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My Aunt Is My Love

  • desipapa
  • September 25, 2015

HEY My name is poma(not a real name).I am a big fan of desi papa ‘s stories.I read all stories and get courage to tell you my true encounter with my lovly aunty.Let I introduced myself.My name is Poma(not a real name).I live in Lahore (Pakistan)..I am 6 feet and 2 inchs tall.I have a slim body but it in well shape due to some excersie of body building.weathes color skin.I have a good sex tool for fucking my love partners.

We shift in well located socity.where our family is introduced themselves in socity.In socity a woman come in my house and ask for my mother.That day my family went to some family I live alone in my house.I see the woman She introduced herself that she live next to our house.and her name is Bina.Bina aunty is 30 years old and very sexy woman like that I imagine in my dreams.She is about 5’6’’.her figure is 40-32-38.Her boobs are biger then her age.Blue eyes white skin complaction.When she walkes her ass checks jumping like its ful with water.they jumped one by one.First I look her I want to fuck her very madly.I want to get chance to fuck her.

Now I tell you a real story.She come my house and tell my mother.but I am alone that day.I tell her that my mother went to her relative home She tell me that she have some problems in her V C R .I tell her that I fix her problem b cuse I want get a chance to fuck her in different systoles.She was very happy to hear this that I fix her problem.I tell her that I come to her home after an hour due to some work of house.she said me that she can help in his house hold works.I am happy to hear its.I said her that nothing matter but she is not agree.and do work of my house.I see her in a very erotic systle.she go into kichten and wash the dishes.I see her from back .Her ass is so big and soft she dress a thin sahlwar kamiz and black bra.I always like black bra like this.I see her all body through her dress.being work I help her I touch her from back many time with my hands and tool.she did’t show any _expression.after finish all work she said me to come home and fixed my problem.I said her that she go her house and wait for me I am there with 15 mints.she go back I locked my home and think about a plan to fuck her in the way of her house I planed his ideas to fuck her complete.

I ring her door bell.She open the door with a sexy smile on her face.She welcome me in her home .We go to in drawing room and sit on sofa.Her house is well fernised.She go in kitchen and make tea .We drink tea .I asked her about her family.She tell me that her huby is in U K.and her son is in boarding house.he is 9 years old and come here in holiday.I am alone in my house.I asked her futher that so what her is pass alone .She tell me that she wake up at 10 am and make break fast then her servent Mina come for house work. In that time I am in kitchen for prepare lunch for herself.after work I take bath and it was 3pm I went out for some nebiour and some time for shopping .In night I watch tv and see some films .I sleep at late night.I am very happy to hear all this .after some chatting I said her to see me your V C R .She go with me in her bedroom and saw the v c r .she tell me a flim is in it .The flim is so tied and fixed in v c r it a cannot play and not rewers and farrwerd.I open the v c r and make some effort to out the film from it .in that time She go out from the room for some work.I complete my work and now v c r is working order. I put the film who out from the v c r and play it and switch T V .I was to surprise b cause it is XXX film. In mean time aunty of my dreams come in the room and see my _expression I was busy to see flim I did’t know aunty see me .being seeing the movie my dick in full mood.

She call me and said that is it ok .I was surprise to see her in the room and tried to stop the v c r.but she reply me that it is ok .dont worry about it.I like to see XXX movies.sying this she come to me and hold me from shoulders and I stand up she kiss me on my lips.I said her what are you doing aunty.she did’t hear my voice and start kissing.Now I am too hot .I hold her from her hip and crassing her ass .O my godes it feel so is a big ass and so soft.I countinu my job crassing her ass and try to insert my finger with her shalwar.I press her and her boobs touch my chest.its so soft.My one hand is on her one boob.Now I am crazy to explore her and see her in nude.I try to put off her kamiz she help me doing this .now she is in her black bra her boobs are so big it is about 40 D.i know this letter .I unhook her bra too and it my surprise she is a realy sexy bomb for any man who like boobs.I start to suck her boob nipple and other crass with my other hand.she is hot now .She closed her eyes and strat moian like huummmmmm aah ah ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhha do this fast you are a realy good boob sucker yeah com on fast it feel so good .I am hungry for this last one year after my hubby to go Uk.yeah do it my lovely boy …u wont beleive what the taste her boobs had i started almost eating them u know they r so softttttt hmmmmm usshhhhhhhh…just like a peeled of mango…so bouncy u will push them downwards they will again rise upppppppppppp….. her nipples were pink and erected till then and it was a gr88 feeling sucking those.i moved downwards and untied her salwaar to my surprise she was with no panties and i could watch the real clit in my life for the first time u know watching photo is different but watching a live real boobs and clit is entirely amazing….!!Till am in my dress she stand nude in of me .

