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My Brother Had Sex With My Brother-In-Law’s Sister

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  • November 13, 2015

It is always exciting to hear a story of first sex encounter! I am young girl with always having feelings to have sex but never had courage and was always afraid so used to hear from my fellows about their sex experience. The story I am narrating is of my brother sex experience who is a very mischievous and hunger of sex. I always found him looking at my friends with lust whenever ever they came at home to study.
My brother (Kumar) is just a year elder to me, he is 23. He has 7 inch shaft which he described once but I have never had sex nor he ever tried on me but he became very frank after our visit to my brother in law home visit.

It was our first visit to my eldest sister home after her marriage to bring her back to our home as per tradition. My brother in law are two brother and one sister! One of his brother and his father lives in mumbai due to work. I remember how we enjoyed traveling via train to Jabalpur, a small and beautiful city where my sister was staying with her hubby along with her sister Neha and mother.

The excitement in the story begins from the time when we reached Jabalpur at my Sister’s home. As per tradition, we were welcomed at the station by my brother in law and her sister! I never knew why my brother was much excited while we were reaching station but soon I realised when I saw how he was trying to catch attention of her (Neha 25, my brother in law younger sister) with silly pranks. My brother in law must have taken it very normal. I saw he made very good bonding with her in half hour while reaching home and though she is elder to him, he addressed her by name which surprised me.

It was wonderful to see my sister after almost a month but I felt my brother Kumar was more interested in staying with my sister for other reason. As we reached at home, my sister along with her Mother in law welcomed us with much affection and love, and garland us. Since we traveled throughout night my sister shown us way to get freshen up and gathered at table quick so we can have lunch and rest in AC room and enjoy watching TV together.

We both quickly got ready, and sat on dining table for lunch. My sister served us meal and Neha was also around to take care of us, I found their is something going on which I could see in eyes of Neha & my brother. Every time my brother wanted to have something in plate, he insisted Neha to bring for him which made Neha to come closer to him.

Neha until now seemed fantasising of him which looked from her body language. After lunch we were asked to come in the room where everyone were watching TV and since it was the only room which had AC so we had to rest their. My brother in law had gone back to office so it was only Kumar left in the house until evening.

Neha and her mother were resting over bed. I chose to relax over couch nearby and my sister was sitting next to me. My elder sister asked Kumar to rest over the bed, Neha was already resting in sitting position in the middle and her mother on right at the corner.

I did not know what’s gonna happen today which will change my life!

Let me share about Neha, she is fair, 5.10 ft, with jugs size boobies. She has habit of wearing frock at home with T-shirt which revels her jugs size boobies more than its size and can make anyone feel lustful for her. While resting, it caught my attention over both When my brother who was sleeping next to Neha asked to her for blanket to cover himself as he felt little cold due to chilled AC in the room, though it was not much cold.

Neha returned with Blanket for Kumar and we continued watching TV while he acted of sleeping and I was sure he is not. Soon I found Neha half covered herself with the same blanket. Since it was dark in the room and only TV light was only source, I had less chances to find what’s happening exactly.

Neha’s mother who was next to her slept in sometime and my sister left for her room to sleep, and I & Neha decided to watch TV while my brother acted of sleeping next to Neha, though he was not.

Since I am 4 year younger to Neha, she felt, I would understand nothing. Through movement in blanket, I realised, my brother moved her frock upside and enjoying touch of her legs. I could see it continued for more than half hour and I heard her whispering in his ear which made me sure that inside blanket my brother is enjoying her completely. Afterwards, I heard Neha sound which was not normal, I realised, Kumar was fingering her pussy and she might be enjoying orgasm. I was right, she stood up suddenly and went out of room. I saw her heading towards washroom. Later, Kumar also stood up & followed towards washroom and returned to bed after almost 10 minutes. Neha returned a little late and sat next to me and I had fallen asleep by the time.

