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My Best Friend Sister

  • desipapa
  • August 30, 2015

Hi friends I am Ankit Thapa from Kathmandu (Nepal). I regularly surf this site and believe me guys I am addicted to this site. Here I am going to share about my sex experience with my best friend’s sister Priya happened 8 years back and she is my regular sex partner till now. Let me tell about myself I was 22 years old then when this incident happened, with average height and weight.

I am not that handsome like any movie star but I am very friendly and fun loving man. I was doing my graduation then. I always crank jokes among my friends. This character of mine has been always appreciated by my friends. I had got so many friends among them pravesh is my buddy. We were so close to each other and share everything among each other.

Most of my lease time would be spent in his home along with him. So nobody in that house thinks I am outsiders. His mom, dad, even sisters were so close to me. One day when me and pravesh were watching blue film on his laptop his younger sister (He had 2 sisters, priya and priyanka) priya entered to the room without knocking. We closed the laptop hurriedly, we closed lid directly.

Then she looked quite confused and ask what where we doing. We both get afraid and don’t know what to reply. At the mean time pravesh’s mother called pravesh. Later I came to know that he was called to pump water since his mother was washing the clothes. Then I was the only victim in front of her. She again asked me what we were doing. I told her that laptop was hanged and it was not even taking task manager option so we closed the lid directly to restart the computer.

But she didn’t believe in my word and said that the laptop we were using is a new one and his brother cares his new thing so safely even though it takes time and also told that once I had told her to press power button for 5 sec to restart computer if no other function in laptop are not working. I became speechless. She again asked me the same question. Then I replied to her it’s none of her business to know what two young guys are doing with a laptop inside their room.

Then she replied to me what I was expecting was right, so you two were watching Blue film. Hearing that, I became speechless. Then for the first time I looked her from top to button in lusty way. I discovered her beauty for the first time. Let me describe her, she was a 18 year old girl with brownish tone of color, she has a athletic body with perfect size of boobs and belly, her figure was perfect

(I am sorry guys I don’t know her size because I hadn’t asked her about that). But she really is a perfect girl to fuck. Then I replied no to her suspicion. Then she inquired on little bid high tone because she was sure about what were we doing there, and she told me if I didn’t tell truth she would tell to her mom. Then I thought if she really know what were we doing why is she inquiring so eagerly with me, does she wanted to hear that things from my mouth. Then finally I told the truth to her and told her not to tell anybody.

Then she said why do you guys watch such dirty movie?

Me: It’s so interesting and more pleasurable, hadn’t you watched?
Priya: She said No in little husky voice.
Me: don’t lie I am sure you have watched else you would not know what such film is.
Priya: Dai (brother) I am 18 and this thing are the only matter to talk in our schools.

Me: Oh you people only talk or do something else. I said it with low smile.

Priya: No I haven’t done anything but my friend kripa do kissing with her boyfriend and do you know brother sabina even have sex with her boyfriend regularly.
(Her such talk had already increased the size of my tool)
Me: With soft smile, don’t you like to enjoy such thing?
(I was quite nervous for her response)

Priya: She just smiled and face downward with shyness I was very happy to see smile and shyness on her face, and then I thought my half work is finished and went near to her and touch her wrist. She said nothing, with further courage I touched her cheek and lift it up for kissing. We could feel the breath of each other, she lightly moans and I get closer to kiss her. Then I kissed her very lightly.

She actually didn’t know how to kiss and was learning from me by repeating exactly what I was doing like rolling a tongue, biting a lips, sharing one’s saliva with other. After few min we began kissing so passionately. Then after I slowly kept my hand on her breast, outside her cloth and began to press gently, so that she could enjoy the pleasure but don’t get idea that I was founding her boobs.

After some time she began to moan. Then I slowly increased the speed and began to press her boobs hardly. Then I entered my hands inside her T-Shirt and I discovered the actual size of her boobs which were bigger then I expect, soft and round. The best thing was that it was not yet been touched by any bester. Then I slowly roll the T-Shirt up to her neck exposing her boobs with bra in one side and necked in another.

We were in full charge and continuing our jobs, we heard someone calling Priya by her name, and it was her mom asking her help to tie a washed cloth in roof. She then hurriedly tried to get up but I didn’t let her go and catch her hand and boobs so tight. She in pain asked me to leave her. But I didn’t let her move then she promised me to continue this later when we get chance. Then I let her go and told not to forget that promise.

Then she managed her dress and leave from her brothers room with a smile. I also left the room after some time. Form that day I became like a fish without water. I used to be in my friend’s house regularly but was never been so curious to get something from that house. From that day whenever we got chance we used to kiss each other. I used fond her boobs and even touch her butt and pussy from outside the cloth.

