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My Back Street Aunty

  • desipapa
  • September 16, 2015

Dear readers, I am Imran. My mail ID is I read lot of the experiences posted by others and I was prompted to narrate my own true experience. I am from Gujranwala Pakistan and 22 years old. This incident done two years ago when I take admission in BCS. In our back street a house there no one live and its owner use it for rent. Many people took it for rent for and leave it after some time. In these days a family is shifted in that house. They are four members of family. Father, mother and one daughter and one son. Man name was Aslam, his wife’s name was Nadia, his daughter’s name is Sadia and his son’s name is Khuram. After some days make hello hello with Khuram because my friend live at that street and we play cricket in evening on their street and Khuram also play with us. He is study in boarding school in 2nd year and after some days he went to his boarding school. Sadia was studying in 10th class and has attractive body. Aslam work in a multi national company and went London after one month. Nadia, his wife was a attractive women of 38 age. She has a dam body figer. She has a body of 38, 32, 36. She has fair skin color. When she saw me and gave a secret smile. Some time she meets me in market and gave response like a girl. One day I am passing form her street in the morning at 11:00 am. I saw that she bring a TV in her car. When she saw me she called me and asks for help to take the TV from car and placed in her bed room and agreed. She told that her TV is burned and now she took it from electronic mechanic after repair. I took it from the car and follow her for her bed room. Then I reached in her bed room and placed TV on the table then she said to me for sit down and relaxes. I sit on the sofa and she go out. I am starting see her room. After some time she came with a glass of juice and give me and sit other corner on the sofa and talking with me about my study and family. She was alone at home that time because her daughter went to school. After half hour I came back and went my house. After some days she meets me in market at a vegetable shop to buying vegetable and I was also buying some vegetable for lunch. There she gave me a naughty smile and said to me hello, and how are you? I replay hello and fine. Then she said to me for help her because she clamed that she could not hold so many bags of buying things in two hands then I helped her and took all the bags and she is one bag in her hand. Then she said to me that she want to buy some cosmetics and we went in a shop there she demand some bleach, and snow cream then she demand a hair remover cream and women pampers and lock at me and give me a naughty smile. Then we reached at home and she said to me come in home and sit. She went to kitchen and took a glass of Pepsi and holds me for drink. And sit next to me and talking about my study and asked to for give tuition to her daughter because she feel many problems in her study and I agreed and she give the time 5 o’clock in the evening to next day. Then I came back home for vegetable for my home and my mom shouting me for late and I said her that I go to a friend place. Next day at 5 o’clock I reached at her home and she received me with a smile and said to me come in home. She sit to me in drawing room and called her daughter from her room. She came and slam with me and sit in front to me with her books. I am start to asking her problems in study and she telling me problems after some time her mother Nadia come with a cup of tea and served me. I taught her daughter regularly and every day she served any thing for drink or eat and bend down to give me and show her all thing under her qamiz and I enjoy it a lot. Some time she chat with me on various topics and show some secret interests in me. At home I masturbate on her name. During the teaching she work at kitchen and give me naughty smile. After a month pass one day I went there and said to Nadia to call her daughter, she said to me that she go to her friend place on her birthday. Then I go back but when I am coming out from her house she called me and asks for sit. I sit on sofa and she come and sit on same sofa and talking about my college and my friends then she ask about my girl friend. I said that I have no girl friend she astonished and said that you study in coeducation and do not have girl friend. Then I ask her about her life and she give a negative answer and tell me that after going her husband abroad she become alone and bored life. She tells, her son also go to boarding school and will come after six months. Then she come near to me and asks what I do sex. I surprised with this question. I said no. She placed one hand on my tight and starting rubbing it. She tell that when her husband at here he could not full fill her desires and after going abroad she become more hungry for sex. Then she placed her lips on my chicks and start kissing. I am also waiting this moment form long time. Then I caught her in my arms and starting French kiss. I caught her breast and pressing then during kissing and it long for 10 mints. Then she break the kiss and said follow me for go in her room. Then I follow her and went her room. There she removes her qamiz and her salwar. Now she was only in bra and underwear. Then she come to me