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My Aunty

  • desipapa
  • September 22, 2015

I am 26 years old live in new Delhi. I often use to go to my friend’s home since we studied together for more than 15 years. He lives nearby my house with his parents and brother and his wife. His brother’s wife is 23 and his mom is 45. She is a housewife. she is very found of hindi movies whenever I visited her I found her watching cable movies or movies on video. I am just like their family member she calls me deepu beta. she is very beautiful. she is slim, her boobs are big, her hips are main attraction little larger then her figure. One day my friend phoned me that if I can give him one thousand rupees I said “ok I will meet you in evening and give you the money” he told me that he has some work in office and will come late and if I can drop money at his home and while talking to his he told that his family has gone out will come after midnight only his mom is at home. I took money with me and left for his home.

I pressed the bell. His Mom opened the door she was glowing as she just took bath, her hair we wet she was wearing cream colour salwar kameej, and holding towel on her head to dry her hair. I gave her money asked for water and entered her brother’s bedroom where she often watches t.v. Still she was watching cable, after drinking water her telephone rang,I gave her money and left she replied to the phone and asked the caller to hold and ran behind me and pushed the door it was my luck that when I enter the home I don’t know why I unlock the door. on the way I thought I should tell her to ask her son to call me up in the night. I turned my car to her home I was going to press the bell but the I just touched the door it seemed to unlock so I pushed the door it was really open and I heard the sound of kissing.

I just hid behind the curtain and saw she was taking on telephone and massaging her pussy I realised that the caller is her boyfriend and he was asking her to do so. she was trying to stop him “bas karo naa” “dabaa too rahin hoo” “nahin please” and she was really faithful to her boyfriend. Behind curtain I was getting hot my lovepole (8 inches by 3 inches) was increasing from it’s normal size she was rubbing her pussy, giving kiss to her boyfriend, pressing her tits then I heard saying her “tum paagal too nahein hoo gai keya main nahin utaroongi” then suddenly she said “ok kal 10 baje ke baad karna by by!” and kissed a long.

She dropped the phone. I thought someone disturbed her boy friend that made him disconnect. As soon as she dropped phone opened her sawar which stumped me I was surprised to see as I thought everything was over but it was the starting she threw her salwar on sofa and start rubbing her thighs her thighs were beautiful I always saw her in salwar kameej this time she really fascinated really beautiful well shaped legs with no extra fat her legs were shinning then she fully lay down on bed put a side of piece of her kurta which was hanging on her pussy Oh my god I saw her pussy I was uttering in my heart “O man she is so damn beautiful” she inserted finger in her vagina and started fingering herself.

A voice came from my heart ” man This is it, she needs someone to make her happy and i’ve been eyeing her for sometime” and I don’t know where I got strength I enter to the room from behind the curtains and said “Aunty aap kya kar rahe ho” Aunty “whooo whooo deepu beta aaaaap kkkahain see aaye yee whoo a hain a hain….” she covered her thighs with her kameej off her face from my eye and start weeping. I asked her who was on telephone she said it was her friend who use to call her up. I asked this just to make her comfortable with me then I told her that I am not going to tell anyone what she was doing and I picked up her salwaar and asked her to wear.

She took her salwaar in her hands her hands were shaking I said” I’ll help u out” she did’t said anything I arranged her salwaar and hold her foot and inserted into one leg of her salwaar and then next and pushed it upwards but she hold my hand and stood up and tied her nara then she sat down with me and requested me not to tell any she hold my hand and said “muzahe itnee shaaram aa rahi hai ke main tomhain beta bhe nahin kahe sakti hoo lekin deepu please aaj ke baat kise ko maat boolna” I kissed her hands and told her I am not going to tell anyone don’t worry. I told her stop weeping don’t waste the pearls from your eyes, “just smile” I pretended like everything is ok nothing happened I said lay down I will collect your tears like pearl she laid down I asked her to smile because when you smile you look beautiful she smiled, as she smiled one tear dropped on her shoulder I said shall I take this she said yes you can I replied “but where shall I store it?” then I told her close your eyes while I will store it.

