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My Aunt Is My Dream Woman

  • desipapa
  • November 20, 2015

Hi to all the regular readers of Desipapa, please excuse me guys for my spelling mistakes and story line as it was my first story, I promise you guys that I’ll improve my writing in second part. So let me describe briefly about me and my gorgeous aunt. I’m Aryan from hyderabad age 22 height of 5’8 with athletic body and having a 7 inch cock, here comes my beauty Yashoda age 39 but she looks like 29, height of 5’6 with mind blowing figure 34-30-38 every man can have a hard on by seeing her sexy curvy ass.
She is a working woman and Her husband is money minded and loves earning money and never took care of my aunt, so she lost her sex life and got busy with her work. She mostly wears kurta and leggings and wears sarees occasionally. She looks damn sexy in kurta and leggings.

It all happened when my uncle went abroad on his business meeting for one week. So my uncle called me and informed to take care of aunt and asked my parents to send me to their house upto his return.

Evening i packed my luggage and went to my aunt house, actually I was overjoyed and excited thinking of staying with my aunt for 1 week. I reached my aunt’s house and rang the door bell, she opened the door with a sweet smile and welcomed me in, I went in and sat in couch. She locked the door and came sat in chair beside couch, she was looking damn sexy in her pink top and white legging without chunni tied hair in bun. We chitchatted sometime and she said that she will fresh up and came, I said ok and she showed me my room and she went to her room. I was so excited and kept my luggage aside came back to hall watching TV.

In few minutes she came out of her room drying her wet hairs with hands, she was damn hot in her yellow skinny cotton nighty upto her ankles. I was continuously watching her sexy curves over the nighty, she observed me. I don’t know what to do, so I asked aunty where should I fresh up. She said there’s only one bathroom that too in my room, you can fresh up there. I said thank you and went to my room stripped my clothes tied a towel and went to washroom, got freshed up myself and came out, she was there standing and combing her hair looking into dressing table mirror, I slowly walked to my room watching her sexy ass.

I got dressed just into a t-shirt and boxer without underwear, again we chitchatted sometime watching TV, I was starring at her sexy curves while talking, At 11’o clock she said she was sleepy. We wished good night and left to our rooms, i went to my room and stripped my clothes slept nude just covering a blanket and started jerking my cock thinking
of my aunt. In few minutes I cummed on bed and slept like that.

At 4’o clock I woke up for pee and wore my boxer slowly opened my aunt’s room door without disturbing her sleep, once I got in into her room my cock stood straight watching my sexy aunty, she was sleeping sideways that her ass on my side nighty rolled upto her knees. Quickly i went inside the bathroom removed my boxer and started jerking my cock, I was stroking 15 minutes. She too woke up for pee that I don’t know and she opened the bathroom door without knowing that I’m inside. Suddenly we both shocked to see each other, she said sorry and went out. I too wore my boxer and came out, she was sitting on her bed. She saw me seriously and asked me

Aunt: what are you doing there?

I was tensed and said

Me: sorry aunty.

She was very serious and asking me

Aunt: will you say or should I complaint on you to your parents.

I said

Me: sorry aunty please don’t complain to my parents.

Aunt: then tell me what are you doing.

Me: I’m not getting sleep and I’m getting bad dreams so I came to washroom for jerk off.

I’m acting like crying in fear.

Aunt: Hey don’t cry I can understand that’s not your problem, that’s your age. Go to your bed and sleep.

Me: I’m really very sorry Aunty, I’ll never repeat.

Aunt: It’s ok, go to sleep.

I went to my room and excited that she saw my manhood and slept. Morning i woke up at 6:30 and saw that she was still sleeping, so I got an idea of showing my bulge. After sometime she woke up, I raised my manhood with boxer and acting as sleeping, she came to my room to wake me up and she got shocked to see my bulge. From the corner of my i was watching her expressions, she was watched my bulge lustfully and went back to kitchen. I got confirmation that she liked it at want it badly. I woke up and went to hall just in boxer and wished her good morning, she too wished me back but I can observe the change in her.