It was evening when I woke up! I found none in the room, I called my sister and she said that your tea is ready and I am going at terrace, Kumar and Neha is already upstairs. I recalled whole incident and decided to get ready quick and see what they are doing! I got freshen up and went upstairs with my cup of tea, they were having tea and talking something but stopped when I reached at them. I was sure they must have been talking about afternoon fun and planing for next opportunity. I talked for a while but when I felt them are avoiding me so I went to my sister who was collecting dry clothes from terrace, I decided to help her and moved downstairs.

By this time, Neha’s mother had gone for temple as per her daily routine and there was no chance until 8 Pm for her and my Bother in law to return.

Neha and Kumar were at terrace when I came downstair to help my sister. While helping her for half hour and speaking of our memories, I recalled that both are at terrace and must be doing something so I decided to go to terrace silently. I took a break from my sister and went upstairs barefoot since those were of woods which makes sound and anyone who is upstairs can know of movement. I left my sandals and went upstairs barefoot to ensure their is no sound, and it worked!!!!

When I reached upstair silently, they did not hear me coming upstairs!! What I saw it made me feel vibrant and my whole body started shivering as I never seen something ever in my life!!!! Neha was on her knees and having Kumar’s cock in her mouth which was hanging from his zip! She was licking and sucking his cock violently as if it was a lollypop and will finish!! She seemed madly lustful and my brother with his eyes closed enjoying his thick cock being sucked! I could not see it much longer and ran downstairs with fear as I saw this first time. It was continuously running in mind, and suddenly the door bell rang and my brother in law entered in the house.

The door bell alarmed both upstair and soon I saw Neha coming downstair with a smile and hugged my brother in law with smile. She soon moved to wash room by saying that she will bath and will go to bring her mother back home from temple. She disappeared and Kumar appeared. My brother in law asked how he is enjoying this place, he replied with low voice, I am bored here and seems there is nothing exciting here! I was shocked and felt his whole time is spent enjoying Neha and he is saying that he is bored here! This is holy shit!!! Since I was enjoying this I had no thought in mind to share this with my sister!

My brother in law went to his room and my sister engaged me in preparing tea for my brother in law, and she went to him in their room as he called her for some help! Meanwhile, I saw my brother moving towards washroom to get freshen up! It could see their is something wrong again. While I kept water over gas for tea I thought of spying from the upper kitchen window which shows movement around washroom on the other size, however, I had to jump over the kitchen stand to peep from window so first I decide to see where is my sister, I went to check my sister in her room which was tightly closed, it made me think vulgar, is she also inside enjoying cock of my brother in law!

I saw from key hole and I was right, but got shocked to see my brother in law holding my sister gown upside and moving his shaft upside down very roughly while my sister managing & enjoying herself in doggy style and keeping her one leg over dressing table! I was getting excitement seeing this and it amazed me how he is fucking her in such position! I thought a woman can be fucked from front only.

I could hardly see this for 30 second and moved to kitchen to prepare tea, this incident was not allowing any other thought to come in mind but soon I recalled that I had to see what Kumar & Neha is doing, I jumped over kitchen stand to peep from window and I found neither Kumar was standing near wash basin nor he was in the next wash room. I thought he moved out but as I did not see him coming this side, I was sure he entered in Neha bathroom. I was right I saw Neha moving out from bathroom and next was Kumar! OMG! I can’t imagine what had happened in the bathroom. I imagined she must have enjoyed sucking his cock again!

Soon after she left to pick her mom at temple and my brother moved to couch for watching TV! I had put the tea over the table and called my sister, she came out from her room and my brother in law followed her to enjoy her touch. I realised, may be because it’s just a day left for both to stay together and having less opportunity to fuck and enjoy moments!

I was chatting with my brother in law and enjoyed his pranks over my sister. Suddenly, he called my brother and asked, why did he felt boring today? Kumar replied, there was nothing to do and said, Neha also did not show him anything interesting and didn’t get chance to go around as we have one day left before going home. Seeing his fake emotion, I was surprised, and especially hearing that Neha did not show him anything interesting, Holy Shit! I said to myself, that bitch showed you every part of her body and you both enjoying fucking since the time we have come here, and he is saying he felt bored! What a clever brother! OMG! My brother in law said, we all shall go for Bhedaghat Water Fall tomorrow, a nearby tourist place, and will enjoy River bath. Listening this, he started fantasizing Neha I knew!

