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My Colleague Priya

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  • August 27, 2015

This is Vishal again with a new story! I am expecting a lot of replies from girls/aunties especially the one from Bangalore. As I have said earlier that I am Vishal, 25 years old just like million other engineers in Bangalore I also work in a MNC here. I have a dick of 6.5″ long. any aunty/gals can give me their reviews at

I am really looking forward to make new female friends of any age and that’s the reason I am writing these stories. So please don’t feel shy and feel free to contact me. I promise whatever u say or do will always be a secret so please mail me ASAP.

After writing 4 successful stories on this site, I am here to share my fifth experience with you all. In case if you have missed my other stories. kindly go through them. They are titled

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Now getting back to the story, this story is about one of my colleague named Priya. The name Priya itself is arousing in its own way. I don’t know why but since childhood there have been certain names that looks sexier to me and Priya is certainly one of them.

This story is about my junior colleague in office. Her name was Priya. She joined our office almost 4 years after I joined. We all got a mail saying that she is going to be a part of our team but unfortunately there was no photo displayed of her. There were no girls in our team till date and Priya would be the first to join our team. We got the mail almost a week before she joined us. There was a lot of hep created after we received this mail . The whole week went in anticipation of how Priya would look like, would she be hot? being a senior of her own team will I have an added advantage to get into being in touch with her and all that.

A week passed by and finally she joined my team in my company. I was expecting a hot gal in mini skirt kind of material when I saw her but this gal was not that hot as I had imagined. May be I had thought too much about her and that’s the reason I was a bit disappointed when I saw her. She was ok ok type of gal to me. Atleast that was my first impression when I saw her.

Months passed by after she joined and I never showed any much interest in her as I was busy with other project and she was busy with others. We always just had a hi hello kind of relation and never really got that close to each other. Then months turned into a year and I was kind of getting jealous of this girl because she never had any proper work and our team leader used to flirt with her all the time, not only our team leader. almost all the guys from other team would often come and chit chat with her and she had kind of become a star to others. I did not understand the reason of people getting so attracted to her. I noticed she was not doing any productive work since a year and still used to enjoy all the perks just because she was a girl so I kinda started hating her for being a lazy bum and she kind of started showing attitude even to her seniors because she knew the team leader would always take her side.

Then year and a half passed by I got to know she got into a relation with one more colleague of mine. But I cared to bother the least as I was doing really well in my job and I was all set to get a promotion. So my work used to occupy all my time and I hardly any time to interact with anyone. Then 2 years passed by after she joined and I got to know that she broke up with her boyfriend. and within a month that guy even quit our company and found a better paying job.

Though she had a bf, she never got any less attention from others, she still was enjoying all the perks and still acting lazy when it came to her job. I realised that 2 years and yet she had not learned anything much.

Time of increment and promotions were round the corner and I was excited about the increment this year as I knew I was doing really well.

To my surprise Priya had got a real good increment, more than what a 2 year fellow in the company gets and much much better than her first year increment. But still she was a junior to me and I knew there was something much better in store for me. Our increments were to be announced one week later than Priya’s increment. In that week time we came to know that Priya’s much favored team leader had resigned the job and he just had a month left in the notice period.

My increment was one of the best in the company and the best part was I was given double promotion. I was made the new team leader of our team. Being a team leader at 25 was really an achievement in itself for me. Thanks to the timely resignation of our team leader helped me score this extra promotion. I was on cloud 9 after all this.

Now the important part, Priya had to report to me. I was having a wicked feeling about all this and I wanted to teach her a lesson and wanted her to actually do some work in the company. Trust me I really had no sexual crave for her in anyway till this point of time.

So within a month our team leader quit his job and I took the lead of the team, I have to agree that I was really tough on Priya and made her do lots n lots of work compared to her previous works. I was not at all partial, I just gave her the exact amount of work what other people of her experience were doing in the company. But due to the lack of knowledge in the last 2 years she really had a tough time coping with all the work. I was an excellent team leader and my team did really well after I took the charge of the team.

