Sitting down next to me and looking into my eyes, He told me “I love you so much, he told me and kissed me with so much passion it took my breath away”. He slowly put his hands under my T-shirt and started playing with my nipples.. still kissing me very deeply. then put both hands on the top of my shorts and pulled them off. I didn’t even have a chance to raise up to help. he lifted my shirt and exposed my large breas! t started running his tongue around my nipples, making them very hard, gently biting at them OOOOoooohhhhhhbaby.

I moaned moving one of my hands over to the large bulge that was forming inside his pants gently stroking it, making it grow more. then reaching for the button and zipper to release his manhood.. He stood up and took off his close slowly.. watching me look at him I know it turned both of us on we were both breathing very hard.
Then he kneeled on the floor next to the bed putting my legs, one on each side of him and pulling me to the edge of the bed. He went back up to my nipples for a minute licking around them, then ran his tongue down my belly very slowly around my belly button then down one of my legs, to my knee. he raised my legs up towards my chest and licked my inner thigh. OOOOOOOoooooohhhhhhhyesssssssssssssssssss slowly heading for my pussy. He stopped and looked at it for a minute It was clean shaven. He just loved that then so gently, sticking out his ! tongue started to run it up and down my slit sending shivers all over my body. Tasting me for the first time too, I heard him moan in approval..MMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. His tongue slide inbetween my lips with ease I was so wet for him..

He reached up and gently spread my lips with his fingers burring his face in my pussy OOOOOooooooohhhhhhgggggggodddddddddbabyy. wiggling my pussy against his hands on his head softly pushing down. he rand his tongue up and down.finding my love hole, slowly pushing his tongue in as deeply as he could..raising my hips, pushing down on his tongue, my body shook wildly.

OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHhhhhhhhYyyesssssssssS SSSssssOoooooooooooooooooo OOOOoooohhhh hhhoooooooooOOOOoooooooooooo my pussy grabbed his tongue in spasms he grabbed my hips and pulled me closer, pushing his tongue deeper, licking the inside of my velvet walls. gasping for a breath.It makes me cum but he didn’t stop there.. He kept on licking and sucking on my clit, bringing me to ! another orgasm. I gently pulled his hair to make him at least look at me I couldn’t talk I managed to whisper stop please. He took one last slow long lick and ran his tongue slowly up my belly to my face.. Kissing my very deeply.

I reached down imbetween us and slowly stroked his very hard cock He knew what I wanted and positioned himself between my legs, still kissing me, I started rubbing his cock up and down my pussy lips. making it real wet.. Then putting it at my hot choot , slowly raising my hips He pushed down the same time I raised up and he went all the way in. OOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaAAAAAAAaaaaaaa It had been a very long time for me and he was big. He moaned too..OOOOOOOOOHHHHHBAByaaaYYESSSsss ssssss ssss I could feel him pulsing inside of me.. about ready to explode. He whispered for me to stay still but I didn’t work. He started grinding and pushing his cock in and out of my pussy. I was raising my hips to meet his downword thrusts. It didn’t take long an! d we both could feel the others body tense, both moaning very Loudly OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHBABYYYYYY YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS OOOOOOHHHHHH HHHHHHHHH HGGGGGGGODDDDDDDDD our bodies shaking, breathing very hard, we both came at the same time. He collapsed on top of me I could feel his heart about to beat out of his chest.. Mine was too. Holding eachother tight, he whispering , I love you baby.

After a rest of 15 minutes, he lifted me up turned me around & started rubbing my tits & licking my neck,he then put a finger inside me, leaned forward & placed my hands on the wall,he knew what I wanted, so he put one hand on my hip & with the other guided his huge cock one again into my wet pussy,I pushed back into him as he slowly entered me,I felt like I was being ripped in half he was that big,finally he was all the way in,he seems to be very experienced as he put both hands on my hips & just held me there with his big cock in me to the hilt until I got used to his size! ,then he slowly withdrew & entered me again I tried not to make any noise but I made small gasps as he started to pump me harder,it only seemed about 30 sec when I started to cum,I was pushing back hard to meet each of his thrusts when My head felt like it was going to explode I couldn,t help moaning as I came oohhh I,m comimg fuck me hard..fuck me fuck me & then ORGASM my legs felt like they were going to collapse but he just kept fucking me & then he gripped real hard pushed in as far as his big cock would go & filled me with pump after pump of his hot cum.

He still sliding his cock inside me which made me scream. He was fucking me real hard. He turned me around and did a doggy. He wanted to fuck me in the arse but I stopped him. I told him that I’ve never done it before and I would not like to do it. He didn’t object and carried on fucking me real hard. I came about four times before he finally came. We then took a shower together and did it once in the s! hower too. Twenty minutes after Sunil left. You can send your comments on

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