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My Aunt Made Me Call Boy

  • desipapa
  • November 19, 2015

Hello friends I’m AK back again with another true story of mine. Let me introduce myself again to those who haven’t read my first story and I’m AK from Bhubaneswar Orissa India.

I am 5.8 feet n have a decent 6.5 inch cock and am cute from the beginning of my college life and I had an eye over matured women who came across me and but never got a chance of have a day with them until and I got to fuck my aunty Leena who is also my teacher read my story my tuition teacher Leena Aunty.

Now coming to this story and this happened to me just one week before that is on the 18th June and that day I was returning home by a town bus from my college and beside me came and sat a beautiful lady of around 32yrs on the next stop after my college.
She looked like a bomb shell with a blue saree and low neck matching blouse which was also bit transparent. I think here stats would be 36d 32 34 guys and

I know you all would be jerking off by thinking about this lady ok carry on as the bus progressed ahead there was a hefty rush of people in the bus
And there was a lot of jerking due to the bad road so she was constantly leaning on me to save herself from other people’s touch so I asked her aunty would you like to sit on my seat then she replies thanks and we exchanged our seats. I knew I can utilize this opportunity n get the lady into bed so I thought upon a plan.

I sat in such a way that my elbow would rest just on her delicious boobs when the crowd in the bus adjusted themselves and so it happened when the first time the crowd moved a bit my elbow brushed against her right boob.

I turned to her and said sorry to which she said this ok and smiled then after 2 minutes and I got a call so had to take out my cell from my left pocket and while doing that my elbow was on her breast and when I looked at her this time she smiled gleefully then I saw my cell phone and call was from an unknown number.

I picked up a heard a ladies voice and she inquired about my ad which I had given on the net after and I finished my talking the lady asked me about the ad and when I was explaining about it and I saw a glimpse of lust in her eyes and then when I finished explaining her and she said will you also help me out today.

I’m alone till 11 pm upon hearing this and I was stunned and after few seconds said ok sure madam and she took out her mobile and asked me my number. I gave her my number and she said she will call me in a while. I was overwhelmed at her words n reached home after 20 minutes.

I got a call from her n she asked me to be at her house in 30mins n gave me her address. I got freshened up n went to her house and rang her door bell out came a beauty whom I would have never imagined.

She was wearing a light blue colour saree which was low navel one and a low cut sleeveless blouse her saree was a transparent one and I could clearly see her cleavage and my snake suddenly woke up forming a tent which she could easily notice then she said ask him to wait for some time. I looked down and smiled shyly.

I noticed the lust in her eyes and went near her n planted a kiss on her neck she let out a soft moan then I caught her boobs from the front and kissed her neck continuously until I reached her lips then were glistening with the lipstick she had put and I slowly caught her lower lip and suckled it and

She suddenly caught me from the back of my neck and by caressing my hair started kissing me madly all the time she was moaning uumm after 30 minutes of continuous kissing we both broke the kiss and started to breathe heavily upon seeing her breathe heavily and her boobs dancing up and down.

I tore her blouse and bra to which she was taken aback but responded well by asking me eat those big tits and said that they are all yours my darling eat them as much as you like and I then started sucking her left boobs and nipples and did the vice versa and she was just letting out moans after moans and asking me to lick and eat first and give her love bites on her boobs.

I did the same for about 30 minutes then I shifted my attention to her love spot and fingered her to which she shivered like anything then she asked me make her totally nude n play with her and she is all mine forever from now and she then asked me to come in 69 position as her husband never did it with her.

We got into 69 n believe me she is hell of a cocksucker and she just licked my penis so well that I had not ever imagine that she would b so good as soon and I licked her pussy which was already wet due to my foreplay and she let out her first orgasm on my mouth and I licked her pussy dry but as I had not come yet so I kept on licking her pussy again she also did the same.

I then told her after 20mins that am going to cum to which she asked me to release it in her mouth. I did the same you she also had another orgasm along with me and we both then rested for some time playing with each other’s body and kissing then my penis became hot and erect like an iron rod due to her kissing and fondling

And she then said let me now play with you and she started to suck and lick my penis again and then she sat on my penis and started to move up and down facing me while she was fucking me her boobs were dancing up and down very fast so I caught hold of her boobs and pinched n pressed her nipples fucking me for about 15mins she got tired n asked me to start my job.

I then made her lie on the bed by keeping pillow under her back. I started entering my penis into her pussy in one big thrust and she let out a big moans uie ma and this so big darling now don’t stop make me your bitch fuck me as if there is no tomorrow and I got excited by her words and fucked her for nearly some more 15-20 minutes and I said that am coming

She also said that is will cum and asked me to cum inside her and we both cum together and then we rested for about one hour and I said that I have to go now and she said that she really loved my fuck and would want me to be available for her and her friends when they want me. I affirmed to what she said and when I was turning my back and walking towards the door.

She stopped me said hey darling take this with you. I turned to see some money in her hand. I asked why this and she said take your 5000 rupees with you and this is yours for your service to me and then again after some days and I enjoyed her along with her some friends and I will tell about that in my next story do comment me on my story at

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