She is a raely hot bich.she come to me and remove my shirt and jeans I am in my underwear.she remove it too .now am nude from a lady first time.i feel 6’’dick in full lenth .She bend down on her knee and take my dick in her mouth .OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO It feel soo good I fell my self on seventh sky .she complete my dick in her mouth .I was surprise to see this that she take all leanth of my dick in her mouth.Now I start moin OOHH OOOHHHHHHHHHHH do this I like it YEAH DO THIS COMMON YOU ARE A GOOD DICK SUCKER IN THE WORLD .AFTER 5 MIN BLOW JOB I ABOUT TO CUM I TELL HER THAT I AM ABOUT TO CUM SHE SAID ME YEAH CUM IN MY MOUTH I AM VERY THIRSTY FOR THIS .I SHOUT A LOUD MOINN AND CUM IN HER MOUTH .MY ALL LOAD OF MY CUM IN HER MOUTH .SHE DRINK ALL MY CUM AND DO NOT WASTE ONE DROP OF MY CUM.She go to bath room and after wash her she come back and again give me blow I am tried to her tit fuck I tell her my idea she agree for this she laid on carpert I sit on her and start to tits fuck she also enjoy this step.i also like this I am fingering her vagina .first I insert index finger latter two , three now my three finger in her choot in and out .she moin loudly .after 5 mint finger fucking she had a big orgasem.Now she look at me in a sexy look. . Her body was now sweating and her cunt juice smell made me go crazy. Her moans were getting wilder and wilder and I judged that she was close to an orgasm. I kept finger-fucking her and went close to her for a good-deep kiss. I could tell that she was close to the I was ready to fuck her .I spreat her legs and guided my dick to her chooot. frist. I inserted my tool inside her pussy. It went very easily due to her cum.

The initial jerks were quite slow and whenever I used to insert my whole tool inside her she would slightly moan” OH YEAHHHHHH……….. IT FEELS……… NICEEE… OHHH ——GIVEEEE—— MEEEE….YESS YESS—– OHHH—- YEAAHHNHHHH YYY— ” Then I started banging her furiously. Her body along with the bed was trembling and shaking due to the furious strokes. My balls were banging against her pussy lips.. She shouted loudly ” Yeahhh Yeahhhh Ohhhhhhhh Donttt ……Stoppppp. Pleeaseee……… Don’t……… stoppppppppp…. Its pleasure…………… Tear mee Apartttt.. I am ourss Yeahh yeahhh I am Cumminnngggg…. Oh make me cuuummmmm.. I increased my thrusts. Her massive boobs were swaying bcoz of the strokes that I was giving her. The time came. I was also about to come… I gave her the final shorts and we almost came at the same time. We both were tired now bcoz of the excess cumming and were just lying on the we were lying for some time .after some she touch my dick and give me hand dick is again I want to fuck her ASS.i told her that I want to her ass fuck .frist she hasitate but latter she tool is full mood I said her to make doggi systle . I insert the head of my tool it is hurt me and hurt also her .i asked her for some craem she give me a bottle of olive oil. I applied it on my dick and her ass hole .then I insert the head of my dick a little jerk she moin OOOHHHHHH JAAN IT HURT ME BUT I DON’T LISTEN HER I INSERT MY DICK ALL IN HER ASS WITH A JERK SHE MOIN OOOOOHHHHHHH…………………………I AM DYING .LEAVE ME BUT LATTER SHE RESPONSE ME WELL. MY DICK IN AND OUT FROM HER ASS IN SPEED. I AM ABOUT TO CUM .I RELASE MY LOAD IN DEEP HER ASS HOLE .NOW WE TIRED .



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