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My Aunty Hidden Desire

  • desipapa
  • August 27, 2015

Hi friends and this is Deepak and this story happened long back but still fresh in my mind. I am originally from small suburbs of Mumbai. Approximately 2.3 hours away from Mumbai city. My dad owns a small shop in our town and mom is housewife.

It all began when I completed my 12th from our local suburb college and secured 90% in 12th. I was 18 that time. I decided to go to one of the top colleges in Mumbai and due to my high percentile even I got into one of them. But now question arises how could i travel from my home to college daily?

It was almost 2.5-3 hours daily single journey. My mom suggested if we can ask her sister who lived in Mumbai about this situation. Because mom’s sister – Radha aunty and Ramesh uncle had a very nice flat in Mumbai just nearby from my college when Ramesh uncle and Radha aunty came to our house to congratulate me they realized our problem.

But Ramesh uncle told my father why are in worries Deepu’s father. Deepu can surely stay with us as long as he wants. It’s our pleasure to help such a talented boy like Deepu and anyways our house has extra empty bedroom where he can easily stay and even me too due to my merchant navy job most of the time stay away from home.

So Deepu can easily accommodate in our house! My mom dad overwhelmed with his and aunty’s response. We all were happy around one week before college start date I went shifted to Radha aunty’s flat in town. Radha aunty and Ramesh uncle were very pleasant couple. They had 18 year boy who used to stay in convent school hostel away from the city and a recent 9 month old baby.

I once heard mom was talking to my father how after so many years Radha aunty gave birth to a child again. Radha aunty was younger to my mom and was approximately 47 years old. Their son Vikas used to come to visit them only in summer vacation in May each year. I think maybe they must be missing him hence uncle aunty readily asked me to stay with them.

They were treating me just like their son. After just two-three days uncle went on his job and told us that he will now return only after a month. It was June’s second week and even my college started. It was a early morning college from 7 am till 1 pm.

Radha aunty was very religious and traditional person. Despite living in a cosmopolitan city I have never seen her wearing any modern cloths. She always used to wear descent sarees even though she was into her late 40’s she looked beautiful.

Naturally tall she had a decent body structure and her face was very beautiful and fair. I have never seen her without her Mangalsutra,Bangles and sindoor in her hair partition. Always polite and smily I always felt like she looks like one the goddesses from mythological TV serials.

Her overall personality was absolutely respectable. Most of the time in house she either used to do house chores and taking care of her newborn baby or doing religious enchanting in front of god. When I used to come home from college in the afternoon we used to have lunch together.

Days were passing pretty quickly and now my schedule was just set perfectly. July started and monsoon started bursting heavily. One weekend climate remained wet and humid. On Monday early morning usually i took bath and came out and started looking for my under wear.

I found all my under wears are still wet. I just got bit confused as i had to attend practical exam that day. Radha aunty already freshened up by that time and was doing religious prayer that time.

I always used to appreciate that no matter what she always used to wake up at 5 in the morning and used to spend 2-3 hours in prayers. Somehow aunty saw my confusion and she stopped prayer in between and asked “Deepu beta what happened ?

Why are you not getting ready for college? I replied Aunty problem is that my all inner wears are wet Aunty replied “Oh , this hell monsoon wait let me check if i can find your uncle’s under wear and she broke her prayer in between and went to bedroom.

After 5 minutes she came back with sad face saying “Oh dear and I guess your uncle took all his garments with him so couldn’t find any. I replied no worries aunty for today I can just wear jeans and go to college and I went to my bedroom in a minute Radha aunty knocked my door and came in.

I was combing my hear. She told me “Deepu beta its already cold out there, if you go out only on jeans its not good. Does one thing for today you wear my inner wear and go and she handed over me her panty. It was jet black and all satin.

But main problem was it was absolutely small. Aunty said further “Deepu, sorry beta, i know its little short for you. But this is the largest size all i have rest all my panties are smaller than this one. So please bear this and she immediately went out.

I was in surprised and that moment was in a hurry to go to college so did not think a much and just wore it. Shit it was barely covering my crouch and very small. From backside most of the panty slide into my ass slit. Not covering my bums at all. But satin feeling was very nice. I just rushed to college after that.

I almost forgot that incident. It was strange but i thought she had offered me her panties out of care. Days passed one day due to holiday I was at home. Postman came with letter. I took it and went to aunty’s bedroom but oh gosh she was feeding her baby.

I mistakenly saw her one of the boob’s shape. I just turned back myself but aunty said “Deepu, please read the letter. Let me hear it” I tuned up and read the letter to her just glanced to her while reading letter. Aunty was not minding my presence and just kept on feeding her baby.

Again i saw that huge bubble covered by baby’s head. Felt really weird but then as soon as letter reading was complete i ran out of the room. It was a mixed feeling. At one moment i was feeling embarrassed to think about aunty’s boob and other moment i was getting hard on aunty’s huge boob glimpses i saw.

One afternoon while coming back from college it started raining heavily and due to wind my umbrella broke. By the time i reached home I was totally wet and shivering with absolute cold. Aunty opened the door and got scared to see me in such bad shape.

