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My Beautiful Teacher Fucked

  • desipapa
  • August 31, 2015

Hi, Desi Papa fans I really enjoy the stories and experiences on Indian passion so I decided to share the best sex experience of my life. Let me tell you about myself, I am Nikhil, 20 years of age from Mumbai. People say about me that I am quit handsome and obedient. I am 5.8″ tall, 70kg, very fair and good looking. Actually this incident happened to me when I was in 12th Standard. When I was in 12th Standard we had Kirti teacher who used to teach Physics.But as you know no one pays attention in class even I didnt pay attention to what she teached even though I was a bit weak in Physics.Kirti teacher used to know my mom personally.

So I had even joined her tutions.I used to go to her house for the tutions. Let me first tell you about Kirti teacher.She was in her late 30s.She was the most beautiful teacher in our college.She had a figure to die for, 36d-27-37.Her husband used to work in a MNC and used to stay away from home frequently.She had no children.Thats why she was nice and humble to all her students.Our college was from 8am to 1 pm.I used to go to her house at about 5 pm every evening and in the morning on Saturday.Since I was now going to her house almost daily, I knew her daily routine.She used to come home from college, have her lunch, sleep in afternoon and then have a bath before my tution started.Sometimes she even took a bath while the tution was on.She used to give me some answers to write and used to tell me that I should complete those answers before she comes out of the bath.

At college she always used to wear normal blouses but they too couldnt hide the shape of her lovely boobs in the college.But at home she used to wear sleevless blouses or sleevless gowns.I liked that. During the tutions I often used to get chances to take a look at her clevage through her pallu while studing.I loved that sight and always used to wonder how her boobs were under the blouse.Once while studing as usuall I was looking at her clevage through her transparent pallu.That day her blouse was somewhat low cut than usuall.She than asked me a question.I didnt hear the question because I was busy looking at her clevage.Suddenly she shouted at me covering her clevage “For what do you come here?for studing or for watching other things.”I was very much frightened because I had never seen Kirti teacher in such a mood.I repeatedly said sorry to her but she didnt stop scolding me.And finally she said that she wasnt in a mood to teach such a guy who was interested in OTHER things while studing.So she told me to leave.I didnt say a word and left.I was frightened that Kirti teacher would tell this to my mom.

I was even frightened to face her so I faked some illness to my mom and didnt go to college or to the tutions. On the night of the second day of ILLNESS Kirti teacher phoned mom and asked her why I was not coming to college or her house?My mom told her that I was feeling better and I would come to college the next day.ThankGod Kirti teacher didnt tell my mom about that day. So the next day i went to college but I couldnt even look at kirti teacher while she was teaching.I was ashamed and frightened as well.atleast at the college nothing happened.But now I had to go to her house.If I didnt go to her house and bunked her class while roaming around, there was a possibility of Kirti teacher calling my mom and asking her the reason of my absence.I didnt want that to happen so I dared to go to her house in the evening.Kirti teacher smiled at me when I entered the house.I thought that her anger must have gone.We sat on the study table.Then she asked me why I didnt come for two days.I said that I was not well.She smiled at me and said “I know you were alright but were just afraid of facing me after that day, right?” I slowly said Yes.Then she told me “Listen you can do whatever you want but while studing you should only study and not look anywhere else.”

I was relieved when she said that.I said sorry to her again and said I will study hard from that day onwards. After finishing that days tution Kirti teacher told me to sit for a while because she wanted to talk to me.I was surprised and didnt know what will she ask now.She then asked if I had a girlfriend.i said “No”. then she asked “Have you ever seen a girl naked?Cummon tell me the truth” I was taken aback at that question.I frankly said that I havent seen any girl or woman naked apart from girls in magazines.Kirti teacher laughed at that and said “Now I understand why were you trying to look under my blouse that day”.At that moment for the first time that day I realised that Kirti teacher was looking stunningly beautiful today.Bright red coloured Sleevless blouse and same colour saree.Being fair she looked really sexy in that saree.I think she had worn that for the first time.Then she asked me which i would never forget in my life. She said “You will be able to a woman naked if you wish.Do you want to?” I was stunned by that question.I said “Yes”. At that she laughed and said “not so easily.If you will score good marks in my weekly tests then you will be able to see a woman naked and I think that woman might be me.” I was on seventh heaven.

I immediately said I will study hard and then I left.After the weekly test she called me on Sunday morning.She was in the same red saree and blouse.She said “I have checked your test paper and I think you have done reasonably well”I was very happy at that moment.Then she said “You will get your reward, but you will have to do all the hard work of undressing me.” I was ready to do any work for this.Afterall I had studied hard for this moment.She also said that I will have to remove all my clothes before that.I immediately removed all my clothes and was standing naked in fornt of her with my erect penis which was 8″ by then.She said “You do have a very good sized penis” Then I went close to her and started removing her saree.After removing her saree I undid the blouse and then the petticoat.She had worn black bra and panties which looked the sexiest on her fair skin.I then moved my hands over bra and felt her boobs for the first time.They were trying to come out of the bra.So I took of the bra and her panty hurriedly.I couldnt believe that the my dreamgirl was standing naked in front of me. I then went forward and kissed her and at the same time was feeling the her breasts.Wow they were soft and huge.I liked them. Even she was busy kissing me and playing with my penis at the same time.

I kissed all over body.I took her right nipple in my mouth and licked it,held it between my teeth and teased her.After that she guided me penis into her and i was in a bit of pain at first but I was ready to bear the pain while fucking KIRTI TEACHER. From that week onwards I scored well in all the tests and I used to fuck her almost every week. I hope I was good at writing for the first time.Any comments can be forwarded to Comeents from all are welcome.I will reply to all the mails.Thank You. Bye

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