After Neha came home, we all five went for a movie together and returned late night after dinner at a wonderful place. Neha and Kumar all the time whispering and teasing each other in a very mischievous manner, however, my sister and brother in law took it very normal.

After we returned home, Neha’s mother was already fallen asleep and we both were given a Guest room to sleep but Kumar said, he shall watch TV which is the same room where Neha’s mother was sleeping and she slept beside her mom. Since I was dying to sleep I did not give much attention to what they both will do tonight being in same room. I slept saying good night to all!

I woke next morning and found Kumar sleeping on the next bed in my room! I woke him up as he go for early morning running and went to my sister room, the door was closed so I opened it and went inside without saying, I saw my sister and brother in law over bed hugging each other. They separated seeing me! My sister angrily said, you should have knocked the door which made me felt bad and I immediately left the room with anger over my face and was over my bed in tears in guest room.

Seeing this my brother in law shouted at my sister with care and walked behind me in his short boxers which revels his cock bulge! He came to my room and I was over bed in bad mood, he came and hugged me & gave kisses over my forehead saying that he has given a lesson to your sister and she said sorry! He tried to make me relax but I continued to act angry since I liked him hugging and his kisses over my forehead.

He then said, I will do anything to see smile over your face. I wanted to cuddle but how do I say so I said, you have to load me over your shoulder like a child and take a round of house! He smiled and said, just this small thing! I said, yes! Since he was in T-shirt and short boxers I could have feel him by holding him from back and fulfill my desire, and he will definitely enjoy touch of my boobs over his back I was sure.

Since I am very small by height & health he could easily lift me as he has great physic, however, my boobs are of good size which can be felt from back. He lifted me over his shoulder and I grabbed him from back. While he was moving to other room my sister was enjoying this fun act and I was enjoying in my way by feeling his strong physic. I believe my brother in law enjoyed the touch of my boobies too!

While getting down from his back, I pressed his chest which made him feel awkward and he felt my true intentions, I believe he recalled and fantasized my boobies touch! He hugged me and my sister together and said, I love you both by seeing directly in my eyes! My sister must have taken this normally but seeing directly him in his eyes while he said I love you both! He saw me giving him lustful look which arose his sexual intention towards me! While we were getting ready for Bhedaghat Waterfall Visit, he started pinching me in my neck and sometime he did in my belly to see my reaction. When he saw me enjoying, he became confident enough to see opportunities to touch my boobies but he was not fortunate enough.

Soon Kumar returned from morning run and Neha was asked to wake up and get ready. We all left home by car at 9 Am to visit water fall. Neha, Kumar and me were sitting at back while my sister was in front. I lost all my interest what Neha and Kumar were doing since I was attending my brother in law and fantasizing him in my mind! I knew Kumar and Neha are both busy and my sister and brother in law not giving attention to them since my brother in law had focus on me and my sister both, and surely fantasizing me more in his mind. We reached to Bhedaghat to enjoy whole day, there were many incident my brother in law tried to put his hand over my shoulder and touch my boobs which made me feel excited for him. He knew he has to attend my sister to ensure she don’t doubt, he left no chance to enjoy my touch and my sister at the same time.

On the other side, Neha was not being attended by my sister and her brother as she knew her brother don’t care much of her. She was mentally free. Throughout time she continued talking to Kumar and many a times they both disappeared for 5 minutes and 10 minutes together and used to come with something in hand to make us fool by saying that we went to buy something. I knew either she had sucked Kumar’s dick or he had licked her pussy & Mellon jugs in those breaks. I had no interest left since in both as I wanted to be fucked by my brother in law! I was dying to feel his cock inside and feel his tongue over my boobies, but, I had no idea how it’s gonna possible.