She immediately took me to bathroom and asked to remove wet cloths and she ran to bring me warm cloths. She came back with towel and sweater and told me Deepu beta and I could not find your pant at all. I somehow replied with shiver yes because yesterday only I put them all in washing machine.

So all must be wet Aunty replied oh dear ok you first get dry yourself but after that i guess i felt dizzy and don’t remember after that. I guess i must have fall unconscious. I remember i woke up find myself on bed. Aunty was sitting beside me and was rubbing balm on my forehead.

I opened my eyes aunty took a sigh of relief and said thanks god Deepu, you woe up. I was very worried and she smiled.” I now came to the world saw i was wearing very thick sweater. But a bottom i was feeling very open strange feeling. So i moved my head down and tried to check. Gosh!!

I was absolutely naked at bottom. My penis was juicy hanging semi-hard at one side and balls are spread in between my legs. I screamed oh shit aunty sorry I am not wearing anything down. Aunty smiled and said dont worry beta ! I have seen you thousands of time naked when you were newborn! Don’t be shy.

You are just like my son Vikas and she went to kitchen to prepare soup for me. It was extremely embarrassing for me to face such scenario. I never thought about this. But somehow I tried to forget this incident and moved on. Many days passed everything was normal.

Radha aunty was absolutely immaculate in her behaviour and I also concentrated myself in studies. July passed my unit test exams were at the corner. Ramesh uncle called up saying he will be late by 2 more months. Aunty was pretty upset that day.

Coming weekend was our neighbours’ daughter’s wedding scheduled on Friday night they had Mehandi ceremony and they invited Radha aunty. Radha aunty was already upset and was thinking of skipping ceremony but then I insisted her to attend it.

Radha aunty was not sure as her daughter was still young. But then i convinced her that she should go at least for few hours and meanwhile I wil keep an eye on her daughter. So finally on Friday night Radha aunty around 9 pm made her baby sleep and came to my room.

I was studying. She knocked the door and came in. Oh she was looking very beautiful. Aunty was wearing beautiful pink saree and all ornaments and subtle make up. She told me “Deepu , baby is sleeping now. I hope she won’t wake up. I am little worried as she has not drank much milk today!

I told her don’t worry aunty I will take care of baby Aunty went. Fortunately next 2-3 hours baby did not wake up. Around 11-11:30 pm aunty came back home. She was looking very happy and relaxed. Her both hand were full of Mehandi. I admired her beautiful mehandi

Aunty was very pleased and said “You know Mehandi artist told me to keep this mehandi at least for 2 more hours to dry before wash it off and she was describing overall fun they had during ceremony suddenly we heard a cry from bedroom. Aunty realized that was a baby’s cry.

Aunty screamed and ran to bedroom “Oh my god, baby must have woken up” I could hear aunty was trying to put baby on sleep every possible way. But baby’s cry became louder and louder after 10-15 minutes aunty came to hall where I was watching TV and hurriedly said.

Deepu and I think baby is hungry and wont sleep unless she feeds on milk. Unfortunately bottled milk is all wasted hence i have to feed the baby! I wondered why she is telling me all this. Aunty must have realized that Deepu beta, problem is that my both hands are full with Mehandi, so i just cannot unbutton my blouse.

I need your help in doing so! I was aghast to hear that. For a moment i was just standstill but i guess Aunty must have became impatient due to baby’s louder cry. She yelled at me “Ohhhh !! for god’s sake come on Deepu and just help me unbotton!

I quickly stood like a robot and said ok aunty tell me what to do ??” aunty replied “Ok first remove pin my saree pallu attached to my shoulder and then unhook my blouse from bottom” I removed the should pin and her pink saree pallu fall down.

All i can see now 2 big mounds packed in her pink laced blouse. I slowly started unhooking her blouse hooks from bottom. After last hook her blouse just split opened totally and i can now see aunty in her black tight bra. Her boobs were so big that bra was absolutely tight and somehow fitted. Aunty replied

Ok good now do one thing pull up one of my bra cup.” I said ok without looking at her and touched her left bra cup. It was all soft feeling. I got totally hard on as first time i was touch woman’s boob. With pressure i lifted her bra cup and banged he left boob just fall down and started hanging on air.

My gosh! It was just like giant watermelon and had dark brown nipple on it. Nipple was absolutely pointed aunty did not cared for me. She ran away to bedroom as soon as her boob hung out. After 20 minutes she came out relieved and smiling. Her left boob was still hanging out openly.

She sat beside me and thanked me for all my help. And said “Deepu, You are really helpful. Can you please now put my boob into my bra please ? ” I was shocked to hear that. I said nothing just sat facing her on sofa and grabbed her left boob whoh it was huge and soft.

By other hand I lifter her bra cup and started pushing her boob inside. It was fun to grope the boob. I even deliberately touched her nipples also. Shit I just realized me just cum in my pants. Somehow I pushed her boob inside her bra and hooked her blouse and ran to my room to clean up myself.

Since that incident I realized that even of my aunty is like a mom to me. She has opened up my sexual feeling about her. Maybe she did not deliberately did it but as a matter of fact it’s now clear in my mind that I now want my aunty at any cost. Now I have to do something to progress further.

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