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My Aunt Wants To Be Fuck

  • desipapa
  • December 29, 2015

Hi to all Incest Sex Stories readers. I have been reading this stories for the past 7 years. I am Harikrishnan(name changed) currently working in Bangalore. I go to my village every week to fuck my aunt. I feel now is the time to share my experience with my aunt Gayathri(name changed)(equal to sister, uncle’s wife) which happened 6 years ago.

I am 23 years old. At that time I was 18 years old and she was 24 years old with great assets 30,36,32. She looks like an angel. She has two children’s but looking at her no one can say that she is a mother of two. I joined my college and stayed at my uncle’s place. Before coming here I had a strong sexual urge whenever I saw any girl or married ladies. I started masturbating thinking of my aunt from the day I came to my village.

She had such beautiful boobs and great structure. I used to watch and help her in house daily works whenever I had leave. I never missed the chance of touching her butts. We used to sleep on the terrace of our house during the summer seasons. She slept keeping some distance of 10 feet from me. Uncle came there rarely. During one full moon night I got up at around 1 am in the morning.

From the moon light my aunt was clearly visible. Her saree had been (pallu) from the front which was covering her boobs. She was wearing only blouse. Since in village most of the woman did not wear bra or panties. Her petticoat also had come up to her mid thighs area. I became aroused seeing my aunt in that position. I went near her and touched her boobs above her blouse. This is the first time I had ever touched the boobs of a girl. It was so soft and it felt like being in heaven.

I then went down and slowly started raising her petticoat above her thighs. I raised her petticoat so that her pussy was clearly visible. I touched her pussy and she moved a bit. I got scared and went back to sleep again. This was the daily routine, I used to watch her semi nude during night, but never dared to touch her.

After some days on full moon occasion my uncle went to a temple which is a bit far from our place and takes one whole day to come back. On that day he called at around 7 pm and spoke with my aunt. The phone was in my room since I used to connect to internet through it. She spoke and kept the phone and watched me playing games on my computer. I was sitting with my foot on the chair, so that my knees rested on the hand resting area of the chair.

Suddenly my aunt came near me and pressed my knees with her thighs. I looked at her direction but she continued to watch my computer monitor as if nothing had happened. I asked her what happened? She replied nothing but was breathing a bit heavily. Then I held her hands and asked again what happened, she told nothing but smiled a sexy smile and moved a bit and pressed her pussy against my knees.

Then gaining some courage I kept my hand on her boobs and asked her again what happened, she just blushed and didn’t even react to my action and told to sleep in her room on that day. I obeyed her and switched off the computer and had dinner and waited for her.

In her bedroom there were two beds attached to each other. On one bed her son was sleeping and on the other her daughter was sleeping. She told to shift her daughter to other bed. I asked her where she will be sleeping for that she again smiled and told that she will be sleeping with me. I was bit hesitant and told that this is not correct what will happen if some thing goes wrong.

She told she wants some thing to go wrong which she told is correct if a ladies husband does not satisfy her in her sexual needs. I shifted her daughter to other bed and my aunt came and sat beside me. I was a bit nervous. Then she looked at me and came near me and kissed me. This was the first kiss of my life. Then I started sucking her rose bud like lips which were juicy like honey. I sucked her tongue for almost 10 minutes. Then we parted.

Then she kept her hand on my penis and told me to undress her. I remove her pallu and the knot in the petticoat and removed her saree. Then I removed her blouse and petticoat. She had no bra and panties. She had shaved her pussy for the occasion. I asked her whether she shaved it daily. She told that she was waiting for such a situation to have sex with me(when my uncle will go away). This is the first time I was seeing a woman’s boobs nude in front of me.

She then removed my dress. She told that she wanted to do 69 position since her husband never sucked her nor allowed to suck his cock. I lied down on the bed. She got on top in 69 position and she started sucking my cock which was rock hard by then and to its full length of 7 inches and thickness of 4 inch. I started sucking her labia (inner and outer). It tasted a bit odd but was good. I sucked her for around 15 minutes and then we both exploded in each others mouth.

She told me that this was her first orgasm of her life. Then we both kissed each other and exchanged the love juices in our mouth. She requested to suck her again. Now she laid down and started sucking her pussy again and simultaneously pressed her boobs. I felt being in heaven. She admired the length of my penis and told that her husband’s length was only 5 inches and thickness was 2.5 inches.

She started moaning due to my intensity of sucking her love hole. I started finger fucking and sucking her at the same time. She started to moan more loudly. I then kept my finer which was fucking her in her mouth to decrease her sounds. Since my grand parents were sleeping outside. After around 25 minutes she came. This time her orgasm was larger than the previous one. She then told to fuck my like there is no tomorrow. I took position and she guided my penis in her love cunt.

By the effect of licking and her wet juicy pussy my penis went easily inside up to 3 inches. Since she was not accustomed to large cock like mine I had to stop and kiss her for some time. After 2-3 minutes I pushed again and this time my whole length was inside her. She was about to shot but I kissed her and blocked the sound from escaping. Being first time sex I came within 5 minutes. She told that I was like her husband exploding within seconds. I told her since this is the first time this had happened.

I asked her what if she became pregnant. She told that she would be happy to become the mother of my child. Then she stroked my penis with her hand and it enlarged again. I again fucked her and this time after 40 minutes we both climaxed at the same time. She told she wanted more so I told to stand like a bitch and I again fucked her from the back. This time we climaxed in half an hour. She told that her favorite position was being on top which her husband rarely allowed.

I told her to have fun and laid down. Since my cock was limp by now she sat on my cock and started moving it with her love hole. It came to full size within seconds. And I started pressing her boobs and she started moving up and down. This time we climaxed in half an hour. She then laid on me with my cock inside her and we kissed and slept. In the morning around 5 am I found something wet around my dick and woke up and saw her sucking my dick. Since in villages most of them get up between 4 to 5.

I was rock hard and had a fuck session of 10 minutes since my grandparents were also awake. I let her go after giving a kiss for 5 minutes. Then she left the room wearing her dress for the daily routine works. From that day onwards we still have sex and she got a baby boy from me. During that period I did not fuck her but she sucked my cock and I sucked her love hole and her boobs. Please send your comments to

Any ladies in Bangalore can contact me if they want my cock to satisfy their sex thirst. Myself and my aunt still have sex. Based on your response and rating to my story I will share another true experience of having sex with Maya aunty with the help of Gayathri.

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