Priya had a tough time with me, she used to stay nearby our office and so did I. we both used to stay late at office with couple of other team mates most of the time. No other guy in the team was allowed to help her because I really wanted her to learn her job and I wanted to utilize my resources in the best possible way. The guys in our team had their own work and hardly got time to help her. So Priya eventually ended up asking my help every now and then. DO NOT think that I was really a tough guy when it comes in teaching and explaining I was the best guy to go to. I really helped her a lot and she was improving continuously day after day after day.

3 months passed by and I felt proud bout Priya whenever I saw her. She was showing tremendous improvement in her work.

Now one day there was a strike in our city and we were directed to work from home. We had too much of work to complete and none of us had the chance to bunk the work that day. Priya did not have net connection at her home. So I told her to come n work at my house. I do stay alone and so does she and as I said both our houses are nearby and I have a Wi-fi connection at house so I told he to join me at my house as she did not have net connection in her house so that both of us can work together. We in our team were very dedicated to our work and everything was very much professional, everyone in our team knew what their jobs and responsibilities were. They were allowed to take leave only when they have finished their allocated tasks. I had huge pressure from the management to complete the work in time. I had full confidence in my team that we are gonna finish it soon .

So on the day of strike, Priya came to my house early morning by 7. I prepared tea and started to work by 7.30. We both were too much involved in our work and other than the official chat or the doubts she got while doing her job there were hardly any conversations we had in this entire process. We worked non stop til 12 in the noon. The project was about to finish in another 2 hours time and I again was proud of my team.

I was hungry by now and asked Priya if she was hungry too. She said she was but she said she ll work for another hour before having lunch. So we both decided to have lunch at 1 and work till then. I finished my job by 12.45 and now the only job I was left was to mail the customer about completing this work after all our team mates had finished their respective jobs. Priya said she needed half hour more. I said fine and switched on the music in my laptop for the first time.

This was the first time I got free in the entire day and I looked at Priya and she was working very seriously the entire time. This is the first time I noticed her properly. While watching her I kinda felt proud that very moment. From nothingg to one of the most important members of the team in such a short time. Priya had done really well. I always felt she would curse me for being strict with her but again I felt proud because I knew now she can survive in any company. I knew she would never thank me for all this and always keep cursing but I knew what was best for her. These thoughts kept crossing my mind. I was proud and kinda attracted to her by all this thoughts.

I observed her very carefully for the first time ever since she joined. When I saw her I realised that she had got a facial done and had her face skin was shining like anything. I realised she was wearing a lip glow kinda thing that made her lips kinda cute in pink. She was wearing a purple top and a scarf kinda thing that acted like a duppatta. I saw her hands that were busy with her laptop, I noticed that she had ultra smooth hand skin that looked as smooth as silk. I love the girls who have such clean skin or those who wax regularly. I was turned on a bit. I continued to look at her. She had wheatish colour not really very fair but not at all dark for sure. I kinda started getting a hard on. I slowly tried to look at her boobs. She had them covered with a scarf but still as I was sitting side ways I was able to see her boobs from above her top. It looked massive and that look of it was more than enough for me too turn on completely. I had a complete hard on when I saw those breasts of her. I somehow felt the urge to touch them, grab them, squeeze them, lick them right away. But it all made no sense I was her boss and it was difficult to flirt with her.

I was on a dry spell, I had not had sex since a long long time, so every second I just felt I needed that female more than ever. I had never seen her in that way ever but today may be because of my dry spell I really felt very wild and wanted to tear her top right away and wanted to fuck her wildly just like a animal. I was horny, I was hungry, I was like an animal kept in the cage. Just when all these thoughts were crossing my mind

Priya: Can we go have lunch now?

Me: (came back to reality and said) Yeah sure

P: So where do you wanna go for lunch?

M: Lets go somewhere nearby. I will take out the car

We both got up to go I let her go in front as I had to adjust my pants. As she was going in front I saw her ass. GOSHHHHH those looked juicy and heavenly. I wanted to bite them, lick them and wanted all of her somehow. I was unable to control myself, I was unable to control my cock which was at struggling to come out of my pants. I knew I cannot fuck her right away but I wanted to atleast have a quick shag before going.