At around 2 pm, we all decided to take River bath! I was excited to show my curves and fill my brother in law with lust with my touch in water. We all five were excited to jump in water, it was fun to see my sister in Saari and showing her wet boobies. I was wearing t shirt & jeans which allowed my brother in law eyes to fulfill his desires to see my body and feel it. He continued playing with my sister in water and saw me with lust at the same time. It filled me with courage to touch his dick inside water. I didn’t know my sister was already plying with his dick by holding it in water. When I went close to them, they both got separated and my brother in law made move in water. I had chance to touch his dick while playing with water and he realised I did it purposefully which filled him with courage to touch my crotch.

He tried to press my boobies while showing how to swim. He in fact pressed both boobies and once he did put his finger with full pressure in my crotch to touch my pussy. He was in full of excitement since he was enjoying me and my sister in water. Our play continue for more than an hour in water, later, we relaxed outside to dry our clothes, however, my brother in law did not leave a chance to flirt with me openly. While we all were in water He did not attend how Kumar enjoyed pressing Neha’s boobies and she played openly with his dick inside water. It was a sexy & fun day for all and we returned home by 4 pm being tired!

By the time we reached home, Neha’s mother had gone to temple and We all had meal at home in the evening and were relaxing for sometime in our room. I went to sleep and my sister also went to relax with my brother in law in their room. It was a time for Neha and Kumar to take advantage of this time since no one had enough energy or time to attend them. I slept fantasising my brother in law and Neha & Kumar said they will be watch TV so they were in separate room, while I was resting in Guest room!

Neha and Kumar were having good time and I woke up after some time, I thought of peeping in the TV room, I went to the door barefoot to check but the door was closed, I slowly opened the door and found Neha sucking deep throat Kumar’s dick without worries as their was no chances of anyone to come in the room. Looking at me they both got stunned and Neha’s suddenly moved outside the room!

I had no option other than looking at my brother cook hanging from his zip. He quickly closed his pant zip and started begging not to share this with anyone! I was happy to see him begging, I said, I know this since the time you have come here, and know everything which is happening! He suddenly become bold and said then please don’t share with our sister! I said, I won’t but you have to let me touch your dick once!

He denied saying, are you mad? I said, just once but he continuously denied saying that you are my sister. I said show me otherwise I will tell about Neha to our brother in law. He became afraid of she being beaten up but denied of letting me hold it and agreed to just show me once only. He shown me his dick once and run outside to speak with Neha for not to worry. He spoke to Neha and she returned to me with smile on face. She thanked me with embracement over face, and hugged me!

They both went upstairs and I went to my sister to simply meet her. Since her door was closed, I thought of peeping from hole. I was fortunate to see my brother in law having sex with my sister and I could clearly see his cock and his movement in her pussy while holding her both legs over wall and inserting his thin-straight dick in my sister pussy. I enjoyed this moment while fingering my pussy for around 10 minutes. I was amazed to see his strength while fucking my sister.

I became so horny to feel his dick inside me. I could not resist more and I called my sister what you guys doing? How long will you sleep? Wake up! I am getting bored after wake up! My brother in law stopped and My sister replied, we are tired so we shall rest for half more hour, you spend time with Kumar & Neha. I was like! Wow! I had no option other than going upstair to spend time with both. I moved towards terrace to see them and again I found them hugging and kissing each other again! First, she hesitated but later she became very frank to kiss and hug Kumar in front of me.

Later, I went downstair to help my sister in cooking since she would have been tired being fucked by my brother in law after coming from our all day fun outside and did not get chance to rest. Neha went to pick her mother and returned in sometime. My brother chose to watch TV. Soon the dinner was ready and my sister asked everyone to have meal and sleep early as we had our train early next morning. Kumar and Neha had some plans for tonight which I was not aware but I had one last chance and one plan to get fucked by my brother in law tonight!

Since my brother in law knew my intentions to have sex with him, I whispered in his ear to meet up at terrace at 1 Pm after my sister is in deep sleep. He whispered yes in my ear and pinched in my belly at dinner table and left no chance to play with my legs which none could notice!

We had gone to sleep early that tonight. My brother & Neha made a plan to sleep together and have all fun before we all separate tomorrow morning. I didn’t not know their intention, he came to me and asked that Neha will ask their mother to sleep in guest room and you both sleep over bed while I shall sleep over couch! I understood their plan so I agreed realising their emotions as same was my situation.

