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My Best Sexy Outing

  • desipapa
  • October 2, 2015

Hi all Desipapa fans. This is the same Amit Rana from Chandigarh with another of his experience. Well you all know about my girl-friend Reenu, The one from MCM DAV 36, the one who lives in Panchkula, The one whom I mentioned in my previous stories. Well it happened one fine day that we both made a plan for an outing. I asked her if she had a preference of a place she would like to visit where I could arrange my date with her. She said that these low lying plains had served enough as dating spots. I understood what she meant.

She wanted to move up-hills for a date with me. Well I agreed readily, hoping in my mind if this opportunity could be the one I was waiting for since last so many weeks. Well it had been about 3-4 weeks since I last fucked her. This time I was looking forward to her so very tight ass. Well as planned, we both left home at around 9:00 am. Around 10’o clock we were almost half way to solan making stops in between, eating something or the other from the roadside dhabas and occasionally hugging each other to show our crave for each other. Well, about 11:30 am we were in Solan. I parked my bike at the main parking and we both got down for a stroll. But, there was no crowd at all. So we decided to leave for Shimla. Now we were again amongst the other vehicles on the road racing our way en route for Shimla. Finally we reached Shimla at 3:00 pm, but as soon as we landed in Shimla, it started raining cats and dogs.

We had to run to look for a shelter. The rain was falling down with all its might and vigor. In this sought of weather, we could not leave for home. Both of us were trapped. We both started thinking of the excuses that we had to give to our parents. Suddenly, I stumbled upon an idea, I asked her to call back home and tell her parents that she wont be coming today and would be putting up in the college hostel as she had to prepare for an exam tomorrow. She agreed and so did her parents. Now I too called up home and made the same excuse and my parents too agreed. Now we were free for 3 days and 2 nights. We thought of taking up a room in one of the good hotels in the Ram Bazaar. I was low on cash, but luckily found a Punjab Bank Atm from where I withdrew about Rs 5000/-. Now it was MASTI time. It was about 8’o clock in the evening, we were walking on the Mall Road. We went quite ahead walking. There was a jungle nearby. People had warned us of all sorts of things about that jungle. But we wanted to explore that jungle, so we decide to move into that jungle. We had gone some distance and we heard a loud cry from some animal. Reenu was horrified. She ran up to me and hugged me and asked me to move out of that jungle as anything could happen to us.

I kissed her passionately on her forehead and said that this wasn’t the time to back out but to brave all the difficulties and asked her not to be afraid as I was with her. She felt relieved and kissed me on my cheeks. I asked her straight if she wanted to have a new experience in this atmosphere. She agreed to it. I gathered some dry sticks, put them together and made a fire and turned towards her and smooched her. In the meanwhile my hands began exploring her body. She too started feeling horny and hugged me across very tight. I asked her to take off the shawl that she was wearing, she obeyed. I took it from her and laid it over the bushy floor. I made her lie down on that and began licking her lips. My tongue explored all her body. I started to strip her of her robes. Now she was in bare bras and panties. I licked her clit from over her panty. She was getting very hot. I could feel her body temperature rise. She felt shy naked n she covered her tits with her hand n I just took them away and kissed her lips n then her neck n then her shoulders to ease her shyness away. I then kissed on her nipples which were getting erect by the touch. She shivered…… n sighed in ecstasy. One by one I was kissing both nipples but I wasn’t touching her tits with my hands. Both of my hands were on her ass massaging them. I had pulled her panty down to her knees by now. Well I guess enough of teasing her I grabbed her right tit n started massaging it while I was sucking on her left one. It felt so amazing…… the salt water…….. Her sighs n then her lovely tits. All made an amazing combination. I was rotating my hand and mouth gestures from left to right for a while n flicking her nipples with my tongue and biting them once in a while. She was in 7th heaven for sure. I could feel her oozing her love juices with my other hand which was playing with her pussy n asshole. well after doing this for around 15 minutes or so she orgasmed and her body just bucked with the shock n she let out a low cry of oooooooooooooooh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yes ahhhhhhhhhh yes yea yea I am dying oh god that’s sooo amazing ohhhhhh my god……… pls plsplspls. uffffffff ahhhannnnnnnnnn ……. well I looked at her face n it was flushed like that of a girl who just had her first orgy. I picked her up and was taking her to the bush now.

