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My Beautiful And Lovely Sister-In-Law

  • desipapa
  • October 15, 2015

This is a true and sequence of events which i have undergone long back with my Sis-in-law. Hi! I am MAN, a govt employed working in MoD. My sex life is very active rather you can call it HYPERACTIVE. I am always ready to have sex with my wife as many as times she permits. Sometimes she even gets frustrated with it. When I was posted at Pune, my wife requested me to take her sister to our place for a change of environment from home town.I was leaving in a 01BHK house with my wife and babychild. Everything was going normal for few months. One night when my wife was sleeping on separate cot due to her periods, I along with Sis-in-law were sleeping on the bed with my son in between us.

I got up in the midnight for no reasons with no bad intentions. I saw her sleeping on her back, the animal inside me started to roam and forced me to place my hand on her boobs. I got no response from her as she was deep in her sleeps. I made advancement and tried to insert my left hand inside her top. I got success and kept on feeling her soft skin of boobs .The touch of her soft boobs took me to seventh heaven. I made further advancement and got her nipples which were very small in size as compared to my wife’s. I felt some movement in her and withdrew my hand. After some gap of time I again made advances and got her soft boobs and nipples which I kept on pressing and massaging.

With her movements and short breaths I thought she was feeling enjoying it. After some 10 mins of beautiful experience I took out my hand and slept. In the morning she complaint to me regarding night and I asked sorry and promised her to not to do this type of activity. Next night I couldn’t sleep as animal inside me was forcing to go for the pleasures act again.

After half an hour of silence I again made advancement towards her. My hands were trembling with lust of her body. I found her sleeping on same posture as previous night. I inserted my hand inside her top(suit). To my surprise her bra was already unhooked. This made easy access for my hand to her soft but firm and round melons.I kept on massaging her boobs.Her movements were more pronounced than yesterday which gave me courage to continue this act. Slowly I made more courage and took out my hand and placed on her golden triangle from top. After few attempts and without her protest i opened the knots and found a bushy moist place.It was the moment of the day.

Slowly I massaged her vagina and tried to enter my finger but she refused. The vagina lips were as smooth as soft lips of small babies. I enjoyed that for some time and took her hand and placed inside my shorts which she did. She stroked this for sometime and then I got permission to enter my finger inside her juice-land. She was overflowing and enjoying this. After some time I went to bathroom and jerked on her name.After coming back I told this act to her, she was blushed. After this whenever I got time I used to smooch and massage her boobs from top of clothes.

One day my wife along with baby had gone to my friends place,I asked her to show her full assets.She untied her clothes and presented herself in birth suit. The boobs were of size 32’ and very firm and round. The nipples were small and slightly pinkish. The softness of boobs and small nipples made me crazy. There was a hair line joining from her navel to the golden plane valley.I was in mood to advance further but she refused. Days passed whenever she was alone I used to grab her and massage boobs with pinch at her nipples. She left us after living some four months with very sweet memories.

After a gap of six months, there was a ritual ceremony at my village in the month of Feb.We reached well before. She along with her cousin arrived one day prior to the function. I was eagerly hoping for something.The whole day passed very busy with lots of hectic activities preparing for the ceremony In the night I slept in adjacent room at sofa as my bed was occupied by my my wife,child,herself and her cousin.

In early morning around 0330 hrs all ladies woke up to have bath and prepare for puja but she kept on sleeping at one end of bed. My wife came and asked to sleep on bed with child.I got a golden chance and bolted the door and got to bed. She was well awake as waiting for me. Without any delay we kissed as hungry for years and I kept on licking her milky >>>>. In between I used to pinch her nipples with teeth She was in seventh heaven.

She immediately shown me the way to juicy tunnel first time. Initially I finger f””ked her and then used my tongue to explore her. We changed over to 69.After some time she exploded.I went to washroom and relieved myself imagining her.Next day in late evening my mother asked me bring some dry ration from nearby shop. She eagerly wanted to accompany me to see the village.

As it was getting dark I took her for a shorter trip. In between we exchanged kisses for short duration. After returning back I was again asked to bring some pickles , which were to be packed for our next day journey back to Pune. I along with her again went to our relatives bldg which was locked.I unlocked and locked the door from inside and went upstairs along with her to collect the pickles.

On terrace I untied her knot and licked her juice from cunt.I requested her to use oral sex but she used her hands and I released my cum. It was amazing feeling with under moon light exploring each other. Next day I along with my family left for my working place.we used to talk a lot on phones whenever possible.

In the same year end my wife again conceived I was scheduled to have a abroad official trip of two weeks. I requested my father-in-law to drop my Sis-in-law to take care of my wife. She arrived after I left for the trip.I was filled with joy on finding her after returning back.I even brought a pair of undergarments for her from abroad.Now I was having a lust of her and she was also feeling that for me.My wife used to go for beauty grooming courses daily after dropping the child to school.

As my shift of duties were alternate day early morning to noon hrs and next day noon to late evening. I thought a plan to seduce her. One day while going for bath I was only in towels and she was in kitchen, i knowingly rubbed my boner to her back. She sensed the heat in me and caught it. I asked her to move further.

We moved to bedroom and untied and removed her clothes.Like a small and hungry baby I attacked on her melons and kept on licking. She asked for her turn and stroked my boner for some time with her mouth. I was hungry to insert my boner inside her but she was very not frightened about the sex. At last I kept on oral sex her till orgasm.She assisted me to cum with his hands.

The next encounter was done two days later.This time I was taking bath and I intentionally called her to bring towel. We both took bath, I kept on massaging her melons and pinching her __ with small teeth bites. She became very hot. I lifted her and went to bed. We did an oral in 69 and drank each other juices. I even took her to OSHO park and shown some lovers and enjoyed the lonely moments.

After some day I decided to have sex with her. I convinced her about this and made him to agree. On the D-day I made him to lie on bed and kept on licking her cunt for 10 mins. She reciprocated me too. I asked her for the final act, she placed the protective cover(condom) on my boner and lay on her back. I tried to guide my boner to her cunt .

Slowly and slowly with some pressure I kept on pushing inside. After several attempts I succeeded. As I started the fucking session and speed, she started to cry with tears rolling from both the eyes.She complained of intense pain,I tried to convince but she kept on crying.

Slowly-2 I tried to fuck her, but she was not ready to go further and I took out and she used mouth to satisfy me. For next three to four days she was not feeling well. My wife asked but she lied.After that we had done several smooching and massage acts only.She went back to her home after few weeks as she was selected for a teaching job.

Once I asked her why she didn’t allowed me to go further on the D-day, she asked me why I stopped ,I should have overpowered her on that day and done whatever I wanted. Both of us have repent for the act of coitus interruptus. She is now married with a child and I still hopes that we will complete our story act on one day

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