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My College Professor Mrs Priya

  • desipapa
  • January 8, 2016

Hey I am Atharva from pune I study in the most prestigious college in pune I am 6 ft and medium looks the star of the story is mrs priya she was my electronics professor she is 5.6 ft and little chubby.She is punjabi ,whitish complexion

It was mid December and I had to submit an electronics project I was confused a little as this was my first time ,i had a prof in college she was friendly and used to explain very nicely to everyone so I went to my prof for help she was busy so she called me next day after college in evening ,i went at 5 in evening she was wearing a nice saree , she started explaining me about some laws and I was not understanding she was drawing some circuits and while drawing the pencil fell on the floor

While picking her pallu fell and I could see her bra it was black in colour and a huge cleavage

My pant had a little tent when I saw that,anyways she explained it to me for an hour and then she called me tomorrow .

I had never bad thoughts about my teacher but after seeing the cleavage my thoughts change it was my first time being with a woman and I masturbated 3 times that day I went the next day at same time we finished the topic in an hour she told me what are you doing now I told her nothing will hang with my friends for a bit then home she told me she was hungry so would I mind going to our canteen I was excited by that offer and said yes we went to our college canteen .In canteen we joked a bit and she asked me whether I watch any serials I told her I loved got ,she said that I also liked it and where do u see it cause it is very adult ,

I told her I had an extra tv in my bedroom so it was no problem we were discussing about the series for an hour she told me she had seen only seen some seasons and wanted to watch the last season with somebody cause she was bored seeing it alone it was a golden opportunity for me I agreed we decided to watch it the next day it ,

She told me to give a call after I reached outside her society she had planned everything I called her and she came in a car with tinted windows and told me to sit behind so that the watchman would not see me she parked in the basement and there was a lift very near we went to her apartment she apologized to me for that behavior and told he that her husband was very short tempered and did not like her to talk anyone unknown and the watchman might get suspicious after seeing me with her I said its okay she was in a tracksuit and nice shirt her cleavage was visible .

She went in the kitchen to bring water her was swinging very sexily I was a little charged she had made Chinese we went to her bedroom there was a huge tv there we took some wafers and started watching there were sex scenes nearly in half scenes my penis had started making tent she saw it I was embarrassed a bit she told it was okay you dont need to be embarrassed about it ,so do u have a girlfriend I said no

She asked me whether I have kissed a girl before I told her no I was always the studious type she was very shocked and said dont worry you will experience it when if you have an open mind she was giving me green signal as I was new to it so did not understand it we continued watching after that we went to dining hall and started eating I complimented her about her cooking skills she thanked me and asked me so are you looking fir a girlfriend I said no cause it is a distraction for me ,she asked what about making a gf that can help me in studies ,

I asked like a fool who she told me that you are really a newbie dont you get all responses I did not know what to say she told that her husband was abroad most of the time and she was very lonely can I become your gf but you have to keep it a secret I agreed she said come in 5 min inside her bedroom without clothes its time to make you a male,she kissed me on the lips we were just chewing each others lips her tongue came in my mouth

I started licking it explored all my mouth I inserted my tongue in her mouth we had a big tongue fight she just collected all her saliva and deposited it in my mouth she went in her bedroom man that was hot ,i had a 6 inch boner .I just stripped nude waited for some time and went into her bedroom she was completely nude she had brownish nipple with coin sized aerola and beautiful tummy and a bush near her pussy I jumped on her we were kissing for 10 min there was a lot of exchange of saliva I licked her neck and sucked her boobs like hell even gave her a love bite her nipple was very taut I heard her moaning it was the sweetest sound I have heard

I was pumping her other boob it was very spongy then slowly I licked her stomach and started licking her navel and started putting my fingers in her pussy the whole room was filled with her moaning I started licking her pussy I put my whole mouth inside her pussy it was smelling a bit of urine but the taste was tingy she told me to lick her clit I was little that small ball and put 3 fingers in her vagina she started moaning loudly I was licking for 5 min she cummed on my mouth she stood up and started kissing me licking her juice on my face she lowered herself and started licking my nuts it was the feeling I ever had

She then spitted a lot on my penis and put it whole in her mouth and started deep throating me whenever she put it in her throat thick saliva used to come on my penis it was I was moaning and told her I am cumming she stopped immediately sat on me inserted my penis in her sweet hole put her boobs in my mouth the whole room was filled with our moaning noises she was jumping on me I cummed inside her pussy after 6 min she just slept besides me it was 10 pm and said stay here for the night I was calling my parents and she was giving me blowjob I told them I was staying in my friend’s house studying and will come tomorrow morning we did a couple times that night

We are still doing sex now but on monthly basis she even has told me that her sister is very unsatisfied by her husband and has told me that she we will arrange our meet in her home more about that later

Thanks all for listening to my story this is a great platform for sharing our darkest secrets mail me your feedback

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