I was kissing her face n her tits as they were right in my face n it felt so amazing to be touched by those soft mounds. When we both were on the bush away from the water I lay her down on the soft sand n kissed her on her lips. I had removed her panty n we both were totally naked writhing around on the sand kissing like hungry lovers. I broke the kiss and looked Reenu in the eye and said to her that Reenu……. I want to make love to you. She just nodded back and kissed me. She was ready for the real deal. I slowly started kissing her all over her face n ten her neck n her shoulder n then down to her valley b/w her tits. Then I sucked on her tits. Meanwhile my hand was between her legs caressing her thighs and then moving up to her pussy. I slid my finger across her pussy lips and then parted her pussy lips open n slowly entered my middle finger in a loll to prepare her. She seemed a lill uneasy so I started sucking n kissing her tits more to ease her. she then calmed down a bit and I then was just moving my finger in n out a lill by lill in her pussy just pushing a lill extra every time. I guess she was starting to enjoy this. My thumb was rubbing her clit while I was sucking her tits n finger fucking her. During this foreplay she cummed 2wice but she not even near enough. She was like a bitch on heat of her lifetime. I moved my face away from her lovely tits and moved down licking her belly and then her navel. And then moved right over her pussy. I planted a kiss on her pussy and she wiggled with my touch. My tongue came out and licked all of her oozing juices n then I opened her pussy lips with my fingers and darted my tongue as deep as I could in her. She went ballistic when I did this but she wasn’t ready for what I was going to do to her next. I was tongue firkin her for a while n sucking on her clit. My hands were playing with her tits and grabbing her ass from time to time.

Then I did what I knew would make her go crazy. I shoved my whole tongue in her. My nose was also partially in n then I rolled my tongue inside and started flicking it. Well I guess that did it. She cummed so heavily that I almost choked on her juices. Her legs were wrapped around me so hard that my head was starting to pain n I was finding it hard to breathe……. She finally eased off and I pulled my mouth away and kissed her on her face. She told me she hasn’t felt this good ever. Well she had more coming. I was on her kissing her and my cock was positioned right over her pussy lips. I was on purpose rubbing against it so she would want to beg me to fuck her now. It didn’t take long to happen……….. She pulled away from my kiss and said pls amit fuck me now……. I wanna feel how it feels……. I want u inside me. I looked at her and kissed her and then told her that get ready for the ride of a lifetime. She just whispered yes. I positioned my cock on her pussy opening and slowly pushed in. I knew she would be in real pain as it would be her first time. N she was in pain. Her face was grimacing. So I held back a lill. The head of my dick was just in her pussy. I started kissing her n massaging her tits. She eased up a lill so I pushed a bit more in till I reached a barrier. Well I looked her n told her it now or never n she looked innocently at me n nodded me to go ahead. well I knew it would pain her so I put my mouth on hers n was kissing her n massaging her tits and when she was enjoying to the max I just gave my dick a real hard push and broke her virginity. She screamed but my mouth on hers stifled it a lot. Well I guess she showed her pain in another was as her nails dig deep in my back!!! I was totally in her n just held there so her pussy could adjust to my cock.

I started kissing her and then sucking her tits so that she would be back to normal. When I could hear her moan again….. Going hmmmmmm hmmmmmmm ahan oommmmahhhhhhh yea…….. I slowly started moving my dick in her pussy. I pulled all the way out till my head was just in n then slowly slid it in all the way. She was enjoying it now for sure cuz her moans just reached another level. she was now in deep deep pleasure n was utterin words like ooooooh god thats so amazin ……. ohhhhhh deeper pls…. thats wat I want… yea jaano pls fuck me deep hmmmmmm ahan yea yea………ooooooh ahhhhhhh ahhhhhaaaaaaaaaannnnnnn ahhhhhaaaaaaaaaannnnnn yea yea…… well that just pushed me a lill extra as it always does. I was increasing my pace slowly n steadily n after a while I was going pretty fast in and out. well we must have been fuckin for about 10-15 minutes when I knew I would have to release soon…….. I told her that I would cumm soon and she just sed pls go on for a lil more. well I was doing my level best to hold back but I guess it took me another couple of minutes when she cummed n it was impossible for me to hold baq so I told her that I cannot hold it back anymore…. she said ok pls dont cumm inside me as she wasnt on any pills and I wasnt wearin a condom…….. so I took my cock out asap and cummed all over her belly. oh god wat a an orgasm I had……. I was cumming and cummin so much that it started dripping from the side of her belly. we both were so exhausted after that one session that we collapsed on each other and lay there for a while. then when I had the energy I looked at her n asked her did she like it? she replied that it was an out of the world experiance.

I said the same to her. I told her she was awesome and an aboslutely wild partner to have sex with. we kissed each other givin a lotta toungue and I stood up and pulled her up too. we both that ran again in the water and cleaned ourselves up and had some more fun till the rest of the gang came baq. Reenu’s sis was shocked at seeing her naked but I guess she realised that her lill sister wasnt lill anymore so she hugged her and winked at me :P. we all stayed at the bush for another hour or so….. ate something and then left at around 6 am that we left. well Reenu was the last time I ever fucked a virgin girl and that was a nite to remember. I still crave for virgins but knowin wats going on its hard to find one these days. me and Reenus have had sex a lotta times after that and she tells me that im the only guy who she wants to do it with lolz. well more of those laters. I hope u guys enjoyed this one too. those of you dont know my earlier posts they can check out…. 1) My best time 2) Sex at concert by Sexy Amit. my email for u all girls who wanna have some fun time is . all of u are welcome to contact me and especially females who are not satisfied or wanna have some xxxtra fun. n hey to my special friend. I hope u liked it ;). tcars u all luv amit xxx

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