and starts removing my cloths. Then I am totally nude in front of her then she caught my penis and start jerking it. Then she sits down and started kissing on it. I started playing with her breast and it is my first experience to touch a breast of a woman. I remove her bra and kissing on breast and pinching the nipples with teeth. She was moaning with pleasure and saying, INHE CHOSO OR ZOR SA CHOSO YA BOHAT DAR SA IS MAZA KA INTIZAR KAR RAHA THA. YA AB TUMHARA HE. INHE CHOSO OR IN SA KAHALO MUJA MAZA DO. I am doing this job for 5 mints then my penis oozing pre cum and I placed my one hand on her belly and moving downward passing form her navel. She was moaning loudly now. I touch her pussy, it’s become wet. Then I liked her belly and reached at her pussy and clean her pussy with her qamiz and give some sweet kisses on it. Then she saying please fuck me I am hungry for sex. “MUJA CHODO ME TUMHARE HO. MUJA MAZA DO. Then I reached in front of her between her legs and she took my lun in her hand and placed at her sweet pussy and I push it forward slowly and lun going in her pussy easily and she was moaning with pleasure and sweet pain. I started moving forward and backward. I increase my speed. Her pussy was tight. It was the greatest pleasure of my life which I was enjoying. I was doing this for 15 mints and then I said her “I am Cuming” she said cum inside her. I reloaded all the cum inside her and laid on her. She cum at same time and lose her bode. We stayed in this position for 5 mints and taking long breaths. Then me move to bath room and clean our body parts. In the bath room I asked her that I cumed in her and if she pregnant, she told me that she take birth control pills before. Then we came back to bed and talking about each other experiences, I told her that its my first experience and she appreciated me that I do sex like a perfect man and give her great pleasure of her like. She said “my husband never give me this type of sex pleasure which you give me, from today you are my first husband and he is second”. At that time we were playing each other parts, I was playing with her breasts and sucking her nipples and kissing on her face, she caught my penis in her hand and jerking it. Then my tool stands again and said to her for another trip. Then she came in doggy style and I went her back side and placed my penis at the opening point of her pussy. Then I forced in forward direction and she move to back at my whole penis hide in side her pussy. Then I started stocking her festally. She was making noise loudly and saying me for fast stocking after ten mints I stopped and lade her on her back and come on her top and placed my penis in her pussy and fucking her slowly and sucking her nipples and some time French kissing. We do it in this position for 15 mints and then I cumed in her and laid on her top and release my all cum in her pussy. She cumed three time during this fuck section. After fifteen she went to kitchen and bring milk and some apples. We eat and drink them and talking. She told me “I like you from first day of your look and hungry for sex that day. Today I made a complete plane for sex with you”. She asked about my girl friends. I answered in negative and ask her about her daughter for friendship because I like her from long time and interested her. She laugh loudly and said that she is for you, you can do any thing with her but before sex you ask me first then do. We were sitting there for an hour. Then its 8 o’clock and time to came back her daughter. We wear cloths and hug each other again and again make long French kiss. I asked her for next program to sex. She said that she told me tomorrow. Next day I went her house to teach her daughter and purposed her daughter and she accept my proposal. Then that day I did not teach her properly and talking about love and sex long. She also had a great sex desires like her mother but she was virgin till now. After some days I asked her to sex with her daughter she allowed me and said that when you come I will go out for shopping an came back after 2 hours and in this duration you do sex with her daughter. Next day when I went her home her mother go out for shopping according to our planning and I fuck he and broke her lose he virginity. Its another story. Her mother knows that I fuck her daughter but daughter do not know that I fuck her and alos fuck her mother. Then onward I did sex with her daughter one time in a week and with her one time in a week also. After some months I fuck one of her friend who was divorced for three years and hungry for sex. I also fuck two friends of her daughter. These are other stories. Now they are shifted in Lahore and her husband took her son with him to London. Now she shifted in a house and live there with her daughter alone. I went there and live there one are two days in a month and fuck them and their friends and give satisfaction and all of them like me and satisfied with my sex drive and appreciate me. Now a days they are in London. I am alone in these days. They call me on my mobile regularly but I have very board life in these days. They came back after six months. If any aunty, girl or babhi interested or hungry for having sexual relationship, please contact me on nicewisher@hotmail.comit will be kept confidential and secrecy is granted.

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