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My Bhabie Seduced Me

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  • September 24, 2015

Hi, this is Rajiv. I am avid fan of Desipapa and love to sex stories, so I thought of sharing mine too. I am 27 years old, medium height, very fair and a bit on fatter side as I had put on weight after my operation. I was on glucose for 1 full week. Coming back to the story. This is a true story of happened between me and my bhabhi about 9 years ago.

This was my first sexual experience. It was with my bhabhi, my cousin’s wife. They were married for around 6 months. I and bhabhi got really well with each other. Let me describe her to you. She is 5.2 feet tall, fair, nice long hair, and a figure of a model, perfect boobs and nice round ass. One day at around 11 am I went to their place. My auntie (her mother-in-law) opened the door. Bhabhi was taking bath. My aunty had to go somewhere for around two to three hours. She made me sit there in the drawing room and said that my bhabhi is bathing and told me wait and went. Now, it was me and bhabhi at home. I was sitting in the drawing room reading a magazine. Bhabhi was taking bath in the main bathroom, which attached to lobby just by side of drawing room.

After about 10 minutes, all of a sudden she came out and oomph, she was only having a small towel around her, which barely covered her breasts to a little below her tummy, making her pubic hair and her pussy almost visible to me. I was awestruck seeing her like that. I could feel the bulge growing in my pants. She smiled at me mischievously. My dick was really hard and hot by now. She waved me to follow her n went to her bedroom. I was too dumbstruck to move at first, but my senses came back n I followed her, very excited n as well as nervous as if something happened then it was to be my first time, n she was my bhabhi. I went into room, she was standing by the bedside smiling, she was a beauty, towel still wrapped around her. I nervously moved towards her, and when I was an arms length from her, she pulled me towards her n smooched me. That sort of ended all my nervousness.

I responded to her kiss, kissing her our tongues lashing n curling around each other’s our hands moving all over each other’s body. This was the first kiss (proper smooch) of my life n the feeling was exhilarating. I was wearing jeans n t-shirt. She pulled off my t-shirt n started buttoning off my jeans. My hands now were rubbing her ass cheeks moving round n round, pinching n holding them tight. She opened my jean, unzipped n her hand went inside my undy on my dick. For 1st time in life a woman had ever touched it, it was on fire. I pulled off her towel n lo she was stark naked in front of me. N wow what it was s not explainable in words. In the mean time she had been able to pull down my pants n undies to my ankles n told me step out of them.

Seeing her naked like that made me loose my control. I went wild. Her boobs were a pure delight, firm, nipples pointing out, my mouth watered at their sight. I pushed her on the bed, got on top of her, my full weight on her, hugged her tightly crushing her soft mounds of flesh with my chest, n started liking n kissing her all over her face, neck n her boobs. Her body felt wonderful beside mine. I started sucking one of her nipples, playing n rubbing the other with my hand. Her hands were moving all over my back n my hair. She was kissing on my neck. I moved on to her next nipple, she sighed n made all kinds of sounds. Then slowly I moved down wards kissing n licking her complete body, her belly, navel, hips, thighs, feet. It was a lovely feeling. She was soft, white and her glowing skin made me feel like eating her, biting her all over.

Kissing and licking her like that I moved upwards to her lips. We smooched and rolled over. She was on top now. We were still smooching. My hands moved all over her back to her round ass cheeks, rubbing and caressing them. She started kissing me my chest, licking all around my stomach, navel. The feeling was great and I was getting more and more excited. She licked me all over my belly, hips and thighs and kissed the tips of my dick causing sensation in my whole body.

At last, I couldn’t play ne more. I pulled her up and rolled over. Parted her legs n placed my placed my virgin dick on her pussy lips. I shoved in my dick slowly n slowly. Oh my-my what feeling that was n I was so excited. I slowly gained momentum n started pumping harder n harder. Simultaneously we were kissing and smooching and I was sucking her tits.(nipples).She was doing all kinds of ooh’s n aah’s. She moved her hips upwads to match my thrust. I was in seventh heaven. This kept on for a few minutes. The pleasure of sensations n excitement was becoming unbearable. All of a sudden she gripped me tightly n her sounds became hoarser. We gained more speed banging hard into each other. I tried to get deeper and deeper into her with each thrust. I reached my climax with 1 deep thrust and flooded her pussy with my semen. Next moment she tightened around me clasping and me her legs, her nails were piercing my shoulders. She gave a loud sigh and her hot pussy was filled up with her juices which started dripping out of her cunt. We both were breathing heavy n sweating. We both lay there for some time. After abt 15 min., I rolled over to side, my organ limping out of her pussy all wet n lacy covered my mine n her juices.

We laid there for sometime talking. She said we can enjoy n have fun whenever we got chance and told me that she had seen me coming from the bath room window and it was then this idea came to her mind.

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