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My Aunt Is My Secret Wife

  • desipapa
  • October 12, 2015

Hi friends thanks for your valuable feedback for my previous story now I am going to narrate you the story where it happened 5 years back, let me introduced my name Kiran I am 27 years of age one day it happened when my neighbor aunt her name is Punya very fair complexion with stats of 36 28 36 later I came to know having two kids which is 8 years & 5 years her husband is a factory where it was lockout & they were facing huge financial crisis,

Let me directly come to the story she was treating me like her own son because she don’t have male child hence I am completely attached to their family one day when I went to their house they two were fighting due to uncle was not able to pay their children school fees, when I enter their house I found the tens on my darling Punya’s face & her husband was in an angry mood, I did not spoke a word I came back where the situation was not good & later after two days I went to their house where she greeted me with a smiling face, I was very happy to see my angle smiling.

Me: why were you tensed that day?

P: leave it, it was a common issue

Me: but it was very sad to see you in such a situation

P: thanks for your care & love

Me: is there something you don’t want me to tell

P: nothing… As you know that your uncle is jobless & we are facing very bad financial crises.

Me: if you don’t think bad let me pay the fees

P: thanks kiran I love you for your kindness towards me

I gave a rs 5000 to her & asked her to pay the fees & for the remaining money asked her to take new saree after some hesitation she took the money & she kissed on my cheeks for all the love & care, after two days there was a diwali festival they were planning to go to the temple, she asked me to accompany her family for as her husband is not coming due to some work, I was very happy and while returning she sat in the front seat of my car I was thinking that my darling is sitting beside me, while changing the gear I intentionally touched her stomach for which she did not say anything after returning home she said thanks & left

After few days her family went to their native place but she said that she was not going with them, hearing this I was very happy that I can spend happy time with her after that aunt called me to her house for dinner as I was also alone in a home my family were gone to the marriage I said aunt not to prepare any food we shall go out for dinner for that hearing this she was very happy & she told she will be back in 10 min I was eager to go with her when she came she was looking dam sexy with her new purple saree with a very deep blouse it was a feast for my eyes I praised her a lot for which she smiled & thanked me for my compliments.

We went to posh hotel where I ordered a meals & while returning she said that she was very happy & asked me whatever I want but I said I will take when the time comes while returning she hold my hand like newly wedded bride, and I was feeling proud to hold her hand as my wife. When we returned home I said goodbye but she with shyly said to sleep in her house it was a great excitement for me & I readily agreed for late night we were watching the tv in the hall it was a romantic movie hero was kissing the heroine

She said she is going to sleep in her house & asked me to come to the room to sleep with her as she is very much afraid of sleeping alone, I said aunt if there is no problem with her I can sleep with her in the same bed, she agreed with a great smile, she said that she wants to change the saree to gown for which I asked that shall I go outside for which she said not necessary as we are like friends there is nothing to hide she removed her saree pallu her big mount was clearly visible & she removed the saree & asked my help to remove her blouse , I unhooked her blouse & petticoat she was standing in only bra & panty, I was thinking to fuck her there itself I waited to proceed her first & she said to be comfortable & remove your pant,

Me : aunt can u help me in removing my shirts

P : with naughty smile she removed my shirt & pant

Me: aunt there is so much hot shall we sleep like this

She bend her head as a green signal we shared one single blanket when the darkness covered I came nearer to her my manhood was touching her naval & her chest was crushed my chest we became one we united as a husband & wife bride & broom, man & woman at last we became like a lovers,

I started with her butt & slowly raised my hand to her naval & touched her boobs which were so soft like butter I slowly pressed for few minutes & played with her boobs point which was like black cherry decorated on a ice cream mount & licked them very nicely while I was pressing the other boobs she was feeling her painful enjoyment with my magical fingers working on her body, it was already 11.30 pm, I started figure fucked her pussy which was so tight I then I thought she was not fuck her for a long years, her pussy was fully drenched she ejaculated 3 times that night later she begged me to put my cock inside her

P: kiran please don’t tease me please fuck me I can’t bear the burning sensation in me

Me: but on one condition

P: what’s your condition?

Me: you will get fucked by me often

P: you are my master & I will do whatever you say & I am your slave

Me: aunt I want to fuck your ass

P: it will be paining

Me: initially the pain will be there later you will enjoy

P: do whatever you want my whole body belongs to you

I took full control of her body I inserted my tongue in her asshole to make lubricate which smelled great & slowly I inserted my monster cock into her love hole with in a first go I pushed half of my dick she was in tears, I was very sad looking her tears but I was not in a position to looking back hence in one more jerk I inserted completely & buried my dick in her lovely ass we stayed for 15 mins because of the pain we both were facing simultaneously.

That night I fucked her 4 times her whole body was covered by 1 layer of my seamen in the morning 6’clock woke early when I saw her she was laying on her back without having single piece of a cloth on her body except her mangalsutra on her back, it was the most erotic moment in my life, I prepared a coffee & gave to her by greeting her good morning for which liked the way I fucked last night I found a great satisfaction on her eyes which was reflecting on her beautiful rosy lips her whole body was turned into red especially her face due to her white complexion, she thanked me for satisfying her sexually.

That was the most memorable for both of us in the morning she was very tiered hence we took shower together & I asked my punya darling whether she liked to have food which prepared by me or else we shall ordered from outside she was not in a mood to leave me for even a second she asked me to prepare in her house only at 10 :30 am when the sunlight was entering through the window her body was shining like a fresh flower she was in only towel & I was in my boxers & prepared dosa & we both had our breakfast.

At last I proposed her to marry me she was already decided to surrendered herself completely & there is nothing else apart from that & thanking for me to become her husband. For outside world she was my aunt but in real I was her second husband the next part of my story I will tell you later please send me the feedback on my mail id

My Aunt Is My Secret Wife

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