Neha mother went to guest room to sleep and I, Neha & Kumar were sleeping in TV room. Neha was sleeping on right side which was close to couch where my brother was sleeping while I was on the wall side! It was not much late, it was hardly 9 pm after dinner. We all were watching TV and suddenly Kumar stood from couch and said, we must sleep now as we have to wake up early. I knew they want to close the TV light to begin their show as now they were not afraid of me so they were more confident to fuck In darkness while I am present in the room.

I think, it was around 10 Pm, Kumar closed the room and switch off the light. Neha was as usual wearing the frock and T-shirt during night. I ignored and tried to sleep as I had to wake up for my dream fuck at 1 am with my brother in law. I decided not to disturb them because if they will fuck now, they both will sleep before 12 and there will be no one to notice me when I go to the terrace late night.

Soon after light was off, I felt Neha moved down from bed. I tried to search her in darkness but she was not over the bed but something I caught by my finger. It was some clothe, I did not understand first but I realised its her panty which she dropped over the bed before moving over couch with my brother. All my sex fantasies was not allowing me to sleep now, I wanted to see how Neha is getting fucked by my brother. I had no clue what’s happening in the darkness! I could just hear very low voice of both.

I felt my brother licking her boobs since I could hear moaning sound of Neha, I was very curious to see his cock again. I could not stop and stood from my bed to switch on light button which was next to my bed. I switched on light and I was shocked to see Neha was sleeping over the couch and Kumar holding both her legs upside and was licking her pussy with tongue.

Seeing the light On, Neha did not react, she kept her eyes closed while my brother simply stood up naked to switch off the light as if everything is normal. His hard dick caught my attention. He stood in front as if normally standing.

He simply said, please don’t switch on the light and continued with her on couch. I was like wow! Wtf!! I felt to join them and being fucked by my brother. I was fantasizing my brother and my brother in law both, I was not able to resist myself and switched on light again. I was like wow! I saw my brother dick deep in Neha’ pussy and her mouth sucking her melon jugs!

Neha kept her silence and my brother silently asked to switch off as he could not stand in such position. But, I denied so he stood again and switch off light to get back to fuck her! They both were now very free with my reaction so did not care when I switched on light again. Both continued fucking even when I switched On light. He picked Neha and brought her on bed to fuck beside and didn’t even care to switch off light.

He tried every position to fuck her while I was sleeping beside ignoring me completely. He fucked her thrice and slept without caring to put on clothes. It was almost 1 am, I went out at terrace with hope that my brother in law would come. I continue waited for 20 minuted and I heard someone coming upstairs. I felt fear & excitement him. He came closer to me and kissed over my lips. I was mad to see his cock in me so I had put my hand in his pant while he removed my T-shirt and started sucking my boobs.

I bent down to suck his cock and licked like lollipop for few minutes and removed my panties down to show it way in my pussy. He did not take much time and asked me to move behind and bend down in doggy style. He didn’t ask if its my first time but I had little fear while he was inserting his cock, he moved his shaft straight inside my pussy and started pushing but it did go inside, I showed its way inside and hold it in my hand to feel it deep inside! It moved completely inside and I felt huge pain but my brother in law did not stop. He started moving it rough up and down. His cock was covered with my blood and soon I forgave pain and enjoyed his movement inside.

He continued movement for almost 10 minutes and loaded his cum over my butts. He kissed over my forehead and said thanked for this beautiful night and promised to reward me for this wonderful time by taking her for honeymoon trip along with her wife next month, and went downstairs to sleep.

I went to sleep and we woke up early by 5 am to get ready to leave for home by train. It was a wonderful & sexy trip to my sister home in 2010. I am excited to narrate in my next story about how my brother enjoyed having sex with Neha when she visited our home after a month to take away my sister to her home. I shall be writing it soon and will also write my sexo honeymoon trip with my sister in Thailand!

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My Brother Had Sex With My Brother-In-Law’s Sister Over My Bed

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