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My Aunty Getting Satisfied

  • desipapa
  • December 10, 2015

Hi readers. This is my first story of the series. I am Sunita madam. I teach English. I am 49 of age. I took this portal because I wanted to share with you the secrets of my life, which I think will be hot for you too. So here the story goes.
All this started in 2003, I used to live with my family. My husband had government job which needed him to go to nearby towns for regular inspections. I have two children one boy 10 age and girl of 14 at that time. At that time there was a boy Mihir age 18. He was living down the street. I knew Mihir from ten years. But recently I used to find him attractive. May be he had grown up or may be it was me who was longing for sex. I used to watch him play cricket in the street every evening. Sometimes I used to call him for different works and used to chat with him.

One afternoon I was alone as my children had gone to granny’s home. I was feeling kinda horny. I decided that I will give a try on Mihir. But I was afraid as he was an underage boy. So I called his mom on phone and told her that I need to move something in the house so can she send Mihir for it. Within ten minutes I saw him at the gates of my house. He was wearing a blue t shirt and grey track pant. I welcomed him in. Then I made him sit and went to my bed room. I was wearing a maroon gown which had no sleeves.

I purposefully unbuttoned my gown top button so that the cleavage can be seen. Then I called him and told him to climb up the stool and see what is there on the cupboard above. When I stood on the stool I came near his legs and tried to show my cleavage. The quickly caught the attention from the top as I saw his dick getting aroused in his tracks. He was enjoying the moment when I jokingly said Mihir what is happening in your pants. He got afraid and quickly tired to hide it.

I then acted like scolding him and warned that I am going to call his mom. Saying this I went near to the phone. He quickly jumped and stopped me from going by holding my hand. I got furious and he left my hand. Then I slowly smiled and ask him, did he like what he saw. Seeing my smile he got relax and said yes aunty. I asked do you want to see them. He said yes. I closed the bed room door and removed my gown. He came near and started touching and pressing them.

Suddenly he pressed them so hard that I screamed. So I told him to go gentle. But before I could say anything he kissed my lips. And went on smooching me. He pushed me against the wall. I was afraid and excited because he was not behaving like a 18 yr old. He smooched me, my lower lips and upper lips alternatively. He was pressing my boobs and was kissing me and suddenly he got wild and started kissing my whole body. After sometime, he then told me to lie on bed. I obeyed like he said. He got on top of me and spread my legs.

He went down and started fingering my pussy. It was heaven, I started moaning loudly. To this he took my gown and pushed it in my mouth. He ordered me not to remove.

Then he removed his clothes. His dick was of normal size. He knew right where he had to press to make a woman enjoy. He inserted his dick in my pussy and he started fucking me. I was enjoying it. He fucked me hard but he cum out soon than expected. He gave cum shot in my pussy.

I scolded him for doing this. I knew he had to style but lacked experience. I kissed him and told him if he can keep secret then I can teach him the ways. He kissed me back and said I always knew what was there on your mind and then he again started kissing me. He then made me sit in doggy style and started fucking me from behind.

He was drilling my pussy and with one hand he started spanking my ass. I shouted but it was like making me more and more wet. He caught my hair from one hand and pulled them hard. I said him to stop and be gentle, but this time he was not going to listen. He said bitch call my your master. I said you are my master.

He spanked my ass and said to tell him that I am a bitch and to fuck me hard. I said as he told me to say. He began to fuck me more harder and harder and I was feeling it more painful and started to shout.

Then he suddenly took out his dick and made me kneel on my knees near the bed. He then inserted his dick in my mouth and started masturbating his dick with his hands. I stopped him and took out his dick. To this he slapped me and again inserted it in my mouth. I didn’t try to remove it again.

He continued masturbating and he ejected his cum in my mouth. As he ejected the load he blocked my nose with his fingers so I had to gulp down the cum inside.

Then he told I will always shoot in you. Whether in mouth or in pussy. You decide where but never stop me. I knew I had awakened a beast and now the beast will rip this beauty apart. But I liked the way he did. We again had one more round before he went back. This was the starting of my affair with Mihir.

Next story I will tell you how we went on our first year date.

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