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  • desipapa
  • September 14, 2015

Hi everyone I am a regular reader of this site, my age is 23 I am a physically well built guy my name is ravi (changed). Today I am going to tell you all about a true story that happened to me.

We came to Hyderabad when I was studying in 5th class. We had taken a flat and I used to have a neighbor girl called Pinky (name changed), she was studying in the same school and in the same class, so we both had become good friends this friendship grew with our age. Our parents had also become good friends, I used to go to their home without even knocking the door and she too followed the same.

This incident happened when I was doing my graduation, my parents had to go to village for 1 week so they told my neighbors to take care of me, we were having exams at that time so pinky used to come to my home and we used to study combine as she was in the same class but a different college. One day she came to me at around 10 am she was wearing a nighty she had just got up from sleep as she was studying the whole night. I opened the door and was surprised to see such a scene her nighty’s top two hooks were opened and I could see a glimpse of her beautiful ballons. I asked her to come inside, she came and we started to study during which she used to bend and I was able to see the beauty she had perfect figure 36 I think. My tool had become hard now but I was a bit hesistent I went to take bath and she told that she would watch TV for some time. When I returned back she was seeing HBO and suddenly a kissing scene started. I sat by her side I could still see her boobs.

She saw at my tool it was erect I noticed some change in her looks caught her hand and was waiting for reply she started pressing it. I got green signal so now I touched her balloons and started pressing them hard they were hot. Now I started kissing her face and she too responded same way as she saw in the movie. After some time I slowly started moving downwards and was kissing her balloons she was enjoying and moving her face here and there, now I slowly started removing her nighty while I was kissing on her balloons now she was in front of me with bra and blue panty.

Now I started kissing and removing the hooks of her bra, I opened to see the treasure I was seeing this first time. I started licking them. Then after some time I moved downwards and started kissing on the lower part of her stomach she was moving and shouting UUUUHHHHHH……….AHHHHHHH………. now I moved much downwards and removed her panty with my mouth now she was fully naked. I started mouth fucking her she was enjoying this and was shouting AAAAHHHHHHH……….. UMMMMMMM. Suddenly I stopped she saw me and asked me to continue. I told her that she too had to do something, she asked me wat I told her to suck my tool, she hesitated then I told her that nothing would happen.

She started removing my short and after removing she was shocked to see such a big dick she took it inside her mouth and was sucking it now I told her to move up and down with my dick inside her mouth I was enjoying this now I was going to cum she got some in her mouth and she left the dick. I said it’s ok u can swallow it she took some time and now I started to do my job I started licking her all the way from her face to her foot, she was holding my dick in her hand. Now we both were in 69 position and I started licking her beautiful cunt and she was sucking my dick .

Now I wanted to insert my dick into her vagina she was a bit afraid but she too wanted it so I took her permission and started to do my job. I placed my dick outside her cunt and rubbed it till her cunt was a bit warmer, now I slowly started inserting it her cunt was very tight and she was shouting its paining a lot ………UUHHHHHH kya kar rahe ho dard ho raha hai……… I started french kissing her so that she was silent and I was slowly pushing my dick inside by moving it up and down. When my tool was almost inside she started enjoying it and was saying to insert it harder my hands were pressing her hard boobs and now I started biting her nipples so she was enjoying double pleasures.

I took out my tool and she was shocked to see blood coming out of her cunt (she was a virgin) I asked her is it paining she replied no I m enjoying insrt it again, so I again inserted my tool and this time she was enjoying it shouting UUUUHHHHHH………. AHHHHHHHHHH……….MMMM insert it harder. I moved up and down now I laid down and asked her to sit her on my tool she was facing me and now I asked her to move up and down she started as she wsa doing this her boobs were moving so I hold them with my hands and started pressing them harder.

We did this for 5 mins and we suddenly saw time it was 2:00 PM I was time for lunch so she went home took bath and came back with lunch for me also after lunch we thought our studies would be disturbed so we went into different rooms and decided to complete todays portion faster and to enjoy this again. We did everything according to plan. Now also we enjoy and do sex whenever our parents are not there. She is very happy and she is always the first to initiate sex. Any females living in Hyderabad ,India can mail me I would be there to fulfill their desires and give them pleasure my mail id is .

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