But hadn’t got chance to fuck her even hadn’t seen her nude. Then I finally get lucky in one day. The day was the day of maha shivaratri ( Hindu’s greatest god lord shiva’s birth day, where people takes drugs and drinks like, ganja, and bhang) this festival is celebrated jointly with family, friends and neabours. Then pravesh made a plan of drinking for whole night. But I had planned something else for that night.

We planned to sleep in Pravesh’s house and have drinks because there would be no any restriction in that house particularly in that room on festivals. As it was the greatest day for all Hindu every one would enjoy bhang on that day, it was sure that every member in that house will take bhang and they will go to sleep fast. The effect of bhang will give them a sound sleep, they would be like unconscious.

I then told Priya not to have bhang that day, so that we could have some good time. After some time all of them went to sleep. Pravesh and I were also enjoying our drinks in our room, I made him drink so much by which he began to sleep in the floor. Then I lift him up to his bed and the real story of mine began. A slowly went to the room of Priya and called her;

She was lying on her bed but hadn’t slept yet. (Let me tell you one thing she sleep in a common bed with her elder sister Priyanka.) I told her my entire setting and told her to come to his brother’s room. She told she wanted to enjoy in her own room. So she requested me to do my job in her room as her sister in on deep sleep due to bhang.

I was so sick of fucking her, so without any comment I accepted her request and entered to the room and locked from inside. After that she kept bedspread in a floor and lied down. I then jumped on to her like a hungry tiger. I kissed her so passionately throughout her body and also began to enjoy her boobs. She then asks me to keep patient as it was hearting her.

She said she was mine for whole night and she will do whatever I wanted to do for entire night. Then I opened her nightie, there was a light in a room due to the fire burned outside the road to celebrate festival. I could see her purple bra and matching panty. There was nothing expect that in her body. I then opened all my cloth except underwear, and began to kiss her starting from her forehead and finally to her pussy.

When I reached to the naval she reacted so harshly and began to moan loudly, Finally when I reach to the pussy I pulled her panty down and throw that and kissed on her pussy, the aroma of that virgin pussy was so nice. Fluids from her virgin vagina start dripping. There was little hair on her pussy but that was not disturbing me to do my job.

I kissed her pussy at first then licked her outer skin, she started to make noise like aaaha aaaaha do it dai (brother) do it fast, ahahah ohoh suck it hard hummm harder and harder then I finally opened the outer skins of her pussy and entered my tongue inside her love hole she began to moan louder and louder and started to call my name and I continued with my job and increased my speed of entering my tongue deep inside.

At the same time I was quite nervous about her sister, what would I do if her sister wake up? After entering whole tongue inside her love hole her moaning was louder and she started to say dirty words like fuck your friend’s sister, fuck this slut, fuck me hard which make me feel so excited and I entered my tongue so deep that I could feel the vaginal seal, the hymen of a little angelic beauty. That was the proof of her virginity.

I became so happy to fuck a virgin lady then I moved up and licked her naval. After sometime I asked her to lick my penis, She feels hesitated but didn’t say No. then we both lied in 69 positions and began licking each other. She didn’t suck my cock that well but the hot breath and her moan was making me so excited. But she tried to make me feel better, she suck my cock very deep to her trough and even suck my balls.

After 10 to 15 min of sucking, I then came on her mouth when my cock was deep inside her mouth which made her to eat my whole cum without wasting a drop. She then tried to push my cock outside her mouth so that she could throw my cum in floor but I didn’t let her do that coz I wanted her to eat my cum, she then had no other options then to eat that cum and she did so.

After sometime I pulled my cock back from her mouth, She then shouted on me for making her to eat my cum. Then I said sorry, and told her that I had no intention to do that and that just was an accident. Then she said mind it next time. Now we both were ready to fuck. Then she whispered in my ear that she want my cock in her womb. She lied down on the floor exposing her tiny pussy and opening the outer skin of her pussy.

Watching her on that situation, my lado (Penis) rose so hard I first rub my lado on the outer surface of her pussy. I played with her pissing hole first, and began to rub my rod around there. She moaned so loud and asked me to insert my rod inside her hole. But I continued on my own way, and then she was in uncontrollable emotion and began to tell me in very loud voice to insert my rod in her hole.