In one hour she got ready and went to her office, I was left all alone in the house. After sometime i locked all the doors and went straight to her room checked all her panties and bras, I was more excited as she was using only sexy lacy pairs. I kept them back and went to bathroom, there I found her last night used panty and bra, I was shocked again that her panty was wet with her juices, quickly I jerked off my cum on her juices and kept there.

Had a shower and slept on her bed upto evening, evening i got a call from her that she want to have dinner outside, so she asked me to come and pick her up. I said ok and got ready went to her office on my bike, I called her and she came wished me hi with a sexy smile. She sat on my back kept her legs on either side kept her handbag in middle of us and placed her both hands on my shoulders. We reached a restaurant had dinner and started back to home in the same manner from office to restaurant.

After reaching home she was opening lock and said that she want to ice cream, quickly started my bike and went to shop before she saying anything. Went to shop and bought two chocobars came back home gave her, she said thank you so much and giving me one, I said no aunty both for you only. She said thank you, she kept them in fridge and went to fresh up,

Meanwhile I too changed myself into a boxer and vest sat watching TV and she came out from her room looking more sexy in a pink sleeveless satin nighty, she took one chocobar and sat beside me in couch having it. While she was licking the chocobar i was starring at her sexy lips, she saw my bulge under boxer and said naughtily hey Pandu (my nickname) I think you brought another chocobar for me, I covered my bulge and said I’m sorry aunty in shame.

Then she lustfully removed my hands on bulge and hold my cock with boxer, I got freezed and looking her. She slowly rubbing my cock over boxer came close to me and kissed my lips, quickly I hugged her tight and kissing her passionately, licking her lips vigorously which are sexy with chocolate. We both smooched for 10-15 minutes and I she broke the kiss, stood up gave me hand and pulled me up then we both hugged like a romantic couple, I whispered in ear that I love her a lot and licked her earlobe.

She held my face in her hands looking deep into my eyes said love you too, we kissed again now hugging tight, slowly I moved my hands on her sexy curvy ass (wow it’s so soft I have felt in my life) kissing her and pressing her ass like a sponge.

Again she broke the kiss and hold my cock over boxer took me bedroom naughtily, removed my boxer in a flash and pushed me on bed, I was laying on bed looking at her, she lifted her nighty and removed it, wow she was looking damn sexy in her sexy lacy pink bra and panty. She came to me started licking my chest stomach and now took my cock into her mouth, ooohhh i can’t say my feeling, she is sucking like a pro looking into my eyes, with her looks i cummed in her mouth in fraction of seconds.

Then she licked my cock neatly and left to washroom with a naughty smile, she came back and said you naughty boy that much early, I replied her aunty it’s my first time.

She blushed and slept on bed asked me to lick her pussy, I went in middle of her legs, she lifted her legs and kept either on my shoulders,

I started licking her legs and removed her panty, wow it’s clean shaved, went near her pussy and smelled it and licked it passionately, in pleasure she hugged my face with her thighs, within seconds she too leaked a lot as she was having sex after a long time. Came up licking her navel and removed her bra, sexy boobs stiff and having dark brown nipples. Sucked for some time and meanwhile my cock got ready, she guided me how to insert and she herself inserted my cock in Missionary position, at first I got pain but with her juices I got movement easily and fucking her slowly and kissing, I asked her that I love her ass and want fuck her in doggy style.

She turned back and i slowly inserted my cock into her pussy from back, started giving her strokes and enjoying her ass, room was filled with her erotic moans and our fucking sounds, I’m about to climax and said her, she said to fill her pussy quickly i filled her pussy with my cum. We both got exhausted and kissed slept.

Thank you guys for reading my story, I think it would have given some erection.

My Aunt Is My Dream Woman

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