P: Arre! jaldi chalo na! Whats taking you so long?

I somehow adjusted my pants and went out locked the house and went to the basement to take out my car.

I took out the car and I usually dont tell my fellow passenger to wear seat belt. I knew I cant grab her breasts, but I somehow wanted to atleast touch them may be by sliding my fingers over them or anyhow wanted to atleast pass my fingers near to her breasts.

So I took her side ka seat belt in hand and said

Me: Seat belt is compulsary these days, so you better wear them

P: yess bossss!

I pulled the seat belt from that side to my side while doing so I kinda over did it and touched her boobs. I made sure it looked accidental but still it was not really fingers sliding, my fingers kinda pressed the flesh of her boobs. They were very smooth. I kinda had a satisfaction but even she knew I touched her breast by accident. She n me both felt uncomfortable for a moment and then again continued with the drive.

In the meantime, we did not find anything to eat as all shops and hotels were closed. We had nothing much to eat at home too. So I decided to go to a shop owners house whose shop is in front itself and ask for some ready to eat noodles just add hot water kinda stuff. Thank god he knew me so he gave me 6 ready to eat noodles.

So we came back to the house and Priya insisted that she ll prepare noodles with some tea. I said ok because I really wanted to watch her ass when she was busy in the kitchen.

I kept watching her ass for a while but this time I knew I wanted to sleep with her today and I started working on a plan somehow.

Me: Acha Priya! Can I ask u something if you dont mind?

Priya: ya sure Vishal!

Me: U must hate me na? I mean earlier you used to be so causal in office and now I have made u work so much?

P: whatt?? no not at all who told

M: No I mean, I feel all of u hate me. Common U tell me, who actually likes their boss? every employee of every company hates his boss in some or the other way. I have made you guys work so much since I started leading you. You really must be hating me off late.

P: what?? who told you all this? You are the best leader we can ever get!

M: Now dont try to butter me ok? I really feel you guys hate me a lot and especially you because I have made you work so much in the couple of months.

P: Nooo. As a matter of fact after this project was over I really wanted to thank u?

M: what? y?

P: because I was nothing here in the last 2 yrs and since I came under you I have developed so much and I really appreciate that. We in our team are so proud of you. Earlier our team was neglected by the management but since you started leading it they look forward to us for everything. The way our team is progressing the other teams have changed their attitude towards us and have started giving all of us a lot of respect. Am not lying to you I swear on my mother you are the best boss in this world.

M: wow! m honoured to hear all this

I somehow felt that now that she respects me this much it either shud be too easy or tooo difficult to get into her pants.

P: And moreover you dont ask me any of the personal questions like the old team leader, you are so professional and I really want and try everyday to be like u

(woahhh, to be like me, I felt like saying I can be in u!! 😛 )
M: oh common now you are just exaggerating

P: no really! I swear again!

M: so if I ever ask you personal question do I become bad in your eyes then ??

P: haha.. not at all you have all the rights to ask, because u remember I really want to be like u. this is the first time we are talking this much and I really want to ask personal questions to you so that I can be like u

M: oh sure, u can ask anything you want

then after a series of such boring professional conversations she slowly started asking some real personal questions about my gfs and all that

M: Gf ? Oh now thats too personal. I can tell you but provided you shud tell me about yourself too

P: sure! I had a series of bfs since long time, the last one in office as u know he was not at all really a guy type of fellow you know. He never wanted a gf, he wanted a mother kinda marriage kinda material whom he can tell all his problems too. He was never adventurous and it never worked out with him

Me: ohh!

I was confused what to say I never even asked her anything and she was opening herself like anythin

Me: adventurous as in? U wanted to go trekking and all is it?
I said this and laughed

P: no you know .. adventurous .. wild .. something like that

I knew exactly what she meant and I knew exactly what she wanted from a relation. I just was the wildest guy she could get but I never really wanted any kind of commitment.

Me: ohhh wilddd eh??