As she did so I kissed and flicked my tongue on her shoulder like I am collecting her tear she didn’t said anything except “oonnnn ” that made me much hot. Then i kissed and flicked my tongue on her cheeks as there was nother of those pearls, she just closed her eyes. Then I kissed her neck, it was like kissing silky soft skin “oohhh deepu yeh kay kar rahay hooo please mat karoo”, I told her we are like friends “please aunty karne do na kuch nahin kar raha hoon main” then I hold both hands with my left hand put behind her head and start kissing each and every part of her face neck and keep on saying her “I won’t tell anyone and so that you”.

Slowly after kissing her on her neck i started going downwards and kissed her big boobs from sides with her kurta on. They were getting harder and harder then she pushed me back and start weeping and said “please mat karo naa kesi ko pata chal gaya to” me “please aunty siraf 10 minutes ke leya main kooch nahin karooga mezhe pata hai tom bhi kafi excited ho rahi ho please tomhain mere kasam siraf kapron ke uppar se tumhain payar karna chahata hoon 10 minutes ke bad main khood he chala jaunga bas” and again started kissing her neck this time she was cooprative when I grab her she put her both hands on my back and said “deepu muzhe joor se daba” i did so and now we started floating on bed from one corner to another then I just came down from her neck to her boobs I start sucking her boobs along with her kameej this was the first when I suck boobs from cloths this was real fucking experience of my life I was really enjoying then I took my hand on her buts put my hands in her ass as I was rubbing my hand on her ass she was also enjoying and was rubbing my back and inserting her fingers in my hair then I kissed her thighs with her salwar on and slowly started moving towards her pussy.

I put my face in her pussy and sucked it hard for a minute, my lips were sucking her vagina and by both hands were bussy pressing her boobs she was also enjoying “ooohh please.. sheeee….aaa….” then she put both of her legs on my back and start rubbing then on my back I was wearing white shirt and I removed my shirt. Then I said “just smile because you look beautiful” she smiled I said “ohh aunty” and started kissing again on her face this time I was rubbing my 8 inch long lovepole on her pussy it was getting hot and hot from one hand I was pressing her big boobs then I put my hand under her kameej on her back I was rubbing her back then took off her bra while she was playing with her legs on my legs and I was also rubbing her vagina from my rock hard lovepole. Then I took off her kameej and bra and her big boobs were in front of me they were really hard I have ever seen I start rubbing her tits this time she was in the seventh sky ‘ohhh oooohh aaaoooochhhh.. shheeeee… mmaammaaaa…… oooooooooo ssssseeeeeee’ that sound killed me I opened her salwaar and then and started licking her wet pussy with her panty still on. I rubbed my big Lund oer her pussy ,she was just screaming like anything “bus bus bus karoo naaa please oooohhh yeeeeeahhhh” then without wasting my time I pulled off my underwear along with her panty.

I inserted my big hard lund in her choot, her choot was quite tight but it was so wet and my loora has nice experience of fucking four girlfriends, so I started my job just one two three and…… “oooohhh thora dheeree aahistaa se please daaraad hoo raahi hai” then I start kissing her lips while my loora was at hard work the she opened her mouth to say something I put my tongue in her mouth that was more hot then her pussy now we were sucking each other’s tongues. Our tongues were in each other’s mouth that made her more hot she started rubbing her hands on my back and start pushing her ass upward now I was at peek I start pushing her like anything. I was making it go slow as i wanted both of us to enjoy to the hilt.

I was pumping my big lund in her vagina and she was also enjoying that moment “ohhhh aaaaaahhh seeeesss ohhhhcchhhhhh yaaaaaaa aaaaaa” and the I am sure she was out cause she said “ooooohhhhh seeeesss yahhhhhhhh aaahhha” and stopped rubbing my back now no sound just closed her eyes and kept holding me now I stopped pushing her but i kept on pumping her for good 30 minutes. I told her that i was about to cum and she said ” mere mammon per gira do. skin ke liye achcha hota hai ” I loaded my hot semen in good quantity on her boobs and then she took my penis in her mouth and started sucking on it, cleaning it…. but I was not done till yet and my lund again strengthened to full 8 inches. I asked her to suck it harder it she held it and started sucking it to the full length. After about 20 minues of sucking i told her that iw as again going to cum, this time she said that she wanted to taste me. She was busy sucking the head my dick and the moment i cummed she drank every bit of it. We fucked 3 more times that night till her son came back and still have sex whenever we get a chance. If any lady (married or unmarried) from delhi, noida or gurgaon wanna get in touch can surely mail me at .

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