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My Aunty Mrudula’s Domination

  • desipapa
  • October 31, 2015

My aunty mrudula, the sexiest woman alive was sitting there watching tv. I was observing her from my seat. She brought her skirt up. She exposed her thighs. They were sexy milky thighs. I could see her inner thighs. She looked at me and asked if liked the sight. I said I liked it. She asked me to come near her and kneel down in front of her.

“Smell my thighs kiran.” I started smelling her. She was yet to take her bath and she had a sweaty smell. ” Go on kiran” she said. I went to her crotch and smelled it. It was super smelly.I ran my hands on her inner thighs. I started rubbing my face in her hairy crotch and soft inner thighs. She raised seductive moans and cries. I continued nuzzling my face in her crotch and thighs. I deeply inhaled her hairy vulva and ass. It was very strong. She ran her fingers through my hair and started pulling my head into her gorgeous V. She had my head in the vice of her legs. The soft and smooth milky thighs against my cheeks with my nose deep in her hairy crotch with jet black pubic hair in my mouth, and the ever increasing pressure on my head as if it was a toy, was mind blowing and exhilarating.

“Aunty can i do the same with your armpits ?” “Yes kiran, proceed” I proceeded. I licked her armpits that were sweaty and wet. It was a little dark and moist. I decided to put spit and make it mushy. i licked and ate both her armpits. My face was wet with her sweat and my saliva, with few armpit hairs stuck in my mouth along with her pubic hair.

“Get into my nightie and do the same with my chest kiran”. I came down. Got through her skirt from bottom kissing her pussy , soft belly( i rubbed my face there too) and then i reached her chest. I massaged one while licking and biting another. I enjoyed myself and my aunty was so excited that she quivered with pulsating orgasms just with this foreplay. While I was doing this she played with my penis and rubbed it on her inner thighs, vagina lips and her anus.

“Aunty can you piss while i suck on your vulva?” “Yeah kiran, but nothing should drop on the floor” I opened her lips and enclosed her urethral opening with my mouth. Soon a warm jet of urine hit my upper gum. I signaled her to slow down and she pissed in spurts. I gobbled up the entire liquid. I lifted her up like that on my shoulders with her inner thighs squashing my head and her hairy vagina flush against my mouth which is creating a suction on her vaginal hole. i carried her like that to the bed( i was sucking her fleshy pussy mound and vulva, while walking to the bed).

I slowly downed her onto the bed without stopping sucking at her pussy. Then she fucked my face by thrusting her pussy onto my face while squashing it laterally with her thighs. I then proceeded to her butt cheeks and ass crack . I gave her ass crack and ass hole the same pleasure. After a while she pulled me up and gave a deep french kiss. We engaged our saliva for 1 hour groping and playing with our bodies. We were like two animals lost in passion with her being the dominant partner. She humped me and humped my face in sheer passion.

We went to the bathroom and I gave her a bath. After bath, we went to the dinner table to have dinner. “Kiran I have a plan, I shall sit on you naked with your penis inside my vagina. We shall chew the food, have a kiss and exchange our chewed foods. We shall chew as we kiss ” “Agreed aunty”. We finished our dinner and it was so tasty.

Then I carried her onto the bed and slowly thrust my cock in a slow passionate rhythm, enjoying each and every thrust to the fullest, all the while maintaining the closest possible contact between us. I kneaded her chest and exchanged our saliva while having sex. It went on for a full 30 min in a controlled trance like exercise, giving her the longest possible orgasm culminating with my ejaculation.

After ejaculating deep into her, we maintained that deep thrust and quivered together. We clung to each other with our hands and legs wrapping the other and maintaining a tight embrace, with my penis deep inside her. We slept like that with our mouths in a deep kiss, our hands tightly wound against each of our bodies, my penis deep in her vagina and our legs locking each other.

The next morning we woke up. I carried her to the toilet and made her sit on my thighs . We shitted together while making love.We faced each other while shitting, with her shit falling into the gap between my thighs. It was a thrilling experience and aunty was laughing wildly. I massaged her armpits and sucked her earlobes while she sucked my ear lobes. After we finished shitting, i cleaned myself and her.

Then she sucked my penis. I allowed her to suck it and she enjoyed. I stopped her and put my penis inside her pussy when i felt i was nearing orgasm. The feel of her pussy gripping my penis was so nice. I didn’t thrust and just enjoyed the sensation.

After a while when i felt that the desire ejaculate is controlled and stopped, I slowly thrusted, We fucked there in the bathroom. The phone started ringing and i carried my aunt with my penis still in her vagina. She answered the phone and talked while I rhythmically thrusted into her. It was so thrilling that she drooled her saliva. I licked her saliva.

As I was carrying her, her saggy boobs were at my face level. She squished them against my face. It was sex at its best. Finally we climaxed together. My 49 year old beautiful aunty was so satisfied that she wouldn’t leave me. She locked my lips in along deep kiss and wouldn’t get down from me.

Finally i fell on the bed. She came onto me and lied upon me. We ate and fucked like that . There was sex everywhere. I would be licking her pussy or massaging her breasts or licking her armpits all the time. We were always naked at home. When school started, we both separated. But after school we were at it again.

My Aunty Mrudula’s Domination

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