I said and gave a naughty smile

She also gave a naughty but a sexy kinda smile. I knew where this was heading. I thought this is the chance to somehow get control over the situation. I also wanted to be careful not to jump into all this till I get proper hints.

Me: So what is your kinda guy?

this question usually gives away every sign u want. I deliberately asked her this question so that I can nail her somehow

P: Like you!

gosh I never expected such an early fall of prey though. I knew I had her

Me: Like me? u must be kidding me .. I am always busy with my work.

P: No I swear, the way u handle things like a real man, the way u move around, the confidence u maintain during presentations, the attitude that u have its all in all perfect.

M: thats really flattering? but I really am no commitments kinda guy. U know I enjoy all the wild attitude but am never a guy who will get into any kinda commitments.

P: who cares of commitments? I dont really want a guy whom I can get committed too because I will marry a guy whom my parents show me. But u know till I get married it should be wild is what I feel. Who knows what kinda husband I get and then I really will have to adjust and am strictly against extra marital affairs. so all in all I really need a man right now whose wild on bed!

Those last words ‘wild on bed’ was the exact word I was looking for. I knew it was complete green signal now.

as soon as she said that I went near her. we had finished our lunch during this entire conversation and she was doing the dishes. I went near her and said in her ears

M: M really wild and I hate commitments

P: please understand I cant be more direct than this!

Thats it. I started smooching her like crazy. it was like a hungry tiger had got meat after ages. our smooching was very wild and passionate. by now she had done her dishes. I lifted her up and took her to my bedroom. we were kissing even when I was carrying her. I threw her on bed and got naked and jumped on the bed myself. Believe it or not I just tore off her top and bra and I started sucking her boobs wildly. her stats were 36 28 36 is what she told me later. so I was sucking her breasts like crazy. she was really loving it. . I again kept squeezing both her boobs and started exploring her tongue. I sucked her tongue soo soo soooo deep that was like one of the best smooches ever. she was really one of a very pro kisser I ever had till date. she was experienced and so was I, she was hungry and so was I. our jodi was excellent on bed.

I undid her pants slowly while still continuing to smooch her. The pleasure and satisfaction from that smooch was too much for her and I saw that she was all wet below.

I started to suck her boobs. I have been hungry for them all this while. I started licking them like crazy. I also gave two love bites each on both her boobs. I started to circle my lips over her pink nipples.

Her nipples were the one of the cutest I had ever seen it felt delicious and her nipples were erect. I loved licking them and she loved it too ..

I kept fingering her pussy while licking her boobs. Then I started playing with her navel. It was very much deep and hot. I started licking her feet and then I made all her legs and thighs wet with my saliva.

I licked her whole body from top to bottom and then she said ”abhi kitna tadpa woge!”
“Begaa maadu” (kannada)
Me and her spoke in either hindi english or kannada. we were fluent and comfortable in all 3 languages. so she was making sounds in all 3 languages to be honest.
I knew what she meant as I had not licked her pussy yet! I started to lick her pussy and she was clean shaved. She said she always was. I started sucking her pussy and sucked it for almost 20-30 mins till she cummed.

I then sat and said it was her turn. She sucked my dick and my balls like a real pro.
She shared her desire to lick my ass. I felt strange as first time some gal had asked me that she ll do this. I agreed and she started kissing and licking my ass. Then I felt something strange and then realised she was actually inserting her tongue in my assoal.

She got up and said that she likes to play it dirty. she begged me to play it dirty this time. She said she had wildest fantasies and she wanted me to fulfil them for her. Some where really strange and some users might not like it here. If you really want the dirty part u can mail me at (real wild gals/women only in this matter plz)

Then she said that she wants her ass licked. I was more than wanting to do that. I bit her ass and she loved it. Her ass was huge and really really awesome. I also licked her ass all over and her pussy was all ready by now and so was my cock!!

She said she wants to start with doggy position and I had no problems with that because I really wanted to slap her ass while fucking her.

I started slowly and then increased my pace. Her pussy was very very tight as if it was a pussy of a virgin. she said she had real sex only once long back with her college guy who had smallest dick and he ejected within 2 mins. I said I wont disappoint her. I literally ripped her pussy by fucking her hard and I had made her ass all red by slapping.