I was enjoying her curiosity and beg, I finally felt pretty on her cry and entered the tip of my rod and I pushed it slowly, it entered just little, although the pussy was so wet her pussy hole was very tiny and there even was a virginal seal inside her pussy that was stopping my rod to enter inside her hole. Then I gave 2-3 powerful stoke, She cried in pain and told me to pull my cock outside her pussy, but

I didn’t listened to her and give a powerful stoke again. She cried so loudly that I was nervous whether her sister had wake up, I looked at her but she was in deep sleep. After such powerful stroke my entire cock was inside her pussy. I could feel some liquid on my Lado, I thought she might have pissed due to pain but I came to know that was a blood from her vagina.

Then I again entered my Lado inside her pussy ignoring her resist. I then kept my Lado inside her love hole without any movement for about 1 to 2 min to stop bleeding. I kissed her on her mouth and cheek, her cheek was so salty, that was her tears flown due to pain. She was crying on pain but I was motion less and just kissing her for quite some time. She looked so pretty when crying.

After sometime her pain was also decreased and she began enjoying the game. She then started to raise her hips to insert my lado further inside her hole. Then I slowly increased the speed of my performance. I made her to fuck in different positions among them dog style was more enjoyable and pleasurable.

We both actively enjoyed the fucking section for about 40 min and I came inside her pussy. She shouted on me again saying why I cum inside her? What if she had baby? Then I replied that I had already bought pills that prevent pregnancy and should be used before 24 hour of having sex. Then she get relaxed and pulled my body towards her

Then we were ready for next round and I then made her suck my cock while standing, she was a good learner and was sucking me far better than her first time. We tried almost all style that I had watched in a porn movie. She then asked me to suck her pussy, I also sucked her pussy very nicely so that she could enjoy fully but after sometime she came on my face and laughed out loud and told me it was the punishment for making her eat my cum.

But that punishment was so nice, the smell of that virgin’s cum was so nice and taste really great. I ate that without wasting a single drop. She gave a naughty smile to me. She then told me she liked to taste the cum after seeing me eating her cum so nicely and asked me to cum on her face. She then rubbed my rod and made me came inside her mouth. She ate that cum facing me and told me that it test better but the amount of cum was so less than of 1st and 2nd time.

We had sex for 5 times in that night and came all over her mouth, pussy and her beautiful boobs and on her naval. We were totally exhausted and rested their necked for about half an hour then I shifts to my room in with her underwear. She slept in her bed with her sister wearing my underwear only. She became naughty, and put her hands on her sister’s boobs and pussy to tease me. As her sister was on deep sleep she didn’t know what was happening but

I acted as I was nervous and she gave a naughty smile to me. Then I gave her a pregnancy controllable pills and a good night kiss and went to my friend’s room and I slept with him quietly. In morning when Pravesh wake up he was so happy with me because I gave him a company to drink and enjoy for whole night but he didn’t know whom I gave company and what I enjoyed whole night.

After some time, Priya brought tea and biscuit for us in our room. Pravesh went to rest room to become fresh. I then utilizing a situation gave her a good morning kiss on her tongue and crushed her boobs and pussy. She restricted due to fear and ran away managing her cloth and give me a flying kiss. We (Priya and me) still do have sex whenever we got chance. She is married now but his husband is abroad in Malaysia. It’s easy for us to enjoy now because she is doing a job, in bank, same where I do.

And she joins me on my bed whenever I asked, saying that she is a sincere employee and fallow every instruction of her boss. We fuck every day after our office is over. Nowadays, we enjoy for almost 1-2 hour a day before we go home from office. I drop her to home on my car, we do have sex in car as well. We go to lounge sometime and some time in my or her home to enjoy our sex relation.

Just before a year I bought an apartment in sanepa (Place) for the same purpose of fucking her. We found some other fucking member just after 1 and half year of this incident. They are pravesh and priyanka. We all have disclosed about our relation with each other and enjoy commonly now a days. The best thing is that now they are also our sex partner, we enjoy the sex relation with each other. We do have a gangbang sometime, where I,

Pravesh, Priyanka and Priya jointly fucked each other. We (me and pravesh) have made their (priyanka’s and priya’s) pussy very loose now a day’s even a large size carrot easily fits on their hole. Once we played a game in which different sizes of carrot should be inserted inside their pussy (carrot sex), the pussy which can insert full carrot of largest size would be a winner, Priyanka and Pravesh win in that game, Pravesh inserted a very large sized carrot inside the hole of Priyanka.

I thought her entire pussy was torn out and she was crying on so much pain. As a prize they made us to eat there cum, Priya ate her brother’s cum and I ate the cum of Priyanka. Now their boobs have grown extra large in size which has made the sisters really look like a slut. Ok friends how was the story do comment me. If I get good response I will share other stories like how this gang bang between me, Pravesh, priya and priyanka occur in next time

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