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My Aunts Belly

  • desipapa
  • October 6, 2015

Hi Every Body, I’m from Bangalore, like any other guy of 26 I too masturbate watching TV or thinking of some one whom I have seen on the road, But things started getting real when I got introduced to a female friend ‘Urmilla’ by my friend Rekha, who in turn used to practice with us.

Once I was invited by Urmilla to her house for a small function, I took Rekha and went over there, not many had come, possibly they were on their way. Urmilla came out and welcomed me, later the magical thing happened, she introduced me to her mother, wow she was beautiful, more so because, she was showing almost the whole of her belly from under her pallu, she had a sexy provoking belly. I watched her belly almost every time, when ever she got up or came and sat down, when she went for kitchen, I watched her hips, It was provoking me and I was aroused by the way it danced in her sari. After that incident I used masturbate thinking of her in many ways, and enjoyed a lot. I used to go to her house almost once in a week to get new ideas of masturbating. Initially I used to call Urmilla and then go, but once I established myself as a good boy I used to go Urmilla’;s house even when she was not there and used to chat with her mother.

She too liked it. One day I had told I’ll be coming and I was unable to go to her house and I decided to go the next day. It was cloudy when I left, and it started raining on the way, I didn’t stop and continued, I was fully drenched by the time I reached her house. For my surprise Aunt was alone and no body was there, she told me you could have waited, I made sure nobody was there by asking her for Urmilla, she told me that every body will come only by 5:00 PM or 6:00 PM, It was just 2:00 PM. She brought a towel from inside and I was watching her as usual when she went in, when she was about to give the towel, I wontedly produced my hand little farther and for my success I touched her belly little bit, I was drenched but the fire in me neutralizing the cold. Later she took another towel and asked me to sit on the chair and started to wipe my head, I was close to her belly. I just stood up while she was wiping and slowly moved my hands up in the air and brought down. I got some courage from no where and slowly held her trunk, as though it was accidental she didn’t tell any thing I slowly moved my hands slightly above she didn’t object at all. She finished wiping, and hung the towel I was thirsty and looking at her body while she was hanging the towel. For my surprise she came near me and started unbuttoning my shirt telling it was wet I never wear banians so I was half nude.

She told you have a very strong body. I was confused not knowing how to approach and seize the opportunity. I made up my mind in a split second and went a couple of steps near here where she was hanging my shirt and held her belly and told auntie you should trim this part a little bit she just smiled and told I go to Yoga but? Then I immediately told I know few exercises which will trim it, and offered to teach. She accepted. While teaching I used to touch her wontedly, I used to feel her boobs they were huge and one hand is not enough to hold it. Now I started frequenting her almost every day when her daughter wasn’t there, I told her she can do it better, if she removes her sari and she removed and I could see her voluminous boobs sagging down I was desperate, to feel them, I could see the cleavage very clearly, I also felt she too was aroused I removed my shirt did one or two exercise and later helped her from behind and gave one stroke, she didn’t react. I hugged her from behind and kissed her cheeks. She turned back and gave me one kiss. Now I had got the license, I wasted no time she was in her blouse and petticoat, My hands went all over her I made love to almost all the parts of her body. Held one boob from both the hands and later slowly removed her blouse she asked me to remove my pant.

My long time dream was coming true. She was not wearing a BRA so I Touched Kissed and sucked her breasts I herd some moaning sounds from her, but I was busy to gave it a thought. I removed her petticoat, she was wearing a panty, My hands went all over her and she took me to the bedroom and lied down I stroked for some time and removed her panty she assisted in removing, It was wet all over and removed my under wear, she got up and asked me to wear a condom. I wore and I screwed my aunt at least three times never getting up from her until I was satisfied for the day. I won’t forget that day in my life, now she has moved abroad and I have lost contact, though that was the only occasion I got a chance to screw some one, I still masturbate thinking of it. I welcome any aunt or girl to have an affair, who is clean and hygienic, age no bar. Please contact me at this id, Make it fast.

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