I was feeling as if m riding a horse as I pulled all her hairs with one hand while fucking her in doggy style and kept slapping with the other. I kept switching my hands while doing this so that both her ass are equally red 🙂

then I continued to fuck her in the same position but I couldn control myself seeing her boobs move with my every stroke, so I bent down and started squeezing both her boobs with both my hands. I squeezed them so hard that she was in pain and was shouting and even her boobs had become all red…

Vishaaaaaaa .. U are the besssst I ever had… Ammmmaaaaaaa … Aaaaaaa … Oooooo… Aaaa ..

These were the kind of words she was shouting! I then again made her lay on bed with her front facing me and then started smooching her again! one of her dirty thing was she wanted me to spit in her mouth before smooching her and I did the same.

Then I again started fucking her and within the next 15-20 mins I was about to cum. She said she wanted it all over her face this first time!! And she said she wants some in her eyes as she wants to see how it feels. Told u she had the weirdest wildness.

I did the same and I sprayed all over her face and made sure some entered her eyes too!! Then she sat down collected all that in her hands and finger and licked all that.

She said she ll clean and come and came back in ten mins. I was horny again and pulled her towards me and started smooching her. This time she took control over the smooch and started to suck my tongue like a real pro! She was playing with my balls from one hand and other hand she was playing with my hairs and with her mouth she was sucking my tongue deeply. No other gal had sucked my tongue so long and so deep. Believe it or not she almost kept sucking my tongue for a hour or so I even cummed in between as she was playing with my dick and giving hand job continuously during the kiss. We din bother to clean and kissed for almost an hour.

She then said she wants soft traditional kinda sex. I showed her my published stories from ISS and she really wanted me to repeat many of the things I had explained in my previous stories. She was definitely the wildest gal I ever had till date and she was super horny. She was junglee and so was I. I can definitely say we both were animals on bed and had one wild night that day.

In between we worked naked on our laptops and completed the job and mailed the clients. We spoke to other colleagues over conference call not video call professionally about this project and congratulated each other on completion of this project. I was continuously fingering and licking her during the entire conference call and she was busy licking my dick and balls. yesss we did this call in the 69 position. When she was speakin I was sucking and vice versa and when others were speaking we both were sucking. It was again one of her fantasies and how can I say no to any fantasy of any girl.

I always feel that women shud always be kept happy on the bed the way they like it and thats what she or many gal love in me. I go to the extremes just so that I can have their fantasies satisfied.

Many married women also have some undesired fantasies and m really open to that too.

So then we were done with the call and the night really got dirty and wild. I fucked her number of times. We took bath together and did many more things the same night!

I got to have sex with her couple of times after this incident and she never expected any kind of commitments. Within the next 3 months she got married and quit the job and went abroad. But I know I really have taken the full advantage of each and every part of her body. So no repents anything and she sent a mail recently saying that shez happy with her husband and though she misses the sex but she is very clear about no external affair condition of hers. She says her husbands dick is almost the same size of mine and she imagines me most of the time while having sex with him.

She also said that she wont be talking anything non veg or bout sex from now on as she was pregnant and wanted to start a new life and wanted me not to be in contact anymore. She had kept this condition long back and I really had no problems with it whatsover as I also was not looking for any commitments with her.

So now I am all alone and hungry for more. I am awaiting reply from girls/aunties of any age. My mail id is

M writing such detailed stories only for the sake that I can make new female friends so please please please do write back to me. It takes lot of time and effort to write such detailed stories in middle of such busy schedules but I write only for the fans who can contact me back. SO please girls/aunties feel free to mail me at

M really alone these days and will be awaiting your feedbacks and guys your feedbacks are always appreciated. Also I really wanted to write a story on the experience I got via DesiPapa affair and I want to feature the next lady I meet in desipapa here. So any girl who wants such fantasies with name changed can also contact me. M thinking of writing story sitting with her later after I know her, so if any gal wants it they can contact me too. And if anyone wants it to be secret they are welcomed too. So in short everyonez welcome.

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