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My Class Mate

  • desipapa
  • September 13, 2015

HI Readers! First let me tell u about myself. I am Raj 28 year old, 6feet tall and averagely build living in Delhi. The story i am going to tell u is a true incident. It is that time when i was only 25 years and doing my project work. My classmate Neha, 23 Year old pretty good looking with a ht of 5 ft 7 in, 53 kgs, figure of 36 25 35, fair skin. She is a Punjabi and came from a good conservative family. This happen when we were doing our project. That day due to some unavoidable cirmumstances our server failed and we had a day off from our class.

My all friends get time of relax and decided to go for a movie. I did not go with them due to i have some work to do and she also did not go for a movie. My all friends left two of us alone. She told me that she is not going home early so i offered her to come to my room which is very near to our company. She agreeed without hesistation. When we reached in our flat as usual all my seniors left for their work. I ordered Chicken and Icecream for her and started preparing food for both of us. When i was doing all this she was siting in my room and seeing all my things. She saw my SLR Camera and asked me that r u a photigrapher? I said “No”, I just do it for my hobby. She is very much excited about modelling and she asked what is ur substance of photography? I said “Woman and Nature”. She told me will u do a portfolio for me and i said ! yes.

She said now and i agreeed. I took the camera and load a roll into it. I always have extra rolls with me. She was wearing a Blue T-Shirt and a pair of tight jeans. I took some pictures with the basic positions. I told her that she should untie her hairs for that sexy look and she smiled and untied her hairs. She has a very silky hair. I touched her hairs and moved some on to her face. Her hairs are so soft. I use a blower to blow her hairs and took some snaps. Then i said to up your t-shirts little bit so that i can shooot with the naked belly. I took her t-shirt little up but still not showing her belly. Then i did it myself at first she was little shy. I touched her belly which is very flat and very fair in colour and i could not control myself and i am moving my hand all over her belly. She felt excited and i can feel it through her heavy breathing. When i was moving some hair from her face accidently my hand touches her right breast. To my surprise she did not say any! thing and i got some courage and started moving my hand on her cheecks and told her that she is very beautiful. I knew she was getting excited and i kissed her on the chicks and started chewing both her cheeks and started kissing all over her face, earlobes and necks. then i kissed her on mouth and she opened her mouth to take my tongue deep inside her. We started kissing like two mad people in love.

When i was kissing her my hands moving on her braests. I started pressing the boobs and opened her T-shirts. She was wearing a red bra and took some snaps with this position and then i opened the bra, both the breasts are now freed. I started chewing, sucking, licking her breasts and now my hands are moving on her ass pinching them. Then i opened her jeans now she is only wearing a red pantie. I took some snaps in this position and i laid her on my bed. I started licking the breasts and my hands moving on her legs over the pantie. I kissed all over her face,her belly and her inne! r thighs. She was moaning in pleasure. I removed her pantie and i found her pussy clean shaved. She is ver wet and juices coming from her pussy. I started kissing her pussy chewing her clits and inserting a finger in her pussy and started moving in and out of her pussy. then i put two fingers inside her and she was moaning loudly. I lapped all her juices and moving my tongue from her ass to her pussy and i was kissing her asshole which is little salty but i like the taste. I wet her asshole with all my splits and kept kissing her asshole and i inserted a finger into it. She was very light and she opened my pant and pull down my briefs. She took my Cock in her hand and start moving to and fro. She took it in her mouth and kept sucking it. She was lapping my precum from my cock.

She was kissing my balls and kissing my cock from buttom to the top and moving her tongue all over head of my cock which is giving shivers all over my body. I must say it was the best blow job i have eve! r had. I wasted no time sliding my cock in her wet cunt. DAMN! It was nice and tight, I began to fuck her thrusting deeper and she is moaning. I fucked her cunt and felt my balls lift and tighten. I knew I had to shoot my load up her hot body, “Neha! Milk my cock baby, tighten your pussy on me!”She moaned and I felt her velvet cunt walls start to clench and spasm as she started to buck and cum on my cock. “NOW! HERE BABY!” I fucked her hard….fast…then exploded hot cum up her pussy.

I could feel my cock jerking, as it shot my load into her.She was whispering my name as I slowly slid my wet cock out of her pussy. She stayed resting there a moment, as I started to rub her back and over her nice white ass, spreading the cheeks and enjoying watching our mixed cum drip out. Sitting on the soft carpet we ate and chatted about our projects. I could not take my eyes off her nipples and her wet pussy. I finally smiled at her, “Neha, my thoughts are getting rather sexual again and i ! want to cum on ur tits and face. We finished our lunch. I reached between those soft thighs running my fingers lightly over her soft pubic curls, “Wider Monica, open your thighs for me.” She spread her legs wider and I slid my fingers over her wetness, moving between her pussy lips to touch her clit. She moaned softly and opened her legs wider and I knew she wanted me to put my fingers up her honey cunt. I liked how she moved forward, causing my fingers to slide up her heat and I let her finger fuck for a few minutes. Watching her cunt thrust on my fingers made my cock rock hard.I held her legs wide open, to look at her soft brown pubic hair, covering her pussy. I could see she was dripping and as I held her legs wider I told her, “Let me see you play with that pussy honey, spread your lips for me!” She immediately opened her pussy and moved her fingers in and out of her heat. She was moaning and fucking her fingers and my cock was erect…throbbing…I was ready to fuck this bitch again.

Pulling her legs over my arms I moved my ! cock to her wet, hot opening whispering, “Now baby, feel it going up your pretty pussy. I put my throbing cock in her pussy again and I speeded up my stroke and she was also responding by lifting her ass to match my thrusts, She told me to fuck her faster and faster and harder, I was now in full charge , I felt her orgasm again and when i was about to come i took my cock out of her pussy and put it in her mouth and she kept sucking my cock and i blew my load on her face and she took some in her mouth and drank it without any hesitation. Then we took little rest and have the icecreams. I am feeling horny again and i told her i want to fuck ur ass! At first she hesistated but for my will she agreed. I told her to be on ankles like the doggy position. I kissed her asshole and put two fingers in her pussy and then took it out from her pussy and put one finger on her asshole. I kept fingering her asshole and she is moaning in pleasure. I took some vaseline and put it on her asshole and then i put one more finger on her asshole and kept fingering her asshole. I know now is ready for the fuck. I put some vaseline on my cock and inserted in her asshole. It is not enterinh her ass and i tried finally i put in on her asshole. She said that it was very painful! I said Relax and i do not move my cock in her asshole until her muscles relaxed. I speed up my thrusts and she was moaning loudly. I cummed in her all over ass. Any girls in and around DELHI + NCR who are looking for such an experience can contact me. Don’t be shy contact at once. Secrecy is maintained and expected. Married but unsatisfied women are also welcome. You can contact me at “

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