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My Caring Nurse

  • desipapa
  • September 18, 2015

I am a very fan of desi sex stories. After reading a lot of stories, I have decided to put some on net for fans. Let me introduce myself first. I am of 29, 57, having a good complexion and unmarried. I live in Rawalpindi/Islamabad, Pakistan.

This is my story when I was in Lahore a couple of years ago. I got fever and was admitted in a well renowned hospital (name being secret). After three days, I started to improve. There was a nurse on night duty who used to give medicines to patients. Let me tell you something about her. She was of 17 years, 52, having a fair complexion, reddish brown hair, beautiful eyes, with moderate swellings on her chest. She used to wear a tight shirt (Qameez) in which her buttocks used to look great. She had a very sexy smile. One night, she came to give me medicine. She had a dark blue lipstick on her lips and a very attractive perfume, looking gorgeous. While taking medicine from her, I told her that she was looking very beautiful. She smiled and tapped my hand with her slim hand. I felt an electric current inside me and immediately I had a swelling inside my pant. I asked her to come after completing her work which she accepted after some hesitation and promised to come at 12:00 midnight. My parents went after seeing me at about 11:30 pm and I eagerly started to wait for her. At midnight, she came. She was having two cups of tea in her hand, one she gave me and the other she started. We were chatting on various subjects and then I started talking about love and then our topic was sex. She was sitting on sofa. I got up from bed and sat close to her. She looked very great. Suddenly I touched her hand and she blushed. I held her hand and started caressing it. She was enjoying. Then I touched her lips with my finger and asked, I want to kiss you. She did not say anything but closed her eyes. This was an indication. I immediately kissed her left cheek first and then right. I was sweating to my extreme at that time. Then I placed my hand on her chest and grabbed her breasts. She moaned and said that some one would see. I got up and closed the door. I asked her that is she ever been fucked. She said that she had a dildo and masturbates almost daily. This made me horny and I placed a kiss on her sexy lips. Her mouth opened and our tongues touched each other.

I inserted my tongue in her mouth to taste her. She was very hot soon our saliva trickled down from her mouth to chin which I licked . she enjoyed it and gave me a deep kiss. I placed kisses on her chin, ears and neck. She was really turning on and moaning. I asked her to kiss on her breast but she refused. I grabbed her arms and said I will. She then asked me to kiss over the  Qameez. I immediately grabbed her breast in my mouth. She was wearing a bra so I could not feel her softness. She promised me to come on next day. On next night when she came, she immediately locked the door. We started kissing. I asked her to remove her Qameez and she obliged. She was wearing a pink see-through bra. Her breasts were moderate in size. I sucked them over
her bra. Then I removed her bra…..Oh my goodness, what a scene was that. A pair of young breasts standing proudly. Her breasts were rounded, with pink nipples looking like petals of rose. I passionately kissed and sucked them. She closed her eyes and placed her head on sofa. About 10 minutes I sucked those roses trying to take juice from them. Then I lowered her Shalwar and
took it off. …….Waooooo…. I said seeing the most beautiful thing on this earth. She had a well shaven pussy looking like a slit in between her legs.

I lifted her legs, placed on sofa and sat on the floor just in front of her womanhood. I saw a few drops of water on lower end of her slit. I said, I need some juice. She said with a wicked smile, you can have as much you need. I separated her lips with my left hand and touched her clit with right finger….Aoooch …she uttered. I pulled away her lips and could see the complete hole of 2 centimeters. I touched her clit with my tongue. She moaned. Then I parented her pussy lips and fix my tongue in between them and started liking. I was tasting her salty pussy and I like it. After some time she become aroused and stated moaning
Huuuuuummmmm…….Aaaaaaaa……Pleezzzz….BAHOOT MAZA AA RHA HA PLEEzzz……. And press my head towards her pussy. I was holding her hips with my two hands and increased my speed. After five minute she shouted with joy Aaahhhhhhhhh….I am coming…! Her body started to jerk and she downloaded her juices in my mouth OH YEAH what a tasty juice was that .She said, Oh you are so good after having a big orgasm. She smiled at me and said Its your turn now. She took off my panttook out
my cock which was already standing erect saluting her beauty. She asked me to stand up and sat on her knees in between my legs and held my dick in her hand and gave a jerk. what are you doing I said. ringing the bell was her answer. She then gripped me manhood in her beautiful hand and started making forward and backward movements. This increased the blood flow and it swelled more. She pressed it a few drops of pre-cum came out.

She licked the pre-cum off the tip of my rock hard throbbing member. She teased me for a longtime while she was down there. She licked the tip of my prick and lick my shaft up and down the side, but she never put it completely into her mouth. She knew what she was doing to me. She grabbed my dick and started to stoke me off slowly. I moaned in pleasure as she did this. She slowly stroked my cock up and down with her hands using her saliva. After about 15 minutes of playing with my cock, she lied on sofa spreading her pussy lips and asked me to come inside her. I stood up and aimed her cunt and asked ready. “Ready?” she replied. I nodded with anticipation. I placed my penis over her clit and slowly directed it downwards. When I reached over her hole, I pressed my member. It went in and she moan, Slowly. I said OK. I gave a jerk and my cap was in. I waited for some time
and started jerking. I gradually increased the pace. She was in great joy as she was moving her head. I felt that she hole is opening up. I increased the pace and with a jerk, I gave the full 6 length in her pussy. She shouted in pain. I stayed there for a moment and started the work again. Now she seemed to have accommodated and enjoying the fuck. I continued for about 20 minutes and she came twice during this period. I increased the speed of my thrusts. Her pussy was gripping my rod. Suddenly I felt my nerves were losing control. I asked her that I am coming. She grabbed my shoulders. Her pussy was tightening around my manhood. This was an indication to come inside her. I increased the pace and then…..Oh….I broke the hurdle. I started pumping my load inside her. She had her eyes closed equally enjoying. I emptied all my cum in her pussy. Then I lied over her. We both were taking deep breaths.

After some time, she got up and licked my dick again. I grew harder. This time I came in her mouth and she swallowed all my cum. Then we both had a long kiss. It was 3:00am now. She wore her clothes and promised me to do some thing more on next day. She left the room then. I remained in hospital for about a week. During this time I fucked her many a times. I fucked her pussy and mouth. She gave me wonderful blowjobs. But we did not have anal sex because she did not agree to it. If any girl who wants short term relationship of age 14-35 living in Rawalpindi/Islamabad, wanting sexual relationship can contact me with her photo (preferably)  on Take care you girls and contact me if you have enough courage and power in pussy to absorb my jerks.

